Open Letter to BlackBerry CEO, John Chen: Software updates control your own destiny

By Team CrackBerry on 11 Mar 2014 11:26 am EDT

Dear Mr. Chen,

It’s been just about a year since we’ve received our first BlackBerry 10 software update that was made available about one month after the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 (not talking about the US of course).

This morning, as the CrackBerry team woke up we all received links (via email, twitter and BBM) to a Thunderclap post which is the inspiration for this letter. The ask of the Thunderclap was simple, “BlackBerry 10.2.1 for All”.

It really got us reflecting this morning on the past year of BlackBerry 10. Yes, BlackBerry has really evolved BB10 and it has come a long way since we first booted up our Z10 review unit on a cold winter night back at the start of 2013. Our recently-posted retrospective review of 10.2.1 highlights the best of these improvements.

Tallied up, there have been six BlackBerry 10 updates (in various ways) in 12 months. That's a good number, considering that BB10 was both a new OS and one that's built on a solid and mature foundation.

But (what is an open letter without a but) Not everyone actually receives all those updates. Not everyone gets the awesomeness that makes BlackBerry 10 better every day. John, this is where things fall apart. This is where you lose customers and make ones who do stay unhappy.

We’ve heard it from end users, we’ve heard from it your enterprise customers. They and everyone in-between want software updates to roll out globally for all at the same time. No hold-ups for regions, or devices, or (the worst offender of all) carriers. And update comes out and it's available to everybody everywhere right then. Some of them even use the phrase “A la Apple” to describe what BlackBerry should be doing, as Apple has clearly set the bar in delivering updates across their entire ecosystem — just yesterday they pushed out an update to iOS 7.1 and it was instantly available to all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners.

Not delivering software to your customers — especially your hardcore business users — is NOT enterprise grade software. These updates will be a major factor in determining the success of BlackBerry in the next 12 months. We don’t mean to be harsh but it’s a reality of the world you are fighting in and the customers you are fighting for.

We know Team BlackBerry has it in them to make global software updates happen. We believe the road to making it happen begins with you reinforcing just how critically important this mission is.

Thanks for the time. Keep up the good fight,

- Team CrackBerry



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Open Letter to BlackBerry CEO, John Chen: Software updates control your own destiny



That's precisely what they're saying. We may not have the issue on Bell/Rogers/Telus but what about AT&T? T-Mobile? Verizon? Etc.

The US is a huge consumer base but the update roll outs for some of the largest US carriers is abysmal.

BlackBerry should be able to roll out updates without having carrier intrusion. How can Apple do that but not BlackBerry? I don't know the logistics of it but is it not possible? If one company can do it surely others can as well.

~ TheRealFixxxer


I understand what your saying, but I believe you are mis-guided. For one the US is a huge consumer bas, just NOT for Blackberry.

As far as Apple, I believe Apple has to go through the same demands of carrier "intrusion" however is behooves the carriers to all make Apple a priority. In addition, I think Apple tests these, gets clearance from carriers and then pushes out themselves. I could be wrong, hell I probably am, but there is certainly testing from every carrier. Apple just has the klout Blackberry can only dream about. Apple says jump and the carriers say how high.

In addition, I'm quite certain Apple is wonderfully precise and organized. Blackberry on the otherhand has a long standing reputation of half a$$ing things. Not to say Blackberry isn't getting better, but its not where it needs to be.

10.2.1 was clearly the best rollout ever for a Blackberry OS, and yet still it was horribly disorganized compared to Apple.

But how did Apple start this trend in the first place? BlackBerry needs to do the same.

 CB10 

They've got Tim Cook. The guy used to be the head of operations at Apple, now CEO. He's practically a living military machine. P.S. John, if you are reading our comments, you are a BlackBerry guy. You already made me proud with how you handled things since you took over the helm. Keep the momentum rolling. Thanks.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

What? Cook landed into something that was already there. He has been struggling to keep Apple's share price level (had to issue corporate debt - bonds) to fund future promised dividends. His success as post Jobs leader is questionable. The U.S carriers probably cater to Apple because they have made substantially more money on Apple products in recent years. It all comes down to the Benjamins. On another note, it took Rogers 5 months to roll out Jelly Bean for my Galaxy Note, so BlackBerry is not going only one with this problem.

Posted via CB10

I don't believe this is correct. Apple controls all of its own products, every Iphone, IPAD etc. Where as for Android updates, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and all the other makers of phones put layers of their own software on phones meaning they have control over when updates are pushed.

No sorry you are incorrect...major upgrades such as Jelly Bean were rolled out by carrier. Believe me I had the frustration of waiting for Rogers to roll it out to the Galaxy Note.

Posted via CB10


In all honesty, my guess is they refuse to do it any other way. They probably prefer to wait until its all complete, than when various carriers are ready. It's all about execution. They are one of the best companies in the world at executing, its not a fluke they are where they are.

And this is from a guy who despises the Apple brand, and the blind loyalty people have towards it.

Apple is allowed to do this because Apple services the phones in their stores, you have an issue with an iPhone, Att will tell you to go to an Apple Store. You have an issue with a Blackberry, Att is forced to try to fix it, that's the main reason Apple is allowed to push updates to everyone at the same time.

This is my understanding, too. It's at least a big part of the story. And I'm pretty sure it was true of AT&T at least initially...

Posted via CB10

I understand the frustration, but to me, saying "BlackBerry needs to do the same as Apple" is about akin to the problem that "BlackBerry needs to make the media sentiment go away". Big, difficult, deep rooted problems that aren't going to be easily solved even if they got the greatest experts in the world to help them.

How did Apple do it? Steve Jobs started small and gave AT&T an exclusive if they agreed to his terms. He even threatened to go into competition with them buying up airtime. Then when the iPhone was the hottest seller on AT&T, he went to Verizon, Sprint etc and said, "Want the iPhone on your networks? Agree to my terms".

To solve this, BlackBerry (and other manufacturers) essentially have to convince carriers to undo years of contractual clauses that put them at the mercy of carrier testing.

The US carriers don't give a rats butt about BlackBerry so imagine how much priority BB gets in their testing queue.

Sucks, but I don't know what John Chen can do about it. Same with every other manufacturer not named Apple.

Don't know about Apple, but BlackBerry has still a lot to do in this field, even though I don't really care, because I've tried every leak as they appeared.

I agree, they have a ton of work to do. I left Blackberry 3 years ago, and I cannot say I am unhappy.
Your point about leaks is valid, except the overwhelming majority of BB users aren't installing leaks to their devices. Yes, "within these walls" ( there may be a lot of adaption when leaks come out, but in context its a small percentage.

BlackBerry could very easily make a program available to customers directly which could remove phone branding which may give the carriers the incentive to get their heads out of their azzes.

I'd even pay a small fee for that. :)

Bingo. That is the Google strategy. What is an OS now is debatable. The Google Play services are the best example.

Google now only has a shell in the OS and they decouple as much as they could. Now Google Play includes elements that would only be considered OS level under BB.

By decoupling Google effectively bypasses the carriers and go for straight delivery. The overall OS version remains the same but the underlying components evolve much faster.

