One Week with the BlackBerry Q10

By James Richardson on 2 May 2013 08:54 am EDT

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the BlackBerry Q10 a good few days before it first went on sale at Selfridges in London. To say I was excited would obviously be an understatement. But what I was looking forward to the most was seeing if I could go back to using a hardware keyboard after getting so used to the wonderful one on the Z10 that I've had for around four months. You'll find my final thoughts on that later on in the post.

Hopefully you have already read our full and extensive BlackBerry Q10 review so this post is just an added bonus with my personal thoughts and impressions.

Clearly, prior to getting hold of the Z10 I had been a die hard QWERTY lover for many a year. Even before I discovered my addiction to BlackBerry, all my Windows Mobile devices had hardware keyboards. In fact I decided that in order to get the most out of the Q10 I have written this entire post on it and it was a real joy to do so.

Unboxing my Q10 was like Christmas day for me. I clearly knew what to expect in terms of software but getting back to a more traditional BlackBerry experience was super exciting. I was a little undecided if I could handle the smaller display than on the Z10 but I soon became acquainted with it.

In terms of hardware the Q10 is a real beauty. Not only does it look good but it feels great in the hand. The keyboard is gorgeous to type on, just as I had expected. The materials used for the battery cover also look sweet but it's the feel that I like - not too rough yet not too slippery.  

Q10 Back

One thing that did concern me slightly prior to me receiving the Q10 was app and game support. Hopefully you saw our recent video post where I demoed just a few great games that work perfectly on the device. Of course, at launch the number of apps/games with Q10 support is a lot less than with the Z10, but many of the top titles are available and more are being added each day. So my initial concerns swiftly turned into non-concerns, phew!

It did seem a little odd at first having a BlackBerry with a QWERTY keyboard but with no trackpad and hardware buttons beside it. Again, it was only a matter of minutes that I lost all thought of them as the bezel gestures on the Q10 are perfect and I'm glad that we now get a bit of extra display real estate instead of the buttons.

Peek and Flow work perfectly and managing messages and social networks is a piece of cake. The other thing that really stands out on the Q10 is the AMOLED display - a first for a BlackBerry. The colors look amazing and many apps on the handset come with a dark theme to utilize battery life - and they look fantastic.

Q10 dark Theme


So who is going to buy the BlackBerry Q10? In my opinion there are a few different types of people. First up are consumers that currently use an older BlackBerry smartphone. For them, walking into a retail store and getting hands on with the Q10 is going to be heavenly.

Then we have the enterprise market. With the addition of BlackBerry Balance, business users are going to love the Q10. Here in the UK I quite often see people commuting out of London and many of them have an iPhone or an Android device, but then they pull out their BlackBerry to really get stuff done. BlackBerry 10 along with BlackBerry Balance should stop business men and women from feeling the need to carry two smartphones. The software is awesome and the app support is great and will only improve over time.

So do I prefer the Q10 over the Z10? That's a hard one after just a week. I'll be totally honest with you and let you know that I am now using the Z10 as my primary device due to the onscreen keyboard. I've just become so addicted to it I'm not sure I can use the Q10 full time.

However, I still love the Q10 and will continue to use it as my second device - replacing my Bold 9900. In fact I wouldn't be surprised it Q10 sales overtake the Z10 in the coming months. For traditional BlackBerry users it will be the perfect upgrade for them.

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Reader comments

One Week with the BlackBerry Q10


Might go for a q10 however the z10 keyboard is more than ant physical b could hope to be

Posted via Freshberry Z10

I find it hard to believe that the keyboard on the Z10 is all that great compared to the Q10. Just look at your typos, I'm sure you wrote your comment with your Z10. In my BBM group some people that communicated flawlessly before their Z10 upgrade now make very simple mistakes.

Well some people can still spell with the virtual keyboard, I did have more speed on my Physical Keyboard, but using the up swipes for words definitely puts me close to the speed on my Torch.

I must agree 100%. My experience with the Z10 keyboard is hit and miss. I enjoy using it and it's highly addictive. But after using a physical keyboard for so long then using the 9850 for about a year I have to admit that I get frustrated with my Z10. My productivity has slowed to a crawl, typos are a constant, and proofreading has become a must. Old habits are hard to break and none of these issues existed while using any of my previous BlackBerry's. Though my typing has improved in all areas the Time it takes now vs before is costly. I've decided to stick with the Z10 for now but if my proficiency doesn't improve greatly by the release of the Q10 in the USA I'm going to switch to that handset. My phone has always been an extension of my job. And as of today the Z10 has left me less productive. Learning Curve = less production/frustration.

