Only 20% of BlackBerry Users Are Rocking OS 5.0 - What OS Version Are You Running?

By Adam Zeis on 12 May 2010 03:19 pm EDT

BlackBerry OS Comparison

Today our good buddy Al Sacco posted up a pie chart (I'm partial to bar-graphs myself, but whatever works) that shows some very interesting numbers. According to the data, only 20% of BlackBerry users are currently running OS 5.0 (about 8 million out of 41 million users). About 24% are using OS 4.6.1, while the biggest percentage of users (27%) are still on OS 4.5. There are also a huge amount of users running an older, near outdated OS, most likely still just using reliable devices and never seeing the need to upgrade. This just goes to show that even though OS 5.0 has been made available for most devices, not everyone chooses to upgrade their software. Some people like to just stick with what works, and who can blame them? To help verify these stats, we decided to let you have at it and see if the numbers match up. We're thinking that most CrackBerry readers are already using OS 5.0, and honestly, we'd be surprised if that weren't the case, but certainly some of you are running a lower OS version. So sit back, relax, cast your vote in the poll below and lets see if everything jives! If you need help finding you OS version, go to Options > About.


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Only 20% of BlackBerry Users Are Rocking OS 5.0 - What OS Version Are You Running?


Looks like the majority of cb users are prosumers, makes sense. Half the people that are running an os lower than 5.0 probably have never been to crackberry.

Actually, USC DID officially release v5.0 for the 9630 about 3 or 4 weeks ago. is their official release at this time. I am running it on my tour right now and have been since their official release, although I did load a leaked 5.0 os right after Christmas b/c I didn't want to have to wait for any carriers to do an official release b4 I upgraded.

I'm happy my 8330m (Alltel branded) stopped working and I took it to Verizon and they exchanged it with a regular 8330 (Verizon branded) which I loaded OS 5.0 on.

Just registered and am a newby to Didn't notice the "reply" option until after I posted this as my own comment below...

I'm using 4.5 but not by choice. I've tried to update to 5.0 but 4.5 is the only option I get. My carrier is Verizon. I've attempted the update on both the BlackBerry and Verizon websites. VIRTUAL VENOM - How'd you get 5.0 on yours?

While Sprint may think the 8330 can't handle 5.0 (whatev!), at least throw out some sprinkles for our ice cream sundae--4.6 or 4.7 to move us a little closer!!

AS a redhead I take offense to this!! J/K...AS an 8230 user I must VEHEMENTLY disagree!! LOL!! We hold the title of RIM's redheaded step children!! Months after release The Pearl Flip was left behind!! Some say GOOD I cry FOUL!! LOL!!

I don't think it's a matter of sticking with it because it works, they just don't upgrade period.

My BlackBerry 8520 T-mobile UK is running 5.0. Nice and smooth with no problems. I'm a bar graph person as well, pie charts are sooo eighties!

I still use 4.6 on my device. Never really felt the need to upgrade. Tried 5.0 for a while but didn't really like the threaded SMS, among other things.

It goes to show that only a tiny fraction of the blackberry users are waiting for this new OS6. Most people don't care. To be honest there's not that much difference from 4.5 to 5.0

Maybe if Danny Hesse would take a minute or two off from the spot light and remember that its Sprint TOGETHER (yea right) with Nextel and get 5.0 rolled out for the 8350i we too might have it. While your at it Dan the coverage is sinking here in Upeer Westchester County NY again. The leaves are back. How about a few more sites?

...because many mainstream carriers have not released an official OS version for older devices still in the midst of a contract. ROGERS are you listening??

...have been spoiled by the wealth of knowledge provided by this site and its users, and as TheBBman has mentioned it's quite likely a majority of that 20 percent reside here on Crackberry or other BlackBerry-related websites.

That being said, I don't blame people for not upgrading to 5.0 if its available for their device. It may be a personal preference, or their company doesn't want them to upgrade their business phones.

Personally I love 5.0 and the hybrids I've been running and would NEVER go back to 4.7. Hopefully the Tour gets some 6.0 love, otherwise I'll be jumping to the 9650.

Wish I was running 5 lol. Stupid 8330m, wish I had known when I bought it last November...
At least Sprint messed up and didn't use my upgrade :)

This chart reflects the number of people still using the curve 8300s.... I see about 100 people a day still rocking those, here in NY I could just imagine in other places

I'm loving the 5.0, unfortunately T-Mo doesn't so they aren't supporting it. Still, not enough reason to downgrade.

