Opera Mini 5 Beta Now Available For Download!

By Bla1ze on 16 Sep 2009 03:04 am EDT
Opera Mini 5 Beta Launched!

Just the other day we reported Opera Mini 5 may be coming soon to your BlackBerry and turns out soon, meant really soon. As of now you can grab the new version from the Opera web site (visit m.opera.com/next from your berry's browser) and check out all the new features within Opera Mini 5 Beta. Rather then me talking about how great or bad it is at this point, it's probably best if you just download it and check it out for yourselves and make the determination on how you personally feel about it. But just to give you all an idea of what to expect here is a quick list of what's new.

  • Tabbed browsing-Browse several Web sites at the same time. Jump easily from one to another.
  • Speed dial-Your favourite sites are just one click away. (Similar To Safari's new UI)
  • Touch & Keypad-The interface optimizes the display for both touchscreen and keypad phones.
  • Password manager-Log on to your email, social network and other sites with just one click.

I'm positive you all will find many other new features not really mentioned so sound off in the comments. Let us know what you think about the new Opera Mini 5 Beta, especially all you Storm owners out there considering the forums are filling up with people saying it will not work with their Storm. I find this rather odd since all the promo material used at this point shows it working on a BlackBerry Storm, most users would expect if the images used are that of the Storm -- it would work on it right?

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Opera Mini 5 Beta Now Available For Download!



Definitely excited about this release as we wait patiently for RIM's version some time in the next year... Bolt browser may not be on my Bold for much longer :)

i hate that the pointer still cannot move diagonally. if the pointer moved like the one on the blackberry browser i would be all over this

Trying to download right now. Let's see if it works for the Pearl 8130. It says my device has not been verified as being capable of running Opera Mini 5 beta; I'm going to download anyway and see what happens!

I can install it on my 9630 but when I launch it it comes up blank.. if I move the trackball around it switches to different stuff, but I don't think it's compatible with the tour yet.

do a battery pull after you install it
i did that after getting the white screen and worked for me

working fine on storm .148....all i did was click the link that said "download opera mini beta anyway" and all was well.

It just stays with blank screen. Also, probably it does not work on BES, as it cannot load EULA...Uninstalled.

Download went smooth for me on my 8130. Just checking out a couple of sites and so far, so good. It is faster than Bolt's browser (for me that is). So far, I'm liking it and it looks like Bolt is about to get deleted. Wish I had room for all three browsers but I do have a Pearl with a whopping 64mb of memory but, I do love my device. It's almost time for my upgrade but I don't know if I want to give up SureType.
I'm sorry; off track. Go ahead and try Opera Mini 5.

I got the white screen as well on my Sprint Tour. Doing battery pull right now will report once comes back on... I hope it works I have been waiting for a good update on Opera

i like the new UI, but need to explore more. currently, i like the multiple tabs, but the options menu is something totally different and really need to get use to.

Downloaded via desktop link and did battery pull for Bold running and works wonderfully!! Bolt is being uninstalled as I type this :)

battery pulled my Tour and now it seems to be working!! Looks great I think this just maybe my new preferred browser I'll give it a week to make sure but its looking like good bye Bolt

when I first opened it up and tried to go to a website it took about 3 mins to get some sort of "Font Data calculation"

Installed the one for OS 4.7's on my BB Curve 8900 with beta OS 5.0. When I open it up, it says "cannot detect a network connection".

On all of my devices I use Opera, it's the best, especially with that "sync" option with Opera Link...

Works great on my 8900, but can't see an option to force wi-fi. Am I to assume it uses Wi-Fi as long as I am connected to it?

wow the input on a storm is highly broken dobt hit backspace or it deletes the entire post or at least its doing that for¡e me noew also holding a char doesnt cap it and double space gives no period why more people dont just use the bb input code ill never understand this meand s that you get no correction help no nice drafgable editor and the other problems ive already mentioned oh well

Got it going okay on my device.. it had white screen with the EULA, just hit the blackberry key and accepted it, still got blank screen. did a battery and it came loaded up fine after I did this. very cool.

other than input sucking ive gotta hand it to them its very fast to load pages and while navigating and panning of pages feels slow it actually is tolerable and provides a lot of good looking content while it scrlls rat her than simply scrolling to nothingness and loading the content on ce you srop moving

It says my device has not been verified as being capable of running Opera Mini 5 beta. I downloaded anyway, did a battery pull, and so far it is working great. Going to explore it a little more. I like the UI much more than the previous version.

running, despite saying it wasn't compatible on the download page. Just click "Download Anyway" and do a battery pull when installation is complete.

