Opportunity squandered and saved - Another BlackBerry 10 story made in Manhattan

A true CrackBerry tale showing just how important first impressions are and how BlackBerry cannot afford to let them them be squandered

Best Buy Z10 Display
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Apr 2013 06:53 pm EDT

The tale I'm about to tell you is real and occurred literally just minutes ago. Like the real life Made in SoHo BlackBerry 10 story I relayed here on CrackBerry the other week, this one also shows much opportunity for BlackBerry and challenges to overcome. 

The triple A batteries in my headphones died this afternoon, so I walked to the nearest Best Buy on 43th and 5th in Manhattan to pick up some new ones. Walking in the doors, I was pleasantly surprised that the FIRST THING I saw when walking in the doors was a display for the BlackBerry Z10. I was also happy to see a customer checking out a Z10. SUCCESS!

The last time I visited this Best Buy that display was not setup, so seeing some Z10 presence ramp up made me very, very happy. So happy in fact that I got David -- our Mobile Nations Design Director -- to go stand by the display so I could grab a photo and tweet it out

From there we went downstairs, checked out the gadgets, walked back upstairs, grabbed batteries and went to the register to pay for them. On the way out, I saw two more people at the Z10 display, TRYING to play with a Z10. I say TRYING because they COULD NOT TURN THE DISPLAY ON.

On the display were four Z10 units. Two of them were dummy units. The other two were real Z10s. HOWEVER, The Z10 was COMPLETELY UNUSABLE because there was a stupid tie wrap around the middle of the display. After watching the two people try for almost a minute to turn on the display, I got in there and tried swiping the display on myself. After five attempted swipes up and no luck, I grabbed my Z10 out of the pocket and gave it to the two people to play with. After watching them sort of play with it for 30 seconds, I gave them my standard Z10 sales demo.

Best Buy Z10 Fail

I showed them how the Hub works, how you can swipe into it from within any app, and showed them how awesome the keyboard was. I answered a few of their questions about the browser, apps and how it compared to other phones on the market (I'm going to save that for another post to get into the details on). From there, it was a done deal. Another Z10 sold. While they went to track down a sales guy, I kept trying to play with this locked down Z10. It was almost impossible to use the phone with that plastic strap wrapped around it.

Overall, the experience made me angry. Had I not been here, this guy would not only have left the store without a Z10, but with a less than stellar first impression of the new BlackBerry. Was it BlackBerry's fault or Best Buy's fault? I'm not sure, and I don't really care... as long as it gets addressed. The Z10 had awesome placement in the store. It was clear there were people INTERESTED in checking out the new phone. But I don't understand the point of putting live units on a display if people can't actually use them. Yes, there's the store demo mode, but in this case it was disabled and the regular homescreen experience was present. And people want to try out a phone before they buy it. 

BlackBerry 10 is an experience. To really get it, you need to pick it up in your hands and use it. Better yet, have somebody explain it to you as you're using it and it's even better.

With the store placement I saw in this Best Buy, it's a solid opportunity for BlackBerry. It's the opportunity they need. That said, in this case it feels like it's getting squandered because of a piece of plastic covering the display, which is super lame. I was here to save the opportunity. But I'm not everywhere. I know in the CrackBerry forums I've read other eye witness accounts of similar experiences. As big as CrackBerry Nation, we can't all be lurking in stores every minute to make sure every potential customer receives a great first impression of BB10 (or maybe we can???).

It's 2013. There has to be a better way to display a phone on a shelf that keeps it safe from would be theives while allowing people to fully experience it. Make it happen!


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Opportunity squandered and saved - Another BlackBerry 10 story made in Manhattan


I had this experience in a Rogers store a while ago, the secruity features not only make it impossible to get a feel for the phone but now also stop you from even using it. Thats progress. I pointed it out to the sales person and it was changed by the time I went back about a week later. But really it is quite sad that there was no foresight in this setup, you should always make sure your displays actually work.

That tie-wrap might be because of the removable battery. Thieves would still be able to get away with the actual device leaving the backplate attached to the "standard" security mechanism. I think I have seen some security devices that connect to the USB port before though. nonetheless must be a poor experience for a lot of those would-be Z10 owners.

Yeah the removal battery door while awesome in real life isnt great for displaying the devices in stores, one of the local Bell stores had a display Z10 stolen, only the door was left. A little surprising though the phones appear quite clamped in at that location. So much so that they had actually managed to bend a ZL quite severely, the convex screen wasnt bad though and the hardware seemed to be holding out apart from that.

I've been to AT&T, TMobile and Verizon; 7 stores total. And they ALLhad the zip tie tied around the middle of the phone and no one was able to fully swipe up and unlock the screen. I had to use two hands to drag the lock screen up, it was awkward. I was not happy with the experience and I was just thinking how this would leave such a bad impression on the average person.

I picked up my Z10 at a Verizon store and I don't remember how it was bound to the display, however I was able to play with it. Perhaps an option would be to ship demo models with the screen lock timer disabled.

I actually demo'd and decided to buy at BlackBerry's mobile van thing outside the Barclays center right before the Alicia Keys concert there. They had theirs with some sort of security device that was almost like a slim snap on case (and we know how hard those are to get off) with a tether on the back that was attached to the station. They also had tons of reps walking around with devices giving lots of one on one time with people wanting to check it out in hand. Actually while I was talking to a rep another one BBM video'd him to ask where she could find parking. Inside the van there was gorgeous seating with large flatscreens with BlackBerrys attached to them for large screen demos. Oh and they gave out Z10 screen cleaners that attach to the back of the devices.

