Ongoing Twitter Contest: Follow @crackberrykevin to Win Apps, Accessories and Even a New BlackBerry!

On Going CrackBerry Twitter Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jul 2009 01:55 pm EDT

Twitter. Some of you like it, some of you hate it and some of you are as addicted to it as you are your BlackBerry (gasp!). While we mainly use our @crackberry twitter account for CrackBerry blog post headlines or special event coverage, I tend to use my personal @crackberrykevin account to highlight the BIG stories, share my thoughts here and there on various things, to poll the community for advice and to give away free stuff! So on the topic of giving away free stuff via twitter, I've dreamed up our ongoing twitter contest (I feel bad that there were no Storm 2 in June Contest winners!).

Ongoing Twitter Contest: All you need to do is follow @crackberrykevin on twitter.  Just keep following, and every now and then I'll give away free stuff. Apps, Accessories, and heck, when I hit a big milestone like 25,000 followers, I'll give away a new BlackBerry smartphone to a lucky follower! And this will be ongoing... keep following, keep re-tweeting and you'll keep having more and more chances to win. See you on the twitter. Good luck!

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I like to win stuff, especially good stuff.


Cool, I'm in the blog picture. Looking forward to the contest!


25,000 is far away from the 3,173 followers you currently have. BTW, been following for some time now :o)

Kevin Michaluk

True that. I guess it's a twitter marketing experiment - maybe it will have big impact or maybe nothing will happen (if nothing, I'll still find ways to give away free stuff to the hardcore followers!). But I am curious to see how contests like this work on twitter...and I do love giving away freebies.  I think there's probably a critical mass effect though.... once you pass attain a certain size of followers you grow exponentially quicker - might be giving away a lot of devices...who knows!  I have put aside a twitter prize piggy bank already just in case :)


I guess as long as you don't make people RT to win or follow their tweets with #crackberrykevin or some crap like that :p If ya care, I'm Jewelleigh on Twitter, some bitch took Jewelzz

Kevin Michaluk crap like that. :)

 too bad on jewelzz being taken


Well the contest thing got me to join Twitter. You are up to 4928 followers as of this post. Now to win something good. I've been a holdout on getting a Twitter as my life is so boring. [1Pyxie on there]


Now following you on Twitter... so Kevin which Twitter app are you using??? SocialScope? Twitterberry? Ubertwitter? Tweet Genius? or do you have a copy of Tweeteev???

Kevin Michaluk

Been mixing it up. I have different clients installed on different devices, so depends which one I'm using (still like the poof of TweetGenius a lot though). Like the looks of Tweeteev...gotta give it a go.  I'm often by my computers during the day though while working/blogging, so often it's twitterfox or tweetie.


I'm using TweetGenius on my 8330 and SocialScope on my Bold... hoping Tweeteev releases on a beta 1st...


I was using Twibble until Uber Twitter update their software, I'm loving UT now


hmm this looks like a good phone, hopefully be better on the vzw network then the storm :(

BellyDancing Mama

hey Kevin I am following you Belly Dancing Mama here.


ive been following you for a while! :)


I was just talking with some friends a few days ago about how I never use twitter. Since then I keep seeing contests, or random people I know using it. So I guess I'll go try all the twitter BB apps to find one I like.


I refuse to use that site or programs... People don't need to know that I am currently walking into my work Bathroom because my Taco Bell lunch isn't agreeing with me...



LOL, people only know what you tell them


I don't need 140 character social site just to say fu all..


I really just want to win something I don't care if it's a "ataboy" just something would be nice


Been mixing it up. I have different clients installed on different devices, so depends which one I'm using (still like the poof of TweetGenius a lot though). Like the looks of Tweeteev...gotta give it a go. I'm often by my computers during the day though while working/blogging, so often it's twitterfox or tweetie


The Tour really is a nice looking phone. I don't know if I want to part with my Storm though. I'm really torn over this. I love my storm, but I wouldn't mind having a physical keyboard at all. What to do, what to do.

I can't believe that it doesn't have Wifi though. So it's no different than the Storm in that respect. I'll wait for all the reviews before I decide to make the switch.

Itanium Shock



i want to win it

this is sweet


Please pick me. Thanks


Hey Kevin, I am following you.

I know your following is going to be big! It was at about 3,000 when I joined and now over 4,300 in less than an hour!

