Opportunity RIMPIRE... Time to Strike Back!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2011 05:24 pm EDT
 iPhone 4S

On a day like today I'm sure everybody in Waterloo was holding their breath to see what Apple is going to announce. And for good reason. On more than one occasion Apple has changed RIM's game. The announcement of the original iPhone set a new expectation for what a mobile device can do and how it should do it, and the announcement of the iPad forced RIM into the tablet game. Whether you like it or not, what Apple announces matters.

But I think RIM can breathe a momentary sigh of relief following today's Apple iPhone 4S announcement. Apple announced an iPhone with better internals -- none of which leap ahead of what's already on the market -- and in Siri introduced some interesting software, but they did it in a phone that looks IDENTICAL to its predecessor, the iPhone 4. Following the live coverage of the event, even the Apple fanboys and fangirls seemed disappointed. Part of that was the lack of Steve Jobs' presence at the event, but the bigger part was that it felt like Apple failed to deliver something really mind-blowing. If the iPhone 5 is now another year away, it seems like the iPhone 4S isn't delivering the kind of newness that Apple fans were expecting. Looking at twitter and some of the polls out there, like this one on TiPb asking iPhone owners if they're going to upgrade, it's looking like a lot of people who were planning to upgrade on the 14th are now going to save their dollars a little longer.

What's it all mean for BlackBerry? I think it means opportunity.

Following what is largely being received as a lackluster iPhone 4S announcement, Research In Motion has a better chance to make a splash with QNX-based BlackBerry Smartphones. I seriously hope RIM capitalizes on this and DOES NOT MUCK IT UP.

RIM needs to deliver a QNX-powered BlackBerry on time. RIM Co-Founder and CEO Mike Lazaridis said calendar Q1 2012. That needs to happen. The sooner they can hit the market with it, the more of an impact they'll be able to make on consumer mindshare. Beyond timing, obviously the device itself needs to deliver. It'll be dual core. The display will be big (and hopefully have awesome pixel density). I want to see the PlayBook's swipe to turn on and bezel gestures come to the phone - I think that'll add an awesome factor that makes the iPhone's home button look extremely dated. I'll follow up with another post getting into the details of what we want to see in the first BBX phone, but obviously the hardware has to rock. AND we need apps. RIM has a new dev relations team at work - these guys need to hustle. RIM needs to make sure that the top apps are all there at launch. If that means RIM has to pay a bunch of money to a bunch of companies to make that happen, so be it. If it means RIM has to get their own developers to build apps on behalf of these companies, that's fine too. Heck, do whatever it takes.

Before this gets long and ranty, I'll end it. Bottom line is that on a day like today when the excitement should be for Apple's new products (and even in the past I've gotten caught up in some of that hype), today it's BlackBerry's next generation of products that I'm excited for.

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Opportunity RIMPIRE... Time to Strike Back!


An Apple product $hitting the bad as you say, would be a homerun for RIM, that's how far apart they are, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Blackberry has no opportunity here to compete with Apple. Playbook 2.0 here yet?

Blackberry has no opportunity here to compete with Apple.
??? What does this mean? Sounds like your just pissed angry that you didn't get an iPhone 5.

Guess what, that is the iPhone 5, but then Apple said wholly crap we are not going to get away with this...looks at those f-ing droids, we'll have to call it the 4S

iPhone 4s = iPhone for shitheads!

Sounds like your just angry pissy because BB is still dragging along behind the competition! BB released these new phones and said, "holy crap, we cant get away with selling millions with the way our competitiopn is... Their way better!" BUt oh well, lets make our consumers wait for ever for new phones, then feed them crap again.ahahahahahahahahahaaa

Are you kidding me??? Today I'm happy as a clam :) :) :)

Windows 8 was really the beginning of the end for the Apple era but this is just going to speed it up. The glossy Apple is starting to rot!


RIM came out with the Storm to go against the Iphone BWAHAHA

They dont stand a chance even now...maybe 3-4 more years from now they will get a 3gs level phone

Right now, my Torch 9800 tops the 3GS -- it even has a better browser.

As for the iPhone 4s, well, the most exciting thing about it is Siri -- which is nothing special. Vlingo Plus Personal Assistant users have had this for a while now on our Blackberries, iPhones, Android handsets.

This release validates what I've been saying for the past few weeks; Apple is stagnating and struggling to innovate. There's already tons of bad press following their announcement today. Apple is losing their mojo.

RIM, in contrast, has been moving forward and has already delivered a very compelling crop of new phones. With QNX phones hitting the market in 2012, Apple is going to have to come up with something truly amazing if they want to compete with RIM.

I really can't stand people like you! What are you even posting here for? You probably came over to CrackBerry as a last resort hoping you missed something of significance on the apple blogs,, apple has nothing good to announce a$$hole their days on top are coming to an end! They can't even design a new phone,, all their software is getting dated that's why they're suing everyone for patent infringement,,Steve Jobs knew this day was coming that's why he bounced. So since apple delivered the same phone (again) with some cutting edge hands free voice software(lmao) and had all you brainwashed fboys slobering over eachother what are you gonna do now? Go hit the rumor mill? Or get a droid? I suggest you get the BlackBerry 9900/9930 this phone is awesome!! Or if you wanna feel a lil more at home you can always get the all new all touch BlackBerry 9850/9860 that phone is also great! By the way I have nuthing against apple fans, a couple of my friends still got iphones but they're getting bored of them like the rest and coming back to the originator, you*already*know -+-BLD$HD+189-+-

Oops.. This was intended for the first person to comment and all the apple fboys after -+-BLD$HD+189-+-

You must be one of those people expecting the world to be over in 2012.

" their days on top are coming to an end! They can't even design a new phone"

This lesson is free:

Is it economically responsible (factories, warehouses, assembly lines) to design a completely new product after 15 months of an already new product?


Look at auto companies, do they design a new car every year?
YES, but the body stays the same for 3 years.


"but they did it in a phone that looks IDENTICAL to its predecessor "

lol because RIM has come out with exciting new model designs with each gen. oh wait... ;)

Lot of "ifs" in this blog entry. If RIM can release on time, if RIM can come out with new features, if RIM can bring out Android, if RIM can release a new OS (w/o alienating devs), etc.

how many times has RIM been slammed by the media for `it looks the same` yet its alright for everyone else?

Probably not, but this is one he11 of a valid point.

The iPhone 4 was a great device. The 4S gets it up to Android specs. If RIM can get a QNX (BBX?) device that can match the 4S (providing all the benefits we're used to on the BB platform)... Then all we need is good ol' Super Dan to get the devs on for form on our side.

Yes, this is opportunity. RIM should be already aiming on matching (maybe outmatching?) whatever Android has, so if the 4S is no better than Android, they don't really have much re-work to do.

Absolutely a lot of IFs in this post.

To be honest, I wrote this post not for you... but for RIM employees to read. 

I want them to see the opportunity that just opened up for them, IF they work their a$$es off and deliver. It's not a time for status quo RIM effort... now is the time for them to get the whole company working as a team and push something out that delivers on all fronts.  

