Operation Iron Wool is on in Saving Private Sheep

By DJ Reyes on 21 Oct 2013 05:56 am EDT

I had been looking at this game in BlackBerry World for a while and finally decided to jump in and get the game. The title itself is what drew me in - Saving Private Sheep - and I was curious to see what it was all about. I must say it has been fun to play it during the weekend. The aim of the game is simple - you have to get Private Sheep safely to the secure zone. You do this by destroying obstacles such as boxes and planks of wood, as well as getting around metal beams too - all with the touch of a finger. You also have to contend with explosives. Be careful not to blow Private Sheep into the direction of the hungry wolves waiting to have a feast.  

Like many of these level up games, they get progressively harder. The difficulty levels in Saving Private Sheep progress nicely throughout the game, it can feel a little too difficult at times but it is also very humorous, making it enjoyable at the same time. 

Game features:

  • Easy gameplay
  • Gradual increase in difficulty
  • More than 80 levels
  • Numerous elements available to unlock (levels, medals, success)
  • World rankings via OpenFeint

If you like these type of puzzle games, give Saving Private Sheep a download. It's available for all BlackBerry devices and costs $1.99.

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Operation Iron Wool is on in Saving Private Sheep


I know I'm off topic but I am dying for two things number 1 BBM going cross platform and two 10.2 update lol nothing else matters until then lol.

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