Opera Mini 5 No Longer Running Beta, Final Version Released

By Bla1ze on 16 Mar 2010 11:44 am EDT
Opera Mini 5 No Longer Running Beta, Final Version Released

While we all sit and wait to see what Research In Motion is going to bring with its WebKit browser, the folks at Opera Software are going full steam ahead. Long the chosen alternative over the built in BlackBerry browser, Opera Software has finally taken Opera Mini 5 out of beta. As noted in the press release:

Today’s release puts the finishing touches on the Opera mobile-browsing duo. The focus is on delivering the best Internet experience on nearly any mobile phone, along with a unified look and feel and innovative favorite features, such as Speed Dial, password manager and tabbed browsing.

Keeping in mind the needs and wants of our 50+ million users, we have emphasized speed, desktop-like functionality and data savings in our mobile browsers. Today, we have made it even easier for everyone to surf, search and socialize on the Web,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.

It may be quite some time yet before we see the WebKit browser from RIM. In the meantime, rather then suffering through the horrific browsing experience the BlackBerry offers, you can check out Opera Mini 5.

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Opera Mini 5 No Longer Running Beta, Final Version Released


I was downloading and then cancelled. I want to make sure it works with 5.0 first. I also need to back upp my apps with BBSAK just to be safe

Great, I get the check your network settings at the EULA step... The download when fine, ironically.

I have B2 installed, so maybe this is what is causing the issue. For all of you out there, remove Beta2, reboot, and install the Final version


Well that sucks, I don't want to lose all my bookmarks and speed dial settings that I've been using for the past 6 months in beta2.. is there a way to save/recover/sync them somewhere so I won't lose them?

yes you, go into opera, settings, and there is a setting near the bottom that is a free option for you to sign up and sync all your bookmarks...

Downloaded and using and OMG this is WAY better then the crappy blackberry browser. How can I change this to my default browser?

You can't...
You can however choose to open links from an e-mail in opera. When you click the link it will give you the option to open in Opera or BB browser.

It is actually really helpful. Trust me, you don't want every link to open up in Opera. In Opera Beta 5 it would default view most websites to mobile versions, if you want a desktop look and feel to every website, use Bolt. Some websites do render desktop style in Opera, but not all. All BB OTA downloads need to be opened up in the native browser, so having a choice when you click on a link is very helpful, you'll see.

Use both, they both are very useful depending on the website. The native browser still needs to be used for OTA downloads.

So far works flawlessly on my Storm 2. Lots of enhancements from the beta such as keyboard automatically pops up when trying to input a web address.... LOVE IT!!!

OperaMini5 Final do not replace OperaMini5 Beta2!

Opera Mini5 Final works good but i dont like this white startup screen, i preffer black with blue loading stripe, as on Opera Mini Beta 2.

SkyFire development is a joke. They haven't given an update in MONTHS. The WebKit browser will be out before their BB version.

tour 9630 here running 5.0...419 and i can pick opera mini 5 for os 4.3.0 and later, or opera mini 5 for os 4.7 and later (says required for storm/touchscreen devices) but it doesnt say touchscreen only...

RIM needs to deliver their browser, post haste. After that, SOMEONE needs to build a video player that will stream from the web and play local videos as well. This "converting video" is tedious at best. My old Palm Centro could play video with no problem. My old WinMo phone could do it natively as well. Come on RIM. It's time to lead, not follow....

You all know I broke this story first right? LOL. All I want is my credit, some strawberry dunkin donuts, a full staff job and whatever benefits you fine people offer. Not much to ask for I think... Check the Forums

Ok guys i just noticed the the official Opera mini 5 is running socket again! Wooot!!!!! its faster than HTTP.

I just downloaded and ran Opera Mini 5 on my Tour (9630). On three websites it was no faster than the native BB browser. I do not understand why people think it is faster. Try a stopwatch. I have just removed it as a waste of memory space.

Still not usable on my 8330 (OS5) It will load and I navigate to the search box where it promptly locks up on me. Two battery pulls same thing, can't bring up a menu or navigate anywhere outside the search box. The Opera drop down menu came up randomly once or twice while I was pushing buttons in frustration but again I was not able to navigate through the icons with my trackball.

Sucks, I was already saying goodbye to Bolt because I want nothing more than to have tabbed browsing on the berry. Sticking with Bolt for now.

I used the beta for a while, and then tried to go back to the native browser, and just couldn't handle the slow speeds. I'm super happy the final product is here. Everyone should atleast try this browser.