I say all that to say yeah... disabled screen lock demos could help.

If security is the excuse, then they should put 2 tie wraps on both ends of the phone instead of 1 in the freakin middle!!!

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Each store should have a blackberry rep checking up on the displays and demo units. I blame both best buy and BlackBerry. If you're going to spend time and money setting up billboards and tables and demo units, follow through and get it done right. Otherwise it's a complete waste of effort.

And dude, don't buy your batteries at best buy. Come on.

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Absolutely. I'm not getting paid to say this, but in the US, the best place to buy batteries that I've found is to go to the Interstate Batteries website and order their Workaholic batteries by the 24-pack. If you only buy when they're offering free shipping, it's a great deal for batteries that are fresh and actually last. They do great fundraising stuff too if you're involved in a school or activity. Worth checking out.

This has happened here in Edmonton too. In fact I had to report a local Telus store in Bonnie Doon Mall, as after SEVEN weeks they still had NO POP up, nor a live device!!! They told me they hadn't "got around" to setting up the POP, what a load of crap. I tweeted @telusmobilty several times, I'm not so sure they care :-(

Same experience in the Rogers store at the Bramalea mall. Those plastic wires are no good. Funny enough the working SG3 and iPhone didn't spot the same wires but one that held them from the sides with the security feature / lock at their backs.

Good job on the sale!

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Had the same issue at Telus store ....I attempted to play around with z10 in 2-3 visits, but failed to use the phone each time. swipe didn't work/the phone was frozen.

very frustrating to see z10 units like that lurking around in the store...

With all the money spent on this platform and marketing, it is quite sad to have the one and only chance where a customer finally gets to hold the device blown because of a silly cheap tie wrap. Throw a theft sensor on the back and be done with it.


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I had same problem at both best buy and future shop in Regina. Both had demo units but no power. How dumb is that.

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this is what i am noticing, display and powerless phones.
come on blackberry you need demo power, hire young Blackberry demo teams from university hitting these stores a win win for everybody

Since when? The Future Shop had live units the first day it went on sale with employees more than willing to demonstrate the device.

Displays are the responsibility of the store manager. BlackBerry can't have employees to check every store. They will pick random outlets to see how they are being sold and then talk to the company to improve the way their devices are sold. But you can't base how the device is being sold on anecdotal experiences.

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I know that Best Buy well (I used to work over that way). It's quite exciting to see a nice Z10 display, but it doesn't surprise me about the way it's locked down with that plastic tie down. I think it's how Best Buy does it. I know I've seen it before at other ones.

They should set up all retailers with one or 2 walk around units for staff to carry. Offer them as a prize at the end of every week to whoever sells the most for the week.

I too have handed over my personal phone at work and out and about for people to check out. (I should get a commission for those I have won over ;) )
I actually got asked in a public bathroom if someone could "see it"...............funny but true.
Even funnier is that I let him.

All kidding aside, I encourage all BlackBerry user to share their love of the phone with anyone and everyone.

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yeah exactly! i agree with that Kevin. the gestures on BB10 is based on the free-flowing gestures and that stupid tie wrap jeopardizes the whole user paradigm!

i had the same experience as well this weekend when i went to a telstra store and there was a white Z10 displayed there, also TIED by that plastic wrap right in the middle of the screen! some people tried to play around with it and guess what? they found it a bit cumbersome as that tie wrap limited the ability for them to touch the "X" button on the active frame to close an app. fortunately i was there (even though i don't work for telstra shop..) and i showed my own Z10 to them and i asked them to have a feel on my phone. fortunately they were switched on and yeaah.. they said "aah.. that's how it goes!"

what a day!

This article paired with the comments of users experiencing the same issues is very disheartening... to say the least. Please get it together BlackBerry.

Glad you were there to save the day, Kevin, but they really should figure out a way to put an anti-theft device on it without it being a detriment to the customer's shopping experience. Hopefully BB and the carriers read CB and take these concerns seriously if they want to "sell like hell"!

That's sad. Even if they put the tie wrap the other way (vertically), the demo phone would be somewhat usable.

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I'm 100% with you on this Kevin. Went to Montreal Eaton Centre on launch day. Rogers store had the tie wrap on it: useless. I even tried two fingers to no avail. Fortunately the Telus store was great, they just handed me a demo unit and let me play with it. No tie wrap, not locked down. That's how to sell a phone!

A related rant: the Fido flagship store only had dummy units. Actually, I think their booths in the malls only have dummy units too.

I hope Frank and/or his team is reading this. Maybe Kevin will get an appointment to work with Alicia Keys for his hard volunteerism...

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This is exactly what they have to do. It should be just like securing your laptop at work. Have a simple spot that secures the phone and the removable backplate. BB needs to innovate this pronto. If the idea is to a phone as a mobile computer then securing it is big. For. Promoting it and securing it in work envirnoments.

To be quite honest I think it's BlackBerry fault for these things to happen. This is an amazing phone and, as much as I want to deny it, Best Buy is just the middle man between BlackBerry and the customers. They only care about not getting it stolen, and making their money. But BlackBerry is responsible for how they want the phone to be presented in the stores. And I got to say that it's issues of that nature that make the z10 unappealing to potential customers. I was very frustrated and angry when I went to AT&T to play with the phone and only to find out that the phone had an annoying demo mode. I understand that they want to highlight the features but I think the user experience is much more valuable. So that delayed my purchase because now I wasn't too sure if I wanted to spend money on a phone that I didn't actually experience myself. BlackBerry pays for space in stores in hopes of getting it sold so I think this is a problem that's been overlooked if they really want BlackBerry 10 to be successful. That's just my two cents though.

