Organize your files with File Browser for the BlackBerry PlayBook

File Browser by Aftab
By Alicia Erlich on 10 Jun 2011 01:17 pm EDT

As a commuter I need to keep the train and bus schedules handy. When the bus broke down last week though I was all out. So I whipped out my PlayBook, fired up Wi-Fi, and went to the site. Thing is the schedule could only be downloaded not viewed. I quickly realized that there's just one teeny, tiny thing wrong with this scenario: no file explorer. Rather than risk dropping my precious tablet trying to bridge I picked up File Browser by Aftab. It's chock full of features to help you navigate through all the files and folders on your PlayBook and your BlackBerry's SD Card. Click on the jump for more information and screenshots.

In a nutshell this is an incredible fully functioning file manager. You can move, drop, rename, create, and zip files and folders on your PlayBook and BlackBerry. The interface is easy to use and lets users to toggle between thumbnail (tile) view and the more colorful and easier to read list view with file information details.

What's cool about File Browser is that it shows you the file tree/path for better navigation through the system. Each one can be clicked on to move backwards or you can tap the side arrows if you delved too deep within a directory. Otherwise just tap the home icon to return to the main directory. The only thing it can't do is modify the existing directories on your PlayBook as they are locked. New folders must be created as subfolders of existing ones.

In terms of functionality, files can be launched with their associated programs directly from the app itself. Browsing is flawless so you can open a word file and then with a few taps open a music file. It's smooth, fast, and gets the job done. It even includes FTP integration to download and upload files. 

With full access to your SD card files can be opened and manipulated as well when bridged. I found its best to use selection mode to copy and paste music and video files from your device to the PlayBook for optimal performance. Although I must warn you the connection can sometimes be slow when accessing the SD card.  Lag aside, I've experienced no issues when transferring items between the two devices.

In my opinion File Browser is a great application to enhance the native QNX system. The less time spent bridging and plugging into a PC only helps me work faster and happier. It has a lot of potential and future updates will bring search, password protection, and the ability to hide files. At only $0.99 you can't go wrong.

More information / purchase File Browser from BlackBerry App World

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Organize your files with File Browser for the BlackBerry PlayBook


hey CB writers is it possible to do a comparison of all the file browser applications for the pb :)

i want to get a good one without having to pay for 2 because of missing features.....that would be much appreciated

i have had this app for 2 weeks .. and cannot get the sd card part to work!! ...

when i click on blackberry-sdcard- it says "no files in this folder" and is blank...

anyone else having this issue??

I am having the same problem. I emailed the app developer and have not received a reply yet. I tried to open the Bridge Files and drill into the SD Card (Can see files with Bridge Files) and then go back to File Browser and it states there are no files in this folder.

Anyone having this issue:

1) Ensure the Bluetooth and Bridge connections are active.

2) If you have bridge connected properly, then it might be that your BB smartphone has locked itself. first go into Bridge Files or Messages and enter the password to unlock. This is extremely IMPORTANT. This will mount the SD card onto the system. Restart File Browser and it will be able to see the files.

3) Ensure your SD card isn't encrypted or locked down by an IT Policy. This will prevent any 3rd party applications from accessing the SD card.

I went into bridge files and I am able to view but cant view in File Browser. The sd card is not encrypted and the IT policy is not preventing other programs from accessing files. I can make an email in my pb and attach files from the sd card. I can also access the sd card with other programs on my bb Torch. help

The reason why is because the CODECs for the media you have is not supported by the Playbook yet. They keep making all these file org apps and it doesn't do any good when you can't even see your pics movies or music because the Playbook doesn't support it yet. I really hope they make K-lite app to add CODECs or something, we really need it! Can you imagine the money they'd bank if someone created that because RIM keeps dragging their feet.

I have tried all of this, and checked the SD card out..

My playbook bridge can access my SD card on my torch easily,but not through this file manager.

Where do I look for the file?
Does it mount as SD or under shared or blackberry

Any other tips before I try something else?

Great idea BooGz -- strong support for a CB article comparing available file browser's. There seem to be 3 or 4 so far, ranging from free to 2.99. It would be interesting to benchmark available features and also at this early stage in the game, how quickly they seem to be adding new features.

I've stuck with the free Air browser for now (not really used it that much though), but the first to deliver decent ftp support and/or network browsing has my money.


You need to get in touch with BlackBerry App World support as application developers have no control over the install process. App World and QNX OS take take of the install and uninstall.

Same thing happened to me. I deleted it, then it was gone. If I wanted it back, I had to pay for it.

Same thing happened to me. I deleted it, then it was gone. If I wanted it back, I had to pay for it.

I really hope someone makes a K-lite app to add CODECs or something, we really need it! Also, a comparo of all these filing apps would be great.

Just purchased FileBrowser app and it works really well for reading/importing files from the MicroSd card in my Torch9810 which of course solves the problem of reading files from my camera. I have a pentax DSLR which uses a std size SD so I bought a 16G Lexar class 10 micros SD card.I have a SD card adapter so the micro SD fits into the camera. The speed is just fine for fast shooting and can use the Smartphone as a card reader - not too fast over Bluetooth but it works.
Also RAWVision app allows me to view RAW images on the Playbook, convert to jpg and (keeping the original PEF) and adjust using photo tools.