Oops: BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Shows Up In Upcoming Best Buy Mobile Buyer's Guide... Missing The 2

BlackBerry Storm 9550 Best Buy
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2009 11:45 pm EDT

Gotta love our CrackBerry community. Member zachslusser just got home from his local Best Buy, where on the way he out he spotted the new Best Buy Catalogue that's to come out on October 25th sitting in a box behind the counter and grabbed it as a parting gift. Nicely done :)

Inside is a photo and blurb about the BlackBerry Storm 9550. No pricing or availability are listed, which makes sense since this catalogue probably finalized for press before RIM even announced the new Storm, though it would have been nice if somebody could have tipped Best Buy off earlier that it was to be called the BlackBerry Storm2. After typing Storm2 so many times over the past week, it just seems wrong to see BlackBerry Storm 9550 written without the 2 anymore. More images at the link below. Thanks zachslusser!

PS. Dear Verizon. Puhleaze announce the BlackBerry Storm2 already. You're giving me an ulcer.

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Oops: BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Shows Up In Upcoming Best Buy Mobile Buyer's Guide... Missing The 2


What do I win?


I really hope it is at or below $200. Or my wife may say "no".

Edit: I was "that" close....

should they really call it the 2 if its replacing the old storm? Its like cars. When the new dodge ram comes out they dont call it the dodge ram2. Its by year. I think it being the storm 9550 is good enough. Im pretty sure once this is out they will or already have stopped making the old storm.

I agree, Albokay. It replaces the original storm, or is this incorrect? If we get into numbering, what happens in 5 years? Storm 7 25000?

RIM should just go by the device number: Storm 9550. I dont see people saying Bold 2. I see Bold 9700. :p

just DL the latest OS 5.0 leak for the Storm 1. it made my jaw drop. i never knew the phone could actually NOT SUCK!

The Storm 2 just doesn't give me tactile feedback the same way 9700 does... I've probably had four heart attacks over the new Bold, including one this morning. Actually, that was more like Tom-Cruise-on-couch moment.

I digress.

i posted in forums two days ago they are releasing the s2 oct 25th. i saw it on their computer while i was snooping. told em i had th cash to pay full retail and they got all giddy. lol

Looking closer, I see NEW also with the star above it, which means it is not refurbished like new, and has passed V numerous tests to be reused by consumer. LOL

Dont mean to burst your bubble here. But, this device still hasn't been publicly launched by vzw. It hasnt even "officially" come into the equipment guide. It's not showing as coming new as of yet.

Can it be that it was supposed to be out on the 25th at best buy but because of the delay it isnt? They just changed the info in the e-guide yesterday but still has the picture of the S1.

Doubt the 25th, but I maybe wrong. All of these assumptions... Why not just wait for a release date?

Please VZ I am getting anxiey attacks.......I want my Storm2, Storm 2, Storm 9550, Blackberry 9550, Whatever you want to call it. Just give me one NOW!

How can Verizon release the Storm 2 when they are doing the BOGO promotion until Nov.7th? The 9550 would also have to be included in that promo wouldn't it. Maybe they will do that as I did see the thread released earlier that did say BOGO on the 9550????

I would think that they would wait till this promom is over before releasing the new Storm. NOV. 8th.

Our local Verizon is having a radio station there this weekend though for some big "promo" going on. Maybe!!!

It's not technically incorrect. I would expect that Storm 9550 or Storm2 would both be correct names. Storm2 9550 seems a bit of a mouthful.

Why does it have to be "storm2". Who really cares. Its the same device but smoother OS and more powerful hardware and a change in the buttons. We dont see bold2 tour3 curve8.... it is the "storm 9550". thats all there is to it.

I work in the print shop where this was printed and knowing our pre press department it was most likely their fault... they fail so hard.

and the verizon guy was like umm idk but the 25th sounds good then again black friday sounds good too.... i mentioned best buy and he said yea they might get it sooner? Went to best buy and guy didn't know but he let me play with the plastic dummy phone. Also he said there should be something about it in sundays add paper from them... probably doesn't include price or purchase date. I think the 25th may just be a hey a really exsist party and not a buy me today party :(

i think you are correct sir.

It's sad as i will be upgrading from my pearl and needless to say, it has been around the block a few times. I could really use a release date of the 25th... but its just not gonna happen.

I think i shed a little tear...

If it is the Storm 9550, and not 9530, who really gives a flying phuck if they say 2 or not?

And if Verizon hasn't officially announced it, so f'ing what? You losers know it's coming, right?

oooooooo, some loser saw an add that didn't say "Storm 2". Seriously, get a life or a girlfriend.

All in fun.

Might be stepping into a pile, but oh well. Went to our local mall here at lunch and ran into a friend of mine that is a corporate manager for "the largest Verizon agent in the US". Was telling him about the new software I loaded on my Storm yesterday and telling him how it is becoming a decent phone finally. I asked him about the Storm 2 release date and he said without hesitation that it was being released Monday October 26.

Here is where it really gets deep! He said he was not going to do anything until January when the IPhone contract with AT&T runs out. I told him that if it was confirmed that the IPhone was coming to Verizon in January, that in this world of the internet, somebody would know about it and it would be all over these bulletin boards! He said he has been in launch meetings and he swears the IPhone is coming to Verizon in January 2010. Only time will tell.....

With their recent "iDon't/Droid" ad campaign, I seriously doubt the iPhone is coming to Verizon anytime soon...

iAgree. Never say never but why would you run such a negative iPhone commericial now only to try and push it 3-months later.

I have heard that.....Someone in management told me thatthe beginning of this month. Apple doesnt want to wait until their contract with At&t ends and may call it something else....I have heard this story

With the new on my original Storm, I am going to wait until January at least to see if the Iphone does come out on Verizon. By then, they should have most of the bugs worked out of the Storm 2 anyway. Still liking the OS on the Storm!