Even Samsung was distributing firmware updates for the camera via the Samsung app store. Same goes for push services, etc.

Solution is to break down the OS in components and make put those components on BlackBerry App World. Then it won't matters what blockhead carrier people are on.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

OK I don't much about os roll outs but I do know a thing about loop holes. Mr. Chen I understand having to go through carrier approval. Contracts and such . But what if when a OS is ready to be rolled out. Let the carriers do what they do take there time on releasing it. But BlackBerry release it on you BlackBerry store for customers to come and download it themselves. And while they are there they can see all the unlocked phones for sale. I think carries could get a wake up call if millions of unlocked phones start flooding the market. But that's another matter. Short and sweet. When a OS is ready release it on you shop BlackBerry with a email and attached link to the store to all customers

At least at one time, this was *not* correct. Apple devices we're *not* supported by carriers. If you needed support, AT&T would hand you a card with Apple's contact information and there was no AT&T OS customization. In some ways, Apple's initial failure to win over US carriers as customers led to their fortifying strength. BlackBerry *really* serves carrier customers, but this creates problems for end users. Apple doesn't serve carriers worth a damn.

I completely agree with this open letter EXCEPT for the idea that "enterprise" somehow means fast and speedy software updates. In the US, the opposite is true. The consumer market is direct and doesn't involve all the gatekeepers and IT people and okays from multiple vendors. That's why Apple leads in this because at the start the iPhone was a purely consumer device and they've held onto that even as they've begun adopting a different posture.

Posted via CB10

" I believe Apple has to go through the same demands of carrier "intrusion" however is behooves the carriers to all make Apple a priority."

If the carriers thought this way then we would have not seen looooooooong software update delays back when BlackBerry devices were the only smartphone.
Apple is not constrained by the carriers at all. They don't wait for their approval on anything. Back when BlackBerry was building the PlayBook OS and was talking about BB10 they claimed they were going to make sure the carriers were not going to delay them. Well then they rushed getting everything out and apparently forgot about that piece.

Most especially in the states, Apple has the envious position of being able to set terms with the carriers whereas, in the majority of the cases, it's the other way around with the other smartphone players.

Why? Android has a FAR FAR FAR FAR greater market share than Apple in the US, and if you want to take it down to hardware Samsung is about equal to Apple. Sick of justifications like the APPLE DOES NOT HAVE A LARGE MARKET SHARE.

Yet all the carriers outside the US are in the same situation and they get the updates out just fine....

Posted via CB10

It's all business and Apple played it perfectly to get to where they are with the iPhone. Apple may not have the largest market share of smartphones sold anymore but there do have LARGE MARKET SHARE in the tune of TENS OF MILLIONS each quarter alone. Apple users are just willing to pay the price set by the company and the US carriers cannot do much about it but do what Apple tells them to do in order to have the "privilege" to sell iPhones. Samsung is not quite there yet but they are the closest one as their demographic expands. It is what it is.

I agree that carriers will cater and give priority to Apple as they know iphones are selling.

Carriers in the states couldn't give a f**k about BlackBerry and the small percentage of users that have BlackBerries. Again it's a small percentage for them so they're not gonna waste time and spend the money and resources. If BlackBerry had a larger percentage than yes.

Posted via CB10 with my  Z30

Actually, Apple can push OS updates like this because carriers don't accept support of Apple devices. At least that was the case for some time. Apple directly supports iPhones, so there's not much reason for extensive carrier review or support.

Posted via CB10

You are absolutely "correct"... I believe that this is a big issue, as to, why carrier support sucks so badly in the USA....

If you had people walking around with Instagram and Netflix via 10.2.1 on Z30s from "all the USA carriers" for a couple of months now - BlackBerry would be in a different situation.

The kids are open to trying new things to get away from iToys (how do you think HTC comes out of nowhere).. but you have to have access to the basic apps they want.

Z30 came out as a true 5 inch alternative to Android while Apple has small could have made a dent with the right apps.

PlayBook came out before it had email...Z30, probably, should not have come out before 10.2.1....

CB10 from the Z30

Thank you Real Fixer. I am in the US, NY to be precise, on T-Mobile and still waiting to be updated to 10.2.1. All T-Mobile says is that we will be getting it shortly. Yea, I'll hold my breath!

Posted via CB10

Those still need carrier approval where there are radio changes, the difference is that BB does not make the rest of the world wait for the stupidly slow american carriers.

Load a sachesi update. I would rather vzw would get updates out but I won't wait on them. Especially after having 10.2.1 on my z10.

Posted via CB10

Personally, I think the carrier love apple and push through update quicker and blackberry is an afterthough for them so they take their time. Its wrong but it is what it is with the declining number of BB users and miscues in delivering there products.

ugh. The letter is about the ones who haven't received the update.

Btw I'm so glad the editors took the time to write this. It's well written and gets to the point. As far as I know AT&T users are still on 10.1 which is unacceptable.

Then wouldn't a letter to us carriers make more sense? As far as updates go I think BlackBerry has been great in the last year.

USA carriers made deals to sell x amount of iphones or pay penalties. That is the first problem. Second is no USA carrier seems to really support BlackBerry. Some sell phones to say they have them but i don't have most model's in stock. To support a phone you have to have the models, display them and push the updates, train the staff and not be bias or ouch customers to other phones.

I'm sorry you don't have 10.2.1. I suggest the leaks especially on this version it's huge.

Posted via CB10

I already installed 10.2.1 via sachesi. But only a fraction of BB10 users know about it. I think Chen himself needs to make sure updates are released on schedule. I'm sure he has more influence and connections with carriers. People have been shouting at carriers for ages but it hasn't helped.

No because the carriers don't need to care about Blackberry, but Balckberry should care about Blackberry.

Even this letter is "long overdue"....i think that things just move more slowly in Canada - which is fine for glaciers, but in Hi Tech....not so much.

CB10 from the Z30

Bingo! Still on 10.1 here, which was the last update from AT&T from long ago. This open letter was sorely needed. I hope it helps spark a change in how the OS updates are rolled out. Please help those of us on the US carriers Mr. Chen!

Us Canadians get it right away, the world lagss behind it a week and the US just do it when ever they feel like it.

I can't imagine being on 10.0 or 10.1 I would have already taken my blackberry back not knowing there was a better update. Not everyone goes on crackberry or any tech forums for that matter.

I feel bad for them Americans, not everyone wants to load a leak.

The only thing is if Blackberry does make this global thing happen. They need better customer service. They can't just be charging you $50 to talk them. Now the liability will be fully on them and they will need a call centre for these people needing help.

Posted via CB10

This is something that BlackBerry users needs to ban together and go to social media demanding the carriers who haven't pushed the updates through to simply have it done ASAP... So many US carriers are focused on supporting what makes them the most money so tell them to make it happen.... Maybe Crackberry can tally a list of carriers for all of us to start hitting their social media forums!!?

Posted via CB10

A funny thing happened on the way to an 'update', it was 'marketing'.
Apple issued an OS upgrade on 12March.
Guess what, the NYTimes posted a quarter of a page article to the event.
Blackberry OS upgrade press releases (if any) get posted in netherland.