Tabbed browsing is great. Entering info in text boxes doesn't require opening a separate screen. So far, very fast.

I just loaded the crackberry website (not the mobile one) in under 15 seconds with this browser. Puts the 9700 and Storm 2 video to shame!

I am on a Storm 9530

I clicked the download anyway link and its working. Little getting used to with the touch clicking but looks really cool.

im using on my 9630 and i love it. the pages load faster, the tabswork great and even the new lookisway cooler. theres even an an option to use a virtual keyboard, it looks good but it lagsbig time. and ithasahrd time catching all of your text as youcan tell by reading thos text. the bb keyboard is still bwtter. overall way bettwr than the last version and way better thn bolt.

Opera 5 runs flawlessly. I did not enable the virtual keyboard feature. Lanscape mode is also working. The password storage option is a big improvement over the orginal and 4.2 browser. Highly recomend this browser. Hope the full release is even better.

Works G R E A T !!!!

I LOVE the tabbed browsing, the nav feels like it was designed for the touch interface. This is the first app I've used on my storm that provides the elegant experience on par with the iphone.
I love my storm, but it's not known for it's elegant user experience. This browser changes that. I've only used it for a few minutes, but I can already tell it's great!!!


I can't paste a URL into the address bar. When I hit the menu button while typing a URL, nothing happens.

I HATE programs that don't show a context menu when I hit the button that's supposed to show a context menu.

Working great on the Storm. The ONLY thing I was for was a feature from Bolt where when you click on a link, a box with link pops up to make sure it's what you want. With opera, you click on a link and it automatically starts loading it. Relatively small complaint but otherwise an awesome browser.

This seems to work well on my 9500. It seems to work better by just tapping the screen (iPhone like) rather than clicking it. Also if you activate the virtual keyboard in settings you get operas own keyboard instead of the standard RIM OS one !!!!!

ok so far my only complaint is that if yoybclick on a video from you tube it doesnt automaticaly open the bb plauer instead it tells you that you camt view unless you download a flash .

I love this browser, and the main feature for me seems to have been looked over by most.

- It sets itself as the default browser for any clicked links!

Just wish i could figure out how to delete speed dials!

highlight the speed dial you want to delete, its the W key on your keypad, and then hit clear.

That is great...I was waiting for a third party browser to be set as the default...I hate switching between browsers for links and downloads...

im having trouble viewing any of the youtube videos because of the fact that it doesnt open up the videos.. :(
can anyone help???im using the storm.

Loving the new UI.. Virtual keyboard is working great for me..

Only thing is how do you download stuff. With BBB I click and it asks if I want to save but with Opera it looks like it loads the page then goes back to the original page.

It works well with the Pearl 8130 as well. I think someone just took Bolts spot as my favorite browser... WHOOOPS!

Yep , tried it today and its not working ! blank and I couldnt even close the APP

restarted my phone and un-installed it !

This has now overtaken Bolt as my favourite browser on my BlackBerry Bold. Just need to wait and see what Skyfire do! :D

Ok it's really not working with my 8900 OS It just freezes when it can't detect network settings (I hv only WiFi for internet access). Can't close the app. Help, anyone?

Three batt pulls, compatibility mode, menu issues, does not detect touch. Tried for 10 minutes got frustrated - beta - removed from phone. May have to downgrade OS.

I love .191 too but starting to miss my stuff that doesn't work on it I.E. Camera, FB. I may downgrade for a few days just to use some of those things!

Receiving error message: error starting operetteb$2dhifi: errorl loading module "operetteb$2dhifi' out of memory error. HELP!!!

It works great on the storm. The only thing to get used to is the fact that when you select stuff on the screen, you don't have to click down on the screen, but just touch it. Takes some time getting used to it, but other then that it's amazing.

Works great on the Storm. The only thing to get used to is the fact that when you select stuff on the screen, you don't have to click the screen, but just touch it. Other then that it's amazing.

Typing text is awful as the backspace butt on will delete eveything. hitting a key or the space bar will stop it. also hitting the return button exits put of t he text dialogue box. it would also be nice if the first letter in a sentence would automatically cap italize and the auto spellcheck would work. tab browsing and the speeddial are excellent. i always found the last version fast and i have no complaints so far on this beta.

works great on my 8320.162, but I have a jad file in a email i wanted to open only option was to open with opera so I had to copy and paste to BB browser so I got it to DL but look out for that people. but any one know a way around this let me know.

