Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 Now Available For Download

By Bla1ze on 2 Dec 2009 09:43 am EST
Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 Now Available For Download

It's been approximately four months since we last heard anything from Opera regarding their new Opera Mini 5 beta. At the time of release, Opera Mini 5 got off to a bit of a rocky start for some users after having looked at all the comments on the announcement post. This time around, beta 2 has been released andwhile the verdict is not out as of yet for the majority of users. I, myself am already having some issues with it on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 where it does not recognize the trackpad when being used as the "enter" key. You have to physically use the real enter in order to get it to register. In all fairness though, Opera did advise me that the 9700 was an untested device and may not work right. 

Opera Mini 5 beta 2 can be downloaded via your BlackBerry browser by heading to http://m.opera.com/next should you decide to grab it, be sure to leave some comments and let us know how it's working out for you.

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Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 Now Available For Download


Unless you are running a Storm. I tried 2 versions of this and neither worked for the Tour. Going back to Beta 1...

Interesting. I am unable to install and use it on my Tour ( So out of curiosity I just went to their website and checked out the compatibility matrix. If you select Blackberry, the list appears in numerical order, and there's the answer. The last one in the list is the 9530 - Storm 1 - so the Tour, Storm2, Bold2 9700, etc. apparently either were not tested or are not compatible.

Here's the link: http://www.opera.com/mini/download/blackberry/#active

I was able to get it onto my Tour, using the BBSAK method, and it works great! I was also able to pull the cod file from Beta 1 off of my wifes phone, now I just need to figure out what Im going to do with it.

Cenloe, you are righ! I tried downloading this several times on my Tour & I wasnt pleased with the results..... Oh, well....

This link will force the download of the version for 4.3 OS and it will work on the Tour and probably other non-touch 4.7 - 5.0 devices. (Tested on Tour with 5.0)

Shortened for comment: http://bit.ly/4pCz6k

Actual address:

Trackball does click, and it will move left and right!

installing now, hopefully beta 2 is less buggy.

1. Can't get past the EULA it won't Accept. come on now, really is this a joke or what.

2. Uninstalling, piece of crap. back to BB browser

8900 os
Just a thought maybe Opera should consider just releasing Opera 5 for the Storm only, because all there ads feature the Storm version and it appears only Storm owners are happy with the browser.

Incredibly fast on my 9550. Wish they had support for the click screen though! (Am I the only one to wish that?)

While you picture shows a storm, the site, Detected a storm 9530, but not verified to run on this device. I'll try anyway...

I also can't get past the EULA, and can't even properly exit the application because it will not recognize the trackball click on the confirmation button. Running Hybrid 5.0v7.11 on a Tour; possibly an issue with the OS. Frustrating. If they fixed some of the glitches and weird navigation issues in the last release, this could be a decent browser.

I got past the EULA, but as soon as a went to some websites. It froze the phone.. I'm running stock and ya.. Couldn't click down on the trackball to click on things. Imo opera needs to pack up and find something else to do for a living... Like maybe make coffee that doesn't taste like shit like there browser... Bad analogy I know, but still, makes my point clear

Its my first time using any secondary browser then the BB browser. I think its absolutely phonemenal. I'm not sure what most ppl are use to. But for me it so much faster and the tabs are awesome. I got for the 9950 and I think its well worth it to try.

Loads pages much faster then BB Browser thats a fact. Takes a little getting use to. I wouldn't call it "easier" then the BB Browser but if you wanting to load like myspace/facebook/ even the crackberry website ( not mobile version) Opera will render the page much much faster ...

[bold 9700] got past the TOS, went a web site and the track pad would pick up a left or right movement. did a battery pull and seeing what will happen....

locked up my entire phone.... deleting the application.

Ditto, EXACTLY the same thing on my 9700. No left/right, and locked up my phone. Oh well. Opera 5 Beta 1 worked good though!