In the past they were tied to the BBOS... that kept the devices very much an iteration of each other.  Now it's a clean break, and a fresh slate for RIM to win back consumer mind share (in north america specifically).

So yeah.. a lot of IFs... but hopefully a post that'll make an impact with the people who it needs to make an impact with.

Absolutely!! A company like SANYO could make a phone that was quad-core and had 12gb of memory with awesome graphics- giving even modern day PC's a run for their money.... but without the App base, it wouldn't sell.

RIM needs to dump a lot of money into app development with, like you said, third party companies, OR if the companies either don't want to or can't meet time-frame demands, increase RIM's internal app dev team a few hundred percent.

I prefer blackberry-made apps anyway. Who is more familiar with the way their OS is designed than the creators of? If RIM dumped a large amount of resources into internal app development, they would see a return on investment, I garuntee it.

I really don't expect BBX in q1. It just seems so close. RIM can't make mistakes like they have in the past and release a not-ready phone, especially without the app base behind it.

What they need to do is take the Microsoft Approach with Developers. WP7 surpassed the apptotal of Blackberry in a couple of months. They realeased an SDK to help developers port their Android/iOS apps to WP7 and paid developers to make apps. They also need to take the Android App Player to the next level on phones with true multitasking.

They already have an intuitive OS with QNX that has easy downloading and installation of apps(I have a feeling that is one of the main reasons people don't download apps on current BBs).

From some of the other reports about what is going to be going on at Devcon it appears this is exactly what RIm is trying to do: Help developers easily port Apps to BBX.

We should know in a couple of weeks, could RIM blow it? Absolutely, but I hope not!

How the QNX phone that you describe above would be able to have a huge screen AND a keyboard. Would it still be cap if it didn't have a keyboard?

While not every phone they come out with is completely different, at least the have something new about every year. This year there was the 9900 and the 9850/60. Last year there was the Torch and the Style. The year before that was the 9700 and (I think) the Storm 2. I think the year before that was the Storm and the 9000, but I haven't been a BlackBerry person that long. Not every phone is new, but there always is a new phone.

Even my friends that are apple fans are pissed at apple most of them said they are getting the 9900 instead.

Apple is running out of ideas and they are trying to milk the cow on this one.

I am hoping for exciting news at Devcon . I m up for upgrade at tmo and i would love to get the bold 9900 but i don't know new BB's are coming next year....

New devices being released at DevCon will probably be limited to the 9790 (Bold touch) and 9380 (Curve touch), neither of which will be as good as the 9900.

Given that it is only a week you may want to wait and see if there are any big announcements, but I would not expect RIM to launch anything better then the 9900 until summer 2012.

This was such a HO Hum upgrade for the iPhone, now RIM hit one out of the park. Now is your opening.

iphone caught up to where flagship android devices were 6 months ago.. and 9900 has some better features

I've been BB user for about 8 years now and this reminds me of the 9780 coming out over the 9700. What about the 9810 over the 9800?

I hope RIM listens and lowers the price of the 9900 because an iphone 4 for $99 is a bit enticing. If AT&T releases the 9900 for $199 w/ contract I'll stay #teamblackberry if not the dark side will win with me.

The new RIM phone needs to be what the PlayBook was to the iPad... a generation ahead. Sure, the PB is lacking some apps, and people complain about e-mail and calendar. I get it... and those will be rectified soon. They need to be fixed before the phone is rolled out, and I personally think RIM is screwing themselves if they don't get BIS/BES integration working in version one of the QNX phone.

The PB hardware was far superior to the iPad 1, and still better (overall) than the iPad 2 - the first QNX phone needs to be the same - better than the iPhone 5 before the 5 even comes out (spec wise) and I think by then the apps should be available for the device (either through Android player or native QNX).

I personally think the iPhone interface is getting "old" and I can't stand the Android interface - too cluttered and a complete pain to manage.

Keep it simple, RIM - keep it fluid and functional... make it fast, and make it stable. My $0.02...

Now if only rim would have the same sence...Bravo Kevin for throwing it out there for rim to maybe pay attention to

this is exactly my feeling about android phones:

"and I can't stand the Android interface - too cluttered and a complete pain to manage."

totally agree...

Did Sprint just waste $30 billion? I hope not......tell me its not true and that there is a iphone 5 in the near future.

From what people are saying it feels like No, but you just have to figure that there must have been a major bungle with the iPhone 5. My guess is they made the battery to fit a much lower processor and then figured they had to go with a faster processor to compete against Androids and the battery of the new phone just couldn't handle it. Like 3 to 4 hours battery life or something.

Something had to go wrong for Apple to drop a big flaming turd like that.

I think the result of today are what any realist would surmise. There was no way that Apple could continue to exceed the hype each cycle brought towards its products. That isn't to say that the iPhone 4s is crap. It's a good upgrade but with the hype and expectation you'd think there'd be the "second coming"

Apple shots itself in the foot. Not by under-delivering. But by creating a pattern of unmanaged expectation and irrational fandom that will be it's biggest enemy from here on out.

I'm just hoping that people wake up and see that there are other options available aside from Apple.

Apple pulled a RIM and released a new old phone.

Now you know how RIM feels everytime they f&@& things up.

How about the presentation/delivery though? About 204 times better than RIMs for sure.

It's not just that the 4S is kind of an "incremental" upgrade, it's that the press leading up to the rollout suggested this was the biggest Apple product since the iPad, and that it would represent a fundamental shift.

That clearly didn't happen.

Given that, yes, many Apple enthusiasts may be a little disappointed, and, yes, this potentially represents an opportunity for RIM. If RIM can up its game and actually land a few blows, yes, it might just make back a little market share, and more importantly, a little credibility.

(God help me, every day I check my PB's properties to see if by some slim chance 2.0 got leaked early...)

Time to strike back RIM... We have a great momentum... USD 99 AT&T release of the 9900 would be great IMHO....

The 3GS at $0 and 4 at $99 is the biggest threat. However, they aren't the big threat in the markets that count because you still face the fact that carriers don't subsidize abroad and you don't want to end up with a 3GS that won't have software support in six months.

RIMM has a chance to release at least three devices built on the BBX platform to compete at different price points with the Iphone lineup. They just need to release the next generation high end and low end phone between now and April to really put a dent in the Apple marketshare.

Personally, I would release those phones in the US and then quickly get the international rollout within 45 days of that initial release. Clearly, if they have a solution to the 4G battery issue it could put them back on top. I think the fast charge that the Playbook has is half the solution, but better battery management (immediately turn 4G off when not in use) and a better OS should help a lot.

Today's lack luster announcement is a positive all around the board for RIM. It's impossible for them not to know this. The reality of those "if's" is that RIM is facing one of the most significant up hill battles ever. RIM knows they can't fail..which is why those "if's" will be made realities! LONG LIVE BB!

I've been waiting for Apple's day; believe me, it's coming! The day when they can no longer deliver the goods in a timely manner and their mind-controlling marketing can't appease hungry, impatient tech consumers. It might not be here yet, but it's not far away (in my opinion). Oh yeah, their sales will continue to be just fine for a while, but in time, people will go looking for something else. Feverish hype can only be fed for so long...

