Orange and T-Mobile UK Christmas BlackBerry offers - free stuff to be had on PAYG devices

By James Richardson on 8 Nov 2012 08:58 am EST

With Christmas looming upon us, Orange and T-Mobile (EE) in the UK are tempting consumers to pick up a new Pay As You Go BlackBerry with some nice free gifts to accompany the device.

Available in EE stores, online and via telesales from early November 2012, if you buy a Pay As You Go BlackBerry from Orange and T-Mobile this Christmas that costs £49.99 or more, you will get a free pair of WeSC Bass headphones normally worth £90. The Bass by WeSC comes with a 180 degree rotating ear cup, a detachable PVC cord with hands free unit and a gold plated 3.5 mm jack. This over the ear Headphone delivers great sound with a comfortable fit with a great ascetic. Sounds good to me.

In addition, if you choose the popular Monkey plan on Orange you will have access to an extensive library of music tracks on your phone via Deezer.

I'm fairly sure that the BlackBerry Curve 9320 will be the popular one for the kids this Christmas. But will they want black or white?

You can order here online from either Orange or T-Mobile or pop into your local EE store.

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Orange and T-Mobile UK Christmas BlackBerry offers - free stuff to be had on PAYG devices


Also worth saying, you can get the 12 month 'Panther 20' plan for £10.50 with the code VCUK12, reduced from £20.50. The same plan with 'BlackBerry extras' can be had for £5 more.

Considering that RIM is would likely make BB10 Apps experience only available on the BIS/BES model, the Pay-As-You-Go crowd of BlackBerry fans would be left out in the cold with no Apps.

So Pay-As-You-Go BlackBerry customers can only have browser and phone access?

Competitor smartphone OS's offer *full* smartphone experience with Pay-As-You-Go package, what direction do you think the BlackBerry Pay-As-You-Go customers would turn to when BB10 appears and locks them out of the BlackBerry App ecosystem?

I don't think that information is true for all carriers. Some carriers have everything available regardless if it's PAYG or monthly plans, or contract/terms.

Windmobile in canada, for example, has everything for both 'tab', pay before (Pay as you go) and pay after, which is monthly.

Mobilicity has monthly plans too, I also think pay as you go, but I haven't researched.

Rogers really does screw the customer over, I think it's the same for bell and telus also. But those are canadian carriers. It takes research to verify that information.