CTIA Wireless 2008: Opera Mini 4.1 - Available Soon!

Opera Mini 4.1
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Apr 2008 01:00 am EDT

Good News for fans of the Opera Mini web browser for BlackBerry. I just got back from the CTIA Show Stoppers event where I found out Opera will soon be releasing version 4.1 beta. It SHOULD be available for download with he next 24 hours from OperaMini.com.

New Features include:

  • Now 50% Faster! Browser your favorite Web sites even faster than before!
  • Download and upload files Update your blog, add attachements to e-mail and download content directly to Opera Mini without using the native mobile browser.
  • Autocomplete URLs Opera Mini will automatically suggest URL completions, making address input easy and intuitive.
  • Save pages Make the most of offline time by saving Web pages for later viewing.

These new features are pretty sweet. Especially the fact you'll be able to download files within Opera Mini (without it launching the BB browser). Of course, the one feature still missing is the ability to set Opera Mini as your BB's default browser to begin with. I did ask the Opera rep I was talking to about this... he said this is something they'd love to see happen and from the wink wink nudge nudge I took it to mean this is something they are likely talking to RIM abou and something we could see in the hopefully not to distant future.

The Show Stoppers event handed out a mini-usb drive with all of the sponsors' info/marketing materials on it. Click Here to take a more detailed look at Opera Mini 4.1 (3 meg .pdf)! 

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CTIA Wireless 2008: Opera Mini 4.1 - Available Soon!


I often times find myself NOT using opera mini due to the fact it previously did not have the upload/download ability(the BB browser is NOT that bad imo), but with this being a incl. feature I can see it becoming something that I will use more now...but alas, I still await an real web browser on my curve, maybe with the 9XXX series having the updated processor, a better 3rd party browser will arrive more akin to the iPhones.

Does this mean I can download huge files Over the Air? If so that's HUGE! I would think it would. Because Blackberry Browser is what's limiting the download size. Where I can download an FTP program for Blackberry and download any size...

I guess the only rub is will it allow us to save files to the memory card. If so... again... THIS WOULD BE HUGE!