...that the stats are overwhelmingly pointing to OS5.0 on CB because those who are on old OS's are not blackberry heads like we are...therefore, they're not taking this survey either! LOL...smh

Rockin the 4.6 so much that I need a shovel to dig the pile of rocks off my 8350i...Waiting for the OFFICIAL 5.0 release, while my friends beta test the leaked version for 3 weeks now.

I think most users probably don't even know how to upgrade their device. Think about the demographic of the user and what enhancements the recent OS has brought. Is e-mail better? Is the phone better? Contact or calendar improved? This is what the majority of people at my work use their device to do. They will start running a new OS when they buy a new phone.

I'm on and I'm not liking it much. I can't turn off the word suggestions like I could with the older OS. Plus it capitalizes letters in the middle of words and breaks up sentences when I'm typing. Very aggravating and takes twice as long to type anything now since I have to go back and correct all the words it inserted and fix the caps it inserted and fix the broken sentences.

I'm using 4.5 but not by choice. I've tried to update to 5.0 but 4.5 is the only option I get. My carrier is Verizon. VIRTUAL VENOM - How'd you get 5.0 on yours?

I ran 5.0 long enough to realize my MMS messages were shrunken so much they were almost impossible to make out what they were, and to find out I hate threaded SMS. 4.5 for me!

I would like to have 5.0 but Im still rocking 4.5 on my Alltel branded 8130, Been waiting what seems like forever for Verizon to release the new 9650 so I can finally upgrade.

This statistic is amazing. Your poll however, will be significantly biased towards those who are running 5.0, as anyone who frequents these forums will more probably have the latest/greatest. I suspect there's a huge majority of BB owners out there who would say "Huh? 5.0 whu?"

You are both right in my case. Wouldn't know the first thing to do to upgrade AND didn't know anything ABOUT an upgrade...

I don't even know how to get past the "the certificate is not trusted" even though I click to trust it wants some sort of password to access a key 'vault' or some such thing. I definitely wouldn't benefit from 5.0 vs I don't think...

Why in God's name don't the carriers make these new OS's officially available?!? Why the hell doesn't AT&T roll out 5.0 to the Bold 9000?? What's the big delay? What's the big secret? Jesus Christ!

Along those same lines, is there any U.S. carrier that is generally accepted to be better than others (or at least better then AT&T) at making newer OS's available to their customers? I am thinking of making the jump soon to a different carrier and would appreciate any suggestions.

I love Verizon! They've always been super nice and helpful anytime I've called to speak to someone. Both regarding billing and devices.

Guessing your not using an official release on Verizon Tour then.
Tolerating 5.0 is 10000% accurate for Verizon's official 5.0 release for the Tour. Even with the patch they sent out.
From what I read the same goes for their official 5.0 upgrade for the Storm2.

Well I am using an vzw 8330 and and its rocking away in it :p lol .Almost like I have got a new phone just wiped and installed the 5.0 os yesterday

I check everyday if my 8330 will ever get an upgrade from the current 4.5 v. Is anybody out there running on a higher version for their 8330 ?

Thanks to Crackberry I was able to crack my 8900 and upgrade to 5.0 I don't understand why T-Mo is still at 4.6 when 5.0 works flawlessly

I'm stuck on 4.6.180 with the Flip on Tmobile. The last firmware update was 18 months ago, and tmo hasn't approved any firmware updates since then which was one of the earlier buggier releases. Example bugs are that pausing the media player results in the battery draining rapidly (device gets warm) and that it will randomly be locked up requiring a battery pull to reboot (about once a week, but sometimes twice in one day). That model is poorly manufactured with a common problem being the bluetooth hardware failing. (We've been through 5 phones on two lines, some unlucky folks have been through 5 on one line!)

If only some other manufacturer did UMA ...

I think the only officail 5.0 for an 8330 Curve, oddly enough is from Boost Mobile.
I could definitley be wrong on this as I don't check up on that device anymopre but I thought I read it somewhere in the forums or on a blog post.

I have an 8330 with os 5.0 on verizon. It's a hybrid, but runs so
Much better than 4.5. I wouldn't have it any other way. The ability to use 8530 themes is great, the alarm clock is superb and the browser is faster. All that and I still have enough memory for all my favorite apps!

Most users will only upgrade if they MUST, and then only to a carrier sanctioned OS.
Most of those millions of old devices have no upgrade path beyond 4.5. The 4.6 and 4.7 builds were only for very specific models, and official 5.0 builds don't exist for devices released more than about a year and a half ago or so ago.
The stats here will be meaningless compared to CIO's stats.

