Ooops... My Bad - Google CEO Caught Using a BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jul 2009 08:43 am EDT
Google's CEO Uses a BlackBerry

D'oh! Once a BlackBerry Addict, ALWAYS a BlackBerry Addict. It seems Google's CEO Eric Schmidt was recently caught on camera at the Allen & Co Media Summit in Sun Valley using, you guessed it, a BlackBerry!

Now I can't say that I blame him for using a BlackBerry... and I guess he could get away with the excuse of beta testing the new Google Connector for BES or trialing an upcoming version of Google Maps for BlackBerry but when you're trying to make a new platform like Android gain traction in the market place it doesn't really make sense for the CEO of the company to be using the competition. I'd argue this is more of a I can't get through the day without my BlackBerry thing. At least he put a Google sticker on the device. Or hey, let's think big... maybe RIM is building Google some hardware that runs the Android platform?! 

That all said, I say big props to Eric Schmidt... though I'm not sure the folks at AndroidCentral will ever forgive you. :)

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Ooops... My Bad - Google CEO Caught Using a BlackBerry!


Hey even though that's true, be nice! I have to use a G1 until my Driftwood comes out! lol so true though. Why would he use android, the picture app would have asked him to force close, and he wouldn't have been able to get a picture.

Blackberry is the only device any self-respecting business person (especially a CEO) should use. Which phone is it though?

Based on the size it looks like an 8900 to me. You'd think a true crackberry addict would black that thing out. :/

Is the bezel gold plated on his curve or is that just a lighting or reflection?

I agree with the previous statements; a true business person is most likely caring a BB. I have said before and will say again, "A BlackBerry shows the business community you are serious." Take an Iphone or G1 into our boardroom and you'll get laughed at.

To me, there's just something, I don't know, "young" I guess for lack of better words about the iPhone. I don't really know much about the G1, but friends have the iPhone & that's what comes to mind when I think of the iPhone, give me my Berry anyday!

Who puts a phone to their eye when taking a photo? I mean its not like the thing has a viewfinder....its has a big LCD screen to display what you're going to capture. Very odd.

Of course it is a BB, and it looks like it has a Google sticker on the battery cover as well. I would assume since he is not eating the dogfood, he is being served his email from a Novell email server too. ;-)

I don't think he is using it as a "viewfinder", more like he is trying to hide. I mean, even if you're a CEO, when you are using the competition's product, you don't want everyone to know XD

Also, it not a regular Google sticker - its the egrips non slip strip that was handed out at CTIA (and other places, I'm sure)

I this everyone missing the big picture here, lets be realistic. I mean he probably has multiple gadgets including a G1 that sync to his email / tasks / contacts etc.. If I was CEO of a company like Google I would use as many of my products as possible. I'd use the G1, occasionally, use a blackberry loaded with all the google apps they make for it (which is quite a few) and probably some other devices as well. I mean no doubt he's a gadget head like the rest of us. I highly doubt he exclusively uses the blackberry and just 'cant live without it'. Android is a great OS for as young as it is and capable of integrating with corporate email - especially Google's corporate email.... I mean they did build the OS, and their email system lol.

It is a Curve 8900 because he holds the device in the middle, so he presses the trackball and not the screen-shutter on the right buttom of the storm.