Sent from my looooong waited for Z10

As with any typing, it still depends on just how careful the writer chooses to be.

I've had my Z for over two months now, and I found that for the first few days my reaction was "Oooo! This is cool!", then I went through a period where I seemed to actually be taking longer to write things as I adjusted to the Z's virtual kb. After a few weeks, though, I can honestly say it may be the best mobile input device I've ever seen. Swiping is second nature, now.

Even better, I'm using a leaked 10.1 OS release, and BB made some substantial improvements in what was already an excellent virtual keyboard. The word prediction is outstanding and they worked out a couple of annoying bugs. I came from a 9900, but I have to say the Z made me a vkb believer.

All the Q10 models are 4G-enabled, great!!! But my Z10 STL100-1 isn't...that's a major let-down. Why did BlackBerry even agree to make region-specific models? Isn't 4G the future?

Posted via CB10

That phone is looking quite lovely. Going to have to wait for in the US just a bit longer.

I'll be sticking with the Z10, I don't have the funds to be picky! The point is that BB10 is the common denominator! The OS is amazing!

Posted via CB10

I have heard different things regarding battery life. How is the battery life in comparison to the Z10? In theory the Q10 should be the best ever.

EXACTLY my question. James: You've used it for a week but you forgot to tell us about the battery life!!!

Yes please, probably the one question that actually takes a week to answer well, how is battery life overall? That is my number one determining factor to choose between q10 and z10...

Battery life is ok, gets through most of the day with lots audio streaming, comparable to the E71 i was using before.

Pull out "Their" BlackBerry.

Almost afraid that when I try the Q I will wish I had waited for it...

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen

That just shows that BlackBerry did such a great job with the z10's virtual keypad! That some ppl who were use to the Qwerty keyboards can't go back to it after experiencing the z10's virtual one. That's why it's the best currently in the market!

Posted via CB10

The Z keyboard rocks. I didn't think I would love it this much, but it is a real pleasure typing on it. Flick typing? Who'd have thunk it? I'm still going to check out the Q when it hits the States though.

Posted via CB10

Love the fact I'm showing as a contact on your BBM (Mark)!

I got my hands on my Q10 about 2 hours ago. I'm in love. My "main" SIM is now out of my Z10 and into my Q10. Given the use I give my primary device the Q10 is a dream come true. My iPhone has been relegated to 3rd choice (or more realistically emergency stand-by should my wife trash hers).

Only gripe is lack of decent cases here in the UK. I've got an Incipio DualPro coming from ShopCB - but the shipping cost me more than the bloody case :D

iPhone as emergency backup for your wife is no longer YOUR 3rd choice, its her second ;) - I have a feeling you haven't told her yet but she'll figure it out ;)

I'm seeing a odd sort of split on the boards:
Those that have used Z10 since launch are split between keeping Z10 as primary, Q10 as secondary or vice versa. A very interesting quantitative realization going on. We'll see how this progresses the month of May and June.

Nice article. I can definitely see the allure that the Q10 will have with diehard BlackBerry fans. Typing on a physical keyboard can be quick and accurate.

I think the Z10 has spoiled some of us, with new ways to do things, and a virtual keyboard that really works well. After getting used to the Z10 keyboard, I don't know if I would go back to a physical keyboard device again.

Posted via CB10

I'm thinking a development of a add on qwerty keyboard for the z10 would be the perfect solution. Since all apps for Os10.1 factor a keyboard or should anyways. Developing a keyboard for the z10 is a natural progression. Just something that can be clipped on the bottom. Maybe working on blue tooth. Just thoughts. I think it's a good idea but then again who knows. Maybe someone can tell me otherwise. And it doesn't need to be large. Same with as the z10. Just trying to get to other characters in an easier fashion. I hate how they set up the "&" requiring me to go to steps in to get it. I use that a lot in tweets etc. What do you all think of my crazy idea

Posted via CB10

I have the Z10 but will be getting a Q10. I love this virtual keyboard, but since getting this phone I've learned something about myself and the way I use smartphones, and the Q10 is pretty much right on the money for what I need and want from a phone. Thankfully my wife wants a Z10 as well, so she was willing to take mine so I can get a Q10.