Well since 10.2.1 was released almost globally except the US, i think its a good start, but BlackBerry shoukd focus on the US customers since theyre the ones being left out. But who am i to give an opinion, im just one man in almost 50million customers.

Posted on my Z10 Via CB10

That's because this guy talks about 6 updates when we have only got one last May. Hey BlackBerry here in T-Mobile we're still in 10.1

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It would at least be nice if BB had something similar to Google Play edition devices/a way to make our devices mirror that.

Yes, this would be fantastic. Pure unlocked phones with updates straight from BlackBerry available on launch day for full-price and shipping globally would be an excellent, excellent move.

The Google Play edition happens because there's Google big enough to bash the carriers around. I would never expect HTC, in a weak market position within Android, to be able to pull that off on their own.

On AT&T here, and really not happy that I have to get leaks to get the latest update. I shouldn't have to wait for the carrier.

Posted via CB10

As a Verizon customer in California and a very long time BlackBerry user I am unhappy that my Z30 doesn't reach its full potential as I have yet to receive the update that will make it current.

My bitchin' Z30 BlackBerry

US customers are being left out in the cold. It's no wonder nobody buys BlackBerry phones here. These carriers are in total control and will continue to be until BlackBerry grows the stones to do this. Give us something to brag about. Give stores a reason to sell them and push them on customers. Don't roll over and die like HP did with Palm. This is becoming more and more like deja vu.

Posted via CB10

The BB10 device launches and OS releases have sabotaged any chance of success in the US.

First the Z10 released a month after the rest of the world. OS 10.1 was no where to be seen as those Z10 got mired in reboot issues. The Q10 didn't release in the states until mid-summer (and still no corresponding 10.1 update for the Z10).

Then the strategic restructuring occurred and any interest in BB10 in the US pretty much died. With no advertising to undo any negative sentiment, carriers in the US started to pull BB10 phones off the shelf by fall and winter.

Now with sentiment turning on the business side, anyone wanting to try a BB10 phone will be hard pressed to find one in store and if the get past the sales person and walk out with a phone they're still stuck on an outdated OS.

While things are better in the rest of the world, how the US market goes the rest of the world will follow. One can wonder if things could have been different in the states had phones and updates occurred in a timely manner.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell | CB10

Hopefully they take some notice of this letter. It is absurd that I have a Z10 on a UK network and a Q10 on Verizon, with not one update to the Q10 from verizon since I got it last July, yet in the same time the Z10 has had 3 or 4 updates. The two phones should be identical, but they're like chalk and cheese. BlackBerry needs to either give Verizon et al a good kick up the arse, or bypass them completely.

Posted via CB10

Can someone write an open letter to John Chen about a Playbook update or better yet a Ultimate Playbook 2?

I doubt the PB will be getting any major OS updates soon. You think it's coincidence the Z3 has 1.5gb of ram and the PB only 1gb?

Still patiently waiting on TMO USA to release the update to 10.2.1. I realise that there are other options, but we should not have to do such, seeing that there is an official update available.

I have serious doubts, but I hope this letter can be the start of something great.

Blackberry always.....

My patient is running the F**k out waiting on @JohnLegere, at this moment I am willing to pay for the TMO 10.2.1 Z10 update if that is what it will take...

Posted via CB10

T-Mobile USA here and still "VERY!!!" patiently waiting for 10.2.1.........

Posted via CB10

Gave up on them long ago. Used to have faith in them, but they're being so slow. Leaks are the only way in the US.

Posted via CB10

Thank you for the Link to the thunderclap!!! Even if you have the update, please sign up, we need to stand as one here!

Everyone deserves 10.2.1

I personally dont see a problem because I am in Canada, but I know that people aren't getting the most of their BB10 device when they are still on 10.1

I get it, it's way easier to do SW updates OTA for Playbooks given the relatively small number compared to phones but I agree Blackberry needs to get this done. Carriers who want to slap on their carrier apps should be backwards compatible and "on the side" so that the rest of the device can still be updated while waiting for a small carrier update. All this talk of QNX being a superior way to manage SW updates for cars OTA was a stated goal I think I read somewhere. Get this done with the phones and people will believe you about the cars..

PlayBooks weren't sold through carriers, so there was never any carrier involvement with the updates.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. I never meant to imply that they did, simply proof that BBRY can do it on a small scale without the assistance of carriers but perhaps this is where they get bogged down? Who will distribute the software globally if they do not involve the carriers? Will they have everyone across the globe get it directly from Waterloo simultaneously? There may be some logistical issues to be overcome with this approach. Perhaps a routing system could be established to the closest distribution point? (not a carrier) I'm sure it can be done. Perhaps get the carriers to do it but without their packets in the first update?

All the updates come from BB servers, there are no issues there and delays are simply due to carriers being slow.

Pretty obvious BBRY hasn't got the same level of support from their carrier partners as they used to.

Maybe it's time they release OS updates directly to their customers, and bypass the carriers completely.

Also would be nice if they opened their site to everyone globally and sell their handsets direct.

Carriers be damned. They're r no longer supporting BBRY at a level that justifies BBRY having them in the picture.

Posted via CB10

If it were not for some special people that got there hands on leaks I would have left during the random reboot phase. Luckily that has continued for me in the USA on VZW (now on 10.2.1.xxxx), as I have been able to enjoy a lot on my Blackberry. Sad to say though (especially for a huge fan) this is how the Z10 should have launched over a year ago!

Apple does one major OS update every 12 months, bb10 had three major OS updates in that same period. I would guess with a 12 month cycle, Apple is probably spending the last four months of every year securing carrier approval, so that everybody gets it at once. Very likely, some carriers have approved an iOS release 3 months before it's provided to the world, but everybody had to wait for the slowest carrier. Now that bb10 is maturing, BlackBerry can probably adopt the same strategy, with updates every 8-12 months, allowing time to get the approvals in order.

Posted via CB10

There have been four small updates since 7 was released, and one more significant update that just came out, typically Apple puts out 5 or more beta's per release, unless its a quick patch, usually the 3 beta or so is given to the carriers for testing and any changes needed are rolled into the GM build by the time it is released.

Only problem is that a lot of people haven't received said updates. I'm not loading leaks. Shouldn't have to when there are official updates available. I don't really care where the bottleneck is, I just want it opened up and the updates to flow uniformly. My Q10 is in a drawer and I'm rather happily back to my iPhone 5 (which is on iOS 7.1 as of yesterday) until I get an official 10.2.1 update on Sprint. If it takes too long I may just sell it and be done with it. A lot of Americans have already done so, and that should bother BlackBerry, because they need all the customers they can possibly keep!

I agree. If not larger font size maybe a button so that I can change my vote when I press the wrong option.

Perhaps CrackBerry needs to roll up an update for their app. I have a Q10. When CrackBerry releases a poll it's a PITA to vote.

Posted via CB10

Yeah I see now that it's a CB app issue. There may be one, but I never saw an advantage over the browser version. Deleted the app months ago.

