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Opera Mini 6.5 now available for BlackBerry smartphones

By Bla1ze on 3 Nov 2011 03:26 pm EDT
Opera Mini

Despite the fact the new BlackBerry 7 browser is leaps and bounds above previous versions, not everyone has a BlackBerry 7 device to make use of. Some folks out there may even have a BlackBerry 7 device and still want to use a different browser. Opera is aware of this fact and now -- they've made Opera Mini 6.5 available for download. In this release you'll find better data optimization which can help reduce data usage, when compared to other browser Opera uses only 10% of the data they use. If you're watching out for your data consumption, that's quite a bit. Thanks, Dennis!

Download Opera Mini 6.5 today



Thanks for this, can't wait to try it out!


Have you done any comparative tests with the new Opera and the Blackberry 7 browser? I would be interested in seeing that.


I can't get it to run (the previous version worked.) It installs (over the internet) but when I try to run it, it says it is installing and then fails because it is "Unable to connect to the internet. Please check you settings."



Had the same issue, but the second try was the charm.


There is a thread in the forum about it...

The poster "ringo7213" said that if you were having issues "after the installation does not load pages go to settings advanced protocol and choose http"

hope that helps


Still only got 2 stage zooming :(


new update has option for data usage.


I coincidentally installed this today before seeing this post. I came from the previous version and not the biggest fan of it but it gets the job done when the BB browser can't. I'm just annoyed by the entirely different shortcuts and no multi touch capability.


6.5 does have multitouch (zoom on my 9900 at least), and did you try changing shortcut mode from Opera to BlackBerry in the settings.


on my 9650 after downloaded i run it it starts the installation and after it says "unable to connect to the internet please check your settings" i edited the permissions and still same notification. Can anybody help me? Thank you


First impressions is its not as smooth with scrolling and pinch to zoom as the blackberry browser (os7)

Pretty shur that's the same reason I didn't like it for os5 and 6 aswell


Not as smooth as bb browser and I also found it to be oddly slow since I remember it was quite speedy on my old os5 phone. On my 9900 its just annoying. If you don't mind using more data then opera isn't really worth it.


Sick new update! Multi touch capability, fast and cool


browser on the bold 9930 i got yesterday is light years ahead of the one i had on my storm2. i shouldnt have waited so long, thing is a beasssttt


If it's not as speedy as the BlackBerry os7 browser, then I'm not using it. That was the main issue with os6 (too chunky) so I deleted it.


BB already trims your data so not much gain.


i'm having a battery drain problem since i installed the 6.5 version. Anyone else got this?

using a 9800 and rocking it!


Using it and loving it on my 9800. Sweet surprise!!


Opera starts up, but I can't navigate the cursor to the 'Accept' button. Any workaround?


Click on your touch pad and it will open the Accept/Decline option.


Tried it on several locations on the screen but the option does not pop up :-(
Any other other work arounds?


I'm having the same problem :(


just installed on my BB Torch 9810, installed flawless over WiFi connection, and playing around with the settings, so far so impressed, but i think Blackberry's native OS7 browser is better overall.
I'll keep Opera Mobile browser for a little while longer....thanx for the post CrackBerry:)


6.5 sucks. 6.1 worked flawlessly but this turkey keeps randomly refusing to connect. I have changed the settings and still does not work right. it takes a reboot to get it to connect again temporarily then wham it is back to saying it cannot connect.

Thankfully I have a backup of 6.1 and can re install it.


dear izzachar, please send to my email for file zip opera mini 6.1... ;)


I've upgraded to opera mini 6.5 but it only works in wifi, it can't work in BIS networking.

Is there anyone who has the link to opera mini 6.1 off line installer?

Prince Jen

Unable to connect to the internet.