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When I picked up my Z10 from T-Mobile on the day it was released, the unit was in an Android stand with a 8x10 photocopy ad next to it. No signage, no display, no BlackBerry branding at all. I had never touched a Z10 before and the sales rep said they couldn't figure out how to get the unit to get past the demo startup screen, as it was stuck at one point. Not a great first impression.

I ended up getting the unit out of demo mode by using the voice control to open a browser window then quitting the demo. I actually demoed the Z10 for a customer while they got my account squared away and then showed the sales staff how to give a 5 minute sales pitch for BB10.

After all the work getting BB10 to market this was really pathetic follow through, and not a great way to get such an important product into people's hands.

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I wonder if other phones had the plastic strap.

BB needs to hire somebody for quality assurance when it come to these demo units in the stores. Obviously peopel like Best Buy don't care how the security strap might hinder the demo experience.

Went to that exact Best Buy that Friday when T-Mobile launched the Z10 as it's near my office. When I was there they had absolutely nothing on the Z10, Atleast nice to see they finally put something up. I was even at the AT&T store near Grand Central the day Z10 launch on their network, and was surprised how little to no advertising there was in the store, I had to look around just to find it in the back, next to an old Iphone 4. At least there was a pile of handouts there. Honestly I don't know if it's just me but feels as if there sin't any advertising for the Z10 at all, I've had mine a week and seriously love it!

Way to go Kevin! Glad you were there to find that beautiful Z10 a new home. Also love the part about "Standard Z10 sales Demo" Love it! I think we all have our own version of that. I myself have helped sell 3 of those beauties just by letting them play with mine and walking them through the experience. Again way to Kevin! Let's keep it going.

Posted Securely Via My BlackBerry Z10

I believe it is because of the removable back plate. A thief could easily remove the phone without the zip tie. They should just have the sensor in front.

Kevin, I believe you should help organize the CrackBerry nation to address the retail issues with a light, fun, and respectful activism. At the very minimum, we can be eyes and ears to provide data to BlackBerry so that they understand what's happening on the ground in the U.S. I posted early on in the forums about my frustration with the AT&T "launch", but I've observed countless, serious, but probably unnecessary disadvantages for the Z10 retail sales since. Each of these are actually opportunities to improve... if only someone would address them.

I had this experience at he best buy by me yesterday. I registered a complaint with the manager. The location I was in stated it was because of theft issues. So whole my Mom was also explaining to mgmt how this hindered use I did demos on my Z10

Posted via CB10 on my LE

Our store has repeatedly had our demos stolen so gave up on even trying to have live demos on the sales floor. If someone comes up with a secure noninvasive experience I'm all ears. It's sad but a few jerks had to ruin it for the masses....

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Put a lock on it, with a small alarm when removed. Apple has this, but it's more sophisticated.

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So torn over this phone. Been using it for 10 days, just lacks a lot for a phone that's competing in a market of highly sophisticated electronics. This seems to be taking a huge jump from the older BlackBerry, but a step back from the modern iphone and android phones.

Due to my expiring upgrade return period, I'm opting to go back to the iphone. Hate it, but don't want to get stuck with a phone that has potential, but lacking in many areas. I hope BlackBerry pulls off a win with this phone and the coming Q10, and in some time ill switch back.

At the moment, it's time to stay with Apple.

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Cool story bro. Maybe next time stay on topic. Whether you are a troll or not try to stay on topic and not hijacke the comments.

My local AT&T had it on display, but has a different way to have it connected and keeps the screen open. There are definitely other ways to keep the phone on the display.

Nice job selling like hell!

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I got my Z10 in a Bell store and was just as impressed with the customer rep as I was with the Z10. In fact I even met the BlackBerry rep at the Bell store.
My sons use Telus and they've generally had good service from fairly knowledgeable and helpful staff. All in all it seems that BlackBerry has a much better track record with Canadian supply chain management than elsewhere. At this critical time, I think that BlackBerry would do much better to keep their sales people out in the field front and center with the US outlets to make sure that they are getting the right buzz and being shown in the best possible light.

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I have a similar issue at the carrier that i work for. They haven't developed the proper holsters that would provide both security and user ability for the z10. So instead, we have our display set up with a sign that says ask an associate to try it out. We have a live demo sitting in a drawer that gets pulled out whenever anyone wants to see one (and a lot of them do! :] ) Also i have my z10 on me at all times and I'm more than happy to pull this beauty out for someone to take a look!

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Strange how best buy and Future shop are owned together yet the Z10 at Futureshop is free and ready to use no straps

Posted with BlackBerry Z10

I think everyone should post the stores name and location.
Both positive and negative.

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IM GOING TO EXPLAIN THE REASON FOR THE ZIPTIES ON THE DEMOED PHONES BEING AN ACTUAL BESTBUY MOBILE EMPLOYEE. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE ZIPTIES BEING THERE BECAUSE OF THE TYPE OF SECURITY STANDS WE HAVE. Each bby mobile has a blackberry expert that's given a live demo to use and demonstrate features. It's not the ideal way of doing things but until things change upstairs that's what we have.

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In a weird way this would be a great commercial. Gave me a real warm and fuzzy feeling.

You wear the S on your chest proudly my friend.

It looks like the security things aren't set up correctly. Those zip ties aren't meant to be used that way - the sticky stuff on the back sensor should be all that's required. It means the store staff have no idea how to set up the security correctly.

