The opening of the BlackBerry Lifestyle Store in Indonesia [video]

By Bla1ze on 23 Nov 2011 01:01 am EST

The BlackBerry Bold 9790 wasn't the only thing new announced in Indonesia. To coincide with the devices release, RIM also unveiled the first Indonesian BlackBerry Lifestyle store which attracted many customers to the seamless BlackBerry experience located in the biggest mall in Indonesia, Mal Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. Co CEO of RIM, Jim Balsillie kicked things off by welcoming the first 250 buyers that also happened got 50% off any device purchase at the time. Makes going to your local carrier location look rather drab and boring now doesn't it?

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The opening of the BlackBerry Lifestyle Store in Indonesia [video]


Dear RIM, please open a BlackBerry Lifestyle store in Toronto. I much rather buy a BlackBerry from RIM than from Best Buy, Future Shop or my carrier.

Well said!

RIM did everything right here! They hired the hottest girls. Made the place super stylish. Had nice demos of all the devices. They gave promotions. Even hooked up a Playbook to a 1080p HDTV!

Wow! Great job!

Now, do this in London, Beijing, Toronto and NYC and they can recover their brand value!

People lining up from 10 p.m at night? That's pretty crazy.. But the 50% off sounds like a bargain.. Especially for 9900.

RIM, you have to open stores where your HQ are. Doing so will not only provide free advertisment (since a store is a store and has sales) but will also make the people here feel like the company is there to stay and isn't going anywhere like the countless rumours say.
Sales will increase for both the PlayBook and BlackBerry Smartphones because the representative won't be pushing for an iphone or android while bashing RIM without any facts. Every salesperson at FutureShop or BestBuy would tell me the PlayBook only works if you have a BlackBerry, I cannot imagine how many people went away from the PlayBook nationwide. (And stores wonder why they aren't selling, pshhh.)

Organising events with the communinity to promote is great too.

By opening stores here, you will only create news, the press will be all over it, people will do just like for Microsoft and Apple stores, try products with a representative who will assist you and KNOWS THE PRODUCT! I can only imagine how much good could come from this.

Keep it up guys and girls!

Forgot to say, Montreal and Toronto. First location you should open in.

You gotta spend money to make money, my friend. Find the top ten North American markets where Blackberry devices are in use, (I'm sure they know this analysis) open there and also use the stores as a base of operations for a small outside sales team who really knows the entire product line and can really sell small-to-medium businesses on the complete "Lifestyle".

My GOD that is one big crowd and a great looking store. Even better looking women .

So when ye coming to Ireland :):):):)

Should have been in Grand Indonesia or Pacific Place D: Mal Kelapa Gading is too up north for some and seriously? who goes there other than those who lives in Kelapa Gading -_-

Kevin, at the end of the video the kid called the 9900 the Dakota. You also noticed many people call blackberrys by their codenames in Indonesia. Why do you think that is? And how would they know the code names?They arent all on Crackberry.

Man, I wish North American business culture would let me get away with wearing shirts like those.

Opening one in Toronto - either the Eaton Centre or maybe Yorkville / Fairview would make sense. There is still plenty of BB support in Canada, and as others have suggested it would be a good kick off to a relaunch of the entire brand. Imagine...selling unlocked / locked phones, apps (try before you buy!), support...I would even put a beta zone corner in there so we could preview the new stuff...

The biggest mall in Indonesia? It is one of the biggest. There are plenty of bigger malls in the capital. And I assume the reason why Blackberry decided to open the Lifestyle center in this mall is due to the fact that Kelapa Gading is an affluent suburban area. It's great that they are reaching out everywhere.

I'm hoping that blackberry gets better by the time my upgrade is up. I love the keyboard on blackberry but it was too slow with too few apps. I want to go to blackberry again there is an amazing community behind it.

But on subject, they weren't stupid. The discount and the cute girls was great. The only thing missing is a store IN THEIR HOME CONTINENT. (Preferably in the US :) )

Hi, please be aware that most of the people who qued were reseller. RIM just want to do this creating a hype. Actually only few customer benefit from this, while RiIM got exposure as if there are a lot of people daring for Blackberry.

It is true that Blackberry is market leader for high end phone in Indonesia, but the long que is just because of inccrdible discount not because of the product. How about giving it for free, then more people will que. Appple and Samsung do not need to slash 50% to get crowd.

In local forum such as kaskus, you may fimd a lot of people (reseller) is looking for people to que on behalf, they are defintely not customer since they need as many people as possible

Please be aware that queues outside Apple stores are full of 'tyre kickers' - people who just want to play with the products and be part of an event, with no intention of buying.

Anyway I thought I saw a comment by one of the attendees that explained since they weren't accepting cash for the phones, it prevented the possibility of fraud, such as you allude to in your last sentence.

what do you want to say ???, do you think people will still queuing if there no discount? this is all about money (getting excessive profit), not product.

this is how RIM manipulate the media...... RIM share is now less than $20 compare to $60 early this year. Considering the natrue of Indonesian in que, RIM should be hold responsible for any accident due to long.