Opera Mini 4.1 Beta - Available for Download!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Apr 2008 12:50 pm EDT

As promised the other night, everybody's favorite 3rd party BlackBerry web browser Opera Mini is now available for download in its latest form - version 4.1 beta!!! Watch the video above for a guided tour and you can download by visiting operamini.com/beta

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Opera Mini 4.1 Beta - Available for Download!


I downloaded 4.1 while i was watching the video and I have to say the speed is noticeably faster. I like the URL auto complete, and the new search feature.

A specific setting is required to enable Opera Mini to access the Internet on a T-Mobile Blackberry:

From your Blackberry homescreen, go to Options, then Advanced Options, then TCP. Under APN, enter "wap.voicestream.com". Leave Username and Password blank.

I've never used Opera before, and now I will never use anything else! (exageration) At first I kept getting an internet connection error, but I changed my APN and downloaded Opera 4.0 to see if I got the same error. I dont know exactl ywhich one it was that made it work but one or the other or a combination of both actions made my 4.1 work and it was Love @ 1st Sight!

it downloaded great and thanks to the tips for t-mobile, it works....however, how do i change the language settings...it's stuck on another language.


...I love it. It's so much faster, auto-complete is amazing, and I can now upload to my host (a few days after spending an hour setting up FTP on my BB).

Although there's auto-complete, there's no AutoText on the address bar. I got so used to tapping cbry.com and coming here. I'll just have to get used to typing C.


Unfortunately you still get charged for using Opera Mini on 02 as it only works on the mobile.o2 APN :(

I have downloaded the Opera Mini 4.1 Beta to my Blackberry, though receiving an error message about connecting to the Internet.

I'm currently with Rogers Wireless. Does anyone know what settings i'm suppose to change with Rogers Wireless to make this work?

Rogers wireless settings: go to Options->Advanced Options->TCP

and enter these settings.

APN: internet.com
Username: wapuser1
Password: wap

Awsome! Much better than the BB Browser and I plan to use this way more! Very funstional, fast, and features many more options! Thank you for posting!

I can't get the program to install on my phone it just keeps saying it can't connect to the internet. i am very disappointed!