RIM take this advice: stop developing your uber slow browser, the competition is years ahead of you. just start shipping your new phones with this browser and you'll be set.

I installed it on a 8900 and nothing comes on my screen when i open a web site. the screen stays white

Works on my 9500 Storm running .173 fonts scramble when i chanhe the font size in settings. and if i mess up and have to hit delete i erases alot of text sometimes the whole thing but im writing this on it now so it definately works and im loving the new interfave cant wait for the official!

eIts working pretty good on my tour the only problem i have i s that the words dont capatalize when you hold the letter down and when you press delete its gets rid of everything. i had to type this like three times b4 i got it right because it kept de leting the whole thing. but besides i love the tabbed browsing

This is a big improvement from any other browser that I've tried on my 9530 with .148. Try it out and you won't be disappointed.

This works great on my storm, it is one of the best mobile browsers I have ever used (even better than my iPod touch).

:O Are you sure this is Opera Mini? Dude this thing is dope. Very nice newly revamped design. Amazing, simply amazing. So much better than the old Opera Mini. I know, it is still in Beta, but I have not encountered any prob's yet, although I just now d/l ed and installed. Way to go Opera.

It works amazingly on the storm! Just have to reboot after you install. Tabbed browsing and everything a browser should be, finally.

just simply amazing...it has a few glitches backspace button from time to time goes mad but overall amazing..had a problem with eula and installing but pull out battery does the trick..if that doesnt work install again but ove existibg opera..still searching how to delete some tab in speed dial.anyone knows how

works great on my tour! so fast. this replaces bolt now. Now only if they would make it so that the space is a period when entering urls...

So far its working decently on my Pearl 8130. A little slower than previous versions, however some of the older versions would sometimes give me a massive memory leak after leaving the browser open for long periods of time and then would lock my Pearl up completely....so we'll see what this one does!

Just downloaded, and a nice feature was in settings...you dont have to 'save' a change. it does it automatically.

The site said it was not verified that beta 5 would work on my 8330, but we will find out soon enough.

Working on my 8310.

Much faster than before, entering text without a new window is much nicer. Tabbed browsing FTW.

Blackberry button isn't as useful as it could be...

Runs fantastically on my Curve, which was surprising considering the website stated it might not be compatible.

I downloaded, performed a battery pull, and voila. I'm really impressed, as this is my first go at Opera Mini.

This is a very VERY early Beta. It's missing important features that makes opera mini great.

NO RSS reader
the N,U,G,H keys don't scroll the mouse anymore
No way to import bookmarks or speed dial from 4.2

Big complaint: Text size is ridiculous! Medium on 4.2 (which I thought was the perfect size), in 5 is like the "Large" in 4.2. And small is too small of course, so....it completely takes away the enjoyability of browsing that 4.2 has.

It's cool to check out, but don't get your hopes up too much if you already know the greatness that is 4.2

Does anyone know how to add, edit, delete the speed dial pages? PLS let me know if you figure this out! Loving the new browser... however 'beta' it may be!

Not bad I had a problem trying to download a ScoreMobile.
It would not accept my choice for device for the download.
BUT the BB did.
Also whats nice is also not....
When you choose a website you want to go to from a message you get a option to use Opera in the BBmenu..
BUT you no longer get the BB Browser as an option.
You need to copy and paste the link into the BB Browser.
And yes I did a battery pull..

Thats not great...

I downloaded and did a bat pull (storm + .167), seems to be running well so far. The default speed dial of BBC came up pretty quickly. I added crackberry to speed dial and it came up pretty quickly as well. I will keep testing.

While they warn you that it is not approved for the Storm yet, it works better than Bolt or the BB Browser. Easier to navigate and much easier to enter info into a form.

Rendering is faster and more accurate than Bolt from what I can tell on multiple pages. Tabs work great; very cleanly executed in the user-interface. And on the UI, I like it. Looks professional, modern. Definitely feels like it belongs on a BlackBerry. Right now I think Opera Mini is a notably better product than Bolt today.