Tried it but found it not intuitive enough for me, a new user to Opera. Also no way to import BB bookmarks, guess you would have to put them in one by one. Have BB 8130 and zoom would have been nice to view pages better. (May have been there some where) Did change to large fonts (advanced settings) and 'mobile page.' Helped, but overall for me, not necessarily an easy learning upward curve. Hope others have better luck..

Very excited about Opera Mini 5. I was using whatever version 4 was out there before, and wasn't impressed. After DLing the Opera Mini 5 Beta, however, I haven't used Bolt since. It's visually stunning to look at, and it does even a pretty good job with fantasy sites and pages with dropdown menus (though not always). The Beta was a little sluggish, even when moving the cursor in bookmark menus, though, so I'm anxious to see if that improved.

And I couldn't find a Help / FAQ / Forum comment that addressed it.
Downloaded 5 (took twice for it to 'take') on my 8520 (running v. and then was able to navigate to a site I wished to save as a bookmark. Clicked Blackberry button to pull up the navigation bar, but I can't move off the address bar with the trackpad and, I guess short of stupid keyboard shortcuts to remember, I couldn't get it to save to Bookmarks. That said, once I got to Bookmarks, I couldn't highlight/confirm the chosen site.

This is better use of standard Blackberry controls (as found in v4.2) exactly how? Ripped it out. Bolt starts to look good. Heck, even Blackberry's awful browser looks good...

Is there any way to make the speed dial 3X3 like it was in 5.1beta? On my tour running 5..419, it has one row with 5, and a second row with four.

Yay, I can finally copy and paste in the address bar. Good release, everything is nice and quick compared to beta 2.

Excellent about the copy & paste in address bar. I forgot the reason i'd stopped using Beta2 before, and remember now that was why!

Copying and pasting worked fine in 5b2. You just had to click in the address bar then "long click" to get the menu to come up and select paste.

Invalid COD. And it removed my version of Opera 4.2. I am not happy, because now I have to either restore it from a backup or attempt to find it online.

From your berry browswer to go m.opera.com and click on Download Options. From there you can download a previous version.

I got the invalid COD and when I reboot I got the Software Error 522 but all I did was use the app loader found in common files to remove just opera mini. I figure something when wrong with the freak accident either the data was not all download or something.
So I tried again and it works so this might happen to any app just check the memory and the connection.

Well downloaded it fine and everything but for some reason now it like wont scroll with my tackball and all that... So it did work and now it does respond... dont get it I have a Bold 9000

I tried it, hated it and was SO thankful I was able to get 4.2 back, even if I have to re-save my bookmarks. On my 8330 (oldie but I still love it), v5 just stinks. However 4.2 still rocks -- faster and easier to use. PHEW.

From your berry browswer to go m.opera.com and click on Download Options. From there you can download a previous version.

I tried using the beta ver. and when I went to my igoogle page, it automatically stuck me with the mobile page same as BB browser.

If anybody can tell me how to fix that, I'll try again. If not I'll stick with Bolt.

Yeah did the same as above uninstalled and then battery pull and then reinstalled seems to be working now...... One question though is there a way to say get rid of the speed dial ones such as Twitter that I don't use or moving the order? New user to the Opera Browser sorry if this is a dumb questions..... The help is appreciated

Is there a way to change the settings to make the google calendar look right? All areas of the calendar overlap on each other so you can't see them.

Running a 9550.

Other than these issues, liking it better than the beta so far.

Hmmm.....syncs my speed dial but no bookmarks. That's odd. Do the bookmarks need to be in a specific folder/location for the sync to work properly?

I have been waiting sometime for this one. I used the beta for a short time, it appears that the glitches are solved for the most part, though I am still navigating around it. I'll see soon enough.

Tried to Install on storm 9530 running and got uncaught exception:java.lang.ClassCastException.... any idea what this means, and how i can get it working?

I get an Uncaught exception:java.lang.ClassCast Exception. Anyone have a suggestion? I am on .545...anyone else on that version running it?

I had the same problem. YOu might have Opera running. What I did shut down the Opera Beta then reboot the device.

At this point the installed worked

I have been running Opera 4.6, I believe it is, and also had version 5 BETA, also on my Curve 8330. I've run both since last summer. I found the version 4 more user-friendly for me than the 5.0.

Does anyone else feel the same?

I tried to download the final 5.0, but it apparently will not permit me to have both versions on my BB at the same time.

I'm not sure why not, but I think it only allows both versions to run if you are using a beta version. Otherwise as far as a final release is concerned you will have to upgrade from 4.6 to 5.0.