Apple has done some great things for us as consumers. I'm grateful for their designers and their successes. I hope they continue to do well. It's just that many people living in North America have gone way overboard (e.g. - waiting in long lines for hours for minimal upgrade each year)!

Rock on, BlackBerry!!! I'm on your side! =)

Ugh I think the bezel gestures on a phone would be terrible. After having my Torch constantly unlock and pocket dial and my playbook unlocking after moving it from my desk to my bag sometimes, I'd hate to see what happened when you were trying to grab your phone out of your pocket. Not to mention the wasted space all around the screen. One or two buttons on a device is fine with me if it means I won't have to buy some software to make up for the shortcomings of not having them.


Ps I'm not hating on blackberry or RIM at all. I've loved my 9900 since I've gotten it and think the Playbook is a great device, its just laking on the app side a bit :)

I've been using Blackberry for the past 3-4 years and it has been great. However, I'm getting in iPhone next Friday now that it is on Sprint (and someone made the $30 million comment - since there was no exclusive as rumored, I think that whole $30 million thing was just that ... a rumor).

My phone is great for email and the keyboard is great too ... but that is about it. The iPhone has it beat in nearly every other category. The Blackberry was great for work for me, but it did nothing else of note.

If you want a phone to do everything for you get the Torch 9810. It plays music and movies excellently. The great option with the Torch is you can use it as a USB drive and download music and movies (large files) to it faster. Before you get the iPhone compare it to the Torch 9810.

The current mobile quad cores are designed for tablets, there are none available for smartphone (yet).

Judging by the hardware upgrades for each gen of phones, their QNX devices will probably have the same specs as the iPhone 4S.

If they even give us that ill be impressed.

But hardware is not the problem with the blackberry platform. Its the pathetic app store. Even the windows phone app marketplace has more apps than the blackberry app world, and the app world has been out for way longer.

Why do I have the feeling that the iphone5 will be out beofore a QNX blackberry. Do any of you feel the same??

Needs to happen way before Q1 2012 Kevin. Q1 2012 doesn't start until 1 Apr 2012, Q4 2011 ends on 31 Mar 2011 , for the Fiscal Year, as most organizations operate. I'm thinking early to mid Q4 this FY is where RIM has to strike really. Other than that, I agree with your thoughts Kevin, you're spot on as usual.

He clearly meant calendar 2012, as that's what Jim confirmed he meant when asked to clarify, during the earnings call I believe.

All this talking of time to strike is making me hungry. I don't know what the game plan is but a couple of generations ahead won't be good enough. Both apple and android came out with future generation stuff and I didn't bat an eye to wait for my 9930 (dream phone for me). If blackberry is considering hitting mainstream they have to do more than BBX. They need blow out media, camera, video chat and bblackberry phone/playbook integration. If you draw the ignorant croud with the media stuff they WILL be hooked when they get a taste of combining it with the RIM bread and butter which is what companies like....a dependable workhorse.

Can you imagine? I won't be jumping ship for the new phone but when the playbook gets the upgrade and then combine that with a firesale it will be total exposure. Then people will say "if the tablet's like this, can you imagine what the BBX phone is like?"

They need to come out with guns blaring and give those customers a reason to come and STAY with RIM and then get addicted to Crackberry.com, ha.

With all the smack talkin about Apples disappointing announcements today RIM better really deliver on this playbook update 2.0. WebOS is in the vortex, Apples momentum is taking a day off, Android is swimming in legal battles, RIM better be able to step up. Or its another black eye just waiting to happen.

Kevin, I know you wrote this up quickly to get early raw/real feedback, but you need more choices...

I don't think Apple Sh!t the bed with this one. If that were the case, then RIM did so as well with the 9700/9780. I believe it is a better device, and the news is not that exiting to me at all. I do however believe RIM should use this opportunity to go for broke and really kick it in gear as well. They should have always had that approach though. Not just try to suddenly make another 15 min stamp of fame just because of another company's short term shortcomings. Be consistent with the good stuff.

How about that? A T & T will have the new IPhone 4S unveiled today in 10 days. BB Bold 9900/9930 was announced this summer and still don't have it available until when? Does anyone have an update? I'm trying to be patient and not upgrade from IPhone 4 to 4 S but instead switch back to BB but how long do I have to wait????

For me, the iPhone is standing still.... in use, it is way too close to last year's iPhone.

If QNX can jump into our BBs, we might have a shot.

To this day, there are snappy fast things I can do with my blackberry 9650 that I am sure slab users would find fiddly on their own phones. (and I"m talking about important things... not games)

I had/have no intention of ditching my 9900 for whatever iPhone was coming out today, but I know a lot of people that were looking forward to the iPhone5. And those same people are now sticking with their iPhone4s. This is exactly the sort of upgrade RIM gave the 9700 with the 9780. Worthy of a big show? No. The Siri thing is weird/cool, in the same way that the WikiTude Air Browser is. Like...yeah it's a cool thing, but are you really going to be that obnoxious tool asking their phone questions? I guess I don't really "get it" but then again the iPhone interests me in no way whatsoever so maybe I'm not meant to get it.

In the long run I'd bet on microsoft, they always come in late and win. They have endless amounts of $$ to throw at stuff.

If RIM puts out a solid BBX phone I think it could easily take some share back from Apple.

Cease the opportunity Waterloo!!!!!!

I don't think it's much of an opportunity. Remember, RIM is just slightly beyond where Apple was a year ago in speed, and still doesn't have front cameras. An iPhone 4S can do everything the Bold 9900 can do while it's having its morning coffee.

It's not like the 9700 to 9780 upgrade, because Apple here actually made a sweeping set of changes. It's twice as fast, it has an even better camera with 1080p video, it has 64GB of storage, and it has a voice assistant that makes BlackBerry voice commands seem simple. The 9900 is a great piece of hardware, but how do you put that and an iPhone 4S next to each other without Apple taking home the prize?

Great blog Kevin! If this doesn't get RIM going, nothing will. I've always loved my BlackBerrys and am looking forward to the BB Colt. In the meantime, am enjoying my BB 9900.

Go for it, RIM!!

Too funny, why is apple always on a bb website? When was the last time the news media gave bb press to announce a new phone? Lol. Since Kevin wanna compare, how come he didnt compare the iPad to the playbook? Or did I miss that one. I use to be a bb user bu they are outdated. No real software updates and when an update came out it was nothing noticeable. Atleast with apple you know what the updates are and you can see them. Dont have a lot of people saying first, update when I get home. Apple tell you what the update is before you actually do it. Only thing I miss abou the bb are the alerts. Other than that, glad I switched. I was about to buy me a bb computer, wait mp3 player, oh damn that's apple that make those. Oops

Here's another funny thing - why are apple users always on this website? You are happy you made the switch - good for you. Go away.