Using Tour 9630, Download went smoothly. Attempted to add Yahoo to my 'Speed Dial' page. After doing that the page froze and would not let me access any of the web pages there. In fact, I was not able to exit from the application by hitting the track ball, menu, back, or end key. Was able to do a switch app by holding the menu key down. Upon returning to my home page and trying to reenter the app, it would not respond. I did a battery pull (Quick Pull) and the app seems to be functioning propertly now. So far. :)

Still misbehaving on me. Attempted to log in to my Yahoo mail account and the app froze up on the log in page. Had a hard time exiting again and, once I did, I was not able to reenter the app. Although I'm liking the app and would definitely give it another try once the bugs get worked out. I'm gonna have to say bye bye for now and delete it.

it would not let me scroll left or right with the track ball only up and down i am assuming you didnt have this problem?

This is quite a nice little browser, that is very close to being a good replacement to the BB Browser.

All they need to really get working is the Click of the Track ball/pad and some small rendering issues. Heres to hoping RIM's new Webkit browser is at least as good as this.

this is what happens when rim releases 5.0 for some and not for others...the beta responds differently on every phone

But rim doesn't release operating systems :( , they have given carriers OS's for nearly ever BLACKBERRY made, even 5.0 for 8330, so quit blaming rim for compatibility issues

Using the the trackball to select accept doesn't work so I wasn't able to even drive Opera around the block for a spin.

When I click on the link, all I get is a page with text on it, no links for ota or anything... Can anyone help me? I got a 8900 with .348

The virtual keyboard function appears to have been removed or moved... can't seem to find that. Speed is good and the install was painless.

trackpad doesn't work on 9700 running Can't find link on the opera site for beta 1, which was fantastic. Anyone know wan alternate download site?

Just downloaded it and it's AMAZING. Truly. Not just a great browser but a great app. I hid my regular browser no if only we could set a different default. Highly recommended. Oh, storm 9530

Opera 5 mini beta ran great on my Storm 9530 except for the annoying bugs like the stuck backspace key and the chopping off of ends of strings seemingly at random. I am surprised it took them more than a day to fix the pretty obvious issues and release a perfect browser... I hope they didn't give themselves enough time to introduce more bugs. I am eagerly awaiting the download!

I am going to get it and hopefully when I try to erase one letter it doesnt erase the whole input field like the current one :)

I never used the opera browser but I had heard some good things about it and i downloaded the newest version. Does not work on the tour it wouldnt let me scroll side to side only up and downs and there was somewhat of a lag. I am downloading the version for 4.3 because i had downloaded the 4.7 version and i believe that may have been the problem. I will update if that fixed the problem.

This version installs flawlessly and loads multiple larger websites much faster and smoother than the BB Browser. Must get when it becomes official!

The MAIN ??? Is..........

Does it still DELETE all the Letters in the text box when you type

Thank You...
Really don't want to install for the 3rd Time

It sure does. One press of delete and all your text goes away. I had a nice reply to a forum comment and misspelled a word, I pressed delete once and watched in horror all the text be taken away.

I am using it on on a Bold 9000.

very buggy. Beta 1 was so much more stable. Can no longer select via the trackball/trackpad. After Opera loads there is no way to terminate the application except to reboot the blackberry.

I will try and remove and reinstall.

Works great but problem getting out of comments. Ya just got to read screen .
Word completion good and can back space .
Little slower on load not much.

The 4.7+ version only seems to support touch-screen devices (Storm/Storm2). It doesn't have a way to select the menu options wiht the trackball/trackpad.

I went back to Beta 1 for now.

I downloaded and the trackball won't work in this version. It also locked my Tour up three times so I uninstalled.

Never got the "Accept" button as it said I would (running on my Telus 9630), couldn't exit from the splash screen, so just uninstalled (about 5 minutes after installing).

I guess this is why they have betas! :)

Tour on official 4.7 OS, trackball click doesn't work, no side to side scrolling and it has frozen my phone twice while trying to set speed dials. Give us beta 1 back now!!!