In US we never got 10.2 on Tmobile US. So we are 2 updates behind. I'm running a 10.2.1 leak but wife because of wifi calling is on 10.1. Updates should be straight from BlackBerry PERIOD!
It was exciting in the "old PlayBook days" when all PlayBook owners got the same updates at the same time.
It's honestly pathetic that in US we cannot get the best of what BlackBerry has to offer.
It's no wonder the sales are terrible in the US.
It's not like the carrier are backing BlackBerry (see T-Mobile) why not just push update direct.

Get an overseas SIM or a Canadian one off ebay for a few bux, pop it in and you're good to go.

Just remember, wifi calling will probably not work until T-Mo releases it

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yes!!!! Verizon hasn't given me 10.2.1 for my Z30 but I had it on my Z10 when I traded up. Feels almost like a downgrade!

I'm on AT&T and have been using the latest leak for a few months. I am 100% happy with my Z10 and speaking for myself I don't care if AT&T releases the update especially if there are no additional functionalities.

Do you think Apple waits for carrier approval?
Let's not forget they picked the carrier that carried Iphone for years. And really if you for example look at Tmobile US their turn around can really be linked more o now having the iPhone and less to big mouth CEO.
They got Iphone the week after Z10 came out.

They do have to wait for carrier approval, the crucial differences being that they wait until they get the final approvals thus delaying everyone to the same point and that carriers are more eager to test their releases.

Actually Apple doesn't wait for carrier approval. They do send the OS to the carriers for testing but they already have a definite time-line in when they release the OS. Remember iOS7 was just released in September and they already had 5 or 6 updates and bug fixes since then. But usual problem with those updates was it fixed one thing and broke another and not everyone knows that Apple is the one who releases the OS not the carriers.

The moment  bypass the carrier and you need technical support you can't get full support for your device once they detect you're on unofficial OS. Apple gets away with it because carrier reps just pass customers over to Apple and honestly they have the best if not one of the best customer service and policies.

Been stuck on Crack for too long

I'm using a leak but I think the point is why do we have to use a leak. BlackBerry needs to get over this issue or get out of phone business.

BlackBerry is cheap and uses Leaks to beta test for free. they do not test things themselves. That is why everything is usually buggy at first.

Posted via CB10

Still waiting on my carrier here in Australia they even pushed their release backwards.
Just like they did with the release of the handsets, BlackBerry start pushing carrier like Telstra.

010 isn't just a code

Font size on polls. I agree you can not read them let alone vote on them. Why are they always so small?

Posted via CB10

Hmm.. that's weird, Sprint said they didn't have enough bandwidth to push out BlackBerry update, yet they can deliver an IPHONE update thru their airwaves.

Posted via CB10

Yea because it's complete nonsense coming from an individual customer rep. They make shit up as they go along to cover up their and Sprint's cluelessness.

Posted via CB10

It's been stated repeatedly that updates come directly from BlackBerry servers (if you have used Sachesi, you can view the links directly). It has everything to do with carriers being very conservative and slow at testing any new software that will operate on their network.

What's their incentive?? Calls, sms and data transfer already work with the current OS, and that's all they make money off... why dedicate additional resources for something that will bring almost no additional revenue? They have you locked in for two years and, aside from making sure you can make calls, text and use data... they owe nothing to you.

Posted via CB10

My cxr is ATT and still no update. Is this caused by BlackBerry or ATT?
I read bout 10.2 and would like to have it!

Posted via CB10

ABOUT THE TUNDERCLAP : I had to use Hash tags because it would not allow me to set up the tweet with mentions but that doesn't mean you cant change them. When signing up, Change the "#'s" to "@'s" and have your message REALLY heard

I'm with Sprint in PR. I'm with the 10.1 and Sprint Customer Service have no idea when 10.2 will come!
I'm thinking that BlackBerry are just for Canadians.

God Bless You!

Posted via CB10

I don't normally comment on articles, but when I do, it's because they are spot on. Thanks for calling BlackBerry out in this!


Comments like this should have been the first instead of those repetitive whiny rants of people who are still waiting for their updates.

Thank you team crackberry!!! You're doing things instead of just talking.

Posted via CB10

A comment like that one should not have been first as it praises an article that is clearly aimed in the wrong direction, the carriers are the ones delaying updates not BB.

I think you're missing the point. Blackberry is pushing to be more of a software company. Why would they want to deal with carriers who get in the way? If BlackBerry can find a way around these carriers then that's the best thing for BlackBerry. Control your own destiny.

The point is that they cannot escape the carriers while remaining in this industry and whining about BB rather than the slow carriers is pointless.

sometimes it's not the carriers or blackberry. there are guys i know who haven't gotten the latest update because their company IT guys won't let it go through.

maybe blackberry should tone down the update frequency. 6 friggen updates in a year? that's crazy. what kind of confidence are carriers or enterprise customers going to have in the OS? why should they be dedicating so many resources to test new updates if they come out that often?

6 updates!! they're shooting themselves in the foot. i don't care that it makes the OS better.

what if you bought a car and 6 times a year you had to go into get better parts put on it? you wouldn't put up with it. you wouldn't buy a car from that company knowing that they rush unfinished products out the door.

blackberry is probably pissing off the carriers and enterprise with each update.

2/year max!

if your OS needs more than 2/year then you have a shitty OS (same goes for BBM btw).

and this is coming from a BB fan.

You, sir, have no clue what you are talking about. There is no consumer operating system on earth that has that few updates in a year, unless it is a dead system. In 2013, Android had a total of, guess what, 6 updates released. KitKat had two updates to it in December alone. iOS 7 only came out in September, and it had 6 updates to it before the end of 2013. The very first update to BB10 took much longer to come out in the US than most of the rest of the world, so the frequency of updates has about ZERO to do with the release delays in the US.

This is a new OS and with each major update they are adding significant new features so it is not surprising to see them release several in a year, the frequency is probably going to reduce over time, but you are about the only person to complain about getting too many updates.

Good letter - team CB.
I hope that John C. will consider to make everyone feel good about BB products once again.

@TXBBguy - And I was told in a tweet from AT&T Customer Care about a week and a half ago that it is no longer in testing. Once again, AT&T caught in lies!

I agree with the gist of the letter. Just a suggestion - please proof read your letter. There are a couple of misplaced words that can reduce the effect of your open letter. I know the message is clear but it is important to have an error free letter to fully drive home the point.

I'm on T-Mobile still on I don't care about wifi calling, but I don't believe that it would take five months to fix the wifi calling issue.

When 10.1.x was released there was a bug with wifi calling and they fixed it within 3 days.

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On AT&T and it's incredibly frustrating that we didn't get 10.2 and we are still waiting on 10.2.1 Something needs to be done I downloaded Sachesi last night along with the updated OS and tonight I am going to give it a go since I will probably be waiting till July for AT&T to release the update!

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I have tmobile US and I haven't received 10.2.1 as of yet. I've been waiting since late 2013 and still nothing. Every week there is another rumor about a release date but they have all been lies. I have hand bb for 10 years and I should be treated this way

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Still waiting on T-mobile USA here as well for 10.2.1! The best i got out of them was a survey and an email about raising the data limit. It was said that they would release it early March and yet here it is the 11th day of March and not one notification has came up on my Z10. I honestly don't think they intend to support us BlackBerry users which sucks.