Dear RIM,

Unfortunately, the day has final come…. I have waited patiently for RIM to step up their game and deliver, now I am at the breaking point. I have not owned another device since my original 850 and would love to purchase a BBX device; however, I refuse to wait to Q1 2012 (that is insulting to us RIM). So RIM if you are listening, as you should be, you need to deliver a top-notch device and OS before the end of the year. Consumers are not going to wait till March or April of 2012 and even Jan/Feb 2012 will be too late. Android continues to deliver and Apple for the first time in a long time did not deliver something that was a game changer. I will not purchase a 9900 knowing it is going to be outdated in the next few months. Thus, my only option right now is to get an iPhone 4S as I am not interested in an Android device and my currently BB Torch is rebooting! Q4 2011 is now the make it or break it time for RIM, not 2012.

Here is some free advice because I still care – throw some serious coin at the top developers working at Apple and Google steal the talent, as it doesn’t seem to exist at RIM anymore. Don’t feel bad either as every smart company is doing it! Secondly, open an office where the talent is ‘Silicon Valley’ and show your competitors you are serious about making a come back or just sell and allow Google or MS to make it happen for us. Lastly, open you own retail stores in Canada and the US because you have lost control of your customer experience, sales and brand. If I walk into a Best Buy or Walmart what do you think they will try to sell me? Just to be clear it is not a Blackberry.

PS – Apple did not announce the iPhone 5 that is sitting in a vault at Steve Jobs’ house because they did not have to, but something tells me when you finally release a BBX device, they will probably announce their iPhone 5 or 6 and Android will have something waiting as well to steal your thunder…what will you do then? The clock is ticking…..

Agree with much of what you say. A year ago I was blown away by the PB announcement, told wife and kids definitely getting one, then waited over six months for the final product which we all no wasn't complete. So now waiting for OS2 before I buy - wait time over 1 year and counting. I need to upgrade my phone, thought I'd get 9900 but why bother when I know it'll be effectively obsolete in six months, I'll wait for BBX phone. Wait time at least nine months from when I wanted to upgrade. I believe BB users are the smartest and most loyal, but RIM are seriously testing my patience. The wife has gone to Apple and the kids to Droid. BB don't let me down you've had long enough to get it right.

Your problem is in your head and we can't see it.

The 9900 will not be obsolete when BBX phones come-out.

The Playbook is on sale now, why don't you just get the 9900 + Playbook combo now and update the Playbook OS when it comes out?

Let me give a slightly different perspective on this Apple announcement.

Don't forget, Apple doesn't sell phones, they sell app delivery devices. The telephony features just allow it to compete in the smartphone market and I truly believe if Apple had its way, it might even consider dropping this function.

So, upgrading the end user device is not really critical for Apple. They are quietly building up their eco-system to better capture more revenue form the massive customer base they already own. I suspect the Amazon Fire is more of a concern to Apple as they already have a large eco-system in production today that sells everything from airplanes to chewing gum and the Fire enables a quicker cleaner path to the consumer. This is the true future of the handsets/tablets, It will enable e-commerce the likes of which we have never seen.

So in case you haven't caught on, it not about the device, its all about revenue streams and the devices only play an enabler role.

I don't think many people will be looking to dump iP4 for an iP4S. Yeah its better but is it better enough to dump a ton of new cash on or wait? Sure it will sell well, but won't be like the iP3 to iP4 hysteria. RIM needs to deliver on QNX, but I don't think iFans will defect because Apple had a lackluster offering, they may just actually make it to end of an upgrade cycle.

I think what's being missed is the dent Apple is making in the enterprise. I work in enterprise sell to large enterprise and I'm amazed at how many apple products (macbook, iPhones, iPads) I see. 7 years ago I would be the lone macbook in the conference room. Today more the half the laptops are mac's and almost 7 out 10 are iPhones. I use to deal with apps not being supported on my mac today I'm waiting for the apps to be released/supported on my 9930. There is much to love on BB platform, the core functionality is still above and beyond what any other smartphone platform delivers.

Unfortunately there is no formula for RIM to succeed and get back to it's glory days. For Apple the key was to stop trying to be Microsoft or stop competing with Microsoft. Perhaps for RIM the advise is to stop trying to be like Apple or Android and innovate - iPhone or Android is not the answer for every mobile consumer/prosumer, concentrate on the market that got you where you are today.

I completely agree… The first BBX phone has to completely leap frog the competition. Current BlackBerries have a huge negative sentiment with the media and users of other OS’s. Some of this is justified and a lot is blown out of proportion, but in order to change that paradigm, RIM has to knock the launch of BBX handhelds out of the park and leave no room for doubt. They can’t just bring it up to par with the other handhelds that will be out. BBX is going to have to wow users and reviewers in order shatter the stereotypes that BlackBerry has now. Apple has the luxury of the hype machine right now. BlackBerry doesn’t, so they are going to have to work hard and put out a product far superior to its competition for non-BlackBerry users to see it as slightly superior. I hope they are up to the challenge. Now is the time for the RIMpire to strike back!

With all the new products launching in the next six months, why don't BB go for it and open their own dedicated store in the UK, judging by a recent commercial they seem to have one in India, nothing wrong with borrowing the Apple hype model. Glad to see they followed my advice and came up with a totally new brand name for the OS. They have a unique opportunity to give us everything we want, this time no compromises we want it all, email, message, calendar, browsing, battery life, skype, flash, speed, balance, media, did I miss anything...

I love my BB. It was sad that when Apple was making comparisons with other phones, BB wasn't even in the mix even though (most of) the "new" features with the 4S have already been available to BB for a while.

It's just funny how everyone (iPhone, Win7, BB, and Android users) all closely watched what happened today with Apple. I bet you that when RIM announced the new BBs only BB users and RIM stockholders paid attention. The others just went about their day.

RIM was leading the smartphone world at one point. It isn't too out of the question to believe that they can do so again. RIM dodged a huge Apple bullet today. Almost like they're given a second chance to show what BB can/will do. Don't eff this one up, RIM.

Steve Jobs is Apple, his exit (I wish him well) diminished Apple's punch.

I agree with others, if QNX phones are like Playbook it will be great.

The new phones need to have cool-factor functionality and apps. Like paying for items at a store using the phone (is NFC still in Beta?), more augmented reality, gorgeous camera and video, wireless printing, a map app for people on foot and bikes, Bose quality speakers, a mini USB port for a memory stick, etc.

Gorgeous games is one strong way to get people to buy BB phones and Playbooks. How many times do people upgrade computers to play the latest game?

when i see it it seems like thats all phone companies been doing these days specially blackberry when they release the 9700 then have the 9780 and the torch 9800 and all of a sudden a year later release the 9810... iphone did that before to with the iphone 3G then out came the 3GS... to have the same product just more improved... i dont know im honestly excited to see qnx blackberrys... but what about next year if they decide to release iphone 5.. thats gonna be some big competition


Steve Jobs must be spinning in his...whatever.

This is the chance for RIM. Regardless of the specs for the 4S, the sizzle Is GONE. Its just another phone now.

Cone on,RIM. Time to show the "Can" in Canada, eh?!

iFanboys haven't reply yet because they ran out of things to say given that their product is pretty much the same as the previous one. HA HA

These are the same people who dissed on Blackberry forums when the 9900 came out. Guess what

Karma is a bitch!