I was wrong in stating the previous version as 4.6. It was 4.2. So, I took the plunge, upgraded to 5.0, and migrated my extensive list of links to 5.0.
Unfortunately, I could not get the cursor or highlight off of the URL box. I tried everything I could think of and it wouldn't move. (Worked okay in Beta, but not in the final product.)
So, I returned to trusty and dependable 4.2 -- BUT all of my valuable links vanished! Ouch!!! I am staying with version 4.2.

Even the largest font is TOO SMALL! Also, the mouse pointer is really jumpy. I find it much harder to control the mouse versus v4.2.

Is there a way to resize the text other than the three puky options in Settings? By the way, mobile view does not solve the issue.

Unless they make the changes noted above, I'm gone for good once a better browser comes along (not holding my breath!)

Browser is much more polished and easier to use. I like the fact that they went back to a full text edit field instead of the inline text editor.

I have noticed however some of the bugs in the beta still exist here.

DL onto my 9530, .419, running stellar. Bit quicker than Beta 2 and does a couple of webpages more completely. Keeping Bolt too, just cuz of the odd page that Opera still struggles with. Waiting on BB webkit...

Not working for my Storm 9530 on 328 OS.

When I download and use Opera Mini 5 Final, it opens up as if I have a keyboard and trackball instead of a touchscreen. I can move the cursor by touching the screen, but it is not responsive to normal touch.

I have tried disabling compatibility mode, but all that did was make the whole screen non-responsive (except for the click).

Any help would be appreciated.

just downloaded it...its pretty decent. i am native bb and bolt user...i can't find the keyboard shortcuts help anywhere...

Iv had the beta version and loved it, with the exception of some few minor bugs. Hope this ones a lot better, but will see soon.

Does anyone know how to get 5 beta 2 back, the font size in this is absolutely ridiculous, Large is smaller than the Small in beta 2!!! This is so dumb.

am i the only one who cant type in the address bar after activating opera link ?

after that, only reinstalling fixes the problem.

placing the ¨cursor¨ over the address bar, and pressing the trackpad, to type, fails...

no typing whatsoever.

Same thing on my BB 8330 running VZW OS Can't click on anything in the OM browser with the trackball either. I think others on the Opera forums have reported this as a problem on various other BB models as well.

I like how it puts the .com into the address automatically. It's the simple things that count. RIM could do that or put a .com button on the keyboard but Nooooo.

Any way to edit the default google search address to the non-mobile version without having to load the page, scroll to the bottom, click classic, and then view as it should from the start? I can save a new search engine, but can't figure out how to move it up into the default position so that it always gives me that search site on the main screen. tried to edit the address of the default but the edit field and save button are grayed out.

Or, is there a global setting on the 8530 to behave as a PC browser so that site mobile detection is avoided completely?

Or, an app that counters the mobile site only BS?

Maybe it's just me but the only thing that keeps me from using Opera on my 9700 is the fact the the cursor stutters so much. Scrolling using the the number keys are fine... but when it comes to selecting links, it's just a pain in the butt.

First it said installation was canceled, then I deleted the beta version I had on my phone, & installed the new version of opera mini from blackberrys default browser and it worked fine.

The ability to store passwords is a great feature. I know it's not a password vault, but there are some sites that DataVault (demo) won't launch, so this is a winner for me (and it's free). I've been able to access sites that I otherwise have to enter my login/password every time. Also, I've got a long email address that AutoText won't fill in the BB Browser field. In Opera, it does.

Install was easy and smooth on my 9550 (.320).

Bookmark sync is an outstanding feature. I've entered several dozen on my laptop, synced to my phone, perfect!

This is a MUST HAVE app! It's so fast and now you dont have to worry about the bugs! THe faster you get it the faster you will be happy with using the internet on your bb!

This doesn't work too well on the bold9700 the trackball movement is very slow and unresponsive. However it does look great but I'll be sticking with the built in browser for now.

Trying to scroll with the trackpad is atrocious, it moves so slow and takes forever to select a link, especially if it's small. That's definitely a kink that needs to be worked out! other wise, i really like this.

overall great build..the one thing I really wished they address was the mouse movement speed. I feel like i have to scroll so much to go halfway across the screen. It was my one real problem while workin with the beta...I was hoping they would have fixed it with this version

I did not even bother with mobile sites. I tried NYTimes.com, Google.com and Crackberry.com. Opera was uniformly slower than the native browser.