I can't put OS 5 on my Pearl because RIM wouldn't make 5 work with it (not enough memory on the thing). As it is, I'm stuck with 4.5 and couldn't do 5 if I wanted to.

However, as soon as AT&T starts selling the 9100 Pearl 3G, I'm there.

I've been on OS 5.0 since last October on my Storm. If I had waiting for my service provider that being Telus it would not have been until yesterday that I could have upgraded. How sad is that!

I'm on the unofficial 5.0 its not to bad I like some of the upgrades. But there's still some bugs to work out but I like the change

I'm on 5.0 right now, as are most people on this site. However, I wouldn't be surprised at all if 75% of users who don't spend a lot of time browsing this site have no clue what OS version they're currently on.

I feel that pie chart is accurate and shows how there is a good portion of consumers that have blackberry's that still on legacy or older software. Why? I think it comes down to those folks just dont know new one is out there. Its not like Apple where they announce it to the world and iTunes lets you know. Blackberry's Desktop Manager doesnt do that, so most folks probably dont even know one is even available, let alone probably dont even have Desktop Manager installed.

Yes all of us on crackberry are hardcore and want the latest and know how to do this stuff, but the vast majority of folks just have the device like its a phone, they probably have no clue that it can hookup to a computer and sync or update software. BES does such a good job of wirelessly backing up everything so a person never has to essentially hook it up to Desktop Manager.


And then there's all the corporate and government users who are on BES that are only allowed to do what their IT people let them do. As mentioned, most don't even have DM. My stepmother has a BB through the University where she works. She didn't even know about the Desktop Manager when I told her how I download the pictures I take from my Pearl. Since her computer is also managed by the University's IT department, she ain't gettin' DM either.

I find that many of my friends who have BlackBerries, have no idea that they are able update their phones. They aren't even aware that they can get updates through the Desktop Manager. A few of them haven't even uploaded DM to their PCs.

Don't wait for it. :). There are instructions in the forums on how to upgrade to another carrier's official BlackBerry OS.

I'm running on my BB Tour. I performed the OS wireless update just the other day. So far so good.

I have a curve 8520 and can't get the 5.0 update from T-Mobile or Blackberry yet. Blackberry's site says that it is supported on my phone. I hate having to wait.

I'm 70 years old and can't wait for an official update from AT&T. I'd probably be in the Senior Citizen Home by then.

I'm running v5.0.0.662-with hybrid Willyboy 9000-v4.2 610/662/664/669.

Keeps me young updating to latest O/S even in they are not an official update from AT&T.

I am surprised that that most of younger owners of cellphones do not keep up with "what is out there" as far as O/S's for their Blackberry's.


I stayed with version, an official version for the Verizon branded Tour. Why? I tried the various 5.0 official versions and even one of the leaks. Every one of the 5.0 versions had several issues. Therefore, the choice was easy. I stayed with what works for the phone itself and the various applications.

Considering the 8300 series is the best selling Blackberry and that all but 1 of those are stuck on 4.5 it makes sense that the majority of users are on 4.5. that'll change as they upgrade devices or, more likely, switch platforms unless rim make some drastic os changes.

I still have 4.5 on my 8330m. The joys of being with Sprint one of the slowest and last to get any new phones or upgrades. But I cant wait for the 9650. I have been holding out since the release of the first tour.

I still have 4.5 on my 8330m. The joys of being with Sprint one of the slowest and last to get any new phones or upgrades. But I cant wait for the 9650. I have been holding out since the release of the first tour.

If those numbers are based on official updates, they're probably off. Personally, I couldn't wait for Verizon to release 5.0 for the Tour. And anyway, from what I hear, some leaked OSes are better then the official on Verizon let out, so I'm not bothering to change to the official one.

Most of the Enterprise users I know don't know how to do anything beyond check e-mail and make a phone call on their device.

This might sounds stupid but I want the OS the 9630 was running before. When I send a SMS message before I was able to see when someone read my text. With OS5, it just tells me when I sent it and it has a D next to it. I want to know when the person reads the text.

some os's turn delivery report off. all you have to do is go to options>sms and turn "delivery report" back on.

If they'd make OS-5 compatible with the Pearl I'd upgrade in a flash. I just refuse to buy a newer model when this one still works just fine.

If Sprint would cough up 5.0, I'd be already running on it! I have Curve 8330 and its still alive and strong, doesnt seem like it will kick the bucket any time soon so I'm not upgrading my berry. Just gimme the danged overdue 5.0 OS please!

Your conclusions on why people don't upgrade is more obvious.

It's a roam thing. Version 4.3 has the ability to force roam. Upgrades do not.

That's the only reason I'm on 4.3.

