Opera Mini 8 for BlackBerry OS devices now available

By Bla1ze on 12 Mar 2014 05:00 pm EDT

If you're still making use of a BlackBerry OS device and haven't upgraded to BlackBerry 10, Opera still has much love for you. Opera Mini 8 has now been released for BlackBerry OS smartphones and it brings plenty of new features to what is still one of the best browsers for BlackBerry OS. On top of a new look and feel to the app, you'll also find the following.

  • Private browsing - Select private browsing if you want to be private.
  • Night mode - Staying up late? Turn on night mode to dim your phone’s display. We’ve listened to your requests — now, you have a better way to browse at night. This is especially helpful for those with devices that don’t support automatic dimming.
  • Data Savings - Opera Mini gives you a lot of data savings We call Opera Mini the “King of Compression”. Our browser can help you save up to 90% of your data usage. The data usage overview has also been given a facelift, with more details how we save you data. 

If that's not enough Opera also made it easier to access tabs on devices with keyboards through some short code key presses while in the app. As always, if you're looking to get the app downloaded you can just visit the Opera Mini mobile site to get it downloaded. For some reason, the version hasn't yet been updated in BlackBerry World.

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Opera Mini 8 for BlackBerry OS devices now available


Ah, the Torch. I still look at my curve 9330 wondering how I ever got by since upgrading to a Q10.
Anyone try using snap version of Opera on BB10? I'm good with the stock browser.

Man I miss my Torch but I love my Z10. One of these days we will get a slider BB10 (the S10?)

Posted via CB10

Hi, hi,

Please tell me exactly what you did to get the opera mini browser on your mobile. Help me out with the whole downloading thing. Cause I am experiencing downloading all these basic things on my BlackBerry Z3.


That's nice. I would love to have official opera support for bb10 though.

Posted via CB10

You can install the Android APK if you're on OS 10.2.1. Best until a native app is available.

Posted via my Z10 24BE700B

Downloaded it 5hours ago having these updates remins..me of having a N8 and s3 in one... BlackBerry is the best. thanks

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Just installed it on my Curve 9220. They added a Win 8 style, which looks "good". Although, I don't like the top belt with the name of site. It takes up precious space, specially in this small screens hahaha.

BBOS browser was so bad (Mem leaks and such) that it justified alternatives.

For those of you toying with the idea of installing any android browser on BB10, that would be like sugar in your gas tank.

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Yup, currently sending this comment using Opera Mini 8 because I can't open Crackberry using the native browser. It crashes or takes forever to load. BB10 browser is 1000 light years ahead of the BBOS browser.

I use opera mini on my z10 because of data compression. Wish that could be implemented in the (amazing) native browser.

Z10 on ST, .1925

nice move, opera!!

now bring some love to BB10 as well! there are lots of BB10 users on a very tight data download and having your browser in BB10 land will help them to achieve a full browsing experience without having to squeak their necks on their data usage.

It's available through APK Android download, however the permissions can't be controlled, they ask for all access.

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Please bring it to BB10, I'm a browser junkie, the only one I stay away from is Google Chrome.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Come for bb10 please. Native browser for BlackBerry 10 was good, but somehow nice to see opera in BlackBerry 10 cause using it since a whole years back. Apk from android can used but nice if native.

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Need opera mini on my q10. Because my provider plan got unlimited browse with opera mini..

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Go to getjar.com you can use the Android download. Download it through your phones browser, be advised they ask for ALL access.

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downloaded mini 8 to 9900/9700 works well nice layout, using latest Opera mobile for Android
on Z10 works very well with data saving, also found Opera max APK file online downloaded
and installed but would not run on Z10, nice to have options.

Cant download, it directs me into a page with full of codes, tried several download options but unfortunately answer is the same

Posted via BlackBerry Q10

Opera is a faithful stock if you looking to hide your money in there, take a look at their 5 year stock price history and image if you bought shares years ago. Plus the orginial (not the ETF) is quoted in Norweign Krone (spell check) so it's pretty damn cheap tech stock compared to the US big boys.