That said, Opera Mini is clearly a work in progress. The shortcut keys should match the BB browser or at least bring back the spacebar to scroll down. Shortcuts keys also feel incomplete - cant's switch tabs without using the main menu. It works, but there's room for improvement here too. And finally, the option to turn off animations/transitions when the BB menu key is invoked would be great. Very annoying to see UI lag on a Bold with AT&T official 4.6.297 OS loaded.

Overall, this is a great beta and I'm looking forward to the coming enhancements.

Works on sprint tour.

Can't edit default speed dial links.

BB button menu options disabled-appear on screen, but app switcher works.

youtube vids won't open up in bb browser.

Marginally better than 4.2

Browser looks gorgeous. It is fast, and uber responsive.


It is very strange the way you dont have more control over your network options... wifi? It also will not let me go to websites and see them like i would on my comp browser.... i have mobile view turned off, but going to ESPN.com or Yahoo.com loads their mobile sites. I know that part of this is ESPN and Yahoo's doing, but alot of the sites i need to go to, the mobile version doesn't cut it for me.

The browser has also failed to get into many secure pages. Bolt still has it in a lot of areas.

I also wish you had more control on how large your "Zoom" box is when looking at full web pages. the default could be zoomed farther out for me and it would be great.

Not sure what the issues are with "mobile view" but the lack of wifi is a killer... (maybe it has wifi??? i am just not seeing it?) if it DOES use wifi, then it is incredibly slow for wifi. Sticking with bolt for now.

This is definitely an upgrade from 4.xx, but not there yet.

Look forward to seeing improvements.

As soon as you go to download it from the Storm's browser, it detects you're using a Storm and it even says that they haven't verified that the browser works with the device. As for why it's in the promotional material, it just looks good to display their browser on a larger screen, even if it's just photoshopped lol.

I've downloaded it and seemed to work great, but as soon as I used the option key the pop up window flickered and that was it. I have a Curve 8330, is it not supported?

I stumbled upon this while on a page but can't do it again! I was pushing all the keys on my Bold to see if there were any new hotkeys and at one point i had an option to highlight text, similar to how it's done in a pdf file. I then chose text and it gives option to copy, go to URL, etc.

But I can't do it again! Can anyone help???

Press 1 by itself (no preceding # or * beforehand) this will bring up the context menu. You can use it to select/cut/copy ect. Works in the address bar too.

d/l & did a battery pull. It works fine. labeled some bookmarks and getting used to the new format, but on first impressions, it's definitely a plus - faster than the standard browser.

I just went to the Opera website and it says that Opera has not verified that the beta will work on my device, which is a Storm. I downloaded it anyway and will see how it works.

I love my blackberry and although the Storm has it's issues and I typically have nothing nice to say about it (or RIM) becuase I beleive that in this day and age technology should work as expected. However, Opera Mini 5 is a sweet browser and should be either a native client for blackberry or RIM should get its act together and develope its own. Nevertheless, I like that it works without "cliking" the screen; has a nice UI and seems to works really well. Thanks

I noticed that when you enter user names/passwords/etc, it leaves off the last letter you enter. Still works, but kinda weird.

Anyone know how to delete theese three shortcuts?


* Tabs!!! soo usefull
* pass keeper
* new UI which looks beautyfull, not like in Bolt Browser
* in line text entering without submiting data on the serwers (or sumtin) like in Bolt Browser

Or press 1 on non-touchscreens like the Bold to call up the context menu - "clear" and "edit" pop up as available commands. :)

I only get a screen that is for a keyboard blackberry and not the storm. Its too little but I want this browser ASAP.

I downloaded this app this morning and have been setting it up.

WOW, I really like the ease of use with this app, very clean and smooth.

Installed no problem. Works great for a beta. Little laggy (of course, and you cant past links into the address bar anymore (which is a huge turn of for me). Fix those 2 things and put browser sync back that this will be hands down the best browser for the BB.

I also noticed that theres no wifi option in this beta but during browsing it uses wifi. I wonder if thats because it detects it automatically or they just havent put the option back yet.

Have the address bar selected (not in edit mode) and press 'w', this will bring up a menu to cut/copy/paste in the field.

This is sooo Beta...It opens on my Curve 8900 (OS 5.0) but it doesnt show anything. I am staring at blank screens all day. I see white screens on different pages and it is hard to tell where your cursor will end up.

Do a battery pull, its helps. I had this same issue, after rebooting my devic everything is OK. Im runing OS on my Bold

Useless. Does not work at all on my Tour. Back to the drawing board. Why release a beta that is so full of holes?