I think they should have a slideshow, a video demo of the Z10 or any BlcakBerry phone in action. This could me a display monitor, or a mounted monitor screen on the wall closer to where the Phones are displayed. I saw a wall monitor of HTC when it first came out. I am not too sure which carrier that was. I am thinking it may be Sprint Store on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. Some video in action will do. This also will attract shoppers as they browse through the store.

It seams like the display is a store issue, it is sad that things have to be locked down as such. The day i picked my phone up (day one) The bell store i went to had the demos out on display but had a real phone for each rep behind the counter. Though it is not blackberry's fault for that god awful wrap maybe in the future blackberry could meet with this large retailers, see what kind of restraining system they use and blackberry create a lock piece (the part that actually goes around the device) that both securely holds the phone and showcases the device properly. something that would get send out in their launch kit. That way blackberry would be in control of how this phone is displayed. jut my 2 cents

Good job Kevin! I go to stores like Best Buy, Future Shop and Telus and it always the same I'll be playing around with the BlackBerry's and some sales person will come around and tell me you don't want a Blackberry you want an iphone or an android but I really recommend the iphone. I always get so angry its almost like there pushed to sell the iphone. I tell them that I'm BlackBerry all the way and they just roll there eyes at me. Go BlackBerry.

Captain Crackberry save the day!! LOL!! I think it's a challenge not just for Z10, other devices or any retail products. This is the current state of retail environment. Minimum staff. Manufacturer certainly can't bare the cost to send their own employees out to every retail store. Retailer certainly do not feel the lost of a sale of a particular product as long as the customer ended up with some other products. I worked in the retail outlet, telling the corporate office that we need hours is like asking to cut their bonuses at year end. They talk a lot about customer service, they will tell you what we should do to get more sales but that's just standard playbook materials that do not apply to the front line of retail sales in the real world. You'll see a lot of cash registers around but no person to cash you out. You see a couple of employees but they are just too busy receiving products and putting them out. They might get pay 8 hours a day but expected to work longer to keep their job. They call it go to the extra mile. You will get the exceptional service once in awhile. Those occurrence are by chance and timing. It's frustration not only for the front line employees but for the customers as well. But the corporate office only look at the numbers, wages is one of the highest expense operating a store, it's where they go after when it comes to increasing profit margin. Customers will always comes back when the retailers keep advertising their front page flyers mega sales. Many are use to line ups and lack of service. The person who do not get to test out a new phone like Z10 will end up with something familiar like Iphone or Androids. The only loser here is BlackBerry in this particular scenario.

Isn't it possible, and I'm sure someone can explain why not, but couldn't the displayed phone be secured in a case. And by case I mean like the original dev model? Yes the phone would feel different but the software could be showcased. Am I way off?

That Shit doesn't fly in my store. I work for best buy and my personal z10 is always in my pocket. My demo unit is under my counters to allow us to put the device in the hands of clients interested in the z10. Each store have their own reasons to do things like this and I hope it doesn't affect too many sales. This is a truly great experience and one to fully appreciate when you actually get to play with it.

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I was able to get out of demo mode on the one at Verizon by swiping down from the top and hitting the big X to cancel demo mode. Demo restarted after one minute of inactivity. Is it not this way on all demo models?

Same here.... In the UK i am yet to see these zip ties on bb10 devices....

I used 2 fingers and swiped from the top, downwards and some options appear.... Click x in a circle to ' exit demo mode' and BAM...

Your on the Z10 homescreen with app icons and active frames, etc...

That's something that is due to the stores, however, BlackBerry needs to take the initiative to make sure those types of things don't ever happen. They should be the ones specifying what type of displays they want up for their product. They don't have to be hand picked per-say, but they do have to fall within the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. This just goes to show that the training process needs more attention. if store reps were more on top of things, they would know not to put those types of security restraints.

To exit the demo hold down the play/pause button to activate volume control then swipe up to exit it then you're at the active frames screen

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Same problem with Z10 displayed at Costco. I even think the alternative back-mounted solution sucks because it weighs down the device and interferes with the ergonomics, but the zip tie thing is just shameful.

Posted via CB10

I went into a best buy this afternoon too. The cover of the current store flyer featured a "Trade Up" program for two phones: the HTC One and the Z10.
The salesperson was enthusiastic about the phone and even said he had tried it and liked it, but the learning curve was difficult (yeah I'm with you I don't get why people can't seem to get 2-3 basic swiping actions. But that was Steve Jobs' genius...making things stupid proof)
Overall I felt it was a fair representation of the product

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That tie-wrap might be because of the removable battery. Thieves would still be able to get away with the actual device leaving the backplate attached to the "standard" security mechanism. I think I have seen some security devices that connect to the USB port before though. nonetheless must be a poor experience for a lot of those would-be Z10 owners.

Here's my thought.

The handset usually is on display with the USB cable connected to a power supply.

There should be a way to have an alarm that goes off if suddenly there is no load on the circuit.

I'm pretty sure this already exists out there.

This way there is no worry about the handset being taken beyond the length of the cord. Effectively allowing the full range of motion needed to get the experience using this great UI.

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Wonder why they just don't put two tie wraps, one at the top and one at the bottom if they insist on using them. It would at least get them off of the screen.

Posted via CB10

Great story Kevin. I also agree that there needs to be a more customer friendly, yet aggressive in-store technical demonstration to display the enormous capacity and capability of the Z10, not a static display. I was in my neighborhood Verizon store last week after the release and this young man took the time to show me all the exciting features of the new Z10 and when I told him I was coming from a GSIII, he effortlessly moved into comparison mode and his exuberance definitely made me ready to buy. I bought my Z Sunday and it arrives tomorrow. Can't wait.

