Opera Mini web browser now available in BlackBerry App World

Opera Mini
By Adam Zeis on 7 Mar 2012 03:32 pm EST

Opera Mini has long been the go-to secondary browser for many BlackBerry users, but until now, it was only available via direct download from Opera's site. Today Opera has announced that version 6.5.2 is now available as a free download from BlackBerry App World. While there are no major changes in this version, the browser does offer some different functionality over that of the native BlackBerry Browser, so if you haven't used it before you might want to check it out. Keep reading for the full press release then head to the link below to download.

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Opera Mini lands in the BlackBerry App World

Opera and BlackBerry: Faster, cheaper, easier

Oslo, Norway - March 7, 2012 - The Opera Mini browser has now added another stamp to its passport and cleared BlackBerry customs by arriving in the BlackBerry App World.

BlackBerry users can go directly to App World and download the Opera Mini 6.5 browser.

Although just landing this week in the easily accessible BlackBerry App World, the world's most used mobile browser, Opera Mini, is big on the ‘Berry. By downloading it manually from m.opera.com, BlackBerry users have been saving data and money on their BlackBerries for years. Now, it's even easier to download via App World.

More than 160 million people have discovered how the Opera Mini browser can spice up their mobile web experience. Not only does Opera Mini deliver the Web faster to your phone, it also displays the page just as it looks in your desktop browser.

Opera Mini's zoom gracefully dives into the content for easy reading and interaction. Opera Mini provides a smooth browsing experience and great social sharing capabilities.

All that, and data savings too! By using Opera technology, the Opera Mini browser only needs to transport ten percent of the data to your phone - a lifesaver while traveling, struggling with crowded networks, for your data cap or if you pay per megabyte downloaded.

BlackBerry users might specifically find enticing the use of hot keys that makes page-up and page-down viewing much faster.

"By adding another destination to Opera Mini's passport, we are extending our reach," said Lars Boilesen, Chief Executive Officer, Opera Software. "As the world's most popular browser, we want to take every opportunity for people to have access to our browsers, regardless of the device."

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Opera Mini web browser now available in BlackBerry App World


Whats the significant difference between blackberry browser and Opera Mini? Does it really deliver faster web browsing?

- Charles

It is faster in terms of pulling HTML and image data to the phone. It loads and doesn't hang during loading the the native browser does sometimes.

On OS7 devices I do not see a huge need for it. But the fixed font helps make some sites more readable. However, on an OS5 or even OS6 device opera mini outperforms the native browser easily. That is my experience.

If you have a website full of Java and ASP coding, my OS 7.1 Bold 9900 takes a long time to load compared to the Opera. At least that's what going on with my phone.

You see, with an iPhone, you have Safari, you don't need a third party browser.

In my opinion, Opera isn't even that good.

I don't get the importance of the Safari comment. In comparison, there are a ton of browsers that slap Safari on the ass.

Also, on OS7 devices, you get the oh-so-wonderful BlackBerry browser which is great! I don't see why anyone would really have the NEED for Opera, but that's just me. I don't have 1000 apps installed that I don't use. SHRUG

Except replace "storm2" with "8530 curve"

Glad to see that its available in app world though. I was just thinking the other day that I'd love to rate the Opera Mini app 5stars, but couldn't until today. Awesome.

totally second on that. Plus, my phone is unlocked, so Opera helps me when I'm not in a WiFi zone (unlock left only the hotspot browser for me)

In my opinion Safari isn't that good. Seriously though, Safari isn't even the best browser for the Mac. Both FireFox and Chrome both have much better performance and with nowhere near the number of security flaws that plague Safari (just check the US CERT listing of vulnerabilities).

I've just installed it and played around a bit with it...it definitely feels faster on my torch, and I think it's most useful for people on smaller data plans or slower devices. I'll try it for a while....hell, the price is right! Lol! ;)

What is the difference between this App Word version and the version I downloaded from their site?

Also anyone here find this app draining your batter if you just exit it without shutting down for quick access?

most probably it will be very much the same. Difference is that now you will get the prompt whenever there is an update available

I've used Opera before. It was a much better choice when I had a older Blackberry but now that I'm using a OS7 device there is no point.

If you have an old phone try it. New phone you likely won't need to. Just my 2 cents.

If you sign up for an Opera acct - it's free - you can turn on the "sync" feature, and never lose anything. Even if you use the desktop version

Since a few websites I use would fail to load on the native browser, giving me "network error" and a retry button that doesn't work. Big thanks to opera, it loads them all! :)

Bolt did it before, but now opera takes the cake. It rocks. Besides, I don't usually like keeping javascript on since some ads that use it slow the browser to a crawl. It doesn't do that on opera mini.

Since a few websites I use would fail to load on the native browser, giving me "network error" and a retry button that doesn't work. Big thanks to opera, it loads them all! :)

Bolt did it before, but now opera takes the cake. It rocks. Besides, I don't usually like keeping javascript on since some ads that use it slow the browser to a crawl. It doesn't do that on opera mini.

Opra is the only way I can read crackbery on my berry due to crackberry still being horrible with miniscule text using the native OS6 browser.

I actually downloaded this for a friend today. Nothing renders non-mobile sites better. But I'm referring to version 4. ;)

The playbook browser is the best browser on any tablet, why would you need to use anything else.

Opera Mini rocks! Been using it for years now.
Have Opera Link set to 'on' to synch my bookmarks.

Even if I was to get a new phone, I'd still use Opera Mini.

Saves data.

runs pretty crappy in the sense of generating the page how it's supposed to be... Completely messes up text sizes, making weird crap happen rendering stuff wrong. Even CrackBerry.com looks pretty messed up in desktop view in it.. Deleted it, scrolling up and down is complete crap too.. Not sure why anyone would want this..

Opera Mini was the main reason I was able to accept using a BlackBerry as my main phone for so long after the iPhone and really worthwhile Android devices were released.

Why anybody would use this when they have the awesome BlackBerry 7 browser is beyond me. Just tried it for a couple minutes and deleted it immediately. Pure garbage.

The only reason I'd have considered keeping it is if it were to let you change the user agent since there has yet to be a browser on the BlackBerry platform that gave you that ability -- but it couldn't even do that.

I agree. I know we all have fan bases even for BlackBerry. But the Apple fans are becoming almost an iCult. Even in my school people who owns Apple products think they are better than the rest of the student population.

You think? It's been iCult for several years now. People at work find out that I have a BlackBerry and ask me "why on earth haven't you traded up yet?" and "didn't BlackBerry go bankrupt?" It gets me very irritated. When I got my new Torch 9850 one of them came into my office, took a one second look, and said: "Oh, another iPhone clone" and left. Sick.

So I'm trying out Opera Mini on my Bold 9780 (OS6). The pages sure seem to load faster and that is a very good thing. It's a work issued phone so there is no upgrade in sight, therefore I am always looking to improve my experience.

I find the scrolling a little clunkier than the native browser but for the speed increase I think I can live with that. Plus the tabbed browsing kinda sucks on the native browser in OS6 where as it seems pretty usabale on this Opera Mini.

I love Opera Mini. Have used nearly every version, from dumbphone to smartphone. 6.5 is very old though. Google "Opera Mini Next 7". It's waaaaaaay better.

Opera 6.5 is way better than it used to be when I loaded it myself without app world. This version I am currently using is really smooth and quick compared to the version I had tried.

I use it from time to time even when I had my 13 8520, and om my 9810, down loading stuff into a folder on my sd card has always blown ass, it's not the worst, compared to native browser