Posted from my brain via CB10

Why? If you want the larger screen, go with the Z10 (also no trackpad - still not sure why having a keyboard makes it so the phone needs a trackpad). The Q10 caters to those who need the physical keyboard - there may be a slider coming (rumours are awesome) so you might be able to get the best of both worlds.



During input ... the Q10 is just about the exact same screen size and pixelation as the Z10 with its virtual keyboard on screen! That said I can always rid myself of the keyboard at will on the Z10 ... the key point here is when I do in any field or application does it show me more information ?! Browser = yes, but what about other applications?

Hmm, let us pontificate on that for a moment.

Glad to see there are so many keyboard converts. I'm not alone! I would like a Q10 too as a second device but my Z is definitely making me want to stick to touch screen keyboards in the future so long as they're BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Yeah. This is what blackberry does very well. I'm not really sold on the z10 as a device even after having played with one @carphone warehouse. I think I'll wait for the 5" phablet and see where that goes. In the mean time I'm getting the oppofind5 for a big screen phone.
I love the bold 9900 - current phone and I'm going to happily move it on in a few weeks and upgrade to bb10 on the Q10.

So going to get this when it arrives in norway! We are as usual 2-3 months behind everyone els! But i had my Z10 for 2 months now. Like a lot! But miss the QWERTY keyboard :/

I have the Z10 and love it, but may switch to the Q10 because of the keyboard. I started my first book on the Torch 9810 and just can't do that on the touchscreen. Hope they bring Cortado Workplace to BB10, best printing option. Would be nice if I could trade in @ Att.

Posted via CB10

Can someone please confirm the Q10 does NOT suffer from sunlight like the 9900 does where the cursor jumps around randomly and it does not respond to touch commands of any kind, rendering it useless even with the trackpad?

Thank you in advance for finally clearing this up.

Given the crazy similarities between the technology used for the touch input on the Z10 and the Q10, I doubt you'll see those kinds of issues (and even then, those didn't affect all phones). I don't have any problem with the Z10 in direct sunlight.


I apologize for not answering your question accurately but I work as a roof inspector and am always in bright sunlight. My cursor used to drive me crazy. Recently I scraped off the top layer of my 9930 trackpad and it appears to have fixed it completely. So basically I believe it was the trackpad all along. Yes the trackpad looks unsightly but it works flawlessly. I wish I'd done that a year ago. Lol

No apology necessary. That make so much sense I feel like an idiot. Why didn't I think to test covering the trackpad (which is translucent) and see if the cursor bounces around. I bet it doesn't. So, you answered my question and I am no longer concerned the Q10 will have that issue. Thanks BerryRipe!

You're welcome Jaredius. Do some testing yourself as I'm not 100% sure it's the trackpad. I'll be just as concerned as you are until I can test out the Q10 for myself. Seeing that all technological gear reviews are done indoors; I really wish more experimenting was done in the elements of nature as well since not all of us work in an office environment.

I got the chance to play around with it yesterday at Rogers and i gotta say that the build quality on it is fantastic. I really felt like switching my z10 for it. The z10 isn't just a full touchscreen, that gives it the advantage, it's the predictive keyboard, it's really useful. it's so natural to flick up words, even though the Q10 offers it, it's not quite as user friendly...

Posted via CB10 powered by BB10

I'm going to stick with my z10, the keyboard is so fluid and smooth... I don't want sore thumbs typing away on a q10... even though the phone looks drop dead gorgeous...

Posted via CB10

How about a landscape touch screen slider with a trackpad in the centre, that automatically flips to the software keyboard when closed? Hard keys when you're pounding out email, full screen for browsing, etc. So what if it's a little thicker, I'm not trying to slide it under a door!

Sliders are such a compromise, though. Forget thickness for a minute, all other things being equal a slider will be heavier and have less space for a decent battery. That weight makes it more prone to damage if dropped, and there are so many more moving parts that may need repair if damaged.

I had a 9800, and was thrilled when I upgraded to a 9900 just for the sake of the weight reduction. Beyond all that, the kb on the Z is so good that it really reduces the usability gap between virtual and physical keyboards.

