One small improvement I'd like to see to the BlackBerry alarm clock

BB10 Alarm
By James Richardson on 22 Jun 2014 06:38 am EDT

I'm fairly sure that most of us use our BlackBerry for waking up in the morning - me included. Although it does the job I have one major frustration which I hope is addressed in a future BlackBerry 10 OS update.

I'm not good at getting up in the morning and I love to snooze - taking advantage of every possible minute I can in bed. But sometimes my BlackBerry makes me oversleep and here's why...

Have you noticed how close on screen the 'Dismiss' and 'Snooze' tabs are together that appear when the alarm sounds? In a state of just waking up I've found that it's quite easy to press the dismiss option when meaning to hit snooze. This obviously results in the alarm being switched off, me going back to sleep and waking naturally - which is not ideal when there is work to be done!

We've seen in the Crackberry forums a image of what the alarm will allegedly look like in BlackBerry 10.3, but it doesn't solve the problem.

What I would like to see is something similar to the call answer screen on BlackBerry 10 where you would need to swipe left or right for the two options, therefore eliminating the issue of tapping the wrong tab. I realize that in the scale of things the alarm clock is way down the list of important features we need from our smartphone but getting up is a pretty big deal if you ask me.

Is it just me that's had this issue or would you too like to see the alarm clock redesigned? Let us know in the poll below.

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One small improvement I'd like to see to the BlackBerry alarm clock



I wish to have a brief summary of the day in the alarm clock like meetings and tasks and weather outside

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There was a program on the PlayBook that did exactly that. Weather, time and played whatever radio station one wanted. The problem was.......Alarm Clock. wow, what a name.

Would also like to see the alarm randomize the music from a folder or SD card so that the same song doesn't play every morning.

As for the snooze / dismiss buttons, my alarm goes off and I just touch the screen in bedside mode. All I use.

For the person on the move - BB10- /442 + Pebble

I do the same just snooze by touching anywhere on bedside mode. I don't look at the phone even

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Yes this, or;



I've started doing this and have had no issues with accidentally shutting my alarm off

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Actually. If it's in bedside mode. You will notice the screen turn white while the alarm is going off. In this state simply tapping anywhere on the screen will activate the snooze.

Swiping up to exit from bedside mode will act as "dismiss".

I promise! It's pretty awesome. Try it!

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This ^

I was going to post the same thing.

This issue of the snooze/dismiss pop up is only when not utilizing bedside mode. I agree a change in that process would be ideal. But to clarify, there is nothing wrong with the snooze/dismiss process while IN bedside mode.

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+1 I was hoping someone posted this. I use my Z30 this way 7days a week, with 4 different alarms.

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Woke up late so many times because I hit the dismiss button instead of snooze. I always swipe up to see what time it is so tapping the white screen doesn't work for me.

I agree. It's only an issue if your phone isn't in bedside mode.

Yeah they should fix it. But yeah you should be using bedside mode anyway.

Cool! Did not know that and I bet James didn't either. All the same I like his suggestion of slide left to snooze slide right to turn off alarm. Or vice versa keep it the same as the phone app re accepting rejecting calls for continuity of UI / function.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I read in a forum post that one could tap any region on the screen (except "dismiss") and the alarm would snooze. I didn't test the behaviour, though.

Yeah that's how I do it. And if it doesn't work for some reason I just go for the volume button

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Hey. How come I didn't know this?
Thanks, that will truly help.

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I was going to suggest that feature be added. Thanks for pointing out it exists. Good for us nearsighted people who can't read the screen when waking up.

If you put the phone in bedside mode after setting the alarm, tapping anywhere on the screen will snooze the alarm. I used to have the same problem as James until started using this feature. Give it a try

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Love bedside mode, put it in to dock and charges through the night. My sister was really impressed so I did a search for bedside mode for her samsung - thought it was quite amusing to read all the droids complaining that ' it's not as good as blackberry's bedside mode'!!

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Download whatever mp3 sound track you want, then set it as the music. Unlimited options for tones out there!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I downloaded alarm_quickbell from BBOS5 and it's the most annoying sound ever. Never fails to wake me up.

Z10 STL100-2 / running official

I owned a BlackBerry Torch before I got a Z10. One feature of the Torch I miss the most is the ability to automatically turn the phone on or off at night.

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Yes! This was a feature I loved from OS4 to OS7, BlackBerry needs to bring back auto on/off.