I have told several people to join/follow you! I am shooting for winning a new Tour! YES YES YES!


I've been following you for months Kev. ^_^ But for me to be eligble for this contest do I have to re-follow you or anything?

Kevin Michaluk

nah, you're good... just keep following and you're in. as we hit the "milestones" somebody from the will win stuff.  going to do up some winners in the morning!



Sweet, thanks Kevin! ~d(o.o)b~ - Rogers Data Ambassador for Kingston/Belleville Region ^_^


I haven't won anything from here yet. Hoping for my lucky brake. am following,


I'm following you, too. Love all the great info I can get here!!!


I would love to win anything, lol let alone a new Blackberry. So I am following you on twitter, but the screen name is different. I am SmoothAzMidnite@Twitter. Happy tweeting to all.


I'm loving twitter. I've been using it frequently for professional exposure. I'm rocking ubertwitter right now. I would also love to use it for personal use. Is the only way to use two different account is to have two different clients installed on the same BB -- like ubertwitter (for porfessional) and socialscope (for personal) TIA


Ya, Thanks for letting me win a tour for Verizon!!!


I've been following you for months (Wow, that sounded creepy!). And I like winning free stuff. So this might work out for me. :-)


I've been following you for months (Wow, that sounded creepy!). And I like winning free stuff. So this might work out for me. :-)


And apparently I enjoy double clicking on buttons that only need one click. Sorry about the double post. :-)


As much as I love winning stuff, there's no way I'd even consider this one. Way too lame, just like the whole twitter fad.


Wait... I don't use twitter.



Hey Kev I'm following to. follow me @omuzikworld thanks


Just started following Crackberrykevin this am with Ubertwitter.


Hey Kevin, I'm following you. Do I need to let you know on here or anything? Haha I guess if so then here it is... terpsfan8489. Thanks man!


I'm down. Always love these articles and contests!


thanks for the generosity. This is a much appreciated opportunity for a poor college student!


I am a follwer, eventhough I never win any of these contests. Maybe this is where my luck changes??? One can only hope. My twitter name is: @stephaniem21


I love all the contests on twitter!

Tara / @pawstoupdate


I'm trying to win something...


i am new to blackberry & I have been haveing a lot of trouble with my smartphone I have sent it back once already& its doing the same thing again it continues to search & calls show up as unknown if u can help please email me @


quinnytastic - Twitter

I would love to win a BlackBerry Tour!


hey i wanna win something what do i do?


I wanna win!I wanna win!I wanna win!I wanna win!I wanna win!I wanna win!I wanna win!I wanna win!I wanna win!I wanna win!



I would definitely give this phone to my grandparents who's phone is practically dead, then I could BBM them all the time.

Thank You





It would be really nice to win!!!!!


am now following you lol


Already following you guys, your site is awesome. Thanks


Always nice to be in the know!


Saw the Twitter and here I am!


Love Twitter And Wanna Be A Winner Here


I will finally win....


i'm now following you dear kevin.i hope in luck!


FFalcon is looking for a prize. Using my crackberry prizing winning powers :-)


Ok I won leave it on 2 weeks ago...sweet thanks!! Now I m following @crackberrykevin but he updates r not showing up in my time line!! anywho there r other members that post on twitter about the contest that's how I remember to enter!!


Keeping my fingers crossed ...


I hope I win something......

bulldog jeeper


and i love winning stuff.


Gotta be in it, to win it!




I haven't won a thing yet...make me a lucky gal :)

69 Charger RT

Haven't won anything here yet for my Storm, that must be because I have been waiting for this excellent contest.


Well, not much for tweeting but I have joined the hoards. lol To help with adding to those following Kevin I got my wife to follow him as well.


8,096 Followers as of now.

Kevin i'm holding you responsible if I end up addicted to Twitter! lol


I did not know you had a tweet kevin xD, i just started following some min. ago xD


you now have 8115 xD, your going up fast!, i have 4 lol


Who doesn't like to win? haha it'd be stupid to not sign up!


Been following congrats on 10000 I hope to gather some of the items you have!!!!!


But not sure you want to follow me because I use twitter to air my disappointments with University of Georgia football. @mnestor1


Tweet, tweet. A new accessory would be nice for my 8900.


Have been following your tweets since day 1 ;-)