Crap on the tour running 5. Lock ups, no track ball click, really buggy. Wow. How did this thing make it to release? I guess the target BB is the Storm?

My experience on my Tour went like this:

-Download and install went smooth.

-On Terms and Conditions page, went to bottom of page as instructed to click Accept but didn't see the button. Pressed the Menu key to exit when I was presented with an Accept button. Couldn't click the Accept button with the track ball, so had to research and found out that I had to press the enter key.

-Loading screen looks nice.

-Did a google search, once again I couldn't click track ball to submit my query. I had to use the Enter key. Annoying but tolerable, maybe.

-On results page, I tried to scroll to the first result when I realized that the cursor isn't moving side-to-side, only up and down. Tried to Menu out and my phone froze.

-Battery pull.

-Tried once more with exactly the same results.


On my Storm1 with OS Opera seems to be working fine. Even though the download page says that the Storm hasn't been tested, it seems to be working better than the tackball/pad phones. A few quirks here and there but it is a BETA! As with any new application, I would make sure to do a battery pull if the phone doesn't prompt you automatically.

I even tried downloading the version that was for os 4.3 still doesnt work this must only work for the touch screen phones.

When posting on a msg board and I wanted to hit return to go to another line, it kept assuming I was done wit the msg and closing the msg off. This one I can use enter key to go to the next line w/o it assuming Im done typing till I press the trackball. Nice improvement!! I still couldnt get a youtube to quite play from it tho, but that's no biggie.

This is really nice browser, I like that you can open multiple windows and switch between them. But, I don't like that it has no Flash player.

Its funny i just posted about this yesterday about how my last experience with opera mini beta 1 it was slow buggy but this new version wow it loads pages real fast i think i can get used this....

Installed it on my Tour and it doesn't really work. Clicking with the ball doesn't work and scrolling left and right with the magnifier locked up the whole device.

Bummer too as I've been waiting for a nice new Opera release for a while now.

I have not had any problems with it running on a Storm2. I love that I can actually use the device's virtual keyboard instead of Opera's now...I hated that the Storm virtual keyboard caused whatever you typed to erase all the way to the beginning it you hit backspace in the first beta. This one doesn't, and the downloads actually work!

Working well on my 9550. My biggest beef with beta 1 has been fixed. You now have the option to open a link with either Opera or the native browser. Beta 1 hijacked the native browser, forcing you to copy the link address and then open the BB browser to paste it in.

Installed to Tour via BB browser. Installation seemed to go ok, got to the "Welcome" splash screen and scrolled through the license info, but there was no "OK" or "Agree", etc. button after the EULA as the Welcome intro states, so I hit the Esc key and it asked me if I wanted to exit. "Yes" was highlighted, so I hit the trackball, and waited..and waited...and waited. It wouldn't exit. I tried going back and forth between Yes and No many times, hoping it might just be a lag, but no luck.

I see others have found the answer that you have to use the Return key on the Tour. Will try that, but anyway am going to uninstall immediately afterwards and stick with Bolt.

Let the fine folks @Opera know that not all 4.7 devices are touch screen - (maybe that will resolve the massive amounts of problems with opera on the tour) . . . It's really getting ridiculous. . .

Can't move the cursor. When you receive are entering a URL and you put in a wrong letter. You cant go back to fix the letter unless you delete all the way up to that point.. I uninstalled it. Wasn't that great for me all around.

Any other Tour users here notice that the installer did not detect that you were on a Tour and then prompt you for which version to download?

Just dowloaded & was on 'font calculation' screen for a minute, TOS screen, scrolled nicely down to bottom.

Clicked the menu button (font TINY) - not recognizing trackball click.


Uninstall. Sorry. The trackball is the center of navigation for most blackberries. This is a deal-breaker.