FYI: Just got my Bold 9900 few days ago and I love it.. My friend (who is using iPhone 3G) said my screen is too small. I responded, I got it for my needs and not to show around... :)

My Torch 9800 is tired. I would really like to upgrade it but haven't found anything that excites me. Some of the Android phones have great specs but issues as well. The latest round of BB's seemed ho-hum and so does the new iPhone. My Playbook is sitting in a drawer waiting for functionality to catch up with the hardware.

Time to quite fretting over phones and tablets and think about upgrading my car stereo.

The blackberry 9900 is half as powerful as the new iphone, yet apple fucked up? You guys are retards.

That's probably why iPhone people line-up around the block to get the latest phone, because they're bored and need new stimulus. Time to stop and smell the cut grass.

That's probably why Apple was the first to put a camera in the front, so they can look at themselves, so vain.

The new BBX phones definitely need a camera in the front.

No-one is saying Apple F'd-up. Everyone was expecting phone 5 and they came-out with an improved version of phone 4. You're probably just the typical sensitive iPhone user.

Well said Kevin. It IS an opportunity for RIM in the unfolding game with APPLE.
We will all remember as time & progress tick forward - the game also includes all the DROIDS and new re-entrants (Microsoft).
Business games are rarely over, and more often always continuing/unfolding in leaps or stalls. Let's pull for BB to make the leaps, avoid the stalls, and gain ground on the competition !

I was waiting for this phone to be released before I made the jump to 9930. Well I made the jump today, left Android behind and so far I really do not miss it. I feel a bit disappointed with the new iPhone really. I was expecting more and while the processing power is awesome, I mostly use my phone for email, texting, some voice and news. The BB I think will fit my needs just fine and it's a beautiful phone...maybe the next iPhone, I am still waiting for the iPhone to take me away.

I'm looking forward to seeing how those that slammed the blackberry refreshes are going to defend the iphone refresh

This is not simply a "refreshed" phone. It has significant improvements over the previous model. Remember the iPhone 3 also went to 3gs not straight to an iPhone 4. I tried the original Storm and even the Storm 2 before realizing that was a waste of an upgrade. Then I patiently waited for something from RIM to keep me as a customer, and waited, and waited, and waited. And then the iPhone came to Verizon and you lost me. My wife's phone is due for an upgrade and while I may have wished for a bit more of an iPhone, perhaps a redesign of the iPhone's body, there really wasn't much wrong with the old design. Most phones are hidden by cases no anyway so that isn't much of a factor. Point is if you think I'm going to pass on the iPhone 4s for my wife and pick up a new Torch you are crazy. And absolutely no way I'm waiting for some promised QNX device. And comparing your Bold 9900 to an iPhone is likewise crazy. Two entirely different devices with very different functions.
One other consideration for some of us is that we need a "world phone." On Verizon that limits me. Again my choices are really the Torch, the iPhone, or a Droid Incredible II. Now seriously which one am I going to pick.

Bottom line while trying to check our Fantasy Football scores Sunday I was kept up to date on my iPhone, my brother had to keep pulling the battery from his new Torch to unfreeze his phone. Nuff said!

Yes, it is simply a refresh. Upgrade internals/camera, and some software changes... pretty much the exact thing everyone was chastising RIM for doing.

The rest of your rant is inapplicable, since I did not suggest you get a new torch nor did I compare the Bold 9900 to the iPhone.

Isn't Vlingo the same as this Siri app . Maybe Kevin could find for us but I think its the same.

Also isn't Vlingo around years .

Siri uses Nuance as it's voice recog I believe and if that's the case Nuance is Highly Accurate for Voice recognition. Nuance is a leader in Dictation systems for Health Care and other markets. We use it at the hospital in Radiology and it (Nuance) is highly accurate.

Apple shit the bad??? Really crackberry? are those the only options you give your followers? wow! how sorry are you? HAHA. Im a huge BB fan, ive always only owned BBs, but you know damn well, that the iphone is way more advanced than the new BBs just released (when it comes to what consumers want)..........Bigger brighter screens? BB-NO. Dual core processor? BB-NO. millions of WANTED apps? BB-NO...........All im saying is quit shitting on Apples success, when RIM hasnt even "Struck" the first time for it to "rimpire strike back bullshit"!!!! Haha. I still love my Simple Torch! Im just not shitting on the competiotion when i know that what i have is simple and plain! And what people want now a days is bigger brighter screens, with fast processors!

Whoa, Apple has millions of apps now?! That's news to me, and many others I'm assuming. The screen on the 99xx is amazing. Both the 99xx and the iPhone 4s are 14.4/hspa+ so they are the same in that aspect. People expected Apple to come out with something "revolutionary" or "magical". They almost caught up to the Samsung Galaxy S II, which isn't good. Samsung is poised to unveil the Prime which is rumored to be quite the phone. They will kick Apple while they're down. If Google can come up with an ecosystem to match Apple's Apple is going to get hit hard. Should be an interesting month ahead.

Holy Shit! The comments have gotten out of hand. he iFans are pissed about not getting their iPhone5.

Holy Shit! The comments have gotten out of hand. he iFans are pissed about not getting their iPhone5.

comparing the 4S to the 9780 is absurd. The 9780 is practically the same phone as the 9700 with minor cosmetic changes, a slightly better camera and shipping with a new version of the OS. The 4S is more like the 9810 upgrade. Looks the same but the guts of the phone are completely different.

Apple changed most of the important bits, the CPU, the GPU and the cellular radio. They kept the screen but it was best in class anyway (in terms of resolution and pixel density). The old camera was significantly better than anything RIM offers and the new one looks better still.

Currently the only BBs, AT&T offer are the 9810 and some old curve model. The 4S is looking very tempting.


Wow, some people are pretty harsh on this site especially when they are wrong. The PlayBook has only been out since April! I figure that is only about 5 and a half months. If I recall when the iPad was first released, it wasn't perfect either. We'll see how the PlayBook looks once OS2 is released.

I don't think people WANT dual core processors, millions of apps, and bigger brighter screens.
People want things to work properly without annoying glitches, crashes, or lag and of course the phone needs to be useful in cool and smart ways and it needs to entertain. BB is not any less advanced because it's not dual core.

You interact with software not hardware and here BB phones are probably more advanced than Apple or Android; only now is Apple copying BB Messenger and I've read Mesenger is still better. I don't know for sure but integration between apps and multi-tasking is probably better in BB phones.

With regards to apps, it quality not quantity.

I would say that Apple is forgotten why people choose their products instead of the functionality (in IOS). It's the form factor thing!

Remember when Apple launch 3G then followed by 3Gs, people just not shock too much. But, when they see Iphone4, they're just amazed! People starts talking then queue up for buying such products. I believe that Iphone4 is the most selling Apple handsets from other predecessors. People want Iphone4 so badly so they could "stood up" in public whenever holds it. It just makes them proud to have it!