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yes I agree bring it backauto on/off. Alarms even if the device is off. On my qwerty 9700. I use to hit any key on the keyboard without looking and it will snooze :D

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This is one of the primary reasons I still use mine. A MUST HAVE feature.

Now if I could disable the damn charge light (blinking amber) or full charge (always on green) when powered off and in it's charging cradle I'd be perfectly content. I have to drape my BB PlayBook's black screen wipe cloth over top of it or else I get too much light pollution beaming me in the face all night.

I always have my phone in a case, so I dismiss any alarm in the morning by hitting one of the volume keys on the side. This automatically works as snoozing, so I never have a problem of accidentally dismissing an alarm.

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Fantastic suggestion. I myself have done this several times. Also on that note, I can't wait for the day when Bedside Mode (BB10) allows for notifications customization..... Oh, how I STILL miss all those little things Legacy BBOS did so well.

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It would be good to have this:

- Tap voor snooze
- swipe left or right to dismiss


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Ya this what I do. I don't think I've ever dismissed the alarm or shut it off. That's a whole other set of steps.

But what I would like to see is the ability to have bedside mode activated the moment the phone is plugged into a charger. This would especially come in hand if you have a dock.

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The little black tab appears at the top of the screen as soon as you plug it in. Pull down to set bedside mode. I like the option to do that or not when I plug it in. Maybe a cradle can tweak that so it automatically goes bedside mode when dropped in cradle.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Different strokes for different folks I guess!

I prefer the option to have bedside mode activated the moment the charger is plugged in.

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I miss automatic bedside mode! I loved how you could set specific hours for it too so it didn't do it during the day

Me too, a tap on screen is a few minutes snooze, I also just press a volume button sometimes :D

" The sleeping giant is about to wake up " Me

Why not colour code the two options, Red for Dismiss, Green for Snooze.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!! ©

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Well, that's not even a problem, all you have to do is tap anywhere on the screen to snooze it
Rocking a BlackBerry z10

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I was going to say that too. I don't even look at my Z10. I just reach up. Slap around on my dresser till I find it and touch. Snoozy snooze!
I am actually testing it now so I can actually see what it looks like. Lol.

Posted by me. Just now. With my Z10!

So. It's all about Bedside Mode! Without it i get the two bars. Snooze dismiss. In bedside mode. Touch anywhere. No option to dismiss from there. Awesome! I guess I always use bedside mode. And I sometimes snooze to over sleeping. Lol. Oh well. Good to be human!

Posted by me. Just now. With my Z10!

Do you not use bedside mode?? All you have to do is touch the screen anywhere and it automatically goes to snooze. I blindly reach out and smack the bedside table until I hit the phone. Impossible to accidentally shut off the alarm.

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Bedside mode does help but I find it clunky to get to. I even remember the first time it was demonstrated on stage and they had to put it to sleep and then only swipe up part way and then pull down from the top. Perhaps it is done this way to avoid making it too easy to enter bedside mode. Maybe someone more innovative than I can think of a different solution.

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When you plug your BlackBerry in, the little pull down tab for bedside mode slides down from the top for a second.

I think it may only happen if you have the screen locked though.

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An NFC tag to trigger bedside mode would be awesome, and I bet most people looking for auto on off would be OK with being able to set a schedule for airplane mode. Airplane mode with the screen off has to use nearly no battery at all right?

Heck, there might already be an app out there that does this. Kind of like the amazing app Mode Switcher from webOS.

Holy crap, I totally forgot there is a built in option under the clock settings to disable all wireless connections in bedside mode. This is for the auto off crowd.

Bedside mode can basically be three different things:
Bedside mode with phone calls, but no notifications of text or emails.
Bedside mode without phone calls, or other notifications, but remains connected updating your accounts.
Bedside mode same as above, but + airplane mode.

So my question becomes, should BlackBerry enhance bedside mode with a "bedside mode schedule"? I think that could make a lot of people happy indeed. I could have it auto kick into bedside mode after 11pm, and when I check my phone and see it in that mode, it's my reminder to hit the sack. It would still let you swipe back up to rejoin the world.

This is what I came to be sure was already posted before posting it myself. The button-proximity design flaw made me late for work more than once before I realized that if there weren't any alternative or workaround, the clamor would've precipitated a fix long before -- so I checked out bedside mode. Done. Two taps to enter the mode, one tap to snooze, quicker to cancel snooze, easy to dismiss; all around a better alarm clock. (Don't like the dimming, though, as I always plug my phone in at night, and so don't need the associated battery savings.)