This browser has so much promise, but always fails & leaves me with no desire to keep it on my phone.

C'mon Opera guys. How can you do so many things so well, but fail on the little annoying things?

So close, yet SO far...

**update** phone froze up trying to close the browser. >#(

Here's a work-around for trackball devices. I've been using the Enter Key to Accept the EULA and select links in the browser. Not ideal, but it does work for me on a Curve 8900 with OS5(348).

Excellent news for Storm owners. The keyboard issue has been addressed. No need to toggle inline editting. Scrolling is a little better. Missing character problems are now fixed on all the problematic sites. It now downloads links from the desktop Opera. This is now my true default browser. Everything is just snappier, including copy and paste functions.

Good job Opera!

OTH, socket still does not work. But HTTP is so fast, I don't notice anything.

There is a portait problem with the T9 keyboard. But landscape works fine.

Anyone else getting the multi tap in portrait instead of the T9 keyboard? I see, its only for the urls. Landscape works fine. I guess the T9 requires autocomplete, and it messes up in urls since addresses usually have a strange names.

T9 still works in message boards while in portrait. I can deal with that...

I don't see where it adds more zooms. Anybody figure that out?

I have a bold 9000 on os I downloaded from www.opera.com/next ota and it would freeze over and over, had the same issues as everyone else using a trackball. This is because it is installing opera V4.7 which is only for the touchscreen storm. So I found in the opera forums the info and link below. I downloaded v4.3 which is for everything 4.3 and up EXCEPT for storm OSs, unziped and tried installing from DM and it errored out saying not compatible with my bold. So I opened up BBSAK (BB swiss army knife v1.7) and installed the COD that route. Worked, and OM 5v2 is working MUCH better. Trackball works to click, select, etc.... no more freezes, atleast as of yet... might be worth trying this if it didn't work the first time.

Opera Mini 5 beta for OS 4.2.x is for OS 4.2.1 up to 4.3.
Opera Mini 5 beta for OS 4.3.x is for OS 4.3 up to 4.7
Opera Mini 5 beta for OS 4.7.x is for OS 4.7 only - touch devices, but we will try to get this to work for OS 5 soon, too.


I just posted your fix on the Opera Mini forum. I credited your user name "ajdavid11" and told them it was here on CB.

I don't know why some people are complaining, Opera mini beta 2 is much better than the first one, it's smoother, faster, it doesn't keep deleting everything once u press the delete button, it has a download feature but idk what it's for, I haven't figured it out yet. And it uses the auto text as if u were typing anywhere else. 100% better than the first beta, and seeing how this is still in beta I wonder how the official release will be. But this is way better than any browser out now

Deleted the last one because i didn't like it. I dunno what they did to this but it's much approved. Loads way faster. Socket doesn't work but faster than i thought on http. With the newer fast scrolling it's a keeper. Goodjob

Sounds like its living up to the term Beta. I'll stick with opera 4.2. It still serves me well. I keep bolt on here also, for a backup. I hate the native BB browser

I've used it to get into the Google Wave site. It's really slow login in but once you're in the page looks fine. I tried using a wave but it crashed afterwards so I don't know if it will crash everytime I try to use it or if that was just a fluke.

I will try to download it again, but did it over the weekend and although I like the interface, I had difficulty using it on my S2.

Had to constantly tap the screen several times to have fields selected. Additionally, it did not give me an option to become my primary browser. But I found out that it was when I tried opening a link from my email, hotmail. It automatically and only had the option "open link in Opera". Would be nice to ask me before taking over.

Tried also downloading a file using opera and the browser would not allow it. No matter how many times I pressed download. I had to delete opera, open the link with the BB browser then download file.

In short, they still have some work to do.



I just downloaded opera 5 beta 2 onto my blackberry 8820 and it seem's to be work fine but slow and not quick to respond. It's slow to load pages on the 8820 t-mobile network but it's still in beta so I guess it's fine for now. I hope they make it like opera 4.2 that one is quick on the 8820 t-mobile. So keep up the good work crackberry. This was posted from my 8820 t-mobile on the new opera 5 beta 2..... Merry christmas too all and a happy new year.

