The Oregon Trail: American Settler from Gameloft now available in BlackBerry World

The Oregon Trail: American Settler from Gameloft now available in BlackBerry World
By Bla1ze on 20 Feb 2013 01:51 am EST

Back in May at BlackBerry World in Orlando, Gameloft issued a press release letting it be known that eleven of their top games would be making their way to BlackBerry 10 devices. Since then, we've seen Shark Dash and Uno arrive and now we can check off The Oregon Trail: American Settler as it has finally arrived as a free download in BlackBerry World. Gather some crops, chop down trees, build new houses and more to unlock new levels and progress.

  • Create and manage your own frontier town
  • Relive memorable moments from The Oregon Trail!
  • Place hundreds of buildings, livestock and crops
  • Customize your character with various outfits
  • Play hunting or fishing mini-games for resources
  • Go prospectin’ to uncover daily rewards
  • Face the dangers of the Wild West: stampedes, hurricanes and more!
  • Visit neighboring villages to gather hearts and use them to grow your village! 

You'll have to spend some time working through the game but that's half the fun of it. The graphics are great, the game runs smooth and the new take on the old classic is quite fun, if for nothing else, wasting some time. You'll find the link to the download below. Just remember, it's currently only available for BlackBerry 10 devices.

Download The Oregon Trail: American Settler

Reader comments

The Oregon Trail: American Settler from Gameloft now available in BlackBerry World


I hope all these games and movies (Skyfall) will be available for free to customers here in the USA when the Z10 comes out.

No BlackBerry 10 love on PlakBook yet, so no love yet on Oregon Trail. Z10 either will be launch here in PH on March-April frame. Hardcore Devs and casual devs like me are upgrading our apps bundle in vendor portal to BlackBerry 10 on PlayBook and on the Q10 no love on PlayBook OS 2.1 anymore cause BB10 on PlayBook will be coming soon. I hope really soon, so I can bought this awesome game.

No WAY!!!!!! Feels like 1986 all over.... I wonder if you can spend all day hunting and killing way more than you can carry still? I used to love this game as an adolescent. Can't WAIT!

Im going to have to go 45 days deep in CB just to find all the cool apps for BB Z10. I want the Z10 now in the US!! Come ON were waiting,..."Barely". LOL

No PlayBook? This game would be WAY better on the larger screen real estate. Come on Gameloft--I bought all your other PlayBook titles!