I agree with all the points but, just to put it out there for full disclosure, enterprise grade software is not always up to date and more often than not are generations behind in the workplace.

as a guy living in the Middle East with access to good leaks, sachesi's country/carrier codes and our carriers updates are on time still voted: "NO, it takes too long to get new software and fix issues"
This is the only answer i can give if i'm part of the BlackBerry comunity.
ether we all one big happy comunity together or we are not a comunity at all.

It's a truth that needed to be openly said. Let's see what solution is found. I believe if something were to get done, Chen be the person to develop a battle plan. Side note: I'm still waiting on the 10.2 update...

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Dear Team CrackBerry,

Thank you for the open letter sent to Mr. Chen and for being to the point. It seems, however, that one very important point was missed, that being a direct statement addressing U.S. carriers in particular. Finger-pointing may not always be the most politically-correct tactic, but in this case, I believe Mr. Chen needs to know specifics of why the open letter was sent.

Like countless AT&T customers, I spend a lot of money on my BlackBerry service and I count my Q10 as a true luxury. Having been with AT&T since they were Cellular Once (18 years now), it would seem that the carrier would have some sort of appreciation for loyal customers. Yet based on their repeated and blatant lack of attention to BlackBerry customers, it is quite obvious that BlackBerry isn’t even on their back burner. I agree wholeheartedly with the masses in that BlackBerry should be able to completely bypass the carriers, and push updates quickly and efficiently. AT&T would try to argue that they need to “test” the updates to ensure compatibility, and that they “will release the update once testing is complete.” Their explanation holds absolutely no merit, as evidenced by Apple’s continued ability to push directly to end-users.

Team CrackBerry, I appreciate you, the work you do to help us achieve maximum enjoyment and productivity from our beloved devices, and for reaching out to Mr. Chen on our behalf. Hopefully, your open letter will result in the light at the end of the tunnel, and we will all be able to experience the greatness of the 10.2.1 that we’ve thus far only been able to hear about and read about.

I agree, though having the update because my phone is unlock,we should not have to wait such a long time for any update.

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BB Playbook has shown that BlackBerry can handle worldwide OS update deployment. most carriers outside NA push the OS update to their customers as soon as it is made available by BlackBerry and don't constitute themselves into show blockers like the US carriers.

i believe this open letter should be addressed to US carriers as opposed to being addressed to John Chen

Indeed, it would be nice if CB could avoid playing to the crowds and misdirecting their ire towards BB who do not deserve it since their only option would be to delay all updates until the slowest ones were happy.

Completely agree with the open letter, kudos to Crackberry for putting it straight and simple. I got 10.2.1 in COSTA RICA about a month ago, made me think 100 times of switching to iPhone. Carriers don´t seem to want to help BB so might as well skip them, turn it around, get them running to have their side updated or suffer a collapse of service to the entire BB customer base (quickly disappearing unfortunately).

The dream of 10.2.1... in Puerto Rico only AT&T (and the no contract plans on Claro) updated to 10.1, all the other carriers are still on 10.0. So the concept of a global update sounds like fairy tales to the few BlackBerry owners I know. We like (it seems) most of BlackBerry users outside of Canada, rely on leaks to stay on the game. Can't talk about this particular situation of all the Latin American countries (Dominican Republic also has a terrible update historial) , but as far as I know, if BlackBerry controlled the updates without the "chains" of the carriers, I'm sure they would regain lost terrain, atleast in LA.

Hardcore BlackBerry 'er

I always have issue with Verizon. I just install leaks now. If BlackBerry were to push them out. I'd be loading up those.

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Please increase the polls, especially on phones it is a pain.

Other than that, awesome letter! I never had any problems in Germany but I feel sorry for the US crowd.


I agree totally with the article. BlackBerry, step up and become equal with apple on the software update methods. Stop hiding behind carriers.

Another option for BlackBerry is to sell th phones unlocked direct with the most up to date software. I'm not signing a 2 year contract with Verizon just to get a Z30? Of the carriers don't want to sell us the phones than BlackBerry should. I know they sold Z10 and Q10 direct but what about Z30.
The newest phone and newest software is only available in US if you switch to the most expensive carrier (some might say AT&T) but either way you get the point.

To summarize my rant (sorry)
BlackBerry need to have its best and newest phones with it's latest software available FOR ALL!!!

I should have an easy and trusted source to just outright buy the phone and software should be made available universally.

VZW and Sprint are special cases in a way due to them using CDMA and all devices needing to be specially activated by them.

Software upgrades should never be up to the carrier to deliver, ever. I am happy with AT&T regarding everything they do except the fact that they don't like BlackBerry. At least that is the way they appear. When you have a software update available, most of your users will have updated within the first 24 hours. The rest will be in the next day or two. So everyone on planet Earth will have the updated OS in 3 days. Good or bad software, we can let you know instantly. I bet right now there's approximately 25% of America still running 10.1. They don't want to install a "leak", I didn't either. I just couldn't wait any longer. Glad I didn't. Maybe the solution is to just put the "new" OS out there for us to grab in BlackBerry World. Let us find it on our own. The team BlackBerry and team Crackberry will spend the word within minutes of it arriving. OTA or BlackBerry Link, either way is great. I don't want to know how many times I pressed the Software Update button on my Z10 from November thru February. Maybe twice a day? Maybe more.
Test it, with OS 10.3.? Put it out there for us in BlackBerry World. You'll have much happier customers and will grow in numbers.
Thanks for letting me vent, rant over. :)

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We all know that Apple and all others used BB as a spring board to get into the phone game. How could the once dominating BB not get the updates out to all its people in the USA when it once owned that market? Because the carriers want the core BB users to dump BB for a Apple or something else. We all should know by now that Apple and Google are the darling children of the USA and carriers will do anything to keep it that way. The goal is to get BB to sink and all its IP purchased for pennies on the dollar and have the Apple and Google people celebrate by bragging that they have all this wonderful technology that BB10 is based on. In my opinion, all this has gone wrong for BB because their system prior to BB10 was not really set up to be a social type OS. They never failed at anything. Society had a change on what they wanted. If we all drove a boring Toyota Camry and Nissan came out with a sporty Maxima, with technology and ideas that Toyota invented and Nissan copied and tweaked for their own use and made it trendy for the masses, many people would drop the Toyota for the Nissan, but the Toyota loyalist would stay regardless of how trendy the Maxima may be. This is the BB problem.
The bottom line is the carriers should release the updates now because they know that if it was not for work of Master Mike Lazaridis and his RIm company in the BB early days, they may not be where they are today.......release the updates now ATT, Verizon, Tmob.......

I have mixed feelings about it.
I for sure want to get my updates as soon as possible, even in the beta state.
On a global scale, that's a different story and can - in current situation - lead to problems with carriers specific - say - restrictions (voice over IP, hotspot, etc). We sure want to get rid of carriers diktat but this shouldn't engage users into terms infringements (not much worried abt that, but still a point BB can't ignore) or in unmonitored/unwanted extra costs (data tethering, for instance).
In Enterprises, it seems to me it could be even worse (apps compability issues, etc).

