Opera Mini 6 now available on BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 22 Mar 2011 04:31 pm EDT
Opera Mini 6 now available on BlackBerry

Although many folks running BlackBerry 6 don't do much complaining about the browser, there are still a lot of folks out there that just simply do not like it, or are not running BlackBerry 6. For a while now, one of the alternatives to the previously dreadful BlackBerry browser experience was Opera Mini --and that hasn't changed at all. In fact, Opera Mini has only gotten better over time. If you're running an older device or simply just like Opera Mini better than the built in browser you can hit the Opera Mini site to download Opera Mini 6.

Download Opera Mini 6

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Opera Mini 6 now available on BlackBerry


This is the first time I've tried an alternate browser on my storm. It is really fast and makes browsing on the phone, well...almost enjoyable. Unfortunately (on the storm anyway) the haphazard click vs. touch to activate things is driving me bonkers.

If I down load opera minni and don't like it, will I be able to go back to the native browser without having to down load or install it again?

Goo good :) this mini browser is awesome ! i use it on Samsung smart phones :)

But my questions what is the difference between Opera and actual BB browser :), the only thing i know BB browser is much compressed then this opera but other then that ??...

I use Opera Mini on my LG smartphone and it runs circles around the native browser. Its even faster at loading mobile pages then my native BB running os5. I'd be willing to give up my native BB browser in a heartbeat if it turns out to be just as fast as my LG when loading up web pages.
Kinda worried about the different OS running the same browser, but with different spec. won't be as fast as the others. I guess theirs only one way to find out though...

OM 6 here I come!

I agree they should do a review and comparison of all the major 3rd party browsers and how they stack up against the Native OS 6 browser

Awesome browser compared to the webkit from some browsing I've done, seems to load pages in half the time...

I've love some solid testing to back it up though !

The Native browser comes in handy when your watching YouTube videos. Even when you click the "HQ" button on Opera Mini, the native browser has better quality. Other than that its great!

Its impressively fast on my storm 2. The only thing that annoys me is that I can't hide the keyboard by swiping my finger down the keyboard.

sorry it sucks on 9780 and does not pick up tables well
I am biased on opera .. It sucked 5 years ago and still sucks now

BB browser is better and more stable

You are clearly just making things up because of your biased views. You could at least try to be rational and factual...

Been using opera for years now. When version 5 came up it was actually unbeatable by any browser ! Tabbed browsing, remembers login data, speed etc. Will do a download of 6 now and am sure it'll be good !

I love opera mini! hope this version will kill the navigation lag the 5.1 version tortured me with..

Pretty good overall. It does not support youtube any better than the BB browser, which was the main reason for me to download it.

pretty cool, first time i've gotten a 3rd party browser. I don't like not being able to use the BB Menu or reduced keyboard in portrait though.

according to the opera mini website its supposed to support pinch to zoom but it doesn't work on my blackberry torch. Is it working for anyone else?

Pinch and zoom has just been add to the OM6 update for the android device so I'm guess an minor update should fix that for you guys.

i wanna see this browser go head up with the bb browser on the storm 3,because all the other bb's proccesors are 2 slow 2 run it properly

FINALLY!! I've been using Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 on my 9650. It was the only one that didn't have the extreme touchpad sensitivity. Took a long time, but glad they finally did it.

pretty good, it's fast and all but i wouldn't say it's better than the BB6 browser. navigating pages seems clunky to me.

Yeah that's truem...I remember when I had that prob on twitter and searched for a solution all over the web and even uninstalled twitter and re installed it. After uninstalling opera one day I realized I could get my links directly

anyone know if its possible to have rss feeds open up in opera mini instead of the regular browser? when you click view full story it automatically populates in the standard browser

Liking it WAY better than 5.1 on my 9700. I always thought the previous version was slow, and the cursor movement erratic. Annoyed me so much that I preferred to use the default BB browser just so that I could scroll properly.
But Opera mini 6 may just be my default now. Good upgrade.

Webkit is superior to Opera 6. Renders pages better and is faster at loading full websites. Text appears cluttered too.

Opera's UI is better though.

Does anyone else have trouble viewing images on forums? For example, when you enter a forum the images don't load up, you actually have to click on a link that says "image" in order to see it. Is there a setting where the images just load up like any other browser?

A lot smoother scrolling on the 9550/9530.

Sharing pages directly to Facebook & Twitter is welcomed too.

Will have to mess with this some more at work tonight.

Makes me less disappointed about not getting OS6

I've just installed Opera 6 on my Torch. It's a really well designed piece of browser software (Opera 5 works well on my older BB devices).

"Pinch to zoom" doesn't seem to work on my Torch. Still looking for a setting somewhere...

For same reason I never used it on my 9700 with os5 or os6 was the highly sensative, hard to control, annoying curser and scrolling, I wont be useing it on my new 9780. This reminded me though, I'm goona give bolt a try on my new phone next.