I have the tour as well downloaded all versions none worked no side scroll and would freeze my phone to where I had to turn off or do a quick pull

well, at least it isn't locking up my Storm 2 like the previous version did. I wish they would allow the screen click functionality to work like the oem browser though. And it only took one attempt to get it to install properly!

I can vouch for ajdavid11's method. It worked for me! The only issue now is the font size, its tiny even after I changed it to "Large" under the settings menu. Not sure how to fix it.

Awesome! This is a much improved version over the beta1

I'm posting this message from the Opera Browser.

There is a huge improvements they've seemed to fix most of the issues that seemed to make the browser unusable. Now it's a great app. I've only found one defect when rendering a page but it was minor

I had to delete it as well back to Opera 4 hopefully in January we get a os update with a webkit browser.

The virtual keyboard is no longer an option in the Settings for Opera Mini. So, now we're stuck using the BB multitap keyboard. It wouldn't be so bad if they gave us the option to use the SureType reduced keyboard layout or even the fully Qwerty keyboard in portrait mode instead. It takes many more clicks to type an address using multitap than it does the reduced keyboard or the Qwerty one.

It detected my phone but when i downloaded it and tried to use it. the fonts were layered on top of each other and it would not let me scroll left to right. Just up or down on the left side of the screen.
Checked and the Tour was not tested for this version.
So I deleted it. Is there any other Browser we can use?
I would like to have Google Chrome. I know i'm dreaming.

I'm actually using it right now. This beta is way better than the first one (for the 8330)! One of the Pros that I have just noticed is how it auto-decides whether it would be better to use in-line editing or the regular way, where it switches to a full screen type of thing, for each textbox.

One problem that I have noticed and is bothering me is the mouse movements. It's not gradual movement. It seems like it is on a grid and at times it may bypass links. It's actually bypasses at its worst when the font is on small for me. I haven't found a work around yet.

I know the 8330 is becoming outdated and has low memory but I really wish it could be a little more fluid. I can say it is a lot more accessible than the 1st beta. I'll keep both 4.2 and Beta 5-2, but plan on using the beta as my default.

Just wanted to say that the 2nd beta works like a charm for my Storm 9550. Sure it has its share of bugs. But at least this beta is usable now. The performance is acceptable and none of the bugs I encountered are deal breakers. Props to the devs at Opera. Can't wait for the final version to come!

Rock Solid on BOLD 9000, 2 Thumbs up.

This Beta 2 is way better and feels right than Beta 1.

Following issues have been FIXED for me:
1. Screen shows half and half of previous and current page when navigating between different open tabs.

2. when you go to the menu, and selecting a submenu/option and try to get back to previous menu... it always display left overs from previous and current screen.

Definitely, a Keeper for me !

Can't get it to download to my Storm 2 9550. I get stuck in a loop once I enter the m.opera.com/next address. I can't get to the download page at all.

Fixes a lot of the problems that happened from the first beta, at least for the 9550. Now you can hit enter on the keyboard (blackberry) and it actually does enter in google and the URL. Beta 1 did not do this. Seems to be faster too.

Downloaded the 4.7 version for the Storm on my Tour. Works great. But like the author said about his Bold, I have to use the enter key as opposed to clicking the trackball/pad.

More settings.

Nice animation.

Not as "intrusive" trying to be the default browser (since there is no prior approval method still).

There is lag when scrolling.

Appears it crashed and I am not able to restart it. :-(

Oh well. Was worth a shot.

Long live BoltBrowser. :-)

I do not know whether this was posted here but tis is from Opera Mini team blog:

Opera Mini 5 beta for OS 4.2.x is for OS 4.2.1 up to 4.3.
Opera Mini 5 beta for OS 4.3.x is for OS 4.3 up to 4.7
Opera Mini 5 beta for OS 4.7.x is for OS 4.7 only - touch devices, but we will try to get this to work for OS 5 soon, too.

