Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan has a BlackBerry PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2011 12:47 am EDT
Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan has a BlackBerry PlayBook

We're rather used to celebrities getting devices ahead of actual release but The Finance Minister of Ontario, Dwight Duncan, gets one too?! Craziness, I say. In any event, Mr. Duncan showed up to take part in the Ontario budget lock-up carrying the yet to be released BlackBerry PlayBook at his side.

When questioned about the device and wheter or not he was getting paid for showing the device off Mr. Duncan replied “I think that we should be very proud of Ontario businesses that innovate.” while that may sound like a closing argument statement he also noted that the budget included an extra $50-million over the next 10 years for the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario. The institute of course was founded by RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

In addition to carrying a BlackBerry PlayBook to the lockup, the printed version of the Ontario provincial budget also features an image of the BlackBerry PlayBook on the front of it. According to the information, Mr. Duncan was so fond of the PlayBook and his budget which concentrates on funding for innovative organizations such as RIM that he wanted to read it off his BlackBerry PlayBook. In the end though, the opposition declined his request.

Source: Globe and Mail

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Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan has a BlackBerry PlayBook


I suppose it makes sense considering how much business rim does with the canadian government. And it is reassuring to know that my hard earned tax dollars are going to a worthwhile company. Maybe they ought to pass a new bill that gives all canadians a playbook?

My guess is he's been spamming the other ministers with emails, so they asked RIM to provide him with a device with no email client.

You realize that you can send any type of email with the playbook right? cause it has an actual browser unlike your igaypad. Outlook, hotmail, gmail all work on the playbook.

Why would you want native email anyways? so your phone, computer and now tablet receive the email? I hate checking off 'read' on my phone/computer. Why on earth would i want to do that on a tablet now also? You always have your phone with you, I don't see how native email could ever be a problem. When RIM releases it in the summer, i'll be sure to disable that feature.

stupid trolls.

since when does the iPad not have a real browser? I can access pretty much any full site, including email sites... I can understand wanting native email in a tablet since its probably the device many are carrying in place of a laptop.

I think RIM is working with a lot of organizations/enterprises/governments to get early adoption of the PlayBook started with some good momentum. In my Supply Chain Management course we had the CIO of Canadian Blood Services in as a guest speaker and he has had a beta PlayBook for months and said would be getting a production model soon. His organization took a look at the iPad but found it didn't have the security/control enterprise needs.

His organization is implementing the PlayBook in their production facilities for remote monitoring and wireless comunication throughout production process. More info on my blog: http://www.willw.net/blackberry-playbook-being-deployed-at-canadian-bloo...

It figures the most out of control spending province would get a playbook. He probably uses it to calculate tax increases and watch movies about socialist tax policies in the EU

By the way, there's no way that's an actual picture of a PlayBook on the budget cover jacket. Just a generic tablet of some kind, but among other things the bezel is way too narrow to be a PlayBook.

how much did this cost the tax payers for him to get an early one? is this where our "no tax increase" health care "premium" is going?