Went to the store yesterday and played with a Q10. I was really looking forward to it, but it feels like something is off. I think that something is the straight keyboard and soft touch battery door. I think I wanted more of a glass feel on the back and a curved keyboard (sort of like the 9900).

I'm still probably going to get it, but I'm starting to get pulled in to the Z10 now.

The device looks great! Anybody knows how well it can be used with one hand? Or better, one hand and closed eyes? Of course I won't explicitely ask for simultanous SMS writing and driving ;)

I would like to see another review after 1 or 2 months of use. I have the Z10 and love it. Not sure if I'm willing to drop more in contract money for the Q10, I love the Z10 keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Sticking with my z10 cause #1 don't have the funds lol #2 my current work don't require me to punch in so many emails so.....i'll sacrifice the keyboard for a bigger screen for now

For future model, i think what would be nice is a qwerty keyboard phone with the size of s4. Big screen + keyboard + eastp hold on the hand = perfect

Posted via CB10

They, Well ... A fellow that goes by Digital Homeboy has created a few different concept design that are sweet! The TK Justice, The TK Victory and I cant remember the third TK design. Last time I tweeted with him, he had mentioned he was working on another similar design. Why Blackberry hasn't either hired this guy as a designer, or offered him a truck load of money for the rights to his design is still beyond comprehension to me. Not only has he conceptualized the exquisite exterior and screen size, but he has also gone as far as to meticulously detail the inner workings and has the know how to silence the critics with dimensions and specs when others try to critique his design or choice of internals. From what I have seen so far, I would buy one of his TK design phones without question should Blackberry ever bring his fantastic designs to fruition.

I've been a qwerty guy since my very 1st smartphone (curve) and I will always be one as long as BlackBerry is providing a solution to my needs. I have a playbook for screen realistate and a physical keyboard to get s*#t done.

I'm going to wait a few months for the price of the Q10 to come down a little then will definitely upgrade my Bold 9780. Have watched countless videos and read a vast amount of reviews (every single one positive) and I must say, this phone is more than perfect for me. Super excited!

My Z10's keyboard is easily best in class but I can't stand it!!! No matter how hard I try to like a virtual keyboard its just not in the same league as a physical IMO.. The Z10 is great if you don't need to type much and want to comsume media.... But my 9900 whips its for text input hands down... I too learnt alot from my Z10 experience in that my phones are for communications and that's why I've stayed loyal to blackberry all these years. The Q10 is a true blackberry designed for communications.. There is no doubt that blackberry are on a winner here in the business world... In terms of communications this phone will ultimately prove to be 'best in class'

... I have to say, I can't type on an iPhone, or my android device after owning the Z10. There is no comparison. The keyboard experience is like wine; it gets better with age. It actually learns your common mistakes, and corrects. This said though, I know people who own the qwerty Berrys and can type so well that they don't even need to look at the device; strictly by feel!
How can you beat that!?

BTW, I highly recommend that you read the typing tutorials because they show you some simple things that really mitigate the efficiency.

Posted via CB10

So all of you people saying the Z10 keyboard is better, that means you can do one button speed dialing from the homescreen without having to first open up the keyboard? You can start typing from anywhere for keyboard shortcuts or universal search?

And not to mention, I would use my Bold 9900 while at work, and sometimes the touchscreen will not register what I'm touching because I use brake clean to clean grease and other crap off my hands before using my phone (yah, I know I might get cancer one day from that...), and I guess it dries out the skin so much that it doesn't always see where I'm touching. Yah, I'd love to be typing and only half of what I'm tapping is put into the sentence... I'll stick to a physical keyboard, thanks...

There are hand cleaners that don't degrease your hands - I use industrial Swarfega, don't know if it exists in the US but there is bound to be an equivalent. Your risk isn't cancer, it's skin cracking and long term infections that may be very hard to clear up, and it could catch up on you much quicker than you expect.
One day you too will be in your 60s and glad you took the advice of an old guy who knew what he was talking about. Which is what I did, over thirty years ago.

Well, degreasing my hands is the whole point in cleaning my hands, lol. Plus, we have soap and water where I work too, don't think I'm in a pit somewhere. But sometimes when I'm just answering a text, I'm not going to drop everything, walk to the bathroom, clean my hands, just to look at what I got on my phone. So I simply grab my spray can, spray down my right hand, check my phone, respond if I want to, put my phone away, and keep working. Yah, working behind a desk and on out on the floor are two different things. "Properly" cleaning your hands is simply inconvenient...