Would it be overkill if someone wrote directly to Best Buy and see what their reaction is.

Posted via CB10

You Rock Kevin. Someone has to be the pitchman, sales person and chief bottle washer.

Was it fate you needed batteries and went back to that store?

Good on you.

At T-Mobile the Z10 is on a "demo" software only. You kind of can play with it but not so much. Sad.

I know it isn't perfect, and it isn't on the scale that it needs to be, but I am a Best Buy employee. My store doesn't have a Z10 display, but I'm one of two that do have a Z10 and regularly demo the phone. I visited all the other stores in my district and talked to the Best Buy Mobile Managers. While not all of them understood where I was coming from (read: didn't care, 'It's BlackBerry. It's worse than Windows Phone. We support Android and iPhone as a team'), 7 out of 11 stores with the display opted to support the platform better by relying on the original security plate on the back of the display device as opposed to having it all zip-tied (some stores zip-tied it above AND below the plate) to help the demo experience.

I'm still urging the others to reconsider as well, and am in contact with them via email. I wish there were more I could do, but at least that's something.

The T-Mobile store here has a good display. The mount clamps onto each side without blocking the screen. It makes for a good demonstration, although it blocks the volume buttons. But who really needs access to them on the demo model?

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I went to a Best Buy in Santa Fe NM on Saturday and asked a guy around the phones do you have a Z10? I got the deer in the head lights look and I said come on tech guy and walked away and finally got someone that knew what i wanted to see and they did not even have a phone on display and he had to get one out of the box and tried to demo it and kinda knew about the phone but I took it and showed him some items.

Amazing how these places hate the BlackBerry by not having it out.

The Future Shop stores around here have a nice security device - there are small metal clips that slightly wrap the front edge of the phone. You can still pick up the phone and use it and there are no zip ties around the screen.

Apple,Apple,Apple,Apple, all over again! Throughout the 90's during Steve Job's exile Apple products gathered dust and usually at the back of the store in a corner at the local computer retailers. On Job's return Apple reps started to visit retailers and follow up visit retailers licensed to sell Apple products to ensure proper product placement and sales associate training on the product. BlackBerry needs to kick some serious BlackBerry Rep ass and make this happen too. The parallels to that dark time for Apple then and BlackBerry now is amazingly close.

I sold 2 myself and working on some family members to switch back to BB. It definitely takes an experienced rep to demo and get people excited...but it's also easy and sells the product easily. What is going on with BlackBerry in these missteps?

goes to show you how lazy this stores are and BB needs to get their hands slapped too.
Do these stores not make money on the products they sell? Whether it be BB or Apple etc. Make an effort fpr god sakes. Just plain lazy and it shows poorly on how well these stores are managed.
And BB with all the marbles on the line get off your arse and make sure your product is being sold properly!! The people who are in charge for these companies , do they not have a clue or are they too busy counting their pay bonus's

Hell yeah let's kill some zombies! I mean sell some z10s! It is 2013 and this is worse then a place that DOESN'T take card; cash only.

When the problem is there, WHO cares the most? It's BlackBerry.

Then this IS BlackBerry's fault.

I was at the new target store here in brampton and they had a z10 display with one dummy unit and one real device turned on and usable. They didn't have a zip tie. They had in a special plexiglass case that the whole phone sits inside it. The case had a cut out that was bigger then the z10 screen but just small enough that you couldn't get the phone out. I though it was a smart idea and that was before I read this thread. I don't know if that was given to target,or target had them made?. I can't believe stores would have zip ties around some z10's. Totally stupid and I could see people not even consider buying a z10 cause they can't even unlock the device. Shame!

Anyways I saw a customer looking at the z10 as I approached and my wife saw him and looked at me and said "not again"?....lol....she said that cause she knew I would start talking to the guy and sell him on the idea of buying a z10 . I did and also showed my z10 and the apps I had because that's one of the first questions people ask me about. Anyways I think he was gonna get one because as I was leaving he called over an employee of the store to help him.
I will do this every time and any time I can to help bb sell like hell ;)

BlackBerry rep can't do shit....cut that zip tie and we will see how much some people want to cry when there is no z10 at all because some one stole it. BlackBerry needs to get a special display like apple has with side locks so the screen isn't hindered. Not any stores responsibility to make special displays because a device has a special lock screen. The manufacturer know the design and needs to be accountable.

Posted via CB10

Also I hope your all around when people return the device because it doesn't have key features they wanted or heard about from another device or because it's missing one of the other 600000 apps available on other platforms, but you won't be, your there for five minutes to talk them into something without finding out what their needs are and why they want a certain device. If you wanted to work in retail you should get a job there.

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I went to our local Verizon store here in Iowa because a friend of mine manages it. They DID NOT even have the phone out. There was no sign illustrating its features and no one knew how it worked. I demonstrated the Hub and Flow features, apps, and intuitive typing features and the three reps were amazed. Despite these adversities they have sold two. They are waiting for BlackBerry reps to activate one the demos. This is lame. Get out there CrackBerryites and show off your phones!

On another note, I Wireless (TMobile affiliate) representatives said the Z10 was compatible with their network two months ago. Turns out they haven't updated the software to make Z10 work 4G (at least fast HDSPA). I can talk and text but nothing more. My local distributor who hated BlackBerry is sold on this phone and wants to buy one after I demonstrated it to him. He gave me the phone number of the bigwig administrator in SE Iowa. This guy loves BlackBerry but doesn't run the show. He is making calls now. Suffice it to say we have an uphill battle. Keep up the fight.