Then, I'd like the standard carrier OTA update, the one we all know about to remain intact.
But (there's often a "but" in my responses lol) I'd also like to be able to reach a place on the web where I can grab the very last *official* version of the OS, especially if my device is unlocked. This would be "on demand" with accordingly warnings and responsibility disclaimers, depending of the region/carrier we could specify.

Let's keep moving, but at a reasonable pace ?
My 2 cents.

P.S: voted " No, it takes too long to get new software and fix issues"

The people who should be responsible for this are the FCC who let's the carriers get away with these monopolistic tactics.

They are the ones allowing carriers to engage in unfair competition and special treatment of certain companies while forcing everyone else to play by different rules.

First the forced branding on devices and secondly the lack of updates that others around the world seem to have no problem pushing out.

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Please, please, please Mr. John (Zen) Chen help us get 10.2.1 on our phones!

Q10SQN100-2/ Verizon Wireless

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

BlackBerry built the OS separate from the radio stack when they built BB10 in the first place, so the infrastructure to do OS updates outside of the carriers is already there, alongside delta updates that they started with the PBOS.

I agree that there's no reason that they should be waiting on carriers any longer. Push the OS updates out and leave the carriers to work on the radio stack. No reason any one in the US should be stuck on 10.1 right now, even if 10.2.1 hasn't been officially pushed yet. Put 10.1 on to 10.2 as an interim.

Plenty of their OS updates probably rely on changes to the radio code too, so they would not be able to issue updates like that and even if it was possible, it would merely delay releases everywhere else due to the need for them to test a vast number of OS and Radio combinations.

I am in Connecticut on Sprint; they stated ALL carriers would have this out by March. Well BlackBerry listen up I have fought off Apple fanboys put up with Montley Fools articles on my FB from Apple fanboys about how Blackberry is dead. Its March 11th and I HAVE no update!! I have been with you since Nextel's 7100 I and I'd like to see my update please! I rocked the 9330 the 9630 and lastly the 9930 and I'm on my kick @ss Q10 drooling over the thought of the Q30. I have and will follow this company wherever it goes even if it goes into the night..Just please get it together please and kick Sprint and MAKE them push my rightfully deserved update out to us!!!! Please. I don't want to sideload I want to hit my update button like a normal person and get my update!!!!!! Lol is anyone else with ME!!! Please I feel alone here!!!!

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IMO the updates are not the issues, but like many have said, the issues rest solely on carrier support and the logistics rests in their hands. They really are the ones who controls the fate of handset makers, whether we like that reality or not. Apple is a different beast bcus they have total support and loyalty of a massive fan base, which equates to guaranteed large profits. Blackberry is, unfortunately as we all know, exists on the other end of that equation. Probably why the blackberry leaks are so popular. I suspect the ""leaks" are not so much about owners responsibility for the installs but a lot about bypass carriers delays and procrastination. Carriers have to means to deliver timely updates when it comes from handset makers IF they wish. They have the manpower. They just choose what they want to do and which ones bring the larger margins. Its that simple imo.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

It's funny. My carrier gave up BB/BB10 altogether, but when it comes to updates, they tend to roll out fairly quick once BlackBerry jumps the gun and issues a press release.

Go figure...

I was going to do the thunderclap, but I've already lost hope in this cause. I'm going to stick with my z10, but I truly have 0 expectations for anything happening in the US anymore.

This is a big hugs problem that is truly affecting blackberry 's success.


They need to push the software update themselves via link or ota.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

Would it be prudent for BlackBerry to just do a reboot in the US consumer market and focus their resources on one carrier ala DROID with Verizon or better yet the original iPhone with AT&T and start building up a base again from a smaller footing instead of everywhere at once? It would mean sacrificing users from the other carriers who'd like to purchase their BlackBerry on contract but it could also mean the BlackBerry unlocked phone market can expand without being subjected to these unnecessary carrier testing and bloatware. It's not like BlackBerry is a new company and they do not know how to get their phones to work on a given carrier's network themselves. Blackberry's carrier relationships in the US are not what it once was and they did not seem to be very much help over the past year since the BB10 launch. It's time for BlackBerry to stop catering to these carriers and somehow be more strategic in growing their user base again like through my earlier suggestion. Just a thought.

Right now, I begrudgingly remain with AT&T because they have the strongest signal in the geographic areas I frequent the most -- as in I get 5 bars when Verizon and Sprint folks are only getting 2 bars.

However, if BB got an exclusive contract with one USA carrier who would support the platform and treat it equally to all others, and push out updates in a timely manner, I'd change carriers in a heartbeat. Even if that means having to pay for a new BB10 device because of radio differences and buying-out my 2-year contract to get the hell away from AT&T (with no mincing of words when I told them exactly why I was leaving them after being a customer for nearly 20 years through all their name-changes and spin-off-reconsolidations).

I'd willingly give up the greater signal strength and pay several hundred dollars in the process just to get some support -- and be treated on a daily basis like one of the step-sisters instead of like Cinderella.

They practically are only on VZW these days, that wouldn't speed updates though since their requirements before approving new software are much slower than other carriers.

As a teenager in Canada, I used to hate to wait for products that had already been released in the USA first. Those days are gone, now every product lands on the same day for both countries.
I like this letter. It's beyond me that in 2014 our friends to the south have to wait for a software update? Yes, I know there is a variety of factors in this regard .....but fix them already.

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compare this to Windows platform, blackberry has made several impressive updates. When i compare what updates I've received on my Lumia 920 in 18 months vs. what blackberry has done from 10 to 10.2.1, it's not even close. Microsoft is just taking too damn long while BB has added so many features we've asked for.

Great later I'm with AT&T still on OS I've only had one update in almost a year since I had my Z10 I have emailed AT&T to discuss my anger with them for not supporting BlackBerry customers. It's ridiculous!!!!!

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For the very reason I'll take a Nexus product over Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.
Fastest updates, and no pollution of the OS.
Updates is a service, lack of updates means no service. Just as you would not return to a restaurant with poor service.

I agree with the letter BUT (whats a comment without a but) I have little doubt that Chen and Co. are aware of this.

That would be awesome! I had to unlock my phone and get a Bell and Rogers sim card off eBay just to update my AT&T Q10. Definitely shouldn't have to do that. If BlackBerry released updates directly that would make a huge difference!

10.2 and 10.2.1 make a huge difference in features and performance that a lot of customers don't have or probably don't know about unless they're on Crackberry. Which means people are walking around with old software and probably not happy about the issues older OS builds had. Might lose customers just because of that alone.

I just unlock my phone recently without needing an alternate sim card. I was given 2 sets code with 3 alternative to unlock my phone without even removing my carrier sim card.

It's ridiculous to read over and over what BB10 users can do, but the US customers are left to twist in the wind. When is VZ gonna release 10.2? It's been how long now?

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To add to this updates, even BlackBerry Maps should be available for all regions. They should consider that even people from other regions should get to use these features !!