So hopefully Mini 5 final will be working with OS 5 so stay tuned.

On the main tabs page does anybody know how to make the thumbnails the whole size of the individual squares because my thumbnails are only in the very center of the squares and don't fill out the whole thing?

btw i just downloaded beta 2 on my storm2 9550 and i love it...a ton betta then the bb factory browser thats slow as hell

Gave it a major work out... Blank out white screen on some full web pages - internet mail and, weather services. Blazing fast on mobile sites. Still needs some work... Not as good as Beta 1.

Wow this Browser is amazingly fast! even tho the download site said not yet test for 9550, i went ahead and test it-

It Works!

Used the method described in the 3rd Party Apps sub forum and it works a-ok. I love how I can choose which browser to open links in.

I downloaded it but there were a few rocks in the road. Alas, it looks like it's going to be a lot better than the browser installed with the 'berry. I am going to try out their version 4, though. I suspect it is going to be faster than the one which came with the 'berry.

I downloaded it and tried it on my Tour. Loved the interface, dug the Speed Dial integration, but it wouldn't let me download stuff and it somehow made itself the default browser and wouldn't let me download on the BB browser either.

I deleted and went back to the previous version. It's got a great concept, but I won't go back to it until they fix the bugs and release the finished version.

Just downloaded it for the 9700 bold and it froze twice.when i finally got it to work it didnt let me scroll left or right, only up and down on web pages. I want to go back to the first beta version. anybody know where i can download it??

I'm wondering why certain people can get this app working on their devices while others can't. I'm having problem with this release too and like previous posts, it doesn't work with trackball. Oh well..I'm using opera 4.2 (with EDGE connectivity). The page loads pretty fast but I miss my experience in the 1st beta of opera 5. I think I'll stick to this version until the official opera mini comes out.

I love opera 5 concept, but in v1, I hate it when it deletes the whole address whenever I hit the delete button. Sheesh..

Got a 9550 and it locks up every time I try to go to a website...I have to do a battery pull to get it to come out of it.

One, I love that it provides the option for links in email to open in both browsers; problem is that it only does it for links in plain text emails, not for links in HTML emails -- for the latter, they open in BB Browser, no option. This makes the feature fairly useless.

Two, while the rendering is really impressive, I do still run into issues where it cuts off the left part of the text of a webpage, chopping off the first few letters, and I can't navigate left as I'm at the edge of the page.

Also, to add one more, on my Bold 9000, the Opera UI text is almost impossibly small.

Works great on my Bold, just HATE HATE HATE how I have text set to 'Small' but yet it looks like large. Medium looks like XLarge and the Large text size setting just looks HUGE! Not using it till they cut back on the text sizing...

They had it looking fine with the first beta so I don't know why companies like to take steps backwards when coming out with a new release.

I still enjoy Opera Mini over Bolt.

I'm using it now on my 9530. It's working great except that I have to go into the opera tools to turn it off. Its working super fast I thinking I finally found something to replace the native BB browser.

Downloaded recommended version for my Pearl 8130 running OS 4.5

Downloaded fine. It deleted Beta 1, installed, then Rebooted. All without problems. Application took roughly 15 seconds to open.

Settings I used were: Load Images "on". Image quality "low". Opera Link "on". Font size "small", Protocol "socket".

Opera link is included. Logging in and syncing bookmarks took about 2 minutes over an EDGE network. The "speed dial" bookmarks synced properly. However, the "more bookmarks" folder isn't available like it was in Mini 4.2, so you're stuck with whatever bookmarks you put in the "opera mini" folder.

Password manager worked properly. Apparently it cannot remember multiple logins per site.

Default search engine is Google. Most pages and fonts render properly. Pages load fairly quickly.