But I think the opera browser is good on the BlackBerry OS, the BlackBerry 10 browser is as good as any computer Internet browser.

Posted by Phobe's Owner on the BlackBerry Q10

Because you can use the Android APK to load it. I've said it before, the Android Runtime is killing native development!!

Installed on my old torch 9800 and my curve 85 20 it install OK but won't open

Posted on my flagship Z30

I am using the z10 but sometimes I miss using my Torch 2 device.

What about you guys, do you miss using your old legacy device sometimes?

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

No not really but I Always carry my BlackBerry Bold hybrid and still use it daily. Its a great device too.

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I have sideloaded this app on my blackberry q10 but I wish opera could build a native app for blackberry 10 devices. May be blackberry 7 has more users than 10.

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I'm sorry 2say by th opera browser sucks n sure is slow love my regular BlackBerry browser works perfectly 4 me

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This browser in terms of BIS use is groundbreaking. Wonderful. I'm annoyed I've been putting up with the crap legacy browser for so long. Thanks Bla1ze !!!!now I just need one for my Playbook :) sent via OPERA. !!!

I agree. Stupid question though...I can access external websites just fine, but can't get to intranet websites inside my company(like I can w/ the native browser)...what changes do I need to make to a) make this my default browser b) have it be a trusted browser to get inside the corporate firewall? Thanks.

My favourite browser since the age of BB8100, really love the text reflow feature for sites that doesn't support mobile theme. They should consider of building a native version for BB10

How do I download this on my Q10? When I check on their website a page with numerical show up which is a dead end. Any help guys?

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Really enjoyed opera on old faithful (torch 9800) it beat stock browser hands down. BB10 browser is pretty hot though, I wonder if there's still a place for Opera mini in current gen devices.

.1925 bangingest version, so frickin' good. Zeddy approves.

Sorry to all the lovers of the built-in BB10 browser, but I'm just not happy with it.. It may be the fastest to load, but for my web workflow (I browse a site and open up any interesting looking articles in background tabs, then browse each of the tabs), the native browser does not cut it.. From just compatibility things like user agent strings, to usability things like the stupid virtual keyboard always popping up on some pages (try msn.com in desktop mode; I can't use mobile mode because on msn, there's a lot of content that is easily accessible from the desktop version that is not accessible or buried deeply in the mobile version), to subtle rendering bugs, lockups and even outright crashes, I'm constantly on the lookout for something better.. So far, none of the BB10 alternative browsers are any good... Evolution started out as a good idea, but is so full of bugs and the developer has basically abandoned it.. Android Chrome/Firefox don't work (they install, but don't run); Dolphin is pretty good- you can even download the Webkit "Jetpack" extension and Ad blocker and Android Flash extensions, but it's slow, and it crashes when you open up too many tabs (out of memory?). The Android version of Opera with "off road" mode turned on works pretty well under BB10 and saves a *ton* of data according to the stats display, and so far, I have not managed to crash it with 20+ tabs open.. On the down side, it doesn't seem to work (sites don't load) with the "off road" mode turned off, and media won't display with this browser.. I also use Opera Mini on my work 9900 device (BB10 upgrades coming soon!!), so the browsing experience in Opera is quite familiar..

So, i would have to go thru a maze in order to install the opera app? Smh..... this is frustrating!!!!!

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Just go to http://m.opera.com on your device and you'll be able to download the correct version. This is a great little browser, and works super nice on my 9900. If you go into general settings and switch the Shortcut Scheme to BlackBerry, there's a ton of awesome shortcuts (pressing n for night mode, u to go full screen, * 1-xx to go to a speed dial page). To view all shortcuts go to Settings > Help > Shortcuts.

It don't work.... I shouldn't have to do all that... I should be able to go to the site and hit download. Simple as that....

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This opera mini 8 is for Blackberry 10 or Smartphone such as bold 9900? I can't find download link for Bold 9900 blackberry. Could find only android and iphone. How can I download for my bold 9900? Pls.