Via The Monster Z30

I got tired of waiting for att so now i load leaks. I should not have to do this, Loading leaks is time consuming and somewhat risky but i do it because I like new things. If I wanted something old and stale I would go out and buy an iphone. I like my berries and I will stick with them 'till the end but this updates issue needs some serious attention if blackberry wants to survive, especially in the US.

I think updates should be universal regardless of the carriers, we all deserve and have the right for any updates, there's no doubt BlackBerry is the best cell phone unless the person (customer) just wants a toy than iPhone would be yes we need this update ASAP...

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Surprised at the post from CrackBerry who knows all too well how this works. The names of the phones sold in USA carrier stores that get updates directly from the manufacturer that don't begin with the letter i are non-existent in the USA. The only way to accomplish this is to make the entire world wait on the USA carriers to approve. Who wants to do that?

Even mighty Sammy staggers their OS releases - GNote 3/Galaxy S4 has kit kat on some - not on AT&T.

This is a pipe dream at best IMHO

This has been discussed ad nauseum in the forums. I wrote a long post that explained the US carrier issues, and why Apple was in a unique position to be able to get special treatment from the carriers that no other manufacturer is. Read here:

A T-Mobile rep recently revealed that T-Mobile has only 45,000 BB customers out of their many millions of accounts. While I realize that T-Mo is the smallest carrier, it's still not hard to see why BB updates get a lower priority than others - they make up just a tiny fraction of T-Mo's userbase.

Finally, a lot of people who think BB should "forget the carriers" and roll out the updates directly don't seem to realize that BB needs the carriers (in the US especially) a lot more than the carriers need BB. Without carrier support, BB handsets wouldn't exist. Verizon and Sprint, being CDMA carriers, have to activate devices on an individual basis themselves (no SIM to just move over by yourself), and they don't activate any phone they haven't sold themselves. With almost everyone in the US buying their phone from a carrier, if BB were to violate their agreements with the carriers and push out an update without carrier approval, those carriers could do very bad things to BB, including refusing to activate any new BB phones on that network.

BB has very little leverage, and has no choice but to comply with their contracts with the carriers.

This is not cool! I mean I hear about all the Apks now available for 10.2.1 and it Pisses me off cuz I'm stuck side loading with the newest BlackBerry device! The z30 for Verizon and it's really frustrating dealing with this....

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It's hard to believe that there are still carriers who have not updated from 10.1. Harder still to realize a majority are in the USA.
That's really crazy when you think about it.

Visit my channel @ C0029395D

Those who have their phones unlock are able to update through wi-fi. I'm not saying this is a solution for everyone and no one should have to pay to upgrade their phones. If anyone in the US who travel abroad, be it Mexico, Canada and beyond, it's cheap to have an unlock phone and use local sim cards. The unlock fees is around $30. Once unlock, the phone will prompt you to upgrade to the latest software. I think it's a better alternative to buying an unlock phone outright. Especially those who are already in contract with the carriers.

Here on big Red we have yet to see an update since 10.1! While I love to hack things and don't mind spending time doing it, it makes the phone not suitable for my family as I have no desire to be the family IT guy.

Here Here
Here I sit with a wonderful phone a Blackberry Z30, running on the #1 Carrier in the US; Verizon. I am still using the out of the box OS. Verizon refuses to release software that would allow me to enjoy all the benefits of the best phone in the marketplace. I paid what I considered a fair price for the phone, 299 with a contract extension and was told OS 10.2.1 would be out in January. Then February, and now it is March and still nothing from this carrier. Walk into a Verizon store and you won't even find a Z30 anywhere, ask for some assistance from the staff and you get blank stares. It is a joke. This is what has happened, Verizon has done subtlety what T-Mobil did outwardly. absolutely no difference.

@keizerjrr I tried to check out a Z30 at a Verizon shop and the first words out of the salesman's mouth were "You don't want that". That's some salesman. I had to get into a debate with him and show him my Z10. After that they didn't even have one there to show me. Unbelievable.

According to the T-Mobile internal memo, this is no longer an issue for 94% of Blackberry users who upgraded recently.

One could argue the use of auto loaders but I don't want to have my data formatted every time I load an update my carrier takes forever to push

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Still waiting to hear from Verizon, as well as Product Development at Blackberry. Still no 10.2 update for my Q10. Disheartening to say the least. Does Mr. Chen want us 'small time' users to switch and give bad press? Maybe he just doesn't care because we're such a small percentage in his grand plans.

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Thank you for speaking aloud what we all experience and don't know who to turn too. We have 3 BBs running 10 but only one has received 10.2.1. Yes we wish BlackBerry was more technologically advanced as Apple with how customers are treated. Feel like a fool for how Blackberry doesn't take care of us appropriately. BTW - don't abandon my PlayBook too. I already feel bad enough!!!

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At least we have Sachesi - no need to wait for updates. But I understand it's no go for enterprise...

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* BREAKING NEWS * - John Chen has just spoken with the CEOs of AT&T and Verizon about the issue. They have apologized and, instead of the update, are announcing a special upgrade deal where any Blackberry use can trade in their existing smartphone and get a $200 credit towards a new Blackberry!*

* or any other smartphone

If Verizon deigns to give a $200 credit towards a new phone, and IF I want a new Blackberry, will it come with 10.2.1 OS? In a classic case where two positives can actually make a negative, "yeah, right"!

Posted via CB10

I spoke with Verizon Customer service. They know nothing of the $200 tradein. They did tell me that my Q10 is worth $74 if I want to upgrade... or I can get in the Edge program... still no information, other than Customer Service gets informed of the update when it is released, not before.

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@early2bed - I'm assuming your post is a jab at TMO. If not, please cite your source or post a link to it, as I haven't seen or heard anything confirming your statement. It's hard to imagine that AT&T would scrap the release of an update in lieu of handing out credits of $200 (or any amount, for that matter), toward a new BlackBerry device. Maybe some people want a new device. I, personally, just want 10.2.1, especially given that I've only had my Q10 for eight months, and absolutely love it.

After a slate of really lost posts here finally we have a good one. This is a great idea and hopefully it materializes.

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I wholeheartedly agree with this! I'm on Verizon and my Z30 does not have the update. The updates should have a defined roll out schedule. They don't need to be available to everyone at once (though that would be nice) but there should be a schedule. It just seems that they are throwing darts at the wall here.

Also trying to figure out why a lot of Verizon Z30 demo units have 10.2.1...

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I agree 100%,this is something that should have happened a long time ago!


Hey Mr. Chen, help me please I'm running on AT&T, enough said!

I flick all my words from my amazing BlackBerry Z10

Love we.. we should definitely have more of these open letters... great letter teamberry

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BLACKBERRY is lucky that. Apple doesnt have a 4.2 or 5 screen... and sd card slot.. after that i would've left BB along time ago.. cause of the bugs on the OS. T-mobile never release 10.2 why the HELL they taken 3 times longer only cause of the wifi calling feature...

