Only web launchers for us BlackBerry Fantasy Football League owners this year

By Kerri Neill on 13 Sep 2011 09:40 am EDT
CB Fantasy Football

Are you ready for some football? I know I am even though my beloved Steelers let me down big time with that Super Bowl loss last year. Now that the season has started (thank goodness the lockout ended in time), fantasy leagues are in full swing as well. With a fantasy league you have to be ready to make/accept trades, change your starting lineup last minute and nab free agents at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, there isn't much love for us BlackBerry users when it comes to actual applications so it's web launchers this go round for us.

Yahoo Fantasy Football logo If you have a Yahoo league like those of us in the CBFanatics League, this year you will again have to use the web launcher that Adam showed us last season. With Yahoo! Fantasy Football, you can view live scoring, team matchups, player stats & any current player news.

CBS Fantasy FootballFor those of you with CBS Sports Leagues, you can access your teams via CBS Sports Mobile. Again, it's only a web launcher but it works if you're in a pinch and need to update your team, check out the scores & any player updates.

ESPN Fantasy Football logoAnd finally, for those of you like me with an ESPN league, you can access all your ESPN Fantasy Football teams via their mobile page and get scores, player updates & stats. Those who are on Verizon can also get the ESPN MVP app to manage their teams.

    If any of our readers out there know of more launchers or perhaps actual applications that will help out us football fanatics, please feel free to share in the comments section below. Good luck to all of you out there in your fantasy leagues!

    More information / download of Yahoo! Fantasy Football
    More information / download of CBS Sports
    More information / download of ESPN Mobile Fantasy Football

    Reader comments

    Only web launchers for us BlackBerry Fantasy Football League owners this year


    "Ridiculous" is an understatement... Not even the freaken playbook has a FF app... Using the the yahoo FF site on the PB to change ur roster is horrible...

    Irony is that Yahoo USED to have an app, many moons ago (like 3 seasons ago) but they abandoned it. :(

    Not even a launcher for Yahoo! on my 9930. I just have to bookmark it and place the bookmark on my home screen.

    thank god for the PlayBook.....I would be upset this year if I did not have a PB, at least I can view scores and such while on couch without having to turn on my pc (even though I still did week 1 is done, on to week 2, who is my next victim?.....lmao

    The PB is a saviour...I use it for and Yahoo. I was able to do the live draft on it for also! That was cool...

    The cbs app is more than a weblauncher you can set lineups and add/drop players but it still sucks and only works half the time

    This is actually part of the reason I am considering leaving BlackBerry. RIM is being VERY stupid here by not supporting the tens of millions of Fantasy Football players.

    Really? Your leaving RIM because no Football app? Would you give up a Porsche because it didn't have a satelite radio?

    Its not just the FF apps, or lack thereof, its a bunch of other apps too... So its more like giving up Porsche because it has a broken radio, missing bumper, and with a V-tec engine (oh yeah, and no satelite radio). Ok, I guess I'm just a frustrated BB Lover-- BB user.

    Ummm....RIM not supporting fantasy football? Rim can't MAKE yahoo etc develop a web app. Maybe you should consider saying screw yahoo et al for not having any love for blackberry.

    FWIW though,'s mobile website isn't mentioned here but it's very good this year, at least I think so, and I far prefer their fantasy format over the others.

    It's embarrasing. My PASTOR at church said this last sunday, "Head over to our website and get the bulletin board app for your iPad, iPhone, or Android. Sorry BlackBerry users that's so 2002."

    Makes me so mad when everytime I see a useful app I want it's not available for BlackBerry.

    While an app would be nice, I've never found it 100% necessary. I simply bookmark the league pages and do all my changes with the browser. And with the tabbed browsing in OS6-7 it makes it easier to keep up on multiple leagues.
    I'll also second that PlayBook comment. That's actually one of the main reasons I got my PB...
    And it's not RIM's fault that there aren't any apps for Fantasy. Blame the developers for not making one. *sigh*

    Do you also complain that your laptop didn't come with a twitter app?

    The playbook as a twitter app... its called a browser.

    Is there no justice is the world? Wtf I don't get why they cudint re-launch the prior years app and just change the year ... The Y! '09 app was great and the ESPN '10 app was also on the same level if not better (access to INsider content included).... Is it possible for one of our crackberry readers to mod the old apps to work w/ this years leages? I'd pay for em and I'm sure thousands of others would too....

    Just switched back to Directv(14 years) after 2 years with Comcast---latest promotion being what it is, I get NFL Sunday Ticket/Sunday Ticket Mobile/Red Zone---one channel is my fantasy channel, where my son and I can plug in the players on our separate teams to keep track of right on that THAT is cool....incidentally, my league has a launcher for blackberry, no app.

    I have the ESPN app on iPad and iPod touch, and it is far inferior to the mobile website. I don't know if that's true of all mobile apps. If my only choices were to use the app on iPad or the mobile site on my 9930, I'd choose the mobile site every time. (However, my league is a fan of the Smack board, which requires Flash, and which doesn't work on BB or iOS, so I generally use my laptop anyway.)