Orange UK...Give Us BlackBerry Maps!

Orange UK - Giv Us BlackBerry Maps!
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Sep 2008 11:33 am EDT

** Update: Looks like there's hope - see this thread.

Hot in the CrackBerry forums right now is a thread posted and frequented by subscribers of Orange UK. It seems Orange UK originally advertised the Bold as coming with BlackBerry Maps, but when the device was released the FREE BlackBerry Maps was gone in favor of Orange's £5/month maps service.

Orange UK subscribers are fighting back... you can check out the Forum Thread here and Sign the Online Petition here. Good luck guys! Orange UK... if you're listening ... just give in to the addicts!

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Orange UK...Give Us BlackBerry Maps!


Orange also did this with their previous Blackberries (or at least with the BB 8820 which I had before the Bold). There is a work around to get BB Maps to work on the 8800 series phones with Orange UK. Since the Bold is quite new no one has figured out a work around. As more and more US and Canadian users get the Bold, we can only hope that someone will figure out a solution.

This is a joke. It isn't just the Bold's that maps has been taken off by Orange. It's not on my Curve 8320 anymore.

Somehow different than Verizon here in the states? Nope, I don't think so, other than the fact that EVERY Verizon Blackberry ships with BBMaps installed, it's just crippled unless you pay them extra.

I contacted blackberry service team n orange also..I spent nearly a day. I hav been told by bb dat its a version conflict wit the map. Orange said they sorting the problem out as soon as possible.waitin 4 monday.

It's always better to have more than less, but I'm not all that impressed with BB Maps. There's no turn by turn voice commands, no indication as to whether or not your destination is on the left or the right... it leaves quite a bit to be desired.

But, if you're downtown somewhere, and you're lost, and it's all you have, it's quite useful, but I personally can't wait until something better (and officially compatible and not some hacked work-around) has been released for the Bold.

I would have gladly paid a monthly or per use fee for a decent GPS app, but, I think they should just bill everyone an extra buck or two a month and just give it to everyone rather than this nickle and dime nonsense.

Orange folks should not fret too much. It's not that much of a loss in my opinion.

....but Orange can't simply decide which features of a device we can use or not. If I buy a device with features advertised, I expect to be able to use though features without forking out extra cash. It's the principle. Besides, I do actually like BB maps compared to Google Maps.

I'm on Orange UK with my Blackberry Bold and had the same issue when I got it home... no maps! However I phoned Orange and they informed me they are not supporting Blackberry Maps so I downloaded Google maps which works fine. I'm not sure what the Blackberry maps looks like so don't kow what I'm missing but it must be said I'm happy with Google maps.

As for Youtube it's doing my head in! I can get it to work fine on my home WIFI connection but it just refuses to work on a 3G connection. Once again I phoned Orange who informed me that they are aware of this however also said it SHOULD work and is likely a problem of a poor 3G signal (thus loses the video streaming) thus explaining why it works on my WIFI, i.e. a much better signal strength coming from my router.

So... I can't say I' exactly impressed though I'm not entirely sure who with: is it Orange because of the signal strength (though I do stay in the centre of Edinburgh), or is it RIM who have fitted it with a poor antenna!?

Hope this helps some of you who, like me, are pulling your hair out! Oh... and I'm now bald! ;-)

I dont have a bold from Orange to try out, but had a similar problem with a Vodafone Germany branded 8310 and the OS version 4.5.x (Vodafone also wants to sell its Navigation Software)

Maybe you can overcome this in a similar way here:

If finally was sucessful with:
Removed BBMaps using the apploader from the device,
then renamed net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_de.cod to net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_en.cod and vice versa.
Started apploader, and, this time it installed the full BBMaps
Works now like it should.

I filed the complaint at the ASA but I received a rejection letter from them today as they claim the web pages were not an advert and that specifications can change!

But I need help and this is my first time here. I have a new Crackberry Curve. I bought a hard shell snap on case to protect it.. I cannot get the dang thing off of the phone, when I try to pry it off it messes up the case. I'm glad it fits so nicely, however....I can't get it off. Any suggestions? Thank you, slightly frustrated.