Opera Mini 5 Coming Soon To A BlackBerry Near You?

Opera Mobile 5 Coming Soon?
By Bla1ze on 14 Sep 2009 08:12 am EDT

We sure hope so. It has been a while since we have heard anything big from the folks over at Opera. Their Opera Mini web browser was and still is a favorite of many BlackBerry users, though over the past six months has taken a bit of a back seat to other third party BlackBerry web browsers like Bolt Browser and SkyFire's alpha/beta testing. Over the past few days though the Opera hype machine has been going crazy as Opera posted a rather omnious image on their site, and then began revealing the above image piece by piece.

Clearly, a new Opera mobile browser is on its way, but will we be seeing it on BlackBerry soon? Time will tell I guess, but here is one thing I'm willing to bet on. We'll see a new Opera Mini on BlackBerry before we see RIM do ANYTHING with their acquisiton of Torch mobile.

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Opera Mini 5 Coming Soon To A BlackBerry Near You?


I'm a Storm addict and I have yet to try the Opera browser. Just by what I've read on this forum, I just don't feel like messing with it. Firefox has treated me well. Perhaps when this comes out though I'll be all over it.

Firefox doesn't have a browser compatible with BB. Maybe read up on Opera Mini some more. There are some things to get used to but once past the learning curve you'll appreciate it a whole lot more than ter native browser.

I just recently downloaded Bolt after a few months using Opera. I find it faster, but definitely does not compare to opera in terms of ability. Bolt has no zoom in or out function, so you are often squinting to read very small text. Also, Bolt is still in Beta form so you will experience a lot of glitches.

My advice stick to Opera.

Is the big news that Apple has accepted OM or what OM can do? It seems like the big news is that platform OM is being introduced to and if so, then I'm going with that this is an Iphone. It doesn't look like a Storm to me and even though the edge might be even a little sharp for an Iphone it's more likely just a trick of the angle that the pic is taken at.

Funny thing is that there doesn't appear to be much on that screen.

The iPhone doesn't have phone answer and end buttons at the bottom like the Storm does though, right? Look by the guys right thumb at the bottom. There you'll see what looks to be the edge of a handset icon for answering calls (just barely), similar to what you find on the Storm. But, I still don't think it's a Storm either... Time will tell I guess.

I hope they come up with an update for the BlackBerry platform. I'm hoping they will allow us to organize Bookmarks into Folders like the Bolt browser.