But I don't have the problem with long-term dry skin because it's never long after I do that, my hands are covered by random automotive fluids, most of the time, transmission fluid, which is great for the skin, my hands are silky smooth. :-)

I can't be without the most truest BlackBerry phone ever (the Q10). Then again, the Z10 is very true, as it truly gives the best typing experience ever on a touch screen.

I got both. Win??
Hopefully my family starts to collect the other models. My wee sister wants the R-Series, my brother would have a Slider and my father would have the Phablet (as he is as blind as a bat and would want a massive screen).

Blackberry Faithful

It is clear that BB closed the gap between qwerty keyboard and virtual keyboard. Most of us were waiting for the Q10 some decided to give the touch screen Z10 a try. Both phones are game changers for different reasons but as @iToya said it BB10 is the common denominator. Accuracy goes to qwerty and is the reason I held out no matter how tempted I was in going Z10. I love sending emails from my PlayBook but find myself editing more do to typos. The Q10 will be replacing my Torch and BB10 will replacing the software on my PlayBook. Thanks iToya for saying it BB10 is the common denominator.

This would have been a good post to talk about the battery life of the Q10 since you glossed over it in the Q10 review.

Hopefully there is a battery article coming later.

What? You've had it a week and haven't gone to the forums to post a thread entitled, "Why I'm returning my Q10?" Nawwww ;-)


Just what I was waiting to hear! I have not played with either waiting until I can try both keyboards at the same time. Making the choice between the two is a good problem to have:)

Can someone describe the feel of the backing? It is a matte finished older curve type backing, or?

I held out from the Z10 to wait and consider the Q10. I tried out the Z several times at different carrier stores. My biggest issue was that the suggested words were a tad too small for my old eyes. There was always some uncertainty that I was tapping the correct letters to even get the correct suggested word. Tap the wrong letter and it likely changes the whole list of suggested words. I supposed autocorrect keeps the suggestion list on track? I don't know.

Though the larger screen size of the Z is appealing, features of the Q10 are beginning to weigh in favor of it. Even as infrequently as I might text or email I can't stand doing it sloppily with the wrong words or incorrect spellings. I think the keyboard on the Q10 will give me the added certainty of hitting the right letters without having to constantly watch the screen and having to backtrack to make corrections.

Now for those who have both the Z and the Q or contemplating both, stupid question. How do you go back and forth between them? Do need to move the sim card from one to the other? Do you have the same phone number account for two different phones and just pick and use either without the need to move sim cards? Subsidizing the cost of one phone or buying it unlocked is already a pricey proposition. I can't imagine the benefit of paying for two unless you really, really, really want the best of both worlds that the Z and the Q have to offer. That may be worth $1200+ to some people. It has come to my attention just recently that a subsidized phone plan cost with Verizon does NOT go down after the two year contract is expired and you have paid for the phone. I didn't know that. I'm not the one who pays for my cell phone service. I asked why it doesn't go down and am told it just doesn't. What kind of crap is that?

In 10.1 the suggested words are a little larger and clearer. And the predicted word is shown in green on the spacebar (much more noticeable).

My Wife can't wait for this phone to come to Wind! Anyone know if a Q10 from any of the big 3 will work on Wind?

Q10...I'm sorry...I like the physical keyboard but...I LOVE MY Z10..typing on this keyboard is like AMAZING! ..a tear came dwn seeing the physical keyboard but I got over it really fast! ..oh well..BLACKBERRY fuh life! ugghhhhh!

Posted by ©B* Courtney Z10

after a few Q10 reviews here....i can confidently say that I made the right choice when I got my Z10... keyboard is really fun to use...and screen real estate is not comparable with Z10 has replaced my Playbook already...

would love to see how hdmi works on Q10...

Mr. Richardson, can you PLEASE contact someone with BB and tell them that one button speed dialing from the homescreen NEEDS to work on the Q10. It's the whole point of a keyboard that never goes away, that you can perform functions right from the homescreen, including speed dialing. Requiring you to go to a phone dial app is the same as with any other touchscreen phone... I don't think it's worth it to lose the screen size if you also lose the conveniences of having a keyboard... It's not just a novelty to hear the clicking noise while I type, I need my keyboard for all of those things I can do right from the homescreen without having to open anything or navigate anywhere...