The FCC should make it law that all cell phone companies allow whatever phone you want to choose. These should all be compatible on the different bandwidths available in the US. No contract, pay ahead. Pop in a SIM and be done.

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Let's face it : phone retailers are, largely inept.
Self like Hell, Nation!


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I have to say if I hadn't been coming here a hundred times a day prior to and after launch, seen the videos and known what the Z10 was capable of, I would not have been as eager to buy it as I was. When I went to the Telus store to check out the demo, they didn't even one. They had a dummy phone. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the local Walmart; they had huge signs covering every one of the theft prevention stands, and a nice big display of the Z10 at the electronics section. The guy behind the counter seemed to like the device and even wished he could get out of his Android contract to try it, but he wasn't very knowledgeable or able to tell me anything I didn't already know - and most people won't know anything. But I was less than impressed with the demo mode. It sucked. It lagged, it didn't respond very well, and the gestures took you around the info slides, but not truly around the phone. I found it hard to navigate and it was frustrating knowing how fluid and awesome and responsive the actual phone was. During one of my many trips to the store to get a chance to play with it before I could buy it I was glad to run into a fellow BB fan who was having an animated discussion with the sales guy, and he knew way more about the phone. I mentioned my dilemma between flip case and transform, he whipped out his Z10 with the flip shell on it - awesome to see it in person, since they werent in the store at the time. But without knowledgeable and passionate sales people, and being able to really experiencet the phone, I fear the great advertising will fall by the wayside. At the end of the day, no matter what I say, my friends and fam are solidly in the anti Blackberry camp. Don't get a Blackberry, they're dead! The new phone seems nice, but too little too late. Mild curiosity, but not really wanting to look any further. Blackberry and the retail stores are going to have to work hard to overcome that mindset so people want to take a closer look. And get a compelling experience when they do.

The BestBuy I bought my Z10 from in Dartmouth NS (part of Halifax) the display model worked perfectly and they had great advertising set up. The Z10 had its own station just to the side of the sales staff desk.

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Interesting story, it's a bit comical looking at all the banner displays, POP's, mock-up but yet have the actual live units render useless. I would of brought it up to the store manager's attention.
If it was me trying to peep out a Z10 (or anything really) I would of demanded the demo phone to be operational... Either that or I go elsewhere or worse, buy an iPhone :p

Look, if we leave out security all together on the demo/display units, enough units will get-out into the market, acting as travelling sales pitches.

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Kevin ..... you MUST remain at that Best Buy .... and sell more. PLEASE. Do it for CrackBerry !!!

Same here in Jacksonville, Florida. T-Mobile employees here seem to be the most excited about it. I switched from an att iPhone to T-Mobile for the Z-10. I was so glad to get rid of the iPhone.

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Not sure if it has been said. But both stores and BlackBerry should be making sure they have the products (I say this because I noticed it with the PlayBook too) easily accessible useable and have someone ready to help.
Over in the UK we have PC World and whilst it is not the best store for customer service, they have a dedicated area and team with special t shirts for apple. They have devices that show off the products well and safely and if there is the question about the fact there is a removeable battery has no one thought about super glue? These in store phones for people to try out aren't ever going to be sold so that would fix that problem.
The short of what I'm saying is first impressions are everything and BlackBerry should be protecting their brands image in stores and stores should be realising that new BlackBerry phones are selling so promote them better and stop being so stupid.

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I blame the store for providing such a stupid presentation of an awesome phone. BlackBerry should be aware of these issues and address this with BestBuy senior management in head office, as I'm sure a contract has been broken.

Excellent job that you were there to step in and provide the service, sorely lacking in most electronic retailers these days. Let us show the other manufacturers that BlackBerry is here to stay!

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Its kinda sad that it takes Kevin to highlight this inept way of selling your BlackBerry devices,
Dont forget, as had been repeatedly said by Thorsten and crackberry nuts like us who care, the numbers of these Z10 and then Q10 devices they can sell will determine the survival of BB,
I hope that Thorsten and his marketing team do read about this and do something quick,
Z10 aint cheap and with past reputation shot here in North America, they certainly need live demo units out there to convince the public we are really as good as we claim.

Well, tonight at my pool league match I exposed a whole bunch of people to the new Z10. I passed my phone to our opponent's table to show them something on my browser. They were really impressed with the features that make it stand it out from the competition. I just had to give them the "Come to BlackBerry" talk. Some of them even recognized it from the TV ads, which is promising. Another instance of the phone that speaks for itself..

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Bad story... ended up good. How lame is depriving potential customers from the chance to say "Hey Z10 rocks!" bad selling politics from "BestBuy" and well... this battery thing smells like an excuse to me...

We need tools, not toys.

I got my Z10 from the BlackBerry store @ Gandaria City, Jakarta, Indonesia. It was my first time there and I thought I was in BlackBerry heaven. They had several fully functioning Z10s on display (without tie wraps around the screen) and lots of other BlackBerry goodies. I watched their store opening youtube video here on CrackBerry a while ago and was hoping to meet the lovely sales ladies :) No such luck though, that morning mostly were dudes but they were very knowledgeable and friendly. I already researched the Z10 but I played dumb and let him explain everything. I was very impressed with this guy... knowledgeable, persuasive but not annoying. They also have several customer service stations in their store. This is where you go for assistance if something is wrong with your BB. After I bought my Z10, he took me to one of these stations and offered me assistance to setup my new phone. I wanted to do everything myself at home because I already know how to do it, but this is where they will assist you in setting up your BBID, email accounts, initial OS update, settings, etc. and make sure the phone is functioning well and address any of your questions. We did check the charger and earphones to make sure they're working. I thought that service was pretty cool. I wish BlackBerry had stores like these everywhere. I got my PlayBook from Best Buy and my 9900 from the AT&T store (DC Metro) and, I swear, both sales reps tried to steer me to other products.

