OpenTable for BlackBerry 10 now available

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By Adam Zeis on 21 Mar 2013 09:05 am EDT

OpenTable for BlackBerry 10 is now available in BlackBerry World. If you're in the US, Canada or Mexico and tend to eat out often, you'll definitely want to give this one a look.

The OpenTable network features over 27,000 restaurants and with the app you can view ratings, menus, make reservations and much more - right from your BlackBerry 10 device. Just enter the date, dining time and the size of your party and let OpenTable do the rest.


  • FIND restaurants nearest to your current location & see real-time table availability.
  • SEARCH by restaurant name
  • REFINE results by cuisine, price, reservation time.
  • RESERVE your table free
  • EARN Bonus 1,000 points on eligible dining times

OpenTable is free to use and if you register you can access even more features and earn rewards. Check it out now at the link below.

More information/Download OpenTable for BlackBerry 10



Woohoooo!!!! Nice to see it available!

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Blackberry needs to buy, or partner with opentable , foursqaure, n other compiles to offer this in the maps apps.

jojo beaconsfield

sound' s like i'll download it,i love eating out and trying new places


Android port, but I'll take it none the less.

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check another off on my sister's "must haves" now we just need instagram and she will buy.


Looks like the top needed apps are hitting BlackBerry World right before the US release. Keep em coming.


I didn't find it useful as it couldn't find anything around me.



I'm guessing this is for US only??

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The Me

Android port and zoop, deleted.


It's hilarious all you guys whining about it being an Android port... at least we have apps.... and have that ability. And the Android apps work perfectly fine.


I'm all for android ports, however devs should be given a time frame for which blackberry expects a native app

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Agreed. I don't understand the hate based upon the framework in which the app was written...


People always need something to whine about...


Being on CrackBerry has convinced me of that! We want apps and when they port some over, we gripe and complain that they are not native. Some developers are "testing" the BB market with ported apps - which often fill a need - before building native ones and for that, I am grateful.

Mikey Gardner

I can't download it? It comes up in but no download button

Posted on my Z10


It's a little slow but it works.

Hope to see Android performance improvements in the months ahead.

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jojo beaconsfield

38 mins still not installed


Good news. Really want the Taste Card app though!


I downloaded, but it can't seem to find my keeps giving me Montreal restaurants. it works fine if I just select my city.
I could care less if it's an android port, as long as it works.

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Handy app for men when they forget their wife's birthday.


Great... another application that is "unavailable for this device"...

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Android port = app you want on the phone you want...what's the problem?

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Hopefully all these companies that are making the Android ports will update to a native app at some point in hte future when they see how many people are downloading it. I think we are better off served by downloading the Android version to show them how many people would use it versus being picky and only downloading native apps. Show them BB10 users want the apps and more native apps will come.

And, yes I will be downloading this as soon as I get my VZW Z10.


So this app is useless to people who live outside of the US. I live in the UK, and I would love this app if it was available for people in other countries, such as the UK and the rest of Europe. Looks like I won't be downloading this if and when I get my Q10.


Installed and immediately made a reservation at a restaurant in Las Vegas in April. Worked great. Keep the apps coming.

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Please get over the "Android port angst". It is a senseless method to judge an app. I downloaded this and tried it, works great for me. Location worked, mapping worked, it brought up the right restaurants. Under those criteria, this one is a winner.

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people need to learn to appreciate and not judge so quickly on here. General consumers don't care either. :)


Waiting to read its a port.

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It is, but as long as it works, why not use it?


Alas, Poynt is likely not coming to BB10. I didn't need to download all these apps for local gas listings, restaurant listings & reviews, movie listings & reviews (Rotten Tomatoes), white & yellow pages, and local events. Poynt integrated all of them seamlessly. So I'm very pleased to see OpenTable with their own app for BB10. Thanks guys!


Agreed. I wish Poynt would come. I use the sideload but it doesn't work with GPS otherwise ok but native or new port would be nicer.

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They did support the PlayBook before their untimely bankruptcy so maybe BBRY will find a way to port that version over to BB10? One can only hope, it really had the best of everything.


It's says not available for this device in app world for my Z10

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Wish it wasn't an Android port, but at least they made it available.


thx for the heads up...errored on install but deleted and reinstalled without error.

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Hi. The application for BB10 is invasive. Requires unrestricted access to all your info and can not be blocked or set up from security settings in your phone.
My comments: I have been a user of OpenTable for several years now. I started from my desktop and since I bought an iPad 3 a year ago I downloaded the application for iPad and now I make my reservations from there. It works smoothly, great application! Provides accurate information and only asks you for permission to use your current location.
I bought my BBZ10 on February 5 and had been waiting for the OpenTable application for BB10 since the very first day. As soon as it was available a few days ago, I downloaded and installed it, but as soon as I realized how invasive it was, and it's lack of options to change privacy settings, I deleted it without finishing the initial configuration.
I see no need for this application to access absolutely all my information in my phone and even in the cloud!
Two thumbs down for OpenTable for doing this and also for BlackBerry for allowing it! This is not the first application that I have had to un install due to the same reason.
Two thumbs up for Apple, who better control their applications market!

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