My love for my Blackberry has just went to a new higher level! The Blackberry browser is the only thing I hate on my Storm2! This new Opera Mini is the $hi+!!!! I LOVE MY STORM2 MORE THAN EVER! It is really fast and it looks good too! The tabbed browsing is awesome! Let's see if the new web kit browser is gonna top this! If this is any indication how life with the new browser is gonna be, I can't wait!!!

I have the Verizon Tour running 5.0.419. The web pages I go to render faster and look better in the Blackberry Browser. I regularly view m.nytimes.com and m.cnet.com, along with others. I usually stick to mobile versions of sites just because they tend to be easier to read. I have been trying the various versions of Opera Mini and have consistently had better luck with the built in Blackberry Browser. Am I missing something?

was excited about tabbed browsing..downloaded on 8530 5.0, worked fine until it locked me up on the options menu. trackpad did not move from address bar...uninstalled it..sticking with bolt for now =\

Opera Mini5 works great on the Storm2. Been using Opera the wholr time it was beta and it was great than (for the most part) even better now. Give it a shot.

Opera mini 5 only seems to work over wi-fi for me on my Bold 9700. Is there something I need to adjust in the settings?

Every time I use it my connection goes from EDGE to edge. I'm using an unlocked Storm 9550. Is this happening to anyone else?

I have used opera for over a year now and this release is the best by far. They have really done a great job with this one. The browser is much much faster than the beta version was.

Must have for your blackberry

Using the Beta version, I can use the font setting at Medium, but in this final version even the Large is not big enough for me to see comfortably. Any ideas ? (Yeah, I do have glasses)

I've been using the new Opera mini web browser and overall its ok, but could use some improvements. For one, there should be multiple stages of magnifying the screen or increasing the font. Also, I noticed that some of the pages will display as they would on a regular computer and others display with the mobile version. I regularly use CNN, but when i initially display the page it is a full web page. When I close and access again, it is a paired down mobile site. Not sure what's going on. Seems to be a bit slow too.

Change the settings to "Mobile View". It'll display the mobile version of a site automatically and convert full desktop sites to display best on your phone

I have been using the OM beta 2 on my Storm 2 for a couple of months and was looking forward to the final version utilizing the SurePress feature but it doesn't look as if they are supporting it ... or maybe I have it setup wrong?

Otherwise I love it.

I Love this browser! It takes the clicking away while surfing the web on my Storm 2. It has more clarity on web pages than the BB browser. I have verizon os and it works great.

I use opera 4.2 on my storm 9530. i like it because it has the flick scroll function. beta 1 and beta 2 didnt have this function at all and it was worthless to me because it made it slower, i couldnt flick to the bottom of the page of long posts and that was annoying so i kept using 4.2

does version 5final fix this on the storm?

someone also said some issues i didnt like are fixed, so if this is also fixed then im in, otherwise version 5 is worthless.

as far as i can see version 4.2 is better at least 99% i have no reason to upgrade to 5. those who are happy with 5, try 4.2 (there is a learning curve but its easy and much better when you get the hange of it).

Installed and launched. Screen navigation frozen, cursor movement frozen, can't exit. Tried twice and had to pull battery both times.

I'm considering reinstalling -- but my instincts say, if I have to try more than once to install an app...then I probably shouldn't have bothered to install it the FIRST time.

About time to see it out of beta. I'm please to report that navigation using a trackpad has been vastly improved. It was fairly unstable during beta.

Until the new Webkit browser comes from RIM, this is a nice alternative browser for your BlackBerry.

i must say this one loads faster than the prev version and the scrolling has really improved for me. overall i like it!

This is impossible to use unless you have the patience of a Monk. The beta was so much faster, it's ridiculous.

I don't understand why when opening a link in Opera Mini does the browser just open to the speed dial/ Homepage and not to the actual link. Is there anyone else that is experiencing this problem ?

Opera Mini 5 runs kind of sluggish...I didn't see any options for 4.5 -- only 4.2, 4.3 and 4.7. Anyone having this problem?

I tried downloading Opera Mini to my BB Storm 9530 but it says "Access Denied"
I'm with Telus.
Anyone else had this problem or know any solution?

First, the odds are good that you'll lose your bookmarks. I know, there's a point during installation where you can tell it to save your old ones, but it's unreliable.

Second, you'll almost surely want to get rid of the default speed dial choices on the startup page. Long click until a "clear" option appears. You're still stuck with that speed dial startup page as far as I can tell, though. If anyone knows a way around this, I'd love to learn about it.

Third, make a backup before you install. Ver 4.2 is so much faster, for me at least, that many people will regret installing ver 5. I'm know I'm sorry I upgraded.