I agree. The keyboard cold be used to do so much more. Just like we have top/bottom, we could have up/down, left/right and I can't believe they've removed speed dialing and copy/paste...

The lack of apps is a real problem. Check out a few of the Crackberry lists and you'll see that you can't find many of the apps in BBW.

I'm less productive on a Q10 than on a 9900. Without a virtual trackpad or a tab key, it takes too many gestures to get things done. Multi-select sucks, delete sucks, next unread sucks, etc. all mainly because you need to press and hold a message for them to work. It's just too slow.

Plus we still don't have true customisable notifications since we need to keep apps running for them to work. This device is not ready, because the OS still isn't ready.
I do like the pace at which BB is working on it though. Hopefully by Q3, they will have something ready for the masses and people who need to get things done.

You put it perfectly... I am so frustrated at Blackberry leadership... what is the point of releasing a full keyboard device if you strip away all of the productivity with your new crappy OS thats designed for touch. I have been using a blackberry since 2004, but I am officially done. There is NO point to sticking with Blackberries at this point. Heck, the iphone is more productive at this point. Even the battery life on a 9900 has slanted me towards the apple/android market... this just puts me over the edge.

When they get an Native instagram app...or a way to put the port version on people would like BlackBerry again...APPS APPS!!! iPhone is the most boring smartphone since the first one but it attracts its users because Apps...same with Android and WinPhone. They keep releasing weird apps that only BlackBerry has. What about Cross platform popular apps??? I still dont get it.

seems like the reviews for the Q10 are 5 on this site. Any other site you go to they rate it 3.5 and the closing comments are..... its a nice phone but i don't think it will save Blackberry. SO it will be nice to see what the user reviews will be on Amazon once they start selling this phone.

I have Z10 and really enjoying txting on the KB.....however I have a Sumsang Note2 which has the bigger screen....great for surfing web I will carry 2 phones around...will upgrade to Q10 to replace Z10......and when U10 comes out with bigger 5" touchscreen, hopefully super amoled like Q10, will buy that to replace Note2.....then will replace Q10 with R10 and the bigger 5" screen and Qwerty KB. I am typing all this on my Note2 10.1 Tablet.....which I will replace with the new BBRY B10 tablet. I am looooong BlackBerry!

Had mine for 5 days now, came from the trusty E71 and have used the 9900 for a while.

I like the OS and larger screen, but ironically its the keyboard that has disappointed. It feels a little flat and lacks a kind of 3D feel to the keys that you get with the domed shape of the Nokia keys. Layout is a little odd too, why are numbers pushed all the way to the left, being centred makes them much easier to use. Lack of of dedicated full stop and comma buttons slows things down too. Saying that, its not the worst keyboard ive used and im sure it will be second nature before long.

Lack of a track pad will take some getting used to, mainly when trying to select something, i look for it to tab down a line, and dedicated 'Send and 'End buttons would be nice. They missed a trick on the back, the square shape makes it feel much wider than it is and is actually quite uncomfortable to hold with one hand, needs to be more curved like the Bold or Nokia's.

Thing that has surprised me the most is the OS, i really like it, has a steep learning curve which could put off some users but suits me fine and multitasking is excellent, the power features like background Flash audio is very welcome, perfect for iPlayer. Theres a few areas of code to polish up, but for a new OS, its a good effort and will be looking to see improvements over the next year to see if i stay with BB or look at what Jolla is doing.

I was a die hard physical keyboard girl and was so nervous to switch to an all touch phone but truly desired a bigger screen. Since owning the Z10 I have to admit I have not looked back at all. My 9900 feels weird to hold now...I think I would even type on it slower! lol I've grown to love the silence of my typing..the clacking of keys drove me bonkers! This phone is simply amazing so unlike many others I won't be rushing out for a Q10. I'm a happy convert to one of the best touch keyboards ever!! :)

Posted via CB10/Z10

Hi went for the z10 and been loving it since. I phone 5 in standby. Just received my Q10 lovely machine but after 12 hours of use it felt like my old 9900 small screen doing more zooming etc so it's going back and Z10 is the winner for me. Battery live with the latest leaked os is pretty good I am getting thru the day.