Keeping in line with a developing theme, I had much the same experience at a store (not an actual carrier though). I received some help from our forums on how to overcome a Z10 display snafu (someone had changed the display to another language thereby making the whole unit unusable unless you were familiar with that language). I returned to the store some five days later to find the Z10 still with the same problem, but this time armed with the solution to do a reset (based on icons in the menus rather than reading the indecipherable text). The young guy in the store admitted that nobody had been able to figure it out and hadn't really tried - also said they hadn't received anything in the way of training to assist with demos for potential customers. He did go on to mention that they had sold one unit, but the buyer had returned it two days later after having read some unfavorable reviews (go figure) also citing technical problems of dubious authenticity. He got that unit out from behind the counter and I showed him how to do a security wipe (still had the last guys personal details in there), we rebooted and set it up as well, and I took him through a bit of a tour with what I knew from everything I've read courtesy of Crackberry.com (thankyou everyone who has contributed to the body of knowledge). Needless to say, after having seen it in action, I want one even more! In other great news, the young sales guy is sold on it as well, and plans on acquiring one as soon as his current contract expires! I did mention I'd be happy to run in store demos for a short while in lieu of payment for my own device, but I think my credibility took a hit and never recovered...
Long story short, I really think these devices could practically sell themselves, if only they were visible, ready to be demoed, and recommended as a viable alternative to other available devices.

This should be addressed, I'll go to our local carrier display and see how they address the security flaw of the removable battery. Probably place the plastic zip at the top of the phone and have the battery door glued to the unit?

Great work, warrior Kevin! As posted before in those thread, there is a way to lock down the phone using the usb port. I saw that in the experience store in Amsterdam last month, where I got my first hands on with the Z10. It's not ideal, as it influences the balance (physical balance, mind you, not the great BlackBerry Balance software). When I asked, I could borrow a Z10 from a sales girl to feel the weight and balance. Point is, I was made curious enough to ask because I could first work the phone and turn it on.
Something like that should be known to stores like Best Buy, right? BlackBerry isn't the only phone with a removable back plate and a compelling screen experience, right?

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how bout those great BB10 displays @ YVR Airport. I tried to play with them and and they are dummy z10's. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa

OK if anyone has the time stop by your local At&t. They have the phone on display. NO plastic tie in site and the phone is secure. Take a pic and email it to Best buy with a comment about your experience, not being able to use the phone because of the plastic tie. If the get enough emails they will make a change. Email head quarters and you local store, then visit them. It would not hurt to email Blackberry also. Blackberry is fighting for the lives and they have the one of ( BEST) the best phones on the market. this is something we can do. Show the force of Crackberry 112 comments and counting.

I'm a little shocked, at the moment, the Z10 is only available from Telstra in Australia. Each store has a demo bench of all the phones in their stable. The Z10 is attached by the locking 'cup' on the rear and a sort of clamp on the sides. At least it is in the stores I've wondered into. Interestingly enough, my biggest issue in getting people to convert is the App support. Nothing else. It would seem its not the device or OS that rules, it's the App Store...

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Try Australia.... you would have no idea that BlackBerry is back in the game.

No marketing material to be seen in Telstra or Optus! Only a chain called JB Hifi have a mat below the handset.

I have to ask myself why??

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See we all need Crackberry.com tshirts.Then we need to pick a day that everyone can put them on and mob Best Buys across America in support of our beloved Z10.Crackberrians UNITE!

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Do it like the jewelry stores, keep them within a glass case and in demo mode, only open up on customer's request.

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At least you have the Z10 in the store. I live on the east coast of central Florida in a decent sized city, and I went into Verizon to see if I could check it out.

They don't even have it in the store. Called a week later (april 2nd) and they still don't have it yet. They said that they didn't anticipate a strong pre-order demand so they had to fill those first before they could get it in. Sucks

My strategy is to go to every T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon store I come accross (in NYC). I walk in and the first words that come out of my mouth are "Where is the new Z10?". Most reps seem surprised, but seeing my determination don't even attempt to propose another phone. Anyways, in most stores the Z10 is burried in the rear next to iPhone 4S or Galaxy II. It's ridiculus. At one ATT storte the unit on display had a dead battery and when asked how the hell I'm suppose to try it out the rep just shrug his arms. I told him I will be back in half an hour and it better me charged....and it was. But my general impression is that many reps at the stores just dont give a damn, and that is BAD. They are the one that often direct undecided clients to everything else but the Z10. But I must say that some big Verizon stores in midtown did a great job with displays, even had a BB dedicated rep! Oh, and I found the BB Z10 van doung presentations on E 43rd Street (and Madison AVe).

I agree, Heins should focus on such issues and not on Alicia Keyes. How will Blackberry get IoS and Android users with such shoddy sales presentation?
I get so angry when I see these salespeople dismiss Blackberry, it is very frustrating.

