Open GL ES Support Announced At BlackBerry Developer Conference - See It in Action on Need for Speed Shift Demo!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Nov 2009 06:01 pm EST

Update: So we're waiting for some further confirmation as to actually which existing device models will be able to take advantage of the new Open GL ES support. Storm2 for sure, and we think the 8530 (devices using the latest Qualcomm Chipsets), but we're not 100% sure what the scoop is here. Stay tuned!

One of the most frequently asked questions by both BlackBerry developers and owners over the past couple of years is When is 3D graphic support coming to BlackBerry? That question need not be asked anymore as today Research in Motion announced Open GL ES Support for BlackBerry. Furthermore, they showed it in action via a live demo at the opening keynote of the second annual BlackBerry Developer Conference.

Be sure to watch the video above of a BlackBerry Storm2 running EA Mobile's Need for Speed Shift. We were on location in San Francisco to catch this BlackBerry milestone live. Pure Wicked. Let's hope we see a TON of awesome new games take advantage of this and roll out soon. The Open GL ES support won't just be for the Storm2, but for devices running the 5.0 platform (not necessarily all). Read the press release for more details! Excited much?! I know I am!!

Reader comments

Open GL ES Support Announced At BlackBerry Developer Conference - See It in Action on Need for Speed Shift Demo!!


i've been waiting for something like that. i have the need for speed for the S1 and only used half screen and key pad's. sucks, now we finally got one just like the iPhone. i cant wait to get it.

Wow!!! The one thing I wished my BB had, and now it does!!!
I phone users cant through lack of open GL support in our face anymore! Now BB is one step closer to being a true all in one device!

I am definitely happy RIM is doing something good for a change!!!!!!

Finally best of both worlds ---- business and leisure from one device.


i hope storm1 gets the loving on graphics wise.

and i bet when this shit comes out. these games will be expensive as hell. They are already $5-8 for games by EA.

will the apps be. unless rim allows users to install these games on media cards, you're kinda screwed. rock band for the iphone is over 100 megs alone!

Right, because all the other smartphone platforms had open gl es support last year. Typical consumer that has very unrealistic expectations and skewed perceptions of mobile computing.

You are now the typical nub because you don't realize what he's saying AND he's right! It's not that the devices before had Open GL support, it's that THEY SHOULD HAVE gotten Open GL support a long time ago and prepared their devices for it.

In regards to the vid, that must have been a gutted Storm 2 because now Blackberry would have the space to run that kind of a game normally. They will most likely have to give support to save games/apps to the media card. I don't understand why they couldn't give the darn devices 8 or 16 behind RIM...come on...cheers to the future.

I almost feel like I should wait for Storm 3 when all they will be perfected. Seeing the Storm 2 specs and then hearing all these awesome new support tools out for Blackberry devices almost feels like they put the cart before the horse. I want to see a device that will handle this properly and has the specs to prove it.

only nub here is the one who refers to opengl es (embedded systems) as opengl.

You go ahead and keep waiting for "new technology" to come out. Not only will you save money, you won't have ever have to bitch about the expected features the product should have included.

do yourself a favor and go get a nintendoDS or psp if you want to game.

i'm not into playing games but when this game comes out for 5.0 i will be downloading. another reason to fall in love with rim all over.

Finally this awesome hardware in these cellphones will get used fully. Been waiting on this for 2 years now.

I'm so excited about this!!! This is the one thing I've been wanting on my phone as I use it all day long and sometimes just to pass the time. Now we need to get WiFi enabled multiplayer going for games too.

I think the Open GL will not only offer exciting games but also will help improve overall feeling of the OS and let the developers create more user rich apps and content.

This is awesome! My only question is, what is RIM going to do about the other problems we have. You know like where are we supposed to store all these neato games? And when are all the current features on the Storm going to work? I hope they are working on those issues too!

Is it me or do we really have a big problem here? I have a storm and I always wondered why I have to install apps to my phones 128MB RAM when the device has 1GB of internal storage and a 8GB SD card. Anybody but me think that this has to change if we are to benefit from all these new goodies.

Unless we will be able to load this to the media card or utilize the devices device will be useless. There is simply not enough memory space for these apps.

I would much rather see the Webkit browser long before I can play a racing game on my Blackberry.

First the game looks way too easy. Doesn't look like it has damage or true physics. Other than that it's a step in the right direction. I agree with the above posters, these are going to take up a lot of memory. Where will this memory come from? If it's on a removable card then what happens if you forget your card at home, or you've filled up several cards and your not sure which card has what on it. I guess with a 16gb card you might not have this issue and when the 32gb cards come out or are reasonable enough then that may help as well.

I'm hoping for 32gb of internal memory. I'm not sure how hard that is to do for RIM. Also with the ability to have a removable card as well.

I would also like to see a better browser before these types of games.

Well it sure would be nice if that game actually worked like that! I bought, downloaded & installed Need For Speed Shift last Saturday...I only get a red circle with a line through's not compatible with Storm1 even though EA in all their brilliance claim that it is on AppWorld. Buyer beware!!

This is where iPhone is soo popular. Its all about the games with the younger generation and some adults that just cant seem to grow up. Games are cool, but I hope Blackberry doesnt make this their focal point. Blackberries are for business professionals,not kiddie teenie boppers wanting games! Make games available, but please lets not turn it into a focal point of why Blackberry is soo awesome!