Origami Browser updated to v1.0.2 - Adds new gestures, Tab themes and more!

By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2013 12:01 am EDT

For the BlackBerry PlayBook, Origami Browser has quickly become the must-have app thanks to how well it performs on the tablet and if you're not already running it, now is a good time as any as it's just been updated in BlackBerry World. This release while not heavy on feature additions but more so bug fixes, still adds a few things folks will appreciate. Getting bumped to version 1.0.2 includes:

  • Two New Gestures - Draw "q" to open QuickDial and "b" to open Bookmarks. Fast n' Easy!
  • Tab Bar Themes - Make your browser as colorful as you are. The following options are now available: Midnight Black, Concrete Grey, Sky Blue, Matcha Green, Raspberry Pink, Wine Red.
  • Booster Indicator - Booster mode status for each tab is now indicated by the glowing blue menu button. Never again will you wonder if JavaScript and Flash are on.

If you've not tried out Origami Browser yet you're probably wondering how much this wonderful app will set you back. In that case, I have good news. It costs nothing. New and existing customers will find the update live in BlackBerry World right now, so hit the link below to grab it.

Download Origami Browser



I checked it out once CB had posted about it originally. Great browser and I love the mini scroll square to scroll pages faster. Definitely worth getting if you haven't already.

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Agreed, it is absolutely fantastic. Booster Mode is terrific. It feels more responsive and customizable than the native browser. With Origami I feel like I can get more use out of my PlayBook.

Would still like to see a 2.2 update for the PlayBook.


Works pretty good. Will be a re-download for sure when I get a replacement PlayBook.


What a quality developer! Bravo

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Ivan Bonilla

Love it!

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From last couple of days, this is my regular browser. thanks to the developers for providing such a app.

Rage Riley

Not Available for this Device!

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Dave Bourque

Maybe because its for playbook? lol


Because it's not a PlayBook! You don't need this browser on BB10. Origami browser is simply to replace the playbook browser which is downright crappy. I'm so happy this browser is available for PlayBook lol.


It's not "crappy". It's as fast as older laptops in many cases. BB10 is ten times faster though. I thought that that at least would have been brought to the PB never mind full bridge.


Fast as older laptops... chuckle. BBRY apologists out in force this week.

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Faster than my at the time 3 year old Compaq. 3 years ago that was probably the benchmark RIM was looking at. The browser got faster with each update and is quite adequate. Still a flash master which meant that Apple stuff was never even a consideration for me. The Origami Browser is optimized even further. The BB10 browser capability is yet again on another level and Apple is still a cripple when it comes to flash content.


Developer is planning to do a BlackBerry 10 version once he gets his dev alpha. Read on it in his thread.

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Give "Evolution Web Browser" a try for your Z10. It's got some nice features also.


For now, PlayBook only. If you want an alternative browser for BB10, look at Evolution Browser. You have to purchase it but it's inexpensive and you get free updates after that.


Yes, Evolution is good. Origami is even more refined or elegant, if you will, at least as far as exploiting the available resources of the PlayBook.


Doesn't work well streaming flash. Can't go full screen



I'm able to get Flash videos to play full screen with no problems. It's become my Amazon Prime video viewer, rather than using the stock browser.

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It works well. Nice to see some PB love of late.

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BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.


It really brings new life into the Playbook. The developer did an amazing job.

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^^ This! Thank you to the developer of Origami. You've made browsing on my PlayBook feasible again and I really appreciate it!


Totally replaced the stock browser for me. Unbelievably faster...


For the 1st time on my PlayBook I can edit/revise an eBay listing without using my computer, this is great!


Asking for my paypal on upgrade? Anyone else?

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Delete and reinstall worked.

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Great little browser this. Only discovered it in the last couple of days. Has immeasurably improved my Playbook browsing experience.

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Not available in the UK

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The PlayBook is still a formidable device for those who care to exploit the strengths of QNX.


BTW, I just downloaded it and took it for a spin. It's very good.


I'd pay for it. The author/programmer gets what QNX is and what even PB2.1 can do.


About time you guys featured the developer and his outstanding app!


Shun Yoshida (aka pcshun) has done an awesome job with this browser. It has become my goto browser for all my needs and I highly recommend it!

Certainly has help make my PlayBook fun again.

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Have been using Origami for several weeks and it definitely out performs native browser. This update makes it even better!


Tried to upgrade to this version and Blackberry World gives me an error message "There were problems completing this purchase." Error 35005


Refresh your app list in BlackBerry World.

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Thank you for the shout out the dev deserve Bla1ze. Origami browser is the last beacon of hope left for playbook owners. There are more improvement coming for this browser. I urge those who download and find them useful to contribute to the hard work the dev has done and continue to develop for an EOL product.


Viva LA playbook



Sad that Playbook was not built more future proof for BB10. This browser certainly makes one of the key functions better.

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That's awesome will update the PlayBook right now! This browser was already fantastic! Props to the developer! Long live the BlackBerry PlayBook!

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Noel Navarro

Shuts off unexpectedly. I dig the browsers functionality, just a little too buggy for me.

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What can I say, THANK YOU Origami devs!


I also tried to upgrade and was informed that I need to submit paypal or credit card info. What Gives!


Refresh your apps list and it should download normally.

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Done! Many thanks yellowhammer!


Done! Many thanks yellowhammer!


Have to echo what others are saying, excellent browser that makes great use of the PB's resources, looks good, is fast and has some nice tweaks. Dev is responsive, and doing it simply as a labour of love, not for profit. Not sure why BB can't do a 2.2 update to throw a bone to the PB users out there. It might go a long way toward rebuilding the shattered trust in this company, IMHO.


Absolutely great browser.. I've just deleted SimpleBrowser+ from my PlayBook.. I only kept SB+ around because of its ad blocking and user agent capability, but the last version was buggy as all hell, crashed often, got slower and slower over time and the author stopped supporting the browser a while ago... Origami does everything SB did, and does it better.. Shao had better watch out because if this gets ported to BB10, Evolution is going the way of the Dodo..

If you like this browser, please consider going to the project page and donating.. I just sent off my donation- thanks for your hard work!

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