RIM finally done the right thing. They introduce new form factor for their OS7 products. It's all coming with slim, sleek design & touch screen! Perhaps they're realized that functionality comes after form factor, since the form factor is what people see first time! Hopefully, RIM can see this opportunity to strike back!

It is now the war of Form Factor (BB/Android phones) vs Functionality (Iphone4S). Who wins? We to decide!

You are getting way ahead of yourself here. The big news from today isn't the iPhone - it's iOS 5, which is lightyears ahead of anything RIM has at the moment. Yes, QNX could be a competitor, but I will believe it when I see it (don't forget, version 1.0 of all mobile OSes have been buggy and of limited utility). Also, it remains to be seen If RIM can release an iCloud competitor with an integrated digital content store (apps, music, movies, etc). Only if it does can talk of competing with Apple.

All jokes aside this is 100% right, No one in these comments has mentioned Siri, the voice assistance control that has been added thats mind blowing.

This is what sets Apple apart and leaves RIM in the dust, RIM kills themselves with taking forever to do anything

Apple's bubble could not rise forever. Analysts will put lipstick on this tomorrow to buy time to offload their shares. I can see a Netflix like fall for Apple in the near future. Funny thing is, I think the Kindle Fire and Windows 8 will be the ones to put the fork in them.

i agree, set RIM aside, Win 8, Kindle Fire, and now the 4S bomb, you gotta think Jobs saw this coming and said it's Time for me to get while the gettin is good.

Just look at BGR today:
- Apple’s fall from grace
- Leak suggests Amazon Kindle Fire may surpass iPad pre-sales

Lets just wait and see what happens with BB Music. It might be light years ahead of iTunes because you will be exposed to other peoples tastes in music and from what I hear you can pick and choose what to listen to as a favourite and it will be coming from all over the place. I could be a user in North America with a BB Music friend in Asia and I will be exposed to his/her music something that I would never get from iTunes. But maybe it won't work this way if BlackBerry has a limited catalog of music.

I have no problems with putting movies on my Torch. I get movies from Zip.ca and burn it onto my phone using two programs on my Mac Mini. I don't have any protected file issues. And besides, iTunes is bloated and annoying to use, so much freakin stuff to look through, too many freakin menus.

I doubt OS5 is light years ahead. Like I said before, only now is Apple getting a Messenger type app.

And I already have cloud computing, I use Dropbox and Evernote. But it is true, this stuff is not automatically pushed to other devices.

RIM certainly got its opportunity.

If the BBX phones are Dual Core, 1 GB Ram, 8 MP Camera with 1080P recording, they are already similar to the iPhone 4S. All they need to implement/advertise on to make them better is LTE/4G and the fact that the QNX phones should/will have flash. These are two key features that the 4S has failed to implement. RIM, please don't screw this up.

You people are delusional. This is not a fumble by Apple. They are releasing exactly what they need to release. The iPhone4 is selling better than anything, it can do no wrong, the world is absolutely in love with the iP4. This upgrade will make the people that already own an iP4 content that their phone has not been made obsolete, Apple will then have an opportunity use their supply chain to reach more new customers. Their ecosystem is in full bloom, allowing their hardware - old and new to run anything available. Sadly, this is one bullet train that cannot be stopped any time soon and as much as I would like to see it derail, the iP4s is only going to add momentum.

Written using my PlayBook tethered to my 9900.

My wife and I just switched to the iPhone 4 from BBs. I have to tell you I should have done this long ago. It is a polished product that just works. Typical and consistent Apple engineering. It would have been cool to see the iPhone 5 be released but really not needed from our standpoint. After using a Droid, BB, and now the iPhone 4 it's where we'll stay.

I think that the bad news for Apple today (a collective yawn) is neutral news for RIM because rim currently has nothing to compete with the new iPhone, much less its predecessor. I think the bigger news this week was the release of the Amazon Kindle Fire, or whatever it is called, because it appears to me to blow the Playbook out of the water as a complete package (the combination of price,hardware, software, software titles). I was really considering buying a playbook given the recent price drop, but in light of that announcement it still seems extremely expensive for not much. Unfortunately, the same can be said for what we KNOW (which, is admittedly not much) about the current and impending BlackBerry phone releases. I defected to Apple a couple of years ago, did not like the iPhone four, then went to android after a brief stop back in BlackBerry land. The first manufacturer of an android, IOS, or Windows phone device that has a decent keyboard is going to leave RIM with only its corporate customers and Third World consumers to rely on.

"RIM with only its corporate customers and Third World consumers to rely on."

ha ha...but this 3rd world has cash....they pay with cash and not credit...this is where you next bubble will burst when you will lose this free ride of credit...

I have the 9780 now but I am waiting till the Motorola Pro+ will be released this month. I will definitelly switch to it.

This is a fumble because everyone expected phone 5 but we all know how popular Apple is. I personally know it is a good product and it's very close to being the most valuable company in the world, I think it's second. Apple did hurt its reputation of being some kind of product juggernaut. This might have consequences as dejected iPhone apples may look to see what the competition is doing and oranges will not switch to apples.

You guys and gals that claim to leave BB and switch to Apple, who cares. Maybe you only like to listen to protected music and watch a few youtube videos and play some games but soon you'll find-out that you're bored, why, because that's how you use an apple, too much candy is not good for you. Maybe you had one of the lousy BB's, there were a few; I heard the Storm had problems. Or maybe you like the camera in the front so you can see what a real loser looks like?

Actually I like the camera in front because I can see my family and they can see me while we carry on a conversation.
And pray tell what business am I unable to do on my iPhone that you can do on your Blackberry?

Being able to do something is NOT the same as being able to do something well.

Take scheduling, for example. On my wife's 8530 running OS5 she has her (frequently changing) agenda displayed right on the home screen -- no need to open an app. She can make changes from there with a simple click. The hardware keyboard makes entering text quick and easy, while the optical trackpad offers unparalleled speed and precision when positioning the text cursor.

In short, everything she needs is right in front of her at all times. Changes and additions take just a few seconds. The keyboard and trackpad make working with text painless. Her phone stays out of her way and gives her exactly what she needs. It practically forces her to be productive!

That's just one of many simple functions that neither iOS nor Android comes close to matching.

the question in this poll itself shows whats wrong with RIM these days. the biggest part of this announcement wasn't the iPhone 4S, but iOS5 and features like Siri. clearly its just a hardware refresh and even at that better than any hardware refresh Rim has done (torch 1 and 2 for example). but the software and USER EXPERIENCE stole the show.

even if rim released a QNX phone tomorrow, not much would change. where's the ecosystem, where's the genuine interest and thrill for developers etc

First of all, nothing is 'wrong' with RIM. I watched the video for the phone 4s and it's just a refresh.

I bet the user experience is the same. Touch the screen to open the app, use the app for a little while, close the app.

I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion, it's the same experience, the same Apple way of doing things and that is surely in the phone.

Developers are thrilled with Apple because it seems like people are flocking to apple, they can make dumb apps and still make money because they know most of the users are fickle and shallow, the phone is good hardware, and I've heard their SDK is user friendly.