I have had similar experiences with so many stores that carry Blackberry.. i mean even before Z10.... salespeople are so dismissive, Blackberry company needs to address this asap. All those millions paid to Alicia Keyes and others is pointless if such small matters do not get resolved.
Yes, I want to see some heads rolled, people who deal with such matter at Blackberry fired. Get people who are smart and meticulous on board.
If Apple came out with a phone that was as good as Z10, the retailers, salespeople, US media, analysts would have had one massive orgasm... oops make that multiple one. It angers to see such discrimimation against Blackberry.

Couldn't they have some sort of hard shell case the z mounts inside of where you have access to the device and stop keep it tethered to the display.
Just seems a shame such a great product doesn't get the demo it truly deserves.

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The the demand for the Q10 and Blackberry having 2 devices out will change things. Demand and curiosity will rise as more devices come out. 6 devices they may be front and center? Minimum their own section. I walked into version there was not one on display but they bought one out and the rep was really informed on how to use the device. Now they have banners out and when you ask they appear with one in hand and a smile as they walk towards you. It was kind of nice and felt like they were showing me something special and not just one that sat there on the shelf for you to ask questions if you had any.

Every major store hires people for setting up the store and how it functions. From product placement and signage, to ergonomics of the store flow. My neice does this for several stores as a profession. Blackberry should be in Every store checking out their displays and making sure the phones are functional for potential customers. Unacceptable marketing strategy.

I had a similar experience at Staples in Westbury Long Island. They had one demo phone, that was a dummy. They had one guy standing near the station but when I ask him about the phone and it's features, he didn't have a clue. I stayed at the store for over half hour, no one came by to look at the phone and that was 2 days being in the store. I haven't been there since. It's probably still the same way today. It is sad.

PS. Hey BBRY I know so much about the phone I can even work for you.

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I actually sold two people on the Z10 when I demoed it at a Kroger grocery store. People just need to see what it can do.

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I saw the same thing in a Rogers store. I asked why it was set up like that. I was told it's because they have a problem with phone thefts. Any reasonable, prudent person would know that's b/s at its finest. Problem is no other phone was locked down like that. A cross the hall was Bell with a live working model as it should be. I went there instead.


I had the same problem yesterday at a Costco phone kiosk. The plastic band was placed way too low on the phone and it was difficult to swipe to open. The lady saw me struggling with it and was kind enough to snip off the band while she watched and answered my questions. This could have been a bad experience for someone who wasn't already knowledgeable of the gestures.

She did explain the problem of phones being removed and leaving just the battery covers behind. If they are going to tie them down then they at least need to place the strap at the mid-point on the phone to offer SOME ability to swipe.

I should note that the lady was aware of the issue and they had already created some hot button on the screen to unlock the screen for curious customers. They had a fix. Doesn't sound like some of the others in the comments have done that.

Kevin, what you did just there is my DREAM job!! I'd love to be a sales representative for BlackBerry... But have no idea of how I go about it / get into that career :(... People need to understand BlackBerry's potential and stop dismissing it due to its past problems!!

BlackBerry 10 is. Different!

This is why you are the #1 BlackBerry fan! ;)

Kevin, your concern is valid, but why don't send an email out to best buy or blackberry about the matter? I'm sure you guys have some connections, rather than complaining on the Internet. It's not the responsibility of the c rack berry community to address these matters.

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I'm sure this right here is the best letter to Crackberry Kevin could write... I'm sure the folks at Blackberry check out Crackberry on a regular basis. Not only will they see Kevin's experience, but everyone else's here as well.

On the subject of Best Buy, I was in one this weekend and saw the same issue. It also didn't help that even with the demo off for whatever reason the person couldn't really do anything without wifi or service of any sort. I talked him him a little but didn't have any real working to let home try :(

He was very interested though ;) and would have been a returning user.

I think the best and real "Sales Person" of Z10 are people like us who own and use the phone. I was the first one to have Z10 on my unit at work and showed it around to my friends. three of them bought after I demonstrated and explained all about the phone.

another story was when I was at McDonald's counter in a mall to order some food, I was holding out my Z10 and iPhone 5 then then the other group of 4 customers near me asked about the difference of the two and gave them an unbiased view of both phones. They were more curious about Z10 and explained all about it. Luckily, they're at the mall to scout for new phone to buy. They bought the idea and headed to the nearest phone shop and bought 4 Z10's. They saw me again after an hour and showed off their new Z10 phones. :)

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I encountered this experience in an ATT Store here in Glen Burnie Maryland. I was quite upset as the Z10 was not prominently displayed and was in the corner with the rest of the stores Blackberries. The sales team kept directing people to iphone/ipad products and Android products. I went to a Verizon Store in Laurel Maryland and the Z10 was out front being advertised. They had it placed right next to a older model windows phone. The sales clerk was honest and said that he had done training on it, but he normally pushes Androids because that's what he uses. Because of how much I follow Blackberry and the Z10. I gave him a little class on how it works. He was very impressed. I even got the chance to assist him in correcting his manager. He had heard down the pipeline that Blackberry Z10 could have Android apps on it but he was unsure if it was true. He even said his manager told him, "Blackberry can not have Android Apps, it can only have Blackberry World apps." I laughed and told him his manager didn't know much then and explained the sideloading ability through the Android Runtime. His face lit up and he became more interested himself in the Z10. I think Blackberry really needs to get this information out there. Give simple tutorials on how to navigate the different features of the phone and then have more indepth tutorials for the power users. Kudos to Verizon on the advertising but work on training your employees on the full capability of the phone. More people will buy it if they know just exactly what it can do. However, as I learned from my experience, word of mouth goes a long way. #SELLLIKEHELL.