A quick search of "crackberry" loaded in 7 seconds.
Loading the Google news page with pictures took 30 seconds.
Mobile version of Yahoo took 10 seconds.
Mobile version of Wikipedia took 10 seconds.
Web version of the Facebook login page took 8 seconds. After signing in, loading my profile page took 40 seconds.
The IMDb home page took 20 seconds. (For some unknown reason, once IMDb finishes loading, my screen goes white, and I cannot do anything except exit Opera Mini, or go to the speed dial page).
The YouTube mobile site took 8 seconds. (For some unknown reason, installing Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 has prevented my phone from being able to play YouTube videos. Usually clicking "watch video" on Opera Mini would open the native blackberry browser, and then it would allow you to watch the video on the native media player. After uninstalling the Beta 2, the problem was gone)

No problem scrolling with the trackball, or with pressing the trackball to select/enter.

No problem with deleting entire text when you only want to delete the last letter.

Tabbed browsing worked well. Did not experience any serious problems. With 5 tabs running, there was only minor lag.

Overall, I found 5 Beta 2 to be an improvement over Beta 1. But, since it cannot sync all of my bookmarks, I will continue using Mini 4.2.

Seems to be working better than the last beta,using it now on my bb bold 9000,everything loads a little faster. Haven't done much testing on it,but sometimes in full page mode,the screen goes blank,you can see the page if you click in to zoom the page. This version finally plays videos I watch @ youtube,last one would just reload the page. Also, saved my screennames/passwords to all my favorite sites I saved from the previous version.

I derived this from an earlier poster who linked the full path from www.getjar.com. The link was incomplete (probably too long thus cut off the end), but I was able to find it and here is instructions. (Note: this is for Blackberry Bold 9000)

1)Go to m.getjar.com on your phone

2)Select Quick Download code on the bottom of the page.

3)Enter Code: 29860 to begin download.

If your phone is different, try going to www.getjar.com on your PC and do a search for "Opera 5 Beta" then choose the phone and follow instructions. That's how I found it to start with.

It stated the page had been updated as of Oct 2009, so that told me it was the previous version.

I had the first beta on my curve 8900. I deleted it because Opera hijacked my device every time i wanted to open a link. for example, i could not choose which browser to use for links, the opera was a default browser. this may seem fine for some but there were many links i could not access via opera (like setting up more emails). does anyone know if this is fixed with this beta?

Works really quick, Youtube took just 6 seconds on my Bold 9000, really like this but the gf is upset because it doesn't seem to be supported on the 9700. Just wish you could select the area of the site you wish to display as a thumbnail on the speed dial screen

I installed on my Bold 9000 and it would not accept my pressing the trackball...had to press 'enter' for it to work. Then it wouldn't work with my trackball at all. The curser just froze...then my whole BB froze on me. Had to do a battery pull to get it working again.

now it locks up my tour and can't go back to beta 1 because no download link anywhere - what the hell! - I want beta 1 back! - those download jar links didn't work - they just have beta 2 again -

Installed on the Storm 1 and does not work. Can't get past the licensing screen and can't remove the virtual keyboard which renders it useless. Deleted.

...especially for the TOUR. Took it off and probably won't install another Opera Mini beta again! at least not on my TOUR.

Recently reactivated my storm today and read about this browser. This totally transformed the web browsing experience on this blackberry. I love this thing now. Don't know how I've been able to put up with the berry browser for all this time. The d/l and install went fine and loading of pages are super quick! Must have if you are a storm user!

... as posted in the original post. Tested on a Sprint 9630/Tour and the trackball does not work when pressed in. Need to use the "return" button to select. Deinstallation in process.

I sent the link to my email, it downloaded fast and easy and so far no issues runs fast and much better than BETA 1

Looks great, and pages render faster. The grid scrolling from the last beta seems to be solved, but whenever scrolling through a page, you get the old clock pop up and it freezes up a little with every scroll of the track ball. Too bad.

