Online Personal Training comes to BlackBerry via Gym Technik

Gym Technik
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jan 2012 05:31 pm EST

It's been a while since I've written about Gym Technik, the two time CB Award winners for the "Best Health/Fitness App", and it looks like they've been quite busy ramping up for the New Year, as their team has sent me a note announcing that they've launched a new service. Gym Technik members now get direct access to a certified online personal trainer with the new Premium Plus plan.

Here's the gist for how this works... An assigned personal trainer sets you up on a customized workout plan, which is updated every 6 weeks based on your progress, which syncs to the BlackBerry app. Through the app you can access the workouts, instructions, and videos, and track stats. You can also message the trainer any health related questions you may have, using Gym Technik's messaging functionality. The trainer keeps you motivated and ensures you continuously improve, while pushing customized workout plans to your BlackBerry. You can meet the Gym Technik trainers here.

The price of this program is $24/month with the yearly plan, and $30/month with the quarterly plan, which they mention as being an affordable way to get access to a certified personal trainer. All you need is a BlackBerry, and your trainer figures out the best program for you based on your goals, needs, and access to equipment (or lack thereof).

For those of you with fitness goals in your New Year's resolutions, this may be just what you need - A personal trainer tied to your BlackBerry.

You can get access to a Premium Plus plan in two simple steps:

  1. Login to (New members will need to register for a new free account)
  2. Upgrade your account to Premium Plus
That's it. Gotta love it. If you're a BlackBerry user and need to make a change this year, there's no excuses. Check it out and give it a go. Now to figure out which member of the CrackBerry team is going to sign up for a few months to see how it goes... maybe it's time for another BlackBerry Fitness Challenge?!

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Online Personal Training comes to BlackBerry via Gym Technik


Gym Technik is one of my favorite apps. And their customer service is oustanding. Thinking about this, but not sure online training is for me. It's too easy to bail for me when I don't see a face!

Motivation is the main problem, right? I scheduled a doctor visit and found out I was border-line with all these diseases; diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc... I got all the motivation I needed. I couldn't run a mile without stopping, two months later...I'm running three miles and feeling great..! My advice is, first find your motivation than join a gym or a program.
Good luck!!!

Being a paid app, I wonder if it's better than Adidas micoach. I'm just starting to look at this aspect of my BlackBerry as it has GPS and other features. Now I'm just wondering what would be the best way to strap the phone while running.

did you guys hear that rim canned the bb Milan slider already!!!! way off topic but i just read it and thought id share.

crackberry and gymtechnik should hold a fitness challenge...... winner gets a bb 10 device yeah that would be a cool contest.
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