Member Story: Open Letter to BlackBerry Messenger - He's Just Not That Into Me

By Anastasia Beave... on 11 Aug 2009 09:50 am EDT

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Dearest BBM,

It's time we had a talk.

I know you're just acting out. I know you see my relationship with SMS and email. I know you're jealous. I know you're hurting. But they're just friends - I swear. It's just work messages! They'll never mean as much to me as you do. So let's talk about why you keep toying with my heart.

You've currently listed all of my contacts as "unavailable." Not even funny. You say you had nothing to do with this. But I'm not the unreasonable sort. I realize I'm a handful but for all 50 or so contacts to realize that and be "unavailable" to my shenanigans at the same time? Crazy talk. For funsies, I added myself from my work BB and lo and behold, I'm unavailable... to myself. That's thousands of therapy dollars right there, BBM. I hope you're happy.

Undaunted, I scrolled around to see what other sort of nonsense you're up to. And you never disappoint, do you? Hark, there's the same ten "Pending Contacts" - still pending authorization, still pending unavailibility since Tour has come into my life. It's your word against theirs but they maintain that they never received a request. Don't worry, baby. I know that this is simply not true. Why would you waste an opportunity for ten addition contacts to be unavailable to me?

Let's talk about the time you deleted all of my contacts. Really, BBSadist? Really? As much as I loved your "if I can't have you, no one can" tantrum, I'm not going to lie... I wanted to strangle that BlackBerry symbol right off of your smirky thought bubble. Sometimes I think you're woman because only a woman think about doing something so deliciously treacherous as to wipe my contact list. I'm plotting revenge but seriously? What am I going to do to you? Ping you to death? Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you? Douchenugget.

After that episode, I even thought about going to father Balsillie but his hands are pretty full with another Canada-hater in Bettman. Doesn't matter anyway, because what was the next thing that you did? Oh yes, you pulled the ol' MIA. You deleted yourself from my phone. You ran away and I was left with a sleepless night wondering where did you spend the night? Who's messages did you find comfort in? WHO DID YOU PING TO DEATH? Oh RIM, it hurts.

Now, let's talk about your needless attention ***** tendancies. You know, the one where you perpetually have a little bubble saying "2 new messages" when you and I both know there isn't one. Remember? Unavailable contacts! You can't even keep up with your own tactics.

I hate that I love you, BBM. I hate that you know I'll never leave you for that **** SMS. And even though email's always trying to get his spam in my box... er, nevermind. You're jealous enough.

Forever yours,
A. Beaverho

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Member Story: Open Letter to BlackBerry Messenger - He's Just Not That Into Me


Last night I fixed up an old AT&T 8310 I got from a work colleague for my wife to bring her into the PDA world. I the phone unlocked for our T-Mobile family plan. I upgraded to the latest OS release. I told my wife she was going to love the IM world of BBM. But alas no BBM after the OS install. I guess I missed adding it since AT&T never allowed it before. So, just another log on the fire, I couldn't just download BBM OTA like the old days. Come on RIM - let's get this tool fixed!

That's freaking hilarious lmao sorry for all your trouble tho. I am def waiting for official version, too new at this to be brave enough to give it a go

AWESOME!! I'm am so glad that I'm not the only one with this problem!!! I really hope they resolve it soon! It's getting very annoying!! I have a love/ hate relationship with BBM too!!

And let's just say we should add the 8900 and 8310 to that as well... regardless of carrier :( I used to love it now I hate it. Writing to RIM gets a referral to the cell provider... uh hello! BBM is RIM not ATT or TMO :( TOTALLY unreliable at this point... PLEASE FIX IT IN BBM 5.0 FINAL RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!