I am sticking with Bolt Browser 1.5 and keeping an eye out for SkyFire. Opera has done better for the 9530 with this one, and I even think it's faster than Bolt now. However, page rendering has a tendency to lead to white screens, forcing you to go back by hitting the escape key and then you have to quickly zoom in the second you see the page starting to come up, otherwise it'll happen again. Bolt allows you to watch videos from the browser - no jumping to the media player. That feature stiL needs work from my experiences but nonetheless, it is there.

I may play with Opera some more, just to see if my mind changes but I doubt it will. I will still keep an eye on them for future updates, as I have liked past experiences with Opera. After what I have seen from Skyfire on Windows phones though, if that's how the BlackBerry experience is going to be, Opera and Bolt will not be able to compete at this point.

Wow, I ave to say that I am a little embarrased to b a laggard in downloading this beta, but now that I have,

I must say that I am completely blown away!

It is so much better than the blackberry browser.

Great work Opera Mini group

I like the minor adds but I don't see anywhere to change to the virtual keyboard that was on beta 1. Other than that thumbs up!

Get rid of it or make it more precise!!!! On certain sites a link falls in an area that the cursor just travels around or over and I cannot click on it. Grrrrrr...

Downloaded for the Tour ( last week and got rid of it a few days later. Froze my BB every time I tried to use it.

Overall still the best browser available if you have a Storm 2 9550

Beta 1 vs. Beta 2
I personally liked the Opera provided keyboard in Beta 1 because it resembled the iphone and bypassed the surepress click. The device is obviously capable of text input without the LOUD surepress click, why must it be turned on?

Other than the keyboard switch-up and 3 spontaneous shut downs while setting bookmarks, I think Beta 2 is a step in the right direction.

As far as Opera on other BB devices, I recommend against it. Before getting the 9550, I only used BOLT b/c it simply was the best on my 8900, 9630.

i installed it on my bold 9700. it doesn't play nicely with the trackpad. there were a few other minor issues, enough to make me wait for the final version to try again

I have a year old Storm (9530) running OS and Opera mini 5 beta 2 is really nice. I am having to get used to tapping instead of clicking but when I forget and click it seems to accept that as a tap, too.

When holding the device landscape or portrait, I get the qwerty keyboard. Not sure why others aren't getting it. I'm hardly a power user, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to exit :-P The exit button is in the settings menu accessed by clicking the little wrench on the screen, the BB option button doesn't do anything in this app.

It runs so much faster than the BB browser and the user interface is so much nicer. Really, if you have an old Storm, do yourself a favor and get this. It's a long overdue gift for those of us that went with the Storm when it first came out. :-) Merry Christmas.

I have tried to download the lower version and it says it is the 5.0 It really doesnt work on my Tour Downloads the 5.0
I will keep it in my Tour so eventually I hope it will work properly.

it will download it but I can't use it
was going to keep it on and hope soon can use it but have decided to just delete it and not worry about it

If it is ever available for the Tour will try again. no biggie

im using the 8350i so theres no 3g and ill tell you that using opera with non 3g is faster than using a 8330 with BB browser on 3g

i mostly use it on wi-fi and it is wicked fast, just as fast if not faster than android

kudos opera

when i go to the Opera Mini page to the downloads it doesnt show a storm, i have a BB 9530 storm and would really like to give this a try can someone point in the right direction as to where to find this please?...thanks

I downloaded Opera Mini but some of the sites still show as the mobile version of them does anyone know how to change that?

I have a 9550 and am running version 5.1.21052. Upon entering text via the default BB keyboard into a text field and pressing enter, the keyboard disappears as it should, but a blank placeholder where the keyboard was remains, covering a portion of the browser window. This placeholder disappears when the browser view is rotated from portrait to landscape or vice versa, but this is very annoying. Is there a way to resolve this?