#MobileFit Bonus Contest: Leave a comment and you could win a Fitbit Aria Smart Scale!

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By Sam Sabri on 24 Jun 2014 08:42 pm EDT

MobileFitThere's a week left for the month of June. Which means you've got one week to get your final steps in for our #MobileFit Fitbit challenge. We're giving away a Fitbit Aria to the top three in the group, plus one random prize to a member in the group.

Walk, run and jog your way to victory. The top three participants will be getting the Fitbit Aria, while one goes away to a random member in the group. Right now we've got Johnny Cat, Whayne and Alan up top in the lead, but Hannes, Mainak and JSB are closing in and could sneak into the top three.

Some fun stats from the #MobileFit group:

  • We have 868 members (We'll re-open the group when the contest ends next week)
  • 175,239,393 steps have been taken by us all so far in June
  • 81,643.66 miles have been traveled by us all

Win a Fitbit Aria by leaving a comment down below!

Some crazy numbers right there, which is why we're about to do something crazy. Leave a comment in this post to win a Fitbit Aria. We'll be picking one random comment across our sites to that awesome wireless scale that connects to your Fitbit account. Why do you need a wireless scale that's smart? Just ask Kevin. Earlier today he told us about the benefits of having a smart scale.

Don't forget, leave a comment below to win that scale!

Kick butt over the next seven days!

Reader comments

#MobileFit Bonus Contest: Leave a comment and you could win a Fitbit Aria Smart Scale!



This could help me in tandem with my Zip. Anything to help me get the steps in.

Posted via CB10

But I don't run jog or do any of that stuff , ,:-))) ............ however I am posting to win! Just like gadgets :-)))

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This would be good to get me motivated to actually do some exercise! I'm too lazy at the moment :(

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Sounds like a neat device as a facilities Manager it be real interesting to see how many steps I rack up in a day week month year.

Crank berry rocks

Rkelly on his Zed10

This would help my system between my flex and my Z10 / computer! Go BlackBerry USA!!

Posted via CB10

Would love winning the scale, tried to get as much walking in as I could. But some of the numbers are just crazy.

Posted via CB10

I wasn't into smart devices before (other than my smartphone :p), but I think the extra motivation that comes with trackers like Fitbit and the like can help me become more active. Hope I can win the scale to go along with it!

Posted via CB10

This month has been awesome! I keep pushing myself to new limits to stay in the top 10, I broke all my previous records for the past 2 years... might die soon lol

Posted via CB10

24,800 steps on Saturday - feeling good! Would love the Aria to help with monitoring

Posted via CB10

I want a fitbit as soon as it is compatible with my z30. The scale is the perfect accessory to track progress.

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I have finally decided to commit to be healthy this year. I have the Fitbit Flex that I bought two days ago. This scale would really help me on my weight loss and healthy lifestyle commitment.


My wife and I both have a Flex so an Aria would be a great addition for both of us to excel even further.

I would love the scale as well, this Group/community got me more focused on moving ;) needed that :) thanks CB

Posted via CB10

Aria is calling my name...i don't mind winning one.

OS - Z10 Bell - My FIRST full touch screen phone.

After reading Kevin article on his smart scale, I've been wanting something like this

Posted via CB10 on my Zed30

Wireless scale ? Who wouldn't want one.
Would go well with the Fitbit force that I'm looking forward to.

Posted via CB10

Wow! Great giveaway! I was thinking of what activity tracker to purchase...if I won this I will definitely go out and get the flex!! Come on contest, don't fail me now!

Just finally rejoined a gym. I would love this!

Mikescraftbeer.com - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Got my FitBit just over a week ago and have already hit 100,000 steps. Adding the scale would be awesome.

I have no idea what that thing is all about, but if I win it that would ne cool! It could tell me how much I am overworking myself at my job. Is there an easy button on it?

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I could use this. Since December I have changed my life style and been far more active and have lost 27 lbs. This would help me keep moving...

Posted via CB10

Been using Fitbit every single day for the past 3 months, I do 10k+ steps a day. I love this technology and would love to have a Fitbit Aria scale.

fitness with advanced technology attracts me always..
I'd like to get one Fitbit Aria :)

Posted via BlackBerry z10

Been doing P90X since the end of May. Taking Mobile Fit month seriously. Would love this scale to keep track of progress!

Posted via CB10

It's one thing to have a scale in my bathroom to remind me to lose weight. I can only imagine the motivation having a smartscale watch could make.

Posted from my phone no one cares about on a network no one cares about.

Apple sucks donkey balls! Will that get me the prize?

Ok...if not, my ass has gotten so fat that I've had to start using it as a shelf!

That Fitbit smart scale would go a long way towards making me think I'm fitter than I actually am...and also make me forget about my growing manboobs and the fact that pretty soon I'll have to get fitted for a bra!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I bought my wife a Flex, she is a bit compulsive and is now doing 15K steps a day. It's an awesome device. I would love to get the scale, it seems to round out the package very well.

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. Run while you still can

Will it yell at me? Ah, it would still be cool to have one, even without motivational yelling or chastising.

Just came back online with my fitbit. Would love the scale to add to the family.

Posted via CB10

What a great idea! Thank you, Crackberry team, for giving us all a little extra motivation!

Posted via CB10

#MobileFit month has been great.. the month has motivated me to shake up some of my workout... with great results

Posted via CB10

Perfect for watching and tracking weight in private. I'd rather win a new BlackBerry but if I can't win that contest then this would be a great consolation prize.

Posted via CB10

I track my weight almost everyday on my old, simply, non functions scale, so it would be great own something like that.

Posted via CB10

Well I for one can use this free scale... now more than ever!

I see this Fitbit thing all over the place... is any of the body fat info it gives accurate?

Posted via CB10

I need an ARIA :D Just got my Fitbit Flex for my birthday and that's the only thing missing :(

Posted via CB10

I often pass any news about mobilefit because I didn't own one. But this will change everything. :) fingers crossed :P

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I have been tracking my weight fluctuations using a set of scales that have a mind of their own.
It's true! I weigh more on the second reading ... after I return from the bathroom :(
A new pair of scales would make my day :)

I've been going to the gym since may. I could use this.

PLUS it's my birthday on June 27th. So I expect this to be my gift from Crackberry

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My bday is in July and I'd love something to keep me on track and staying fit for my next year on earth. Please. :-)

Posted via my beautiful Q10

I need a smart scale that will confirm to me that my kids know what their talking about when they call me fat.

I started doing Insanity three weeks ago. I've never been a gym person. I used to swim before but when I started Grad school I didn't have time nor a place to swim. After three years living here, the rhythm of my life started to make warning calls; I developed allergies, asthma, and other things that I never had in my country. Plus, I don't get along with non-organic food hashtag expensive in the groceries store, and being an international student that was a luxury. However, I managed to handle the pressure, and became wiser when choosing my food and managing my time. Nevertheless I couldn't figure things out when it comes to working out. That's why I started Insanity this summer because I graduated on May and I'm starting Grad school, again, in a PhD program, and I want to stay healthy and fit! Hope I get that FitBit! :p Good luck everybody!

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