It's wrong to say developers are not excited about RIM. This is actually the best time for developers to make BB apps because users are really looking for it.

I don't think a lot of ppl will upgrade from 4 to 4S many were waiting for the iphone 5. After a while we all get bored w our phones and want something new and it is disappointing when its simply an upgrade in the OS instead of a redesign of the phone.It is a good opportunity for RIM to catch up to the entertainment world of things but its funny how iphone and droids are pushing more towards the business world as well. Either way we all want a phone that has apps, email options, nice cameras, videos,movies and social etc. Blackberry is business 1st pleasure later and iphone and android are the opposite but eventually we will meet in the middle then what will we argue about once all of them can do the same thing? My blackberry 9810 does what I need it to do and that's all that matters if iphone and android are your thing I'm happy as long as you are :)

And no we will destroy the british fleet! I mean apple...

Seriously though, loads of people will still buy this silly iphone 4S but i think more people with think twice, specs wise the 9900/9930 and the 9850/9860 are finally real competitors (and in many aspects i think they are simply much better). Since it will hopefully be another year before apple launches an iPhone 5, that gives the RIMPIRE a real opportunity to execute the launch of BBX/QNX superphones well (wishful thinking perhaps given the track record, but still).

The iPhone 4S isn't that exciting, but you know, I think it is Apple just holding back, just like the iPad 2. The iPhone 5 / iPad 3 is ready. You just look at the market, is there a serious contender? No, well, let's put out this half-step.

Just wait, as soon as a credible competitor comes, Apple will instantly hit back with the real iPhone 5.

RIM needs to really hit a home run with the QNX phone. There has to be NO excuses, no glitches. Everything from the UI, user experience, apps, it all has to be perfect.

As someone who loves his BB like the next BB fan, I do not see how Apple messed up today. It seems like a normal release based on past iPhone releases:

iPhone 3
iPhone 3S
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
and I bet the next release will be iPhone 5

I believe the media + Apple blogs + rumors may have set the expectations very high for this release. None the less I think this is a decent upgrade from an iOS + internal hardware update standpoint. Sure this iPhone 4S is not earth shattering...but this update will be enough to persuade some folks to purchase it.

Personally, I think RIM has lost its soul and control over its own brand narrative. Can you in a single sentence articulate what the Blackberry brand stands for today? RIM has 5 different phone models and a user experience that is good but seems out of touch with the needs of its core users. Maybe it is a lack of feature apps, who knows. I cannot put my finger on it but something is missing from a user experience standpoint.

Hardened Blackberry users are not defecting in droves from the RIMPIRE for the iPhone or Android keyboard that's for sure...

rajaksingh's comment post above says it best:

"Unfortunately there is no formula for RIM to succeed and get back to it's glory days. For Apple the key was to stop trying to be Microsoft or stop competing with Microsoft. Perhaps for RIM the advise is to stop trying to be like Apple or Android and innovate - iPhone or Android is not the answer for every mobile consumer/prosumer, concentrate on the market that got you where you are today."

I absolutelly agree with you. RIM made a big mistake that they didnt release every year an upgrade of the legend Bold 9000. They stoped it and started to produce some full touch devices, small Bold family etc. But they buried their own best product for years. And look at the Bold 9900, in my opinion it is NOT a proudly successor of the 9000. Too thin, weak battery, crappy camera..

So many people talk of RIMs failure to innovate and that every device is the same but nothing is further from the truth. Look at what the BB was when the iPhone came out and look at what it is today. RIM added far more features to their phones than Apple did in the same period and RIM grew as a result. The BB is a totally different product from the iPhone and it has its place in the market. The iPhone is however a far more desirable device for the average consumer and it completely dominates mind-share.

Everywhere you go in every field: Retail, News, Magazines, Politics - organizations are pimping their iPhone apps. They are not pimping their cross platform mobile apps, only iPhone/iPad and a bit of Android. I don't watch TV so I don't see traditional advertising, but I am being sold on the notion that I need to have an iPhone in order to get the most out of life - everywhere I look, shop and surf.

I still don't have one nor want one, I like my BlackBerries and I love the WWW which is what the iPhone threatens the most.

Apple lost a little thunder today. I hope that RIM would start blowing its horn about its upcoming QNX phones.

If RIM would release a QNX phone this year, there could be a chance. But who knows when the QNX time will come? End of the next year? Too late. The OS7 phones are definitelly not competitive with iPhone. iPhone is still one generation better.

Right now the only thing that can save RIM is an influx of killer apps. And I don't see that happening

BB need to keep it simple with the new phones, release two models, one with keyboard, one without. The touch screen only phone needs to have the same form factor as the HTC/Galaxy and iphone, remember previous hardcore BB owners have been switching to those phones and they have eaten up RIMs market share which proves that form factor must be highly desirable. I don't think the Torch 9860 is the way to go for a touchscreen only phone, it reminds me of a Nokia - not a good thing.

My work phone is a Bold 9780. Mainly for e-mails. I do have a 3GS as my personal phone. I was let down a bit only because I bought into the rumors of a redesign. But looking at this phone it is a nice upgrade. I still have time on my contract so I can push till next fall and see if the QNX BB phones are out and what they have to offer.

Hard core BB fan - my job includes support for our BBs and BES connectivity. I really enjoy the 9900, it works, the keyboard's what sold me.. That being said, I can assure you all I'm going to swap my mother's Torch 9800 and playbook with this nifty 4S and iPad2, there's just too much of an ease difference there for her.

it's all about the interface, the software, the apps. So many (older) peeps enjoy the iPhones/iPads/iPods for their incredible ease and fun to get used to interface.

Personally I'm sticking to my 9900 as it does what I need it to. It's a reliable phone, great browser with an awesome keyboard. I'm also a geek (of sorts) that enjoys upgrading the OS for better functionality that my mother would never understand nor even know how "it all works".

Again, ease of use - plug it in "Oh hai! new iOS here, want to apply?".. yeah it's nifty.

On the bright side, I'll inherit a playbook :P


Im my experience older people use only a few features, email, camera, internet, videos, Facebook, etc.

There is no reason to switch your mother as all of this is in the Playbook. Wait for OS2 to come out.

Also, older people like to travel and the Playbook is much better in this regard.

Time for RIM to market NFC feature like crazy, it's one of the first (if not THE first) major player to have NFC on the market!

Believe me or not but I sold my iPhone 4. HP Veer, Omnia 7 and stick to my company BlackBerry Bold 9700 because it became eventually BES activated ....Yupii!! It really sucked when was BIS only with Outlook Web Access.

BlackBerry is always connected super messaging device. It lasts longer than any smartphone in the market. The only reason I didnt upgrade to Bold 9900 is BBX phones coming up next year.

BBX will change the game with both ActiveSync and BES support in one box. I prefer ActiveSync more.

If BBX user interface will be as in Playbook it would be just an amazing device.

As for iPhone -- I am angry at arrogant, dumb Apple folks, why in the hell they did not add file system, attachment sending in their device??? Facebook integration none!!! They just limit people.

Android's battery dies before you can do anything productive on it.

