Orange UK lists white BlackBerry Curve 9360 as coming soon!

Curve 9360 white
By Michelle Haag on 18 Oct 2011 03:48 am EDT
The BlackBerry Curve 9360 has only been available from Orange UK for a short amount of time, and it looks like the carrier is planning to add in the white version of the newest Curve as well. No word on the date it will be available to purchase, as the site still says "coming soon". As with the black version, you will be able to grab this BlackBerry for on contract for free from £20.50 a month. It is also available on pay as you go for £249.99. Will you be picking up the Curve 9360 in white?

More information from Orange UK

Source: Tracy and Matt

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Orange UK lists white BlackBerry Curve 9360 as coming soon!


Maybe a nice phone...
But I don't get the stradigy behind that.

There will be that new curve and there will be a bold 9790 with the same size?

The only (real) differences:
800MHz to 1,2GHz and touchscreen vs. Nontouch?

So whats the point behind that?

Wouldn't it be better only bringing out a 9790??

I mean this curve had cost for developing, tests, design, progamming, production etc.

Instead of having that costs, I'd take the money for that and drop the price of the 9790 to a curve "size".

Who really wants OS7 without touch????