Posted via CB10

Hi. Just wanted to share my experience with q10.
After waiting for one and a half years for an upgrade decided to change for q10 and had the phone since Thursday. But today I am returning it. Main issues for me: battery life. It lasted only only about 24 hours with minimal use over a long weekend with only several call and 10 minutes browsing. During a full working day (with more emails than over this weekend) I would imagine it would be even less. Email, processor, screen and OS are the ones to be blamed, I believe.

I'm with you Staski - the Q10 is just a mini mini mini tablet. I manage 9 email accounts on my blackberry devises all for different businesses - the clarity and ease of the old models is not repeated in op 10. Huge disappointment. Plus yesterday I was out in bright sunshine - the Q10 was useless. To be fair, the battery did last all day - but that was probably because I didn't use the thing as much as I normally would.

don't be too hasty... you might want to take your new Q10's battery through several cycles, as it was my experience it is needed to break in the battery. Initially I saw terrible battery life when device was brand new.

I just read a comment on Network World that a Major irritant on both the Z10 & Q10 is that you can't sync either one with MS Outlook! A source at one of my Distributor's stated BB is working on a fix by the end of May! We shall see!

Now here's the thing....I waited for the Q10, was excited to receive it, it looks great, feels great the keyboard is fantastic BUT its so hard to use. The screen is invisible in bright light, moving between the screens is involuntary ie linger a spilt second too long and your've reopened the next screen. making calls (it is a phone) is ridiculously cumbersome. Oh yes, and all this fuss about Blackberry Hub - all my old Blackberrys had a screen where all my email accounts/texts and calls were displayed - whats new apart from the ultr sensitive switching between accounts - even when you don't want to. Like all Blackberry desktop software, switching devises was hugely frustrating. Going from 7.1 to 10 was a nightmare - having spent an hour downloading Blackberry Link I had to go through the devise switch 3 or 4 times to eventually get the majority of my data to transfer properly. The process took about three hours total! Blackberry Link is unusable and simply freezes on my computer so I can't see that being of much use to me. I am so disappointed I want to switch back from 10 to 7.1 and return to my old but perfectly functioning 9320 - why oh why did I think I should switch in the first place? Now my problem is that I can't switch back - all the software is set to go from 7.1 to 10 and not the reverse. I have ressurected my old Blackberry bolt-on and now have to wait until midnight when I can get the 9320 up and running and get the latest incarnation of a technological house brick on e-bay.

For some of our users, the absence of a trackpad may be a deal killer. At the very least, every Q10 we deploy will be subject to a "test phase" with the user to see if they like it. It was nice not needing to touch the keyboard at all on the 9900's. However, if a trackpad were included on the Q10, you would have no more larger screen than you did on the 9900!

I must admit I really like the feel of the Q's keyboard and the overall feel of the device. Now to convince our hardcore BB users to try one out...

Had my first brief experience with a Z10 and Q10. My typing on a Z10 resulted in gibberish. My typing on the Q10 was dream like......hoping a slider comes out after the "aristo" Z30 before i migrate from my 9800....

I absolutely hate this F-ing phone. I have had it since July and I have to say the only da-mn good thing about it is the keyboard. Which was the only thing that sold me. You cannot listen to any reviews. They're all false. Anyone to say this phone is good obviously only used it for a couple days. BB World has no apps, no typical apps like Gmail, or anything cool like google chrome. The Web browser is absolutely horrid, because it doesn't work most the time. Entering in a link will take a few tries usually to go to it. The phone is really goofy in ways to operate it. Such basic thing's can be so hard to figure out on it. I mean anyone saying this phone is good is stupid. I do not comprehend why people say they're good phones. They're not good at all. They're so behind it is sad. RIM can suck it. I don't get why the H*LL i thought this would be as good as the HTC One, which was my other choice. But the stupid keyboard sold me because my previous Dinosaur A** Curve was good but so bare boned it was a joke! The phone isn't worth $600 and all the hoops and additional fees I paid just to acquire it. I have anger problems so when the phone doesn't work it makes me so mad, and I can't break it because I owe $550 on it and have a 2 year contract with t-Mobile's terrible service!

I hate everything and everyone at RIM. Blackberry is garbage period!!!!