I used opera on my Bold 9000 as it was far superior to the bb browser. Now that I have the torch I have enjoyed webkit. I still tried out opera 6 on my torch and it is pretty good.

In my opinion here is what is better than the torch broswer....
- UI is fantastic with opera 6, way better than the torch browser! What ever they did rim needs to copy it.

- When you select to open a new tab it puts the loading tab in the background and let's you stay on the current page. I hate going to the page that is loading. If I wanted to watch it load I wouldn't open a new tab! Must be a webkit thing because my iphone did the same annoying thing.

Were opera lacks...
- I am disappointed with the speed of it loading full web pages. It feels slower than the torch browser, but I only opened a handful of pages.

- Pinch to zoom doesn't work but you can tap the screen to zoom

- Copy and paste sucks. It is hard to copy, and I got a funny message when I tried to paste. I do not remember off hand what it was.

That's all I noticed but again I only went to a few sites :)

Where does this app save it's settings and bookmarks? I was trying it for the last few fours, and am Liking it, however, I'd hate to lose all my bookmarks and news feeds if I had to wipe my device. As it is, the default browser gets backed up with the desktop software, but how about Opera? I don't see any folders for it on my memory card or device.

enable Opera Link in the browser settings... it backs up your shortcuts, bookmarks, etc online. then all you have to do is log in once you reinstall Opera on a wiped device... everything will resync back!

I love this browser. I had really just given up on trying to use the native browser. Now I'm back in action !!!

Does anyone know how to edit/change the bookmarks on the "Start Page" (the page that comes up when you fire up Opera Mini)? I set them a long time ago but would like to switch them up and can't seem to find the option to do so.

@cardinal rule: click and hold trackpad over the icon and click 'clear' from the pop up menu. You are free to add a new bookmark than.


I'm so glad they fixed the navigation issue. That was the only thing I hated before!

The only complaint I have is it lags while I type, than randomly spits the words out a moment after I stop.

Much better that 5.1 - still not a replacement yet...
Am on a 9700 with
Example 1 - collider.com renders better in Opera 6 and no annoying need to kill JS to avoid "Page too big" error.
Example 2 - http://www.cad-comic.com/ renders better in WebKit (native os6) browser by far.

I used to love Opera Mini on my Windows phone it ran rings round the native browser but although I love the user interface on this new version, I have to say that even mobile pages load slower with Opera Mini and the image quality is lacking even if I set it to HQ. I find the native Webkit browser faster and the image quality is so much clearer than Opera on my 9780.

I downloaded this yesterday for my Tour, I must say, it is really good, all of my sites load very quickly compared to the BB native browser. I like the fact that you can set the fav on the home page and you can switch between BB short-cuts and OMini short-cuts.

I also like the features to save passwords as well as choose image quality. Also I do not have that lag I do with the BB browser when scrolling through sites.

My only gripe is that when scrolling through the menus and try to click something I have to really hold down the button, otherwise the it scrolls through the menu.

Are there any other browsers out there for BB?

Also anyway to make OMini the default browser? Currently, when I follow a link from an email, it opens in the BB native browser.

The program feels like it has improved upon Opera Mini 5, and I'm totally liking the new color scheme. Stealthy and clean. Great for going through multiple sites!

So to wrap up several pages of comments- It sounds like for OS 5 devices and earlier - Opera is the way to go. For OS6 users, stay with webkit, unless you are BES limited on large sites.

Best of both worlds. With Opera mobile (column) view together with the Blackberry Shortcut scheme, T (top), B (bottom), G (goto address), etc. Much better than the 5.2 beta. Trackpad works smooth without jumping around.

Hold the track pad for a few second to bring up the shhort menu. Click "select text" and scroll to wherever u wanna start copying from. Press the track pad to start and scroll to end point. Click copy. Hold Track pad again to bring up menu to paste.

Scroll through columns seems pretty quick, but individual scroll is a little on the slow side.

Hold the track pad for a few second to bring up the shhort menu. Click "select text" and scroll to wherever u wanna start copying from. Press the track pad to start and scroll to end point. Click copy. Hold Track pad again to bring up menu to paste.

Scrolling through columns seems pretty quick, but individual scroll is a little on the slow side.

Ive been trying it... it's a greeeeat improvement from v5

The scrolling on Torch is ALOT smoother than native BB OS6 browser and it renders websites really quickly too.

1. Beautiful TABS implementation
2. Nice and smooth scrolling
3. FAST browsing
4. Loving the START page!

The only problem with Opera is it breaks the default behaviour on OS6 such as:
1. Pressing MENU is not opening the menu options
2. You can't share a website to other apps (BBM, Twitter, FB, Email, SMS)
3. Copy and paste is VERY odd

I actually don't mind browsing on my BB anymore. This makes the difference. Not to mention it is a work around for overly restricted BES internet servers. My BES doesn't recognize it as web browsing :-)

I first used opera mini on a couple of my feature phone and now I'm using it on my blackberry because it helps improve data usage on my blackberry.