I find it amazing that all of us CrackBerry(ers) knew to pull the battery, I was pulling my battery as I typed my previous post. It is working and it is beautiful.

Storm users u dont click on the screen it's a touch screen app, the only time I have seen you have to push down is when the keyboard is up and you are typing. Browser is pretty fast and love that you can see mulitple web pages.

On my 9530/Storm (running .148) with 2 bars of signal I loaded the crackberry homepage in 26 seconds(!) with the Opera mini browser compared to 2:02 with the native BB browser. I'm still getting used to Opera though, having never used it before (except on Wii for about 10 minutes when the Wii first came out), but so far its worth switching over.

Well, downloaded the new browser. Like the look of it and really like the ability to have tabbed browsing. The negatives are still the same for me with this browser where you don't get to use the standard buttons to move around a page quickly (space/t/b/etc.) and the UI seems to struggle on switching back and forth between the page and the menus (laggy). Going to stick with the BB browser and just wait a little longer for some tabs.

I just downloaded it this morning and have been playing around with it for a little while and love it. It's a lot faster than the default browser and has some cool options like quick touch page loading, and you can browse multiple pages at the same time...I recommend it to anyone

working great, with no batt. pulls on my storm on BES (lyrd's hybrid).
I saw someone asking about clearing speed dial, just hold your finger on it, pops up a menu to clear/edit.

Yes, its true. will at least with my BB Storm using OS.151 & hybrid 6v7. I love the fact that it has URL that i can copy now, this is pretty fast, and the tab is nice addition.

I downloaded it to my storm, but its not working too well. Search functionality is fine however...it wont let me close it down. Its like my BB menu key is disabled. Tried it in compatibility mode...no change.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I'd love (read: NEED) the option to paste an address into the address bar. I have no problem doing this in Bolt or the BB Browser infact it worked the the old version of opera so hopefully this is something they fix or if someone knows how to do it let me know :)

Guess I should have said I have the 8130. qw key does not work. Anyone have any other suggestions or are pearl users sol

EDIT: Found it. Its actually the ER button on the pearl

this is really nicely set up. has anyone else tried the virtual keyboard? it is kind of reminiscent of LG's virtual keyboards, but its still kind of nice.
my one major gripe about this browser is that they didnt bring back the double tap for selection thing. having it select the second i touch it is kind of annoying since im used to the tactile response of the clicking screen on my storm

Was working great, but all of a sudden now if I type in a website address and hit enter, nothing happens. I can't get it to go anywhere that's not a shortcut/speed dial.

I did change settings to turn off inline editing as commented earlier..anyone else having this issue??

This is the best mobile browser I have used since the Iphone/Touch. If RIM is smart they will steal all the functionality of this browser ala Apple and no one will be able to touch them!

For all of you having trouble on your storm...most of your questions are in the setup (wrench) option button. It allows you to close the browser there too.

The only glitch I see so far, is the smart predictive text on the portrait keyboard has been disabled and it's now tap text. Slightly annoying but I use the browser in Landscape anyway so no big deal

I'm typing on the new Opera now. It's always nice to have another alternative browser, especially since it didn't overwrite the old Opera. One complaint is the way it took over links from e-mail. I got an e-mail to update one of my apps, and Opera opened when I clicked the link. That might not be so bad, but when I actually went to download the app, Opera didn't do it. I had to go back to the e-mail and copy/paste it into the BB browser to get the download.

I also noticed the pointer isn't sensitive enough. When logging in here, when I tried to check the box for staying logged in, it wouldn't hit the box. I had to move the page several times until I was able to get the box in a position where it could be clicked.

It's working fine on my Storm, but I do think it is funny that their site says "not yet verified to work on your phone" when all the promo pictures on their website are of the browser being used on a Storm. :D


Working just fine on 9530, even without a batter pull. It really is amazingly fast. Awesome.

5 is an entirely different app than 4.2 so keep 4.2 installed while playing around with the BETA 5. plus i haven't found a way to import bookmarks from 4.2 to 5 yet, so 4.2 stays.

Downloaded it on my 8310 a few hours ago & can't believe how AWESOME it is. It takes browsing on my BB to a whole new level! If only RIM could get the native browser to work this well. This is by far a major upgrade.