But reason enough.

I tried went to the to load 5.0 and all I could get was an updated 4.5 wth...and now my phone is all jacked up! slow and laggy. I wanna go back to the other 4.5 but I'd rather have 5.0!!! Scared to try a leaked version!!!

I ran 4.5 on my 8300 until November 2009, when I bumped up to a 9700. Now I'm on OS 5.0. Given that the Curve line is the #1 selling device, I'm sure that makes up the vast majority of BB users. I would also hazard a guess that the majority of 83xx users are not prosumers and don't know or care enough to upgrade their OS. Many, or most, mind you, not all, lest I be flogged by those representin' hereabouts. :)

I've got 4.5 running on my 8330 and that is ONLY because of bluetooth issues with 5.0. It runs a bit slower but the features it adds far outweigh it. If they'd come out with a newer version of 5.0 that fixes the sound crackling on my bluetooth headset I'd switch in a heart beat. I have 5.0 on my girlfriends Storm 1.

I've got 4.5 running on my 8330 and that is ONLY because of bluetooth issues with 5.0. It runs a bit slower but the features it adds far outweigh it. If they'd come out with a newer version of 5.0 that fixes the sound crackling on my bluetooth headset I'd switch in a heart beat. I have 5.0 on my girlfriends Storm 1.

Does this data account for the number of people who simply can't upgrade their (people who don't admin their own phones) ??

Interesting poll, but I chose the Pearl Flip from Verizon, so I am stuck with OS 4.6. Why that is, I do not know, but I reckon I will have to save up for a new BB which enjoys better support!

I think that, that pie graph is a lie. LOL! Most BlackBerry users now, use v5.0. All my friends that uses BlackBerry uses v5.0, and of course, I do.

1) Most BlackBerrys are corporate models. Corporate IT departments are notoriously slow at pushing updates for anything.

2) Because so many BlackBerrys are handed out by businesses to employees, the users aren't hip to the fact that they can easily update their phones. I had to show my fiancee the other day after she had some complaints.

3) The slow pushout by the carriers also doesn't help. Sprint still hasn't pushed out the latest update for the Curve 8530.

4) There is no e-mail alert a la those for updating your apps. Which is amazing. RIM needs to send e-mail updates letting people know that they must update the OS pronto.

The only reason why 5.0 is so high (yes, high) is because people installed leaks on their phones which aren't official. I'd really like to see the numbers on official 5.0 devices. Majority of the Blackberry users don't even bother with that OS stuff so they are running whatever is available from the carrier.

I couldn't agree more. makes sense the vast majority of people who actually put an effort into being a website like crackberry actually have a more updated operating system.

RIM needs to really get the word out about OS upgrades, hopefully blackberry 6 launch has a byproduct of people realizing they can upgrade!!

Running Alltel's .419 on my US Cell Tour. Haven't tried their official 5.0 because my device runs great as it is.

I'm using on my BOLD 9000, only because ATT doesn't feel the need to release the Official Ver. yet. Maybe they are hoping everyone will simply buy a 9700, but I donot see the point in using my upgrade or spending the money on the 9700, as I don't see a big enough difference between the two phones.

I would instantly switch over to OS 5 as soon as Redington, Iusacell, or whichever carrier releases Japanese Romaji Input-enabled OS 5 for 9530.


Software Name: BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.7.0.230 (All Languages)
File Name: 9530jAllLang_PBr4.7.0_rel230_PL4.0.0.205_A4.7.0.167_Redington__India__Limited.exe
Download Size: 139.838 MB
Language: English
Published Date: 10/19/2009

Software Name: BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.7.0.230 (Multilanguage)
File Name: 9530jAMEA_PBr4.7.0_rel230_PL4.0.0.205_A4.7.0.167_Iusacell.exe
Download Size: 110.220 MB
Language: Spanish
Published Date: 10/16/2009

Of course most people that go to this website will have 5.0 they cannot settle for anything less

Idid upgrade my Verizon 8330 curve to 5.0 using the boost mobile upgrade. I liked the new clock and threaded text features, but the browser and overall performance on my curve was less desirable so I downgraded. Will keep 4.5 until I upgrade my phone. Or mabey try a 4.6 or 4.7 if I can find one.

I'd say 90% of the BB owners I know don't even realize you can update the software.

Heck the guy (recent college grad) two offices down from me went and bought the new Curve because his old was acting up and the trackball was falling out. He saw the new trackpad and wanted it, and was showing me all of these "new" OS features.

I was laughing... told him he could have updated his phone and got all of that with the OS, didn't need to buy a new phone and extend a contract.

