OnMyWay From TeleNav Now Offers Additional Device Compatibility

OnMyWay From TeleNav Now Available To Sprint, Verizon And T-Mobile Users
By Bla1ze on 7 Apr 2010 10:35 am EDT

OnMyWay, the free and simple notification application designed to assist users keep a person or group of people informed about your ETA to an event or location was released initially only to AT&T customers. Now the company behind OnMyWay, TeleNav has expanded the device and carrier compatibility list. The top four carriers have been covered.

  • Verizon - BlackBerry 8530 & 9630
  • Sprint – BlackBerry 8330, 8330m, 8350i, 8530, 9630
  • T-Mobile – BlackBerry 8800, 8820, 8900, 9700
  • AT&T- BlackBerry 8310, 8800, 8900, Bold 9000, 9700

As mentioned, the application is free to download just keep in mind data and SMS charges will apply when using the application. However, you'll likely save on SMS messages anyways cause your wife/husband/friends will no longer be messaging you and asking "Where are you?" or whatever other variation of hurry the hell up you can think of.

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OnMyWay From TeleNav Now Offers Additional Device Compatibility


I just can't get the AppWorld thing! I know it's a way of RIM making another Buck or Two, but on top of its using less then adequate processors and memory, its just another reason to use a Google Phone.

Still under contract for 10 months, and that's as long as RIM has to shape up for me!

Appworld indicates that my 8330m (Sprint, latest official OS) is not supported by this application!? Did Telenav forget to tell Appworld about this change?

I was excited about this when it was first made available, but it has one fatal flaw for me: I actually have to use roads to drive from Point A to Point B, but the software seems to assume I'm in some sort of hovercraft. A 3.75 hour trip across Florida registers as a little over an hour drive time in the message it sends out - that's nice, if there were straight-line roads directly to my destination.

They're already polling some server to gain information about the trip - why not make an educated guess about the route I'm going to take and make the first email it sends a little more reasonable?

I looked on my app store, on my 8330m Sprint BB, and this app is not available for my carrier...

Lies and fail on telenav :(

I have an 8350i that's also supposed to be supported but App World is telling me that it is not available for my device or my carrier.

Oh good heavens! All smart phone apps need to be able to run in the background or allow switching otherwise the app isn't an app for the phone.

I use several apps in conjunction with being a road warrior, that means I need to be able to open 2-3 apps just for the purpose yet OMW doesn't allow switching so it has to be the absolutely last app to open and then of course I have to leave it running until my destination 6 hours later... no way is that going to happen.

Oh... and no android version? :S