This is a great idea. Hopefully Mr Chen will get on this right away. I'm sure customers have complain directly to him via emails and letters but, most of the time these get trashed. Since Crackberry is a global site made specifically for BlackBerry users maybe Mr Chen, or staff, will finally pay attention to this really important matter.
I'm an at&t customer and sent them a couple of emails, couple of calls and even twitts in the past with regards to the OS updates. All I got was; "we'll let you know when an update is available." These were the same answers on all occasions.
I finally gave up and decided to "control my own destiny", I'm not a computer savvy at all, I wasn't sure if by running an os leaked my phone would work the same. I began installing leaks into my phone including the latest one; When I saw here (CB) that the official OS would be available globally, I got really excited and looked for it within my phone, little did I know that this would never happen.
I decided to stick with the leaked version and I don't regret it at all. I did a complete security wipe to my phone and began from scratch, since then my phone works perfectly fine and still running OS.
I want to thank the Crackberry team, and fans, for offering the leaks and submitting steps on this site to make the process a bit easier when it comes to installing the leaks. Thank you all, again.


....perhaps all BlackBerry Nation supporters in the U.S. should all transfer over to T-Mobile as a carrier, then purchase T-Mobile stock; meanwhile, BlackBerry should focus the next year or so on making tons of money through Enterprise, then come back and BUY T-MOBILE completely and change the name to BlackBerry Mobile, one Nation for all...!!

I would really like to see, in the interim, BlackBerry mimic Windows Phone and allow a bypass for immediate OS updates. This is a must in my opinion and I hope wouldn't take much effort to implement. Being on Verizon and seeing the Z10 get 10.2.1 but have no date for the Q10 or Z30 is both puzzling and frustrating.

Everytime I see a new post here in Crackberry about how to do this, do that or what's new on latest 10.2 version is frustrating to see. Other counties are enjoying the version. This is one major factor why BlackBerry is loosing the battle here in US. Do I blame BlackBerry "YES" do I blame the Carriers "YES". Both must seat here in front of my office and tell me (((WHAT THE HELL))) is going on.!!!???

"Initiated from my Q10 "

Dear Mr. Chen,

Please "un-carrier" the pushing of software updates.
US carriers just want to kiss a$$ of Cupertino and Mountain View, and not bother about Waterloo (or Redmond for that matter).

Please just get it done.
We know that the leaks work well on our devices, which are not pushed by or tested by the carriers.
Then simply going by that logic, be BOLD (pun intended) and push out the updates directly to the end user.

Nuff said. Nuff waited.

Posted via CB10

And oh BTW, my AT&T BlackBerry Z10 is "officially" supposed to run
And you, as BlackBerry Limited, have released version 10.2.1.
Just see how ancient and abhorred we have become.
Don't let the US carriers decide what BlackBerry Limited should do.

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BlackBerry need to sells phones directly, unlocked, and forget carriers!

God Bless You!

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ok i have to say i am happy with vodafone germany.. but i feel the pain of other BB10 users if they left behind...

Still waiting on the 10.2.1 update for my Q10 on Sprint USA. I am starting to not believe in blackberry anymore, at least if Blackberry is having a very complex issue with Sprint carriers. Team Crackberry do you know why 10.2.1 hasn't come to Sprint?

Posted via CB10

As an AT&T Z10 user in California, I applaud CrackBerry for this post. The 10.2.1 delay is simply laughable.

Posted via CB10

I have no issues with being in Canada but I really feel bad for those that have to wait months after an upgrade is sent. I'm sorry but this is unacceptably if that was me in the U.S.
I really think it's a conspiracy with the Carriers that support Apple and Android. Too much money is thrown at the Carriers and it's not fair.

Posted via CB10

Worst open letter ever. They are crystal clear aware of this but can't do anything about it because their carrier relationships are hanging by a thread as it is

Rogers has stayed on top of them for the most part but I install leaks when the opportunity presents itself and has promising new features. I think as time passes the need for updates won't seem so critical.

There's no point using the excuse that it's up to carriers anymore and that only Apple has the clout to pull it off and BlackBerry can't afford to p*ss off the carriers etc.

The carriers already do basically nothing for BlackBerry so what's the point in worrying about what they want? Carrier relations couldn't get any worse.

So yeah sod it. Bypass them and just do global updates.

Posted via CB10

Apple do not have the clout, they simply delay their releases until the american carriers are ready and as far as BB not having anything to lose, the carriers do have the ability to block an imei from their network entirely if they so chose.

Being in the U.S. on AT&T, I got sick of waiting for them to release 10.2.1. I downloaded Sachesi and updated my software using the official Rogers release. Sadly this isn't a viable solution for some people.

Not that it's all that surprising, but U.S. carriers still haven't pushed out the update. Bummer.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

I selected the third option. I install leaks as I can so the fact that people are crying cause their carrier is delaying only makes me laugh all the much more. Great letter though.

Why can't they figure this stuff out themselves and at least communicate to smart phone users. Doesn't seem to be much of a carrier relationship in the US. Carriers like ATT compete directly with BlackBerry, T mobile undercuts BlackBerry device business. Why bother? Sell direct and update direct!! Probably some long standing carrier agreements but Jeeezz!!! There is so little time to lose!!! Change the model!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

You're not really missing anything if you don't have 10.2.1 other than some obtrusive UI bits and a pile of bugs.

First post on here.
Maybe we should tell him to hire some QA team and train BlackBerry developers on maintaining the core features of the OS without breaking it with the useless updates.
After applying deleting from the hub became a hassle . You have to open an email to delete it.

All OS's are adding more features except for BlackBerry when it comes to pushing updated.

After 14+ of years developing and managing software teams, I finally recognized this company's success was based on pure luck and some good laid off developers.

Posted via CB10

Carriers are certainly not supporting BlackBerry and have made clear that they won't in a near future, BlackBerry should find a way for their loyal customers to give them updates without the carriers.

Posted via CB10

i am from Asia no problem on bb10 update we have 2 bb10 in our family both receives updates.

Posted via CB10

USA we want updates A La Apple. On time.
Carriers are still testing They have no idea when it will OS 10.2 will be released

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Sir john Chen, please try to help us USA blackberry faithful users. I have called att several times, and every time I get a different answer. The first time I called in management said they don't support blackberry and 10.2.1 will not be released. Second time they said they were working on it. I don't know what to believe anymore. I love my Z 10 but can't enjoy all the options. And I paid full price for it the day it came out. Not cool of att.

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Regardless of why this is not happening for BlackBerry, it needs to happen...for all OS

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The truth is that carriers aren't supporting blackberry so why should we have to wait for them to release the update? Also for the people saying that android takes just as long, well it's completely different. Google releases the os which is sent out to the manufacturers who then have to test it out with their devices and skins. The carriers are rarely the ones delaying an os release for say samsung or htc. It shouldn't take months for a carrier to test an os.

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If you think the carriers aren't supporting BB now, wait until BB pushes an update without carrier approval. Those carriers could easily refuse to activate new BB phones on their network. You could buy your phone direct from BB all you like, but you'd be stuck using it on WiFi only. How'd THAT be for "no carrier support"?

I'm still waiting on my update via TMO. I read their status/delay article about wait for the internet calling but this is crazy long to wait for a major update. There are so many features with the new update that fix issuse that made me for a second reconsider my Q10 purchase. I think BlackBerry should release updates like Apple and if a carrier is developing a custom feature, then make that a secondary minor update once it's ready.

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