Windows Phone is the way too minimalistic for me and again no option to send multiple attachments!!!

WebOS was amazin but non-responsive and laggy.

So, I stick to BlackBerry and whatever it brings in the future. I love you BB.

Thats my new phone fuck you blackberry the work phone company. I never had so many problem with a phone. Never buy a blackberry it sucks, the app world is shit. Iphone are a 100 time faster better than a piece of shit blackberry.

Apple is pretty far ahead...this announcement, while disappointing, is actually more than sufficient. People still want iPhones. Millions of them. It is still the simplest yet overall extremely versatile smartphone. It is still faster and smoother in operation than pretty much everything else.

They didn't change the design because this is not a major release. It is the iPhone 4S. No big deal. They did improve upon the internal specifications, which will keep it up to date for a little while longer. Apple didn't really screw up unless they don't have an iPhone 5 in the next six months...sooner will be better.

What does this really do for RIM though?

Nothing. Their flagship is still the Bold 9900. Women don't really want it. Their touchscreen smartphones are not as good as the competition for non-business users. They need to focus. Comsumer device. Business device. RIM is not yet capable of bridging the two so they need to get EACH right.

Some of you guys are living in a bubble. The new iPhone 4S, while not meeting peoples expectations is still leaps and bounds above the "greatest" blackberry and its ailing OS. A phone is now more to a user than just email and calls. Bberry needs to reinvent themselves fast.

I am super-excited for Friday to arrive so i can pre-order my iPhone 4S, i have never pre-ordered anything in my life but i cannot wait to destroy this blackberry i have had for 2 years.

I don't like complaining about companies but honestly RIM & Blackberry products are horrendous, Blackberry wants you to believe they cater to the "Professional" but how professional is a product that under performs and cannot keep its promises???

Which phone gave you the problems? People like you that complain in this vague way are annoying.

I was never able to contact RIM directly if I had a problem with my phone, it's always through the carrier. I did have one billing/download issue with app world and in this case I dealt directly with RIM and the experience was good.

I think I know your story. You bought a BB because you heard they were for business and you're pretentious. Then Apple became the cool product and because you're pretentious you want an Apple.

Actually i gave way too much credit to RIM 2 years ago thinking they were the smart choice. (Oh i have the Storm 2, had the Storm 1 which completely failed me from the start)

Other than e-mails which work o-k on the blackberry, great if you just send text, the phone did nothing excellent, and thats my problem.

After being let down with the blackberry from not being able to receive/send files 5mb or larger on an unlimited plan is ridiculous. Im an audio engineer often on the road being sent audio files that my blackberry cannot even preview. (Awesome e-mail)(Message has been truncated...dope)

Tell me why in 2011 Blackberry is a good product, with its 1990 technology. I'll wait.

Storm was a problem phone for RIM but the good news is they were able to get past it and make good phones. I don't know why you say 1990 technology, you are showing a shocking level of ignorance.

So so email was a Storm thing. I use the Torch 9800 and I can send or receive anything and with documents to go I can view almost anything. Emailing is excellent with the Torch.

That issue you had with file size is certainly not an issue with the phone. The carrier set limits for your plan. I never have a problem with Telus and file size, the largest single file I downloaded so far is 10 MB.

Before you buy a phone you should look-into being able to view your audio files, if not, then maybe with an app?

If you're a sound engineer maybe you should have the BB Bold 9900 + Playbook combo.

While it seems that the stuffs apple has just announced are "disappointing", there could still be a bunch of serious threat for RIM, HTC etc...

First of all - Siri: it could sound impractical and nuance (especially when used in public), but it is probably going to create alot of opportunities for peripherals, such as sound/media systems, in-shop demo kiosk, and also in-car equipments.
As Siri is still very new and we still don't know too much about it - even IF it is not perfect now, it will be tomorrow; so i guess QNX and Playbook teams would want to be careful about these.

Secondly, The double-up transmission speed, A5 chip as well as the super camera actually add alot to user experience, and in fact 4s is a very different animal - competitors would suffer serious blow if they don't take 4s seriously.

Notification Bar - if only Apple put an LED indicator in iPhone 5, which is an easy job for them - RIM will loose one of their biggest advantage.

After seeing the whole announcement, I couldn't help but ask: It has been a long while since iPhone 4, so why don't the iphone team deliver something way better?
Only Apple knows the reason, but I'm pretty sure that they are not sleeping; it is very possible that they have decided that iphone's momentum will only accelerate, even with the product in this form, therefore it's better to keep taking the advantage of economic of scale, while using the time to develop something that can change the game.

Finally, free iphone 3GS is definitely not a joke, I would be worried if I were in the curve team.

when did all this turn into a competitive sporting event?? what's all this "we are better than you" attitude based on.....smartphones? i love technology, computers, smartphones....but all this competitive nature based on your phone choice is truly one of the most silly things i have ever seen. its like cliques in high school or something. i almost feel sorry for people who take this stuff so seriously. seems like its not just fun for some people. been a hardcore berry user for 5 years. if RIM disappeared off the face of the planet tomorrow, i am positive my life would change very little. i remember when crackberry was solely information about RIM products - now, there are alot of articles that seem to cater to this 'competition' between smartphones. just my opinion, but when i read those articles, i feel sad/sorry for the writer/those who are so emotional about it. seems there is MUCH more to life than the shiny thing you hold in your hand to get information and communicate with. and really, that's all it is. ....keep it FUN!

Well if Apple had given the Iphone to Sprint originally I probably would have an Iphone today. They didn't though so I became a Blackberry user instead. I love my Berrys and a happy with my new Torch 9850. Hopefully RIM will take this opportunity to research and put out some great products and apps in the future (I would like a new keyboard, I do have to say that I hate the backspace key). The Iphone is a great phone, but for what I need I like my Blackberry and don't want RIM to get pushed out of the market.

kevin you're so right i really do hope that blackberry mgnt team is reading all of this a great article kevin . they really need to deliver not only deliver on time but have a finished product. the also need to take the microsoft approach as someone pointed out pay those peopel to get those needed apps my faith in blackberry is rejuvenated.:) and another thing they really need to step up there marketing efforts its literally dead .

People hate on Apple for two reasons: 1) Because they make solid products that last and don't malfunction, and 2) they probably can't afford them so they get mad instead. The real question is: What the hell has RIM done lately that's been so groundbreaking? Besides trying to copy the iPhone and failing horribly at it. Does anyone even own a storm anymore? Let alone remember it? Seriously. It's weird how I see things for iPads all the time and nothing for the dumpy playbook. Apple's been in the game a lot longer than RIM has. Get on Apple's level RIM. BTW for all the douches that want to comment on this, before you do I own a blackberry not an iPhone.

RIM's got a pretty small window with a pretty large task ahead of them. . .RIM needs something new, something revolutionary and they need it quick. . .they also need to stop making petty mistakes. . .but that's another story. . . It's the only way they're gonna get back the people who jumped ship to IOS and Android. . . believe it or not it is possible. . .highly unlikely but possible. . .(as excited as I am about QNX I don't see anyone else hopping back to RIM because of it)