Orange UK launches U24 - the money saving plan for under 24's

Orange UK launches U24 - the money saving plan for under 24's
By DJ Reyes on 2 Aug 2012 05:30 am EDT

Orange UK is looking to attract the student population with its new money saving offer called U24. The new plan aims to give students and young people more calls, texts and data for their money. It is available to both pay as you go and pay monthly customers, existing and new. You need to top-up at least £15 a month on pay as you go or be on a pay monthly plan of £15 and above to avail of the offer. Of course, you also need to be under 24 years of age.

The U24 plan gives customers unlimited U.K. calls and texts to Orange UK and T-Mobile UK customers and an additional 1GB of data each month. Orange UK have also coupled the plan with a U24 app that will allow users to find out which of their contacts are on the Orange and T-Mobile network.

In order to set up U24 on your account you need to pop into your local Orange UK store with proof of age documents - driver's license, passport or PASS ID card. Pay monthly customers can also call customer services in order to apply the U24 plan to their account.

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Nice idea, but how are they able to get away with this? Its ageism.
If this was open only to women, or hetrosexuals or jews then Orange would find themselves in court for discrimination.


Yeah, impossible to see how this isn't discriminitory on the grounds of age (which isn't allowed under law) - expect this to be changed to become a student only deal soon after either a legal challenge or Orange wising up.