These same people who don't know you can update BB OS's, seemingly all know that new Apple OS's are out there as I've heard BB owners complain that iPhone users get new software, while BB owners are "stuck" with what the phone has and have to buy a new phone to get updates.

RIM doesn't market their features well at all... especially on the consumer front. Apple has them beat 100 fold in this area.

So I cant seem to update the OS on my phone. Yes, I am part of the 5%. I tried updating it on the weekend and when I plugged in my BB, it would not recognize the updates. I downloaded DeskTop manager on a different computer,backed up my everything, went to the BB website, clicked update to 5.0 and it only shows 4.6 and lower for installation. I went thru the process however I am still running 4.6. I have been all over the forums.. Guess I'll head back there. :(

4.5 for me. While it's available for most devices, the very large number of Blackberry Curve 8330, and Pearl 8130 devices out there, don't support it. I am well aware that the 8330 has an official 5.0 for Boost, but a lot of people are unwilling to use an OS unofficial to their carrier, and those with the 8330m are just plain out of luck. I would love to see at least a 4.6 or 4.7, be made available, Why no love for the very popular 8330m???

haha looking at the poll taken on crackberry that pie chart is quite off, we must remember that people on crackberry tend to be more up to date w/ blackberrys than the average person.

I actually doubt that 5.0 is available for most devices in the field. A lot of people in our company are still on 83xx or earlier devices, and that holds true for people I see elsewhere.
You can even still buy devices that won't do 5.0 today. A lot of (1st gen) curve and earlier devices were sold and are still in use until those users hit upgrade eligibility at least. And us corporate users don't get to upgrade whenever we want and that is a large portion of the BB market share.

I have a company-provided Curve 8310, AT&T, OS I'd love to have OS 5.x, and more memory, but it's not available for this phone, through this carrier. And my company isn't interested in upgrading my phone; in fact, when this one breaks, I suspect they may not replace it.

T-Mobile has me in purgatory..................................................................

I'm running, not through choice but due to the 811 not being able to support OS 5, would love even 4.6 or 4.7 but not much chance of that. I wish someone would make a hybrid based on 4.5 but with the best bits of 4.6, 4.7 & 5 thrown in.


I'm using a 8220 Pearl Flip from T-Mobile and I'm not sure I can run 5.0.

I haven't seen anyway for me to upgrade.

Been using 5.0 for awhile now...I love it. Threaded SMS's is one of my favorite features. I cannot wait for OS 6!!!

A lot of BlackBerry users (at least the ones I know) still have the Curve 8300 series, which I think has 4.5 on it.

I have a BlackBerry Curve 8330 and have Alltel for a carrier. My BlackBerry Curve runs smooth except for the occasional freeze ups when web surfing. Easy fix, I just do a battery pull and reboot and all is well.

I tried several versions of OS 5 on my Bold 9000, and finally decided that the the easier Settings, better Contacts, GUI improvements and other minor tweaks just wasn't enough to counter the memory leaks, battery drain, and just plain "hoggishness" with with it reduced my ability to add additional apps. So back to 4.6 for this device. I'll wait for my next hardware upgrade - and maybe OS 6!

I have a BlackBerry Curve 8330 and have Alltel for a carrier. My BlackBerry Curve runs smooth except for the occasional freeze ups when web surfing. Easy fix, I just do a battery pull and reboot and all is well. Oh yeah and I have one of the older OS's, v4.5.0.169

This is my first bb and I've been pretty happy with it...however, since I didn't visit sites like this BEFORE I got it (JUST LAST YEAR), I had no clue that this device would be completely left in the dust when it comes to os upgrades. Sprint and rim both need to consider that it is a real turnoff for customers to feel like its a crapshoot whether the device you choose is going to be kept current alongside other similar devices. The insult that was added to the injury was seeing the boost mobile 8330 -(not an "m" even though I thought the "m" HAD to be made dude to litigation)- comes out as a cheap prepaid non-contract bb with os5!! I really like the blackberry system, but I am really mistrustful of the platform in terms of support. So when my upgrade comes, I'm still on the fence about whether to try it again.

I'd kill to be running 5.0, but AT&T hasn't released it yet...seems we're pretty behind the times. A leaked version isn't an option for me- I don't have a pc & have had to rely on OTA upgrades so far....*sigh*

I am told that the there is a bug or a problem with the upgrade for the phone I have; the Blackberry Tour. After I did the upgrade everytime I hung up from a call or recieved a text a ringtone would play. I was told by Verizoon they are working on fixing this, but til they do I have to stick with the old OS.