Works amazing so far, ive been using it all day on the Pearl 8130. Only thing ive noticed is when you go back to a previous page, sometimes it jumps around if its a long list or a page with alot of scrolling...it doesnt always seem to put you back at where your link was that you clicked to go forward to. By moving the pointer back to where it was when the current page just loaded, or just messing around ive avoided the issue. Seems to happen at random. So far, thats the only minor minor minor issue ive experienced on the Pearl 8130 running OS 4.5.138.

Works great on my Verizon Storm 9530 but only one issue doesn't open new Yahoo mobile website at all. Youtube works great and ESPN open Great too

Brand New to Blackberry, have a storm 9530. Downloaded the opera and it said download successful but cannot seem to find it. I go to re-install and it says it is already installed. Where do I go to find it and open it? Had this thing for 2 days and going nuts... Thanks much

Not in downloads or apps...I cannot find it anywhere but it says it is there when I try to reinstall... .148 ? I am brand new.

it still dosent display ign.com the way is suppose to. bolt is the best browser i have yet to use on the storm byfar and it does a good job loading heavy graphic websites like ign.

Time it took to fully load Crackberry.com

Bolt VZW 1XEV (BB Tour) - 00:21.6

*Opera Mini 5.0 Beta VZW 1XEV (BB Tour) - 00:28.9

*Stock BB Browser VZW 1XEV (Tour) - 01:46.2

*iPhone Safari AT&T 3G -00:39.8

*Palm Pre Stock Browser Sprint 3G - 00:47.5

* The Webpage doesn't fully loaded without scrolling to the bottom of the page.

superb browsing experience but when it comes to facebook applications (like mafia wars for example) i still feel more improvements have to be made. skyfire!!!! where art thou??!!!! T_T

This is my new favorite browser. Only a few problems so far: When typing in a text box, if you press the backspace button it will clear out all the text. Also, no Wifi selection/option. Some letters don't show up in the text box, and there is no word selection for copy/paste.

Just installed on an 8330 Curve with
Works like a dream!

A few things I've noticed throughout the 5 plus pages so far...

1)Everyone is getting the message saying that it may not be compatible with your device...take the plunge and try it.

2)Do a battery pull after you install it.

3)Read through the messages here, rather than 15 people asking the exact same question (how do I...)

4)If you don't like it, don't use it...no need to trash it as some have, if it's not your thing, move along, nothin to see here.

5) enjoy, it's free!

I have the 8900 with OS 5.0 and when i go to the download page its all text, theres no actual link to dowload it

Tap lightly once over the X, its kind of iffy and hopefully will have a larger x area on the final version

No problems downloading on my Storm. Takes a little time to become accustomed to it, but the more I use it, the more I like it. Works like a champ.

i download it install it on my storm from m.opera.com/next link worked.
tab a bit slower but maybe cause i got music going i not sure.
virtal keybaord awesome
flick scroll kind of which is a plus
it works with my on line back and does full to mobile of all the pages i have set up

the only thing is it kind of slow at first but after that it cool
from what i see the way things are going they got a bright futre ahead of them

It works awesome and is a very good browser compared to others in the market for BlackBerry. But it has a major memory leak and I am sure developers are aware of it! It needs to be fixed. In 1 hours of use, my free memory on 8900 Curve Javelin shrank from 80MB to 69MB. 11MB lost!!!

I really like this browser, had no problems installing it either...Download, install, then battery pull (quick pull) works great...

Wow! this is great, only thing missing is copy/paste functionality, loads crackberry default page in a few seconds on my bold

Next two bugs:

1. when u typing text and want delete it, everything is deleted. U cannot stop the cursor (but is one trick, just when u hit delete button, scroll trackball to the right and "automatic deleting" will stop).

2. somethimes letter (usually) "r" (also "z" and few more) not displyed on the end of the word.

What means "wont load"? I have a Bold and OS 5.0.190 and have no issues. Try to reboot ur device and download again.

Tried it on my BB Tour 9630, and only got a top bar, with no navigation buttons or address bar. I ended up uninstalling it.

It appears the beta is more of an alpha, IMO. In comparison, the beta of Bolt works, though there's some refinements needed (like not having to reload a page from 0% when you hit the "Back" button).

Storm 9530 Version I go and download the opera mini 5 and it downloads. When it is done it says it needs to reboot. I hit reboot (I have also taken the battery out) and it comes back and NOTHING. It is not in apps, in downloads or anywhere I look. But I go to download again and it says it already exists.

What is the world am I just that stupid or what? (don't answer that).