I suspect you're being sarcastic, but the comments indeed clearly suggest a tutorial would've been beneficial - to both the author and the readers.

No, this is a valid issue.

Usability is important, and any exposure that even small annoyances, quirks and omissions in the OS get here on CB, helps BBRY to make a better phone for us.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I see what you did there and I can't help but guffaw in a similarly juvenile way!

Posted via the inimitable Z10 handheld system.

No, I think we need tutorials on (a) how to enter bedside mode and (b) button placement in an app interface.

They should the loud option like in the legacy devices whoch was available for both the alarm and ring tone

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This has had me a few times. I have pressed Dismiss instead of Snooze, and didn't realise until I had a phone call from work waking me up 'Where are you?'

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I haven't had any issues with my Z10 when it comes to snoozing. From bedside mode you can tap anywhere on the screen to activate snooze. If your not in bedside mode you need to hit the small snooze button as you have described.

A great feature to add would be to simply flip the phone to snooze.

Why not in the old take a call style, swipe down to dismiss, swipe up to snooze!

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All you have to do is mash any of the keys on the keyboard (on the Q10) to snooze.

I always aim for the spacebar, but my fat fingers end up landing everywhere - hitting the keys on the keyboard always snoozes it for me.

Absolutely! The dismiss button should be on another screen entirely. I've alway wondered what goes through developer's heads when they come up with things like that. While we're on rant mode, how about some apps with the "close" button next to the "save" button? There's some note app on my playbook, with a very useful UI in general, but the i.d.i.o.t. developer (and yes, I.D.I.O.T.!) puts the close button practically on top of the save button. Can't tell you the inordinate amount of notes created instantly lost.

Some good suggestions but I'm not sure technology can really solve this issue. Sleeping in every now and then happens to everyone. A little less partying is usually the best cure but hey, who doesn't like to party?

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Buy an alarm clock, use the phone as a back up. A phone is a phone why do you rely on phones to do everything.

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Because that's the way the smart phone industry is heading. It has been for a long time.
Smartphones are multiple devices in one. I'd assume that's what the 'smart' part of 'smartphone' means.

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I just tap anywhere on the screen for snooze and when I wake up I turn the alarm off which is brilliant I don't even have to open my eyes to find a snooze button :)

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I have my Z30 on a charging cradle so it stands up like an alarm clock eliminating the need for an alarm clock :)

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yes agree with you james 100000%. Another thing that gets on my wick with bb10 is the timer it only does full minutes no half mins etc, so if u want to time something for lets say 5 and half mins your stuffed. i still use my bold 9700 as my alarm clock and timer for when am cooking etc cant beat it ( i wish i could retire it).

Looks like you never tried bedside mode and taping the time in timer mode... solves BOTH of your problems.

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Bloody fantastic now I know how to work snooze with one touch anywhere on the screen and can now precisely set the timer. Buzz'n

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As for setting a timer...just set the minutes, then touch the time displayed and you'll get the whole deal...hours, minutes and seconds.

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I use my BlackBerry's alarm clock, but I never use the Snooze feature. So I've been left out of the survey, none of the choices are right for me.

Is it just me or... this is not the alarm screen? my screen turns all white and I need to just tap it to snooze it. În order to stop it I need to switch to off the alarm option and that is done after snoozing.

Furthermore, the screen displayed in the article is a reminder for an event... not an alarm for waking up. my problem with that screen is that you can snooze it only for one predetermined interval vs having the option to change the interval on that screen. (you might still want the reminder to pop back up but not so fast as 5 min for example).

Powered by BB

Brilliant point as this is the same constraint in the calendar reminders as well. In the legacy OS there was a sneaky way(at least) to change it so you could then swipe one way or the other to increase or decrease the next reminder time. This is a much desired feature.

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Yes, exactly. I used that "sneaky way" and I was wondering why that feature wasn't standard.

Anyway, we should have the same thing for BB10.

Powered by BB

I had the same issue for a while only to realize (by accident) that the volume rocker puts the phone into snooze mode.

It still needs require some 'tactility' to find the rocker when half asleep but eliminates the error of hitting dismiss. I do agree flipping the phone for snooze or full screen tap for snooze followed by a secondary action to dismiss wud be better.

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I tap any where on the screen and it goes silent. After a while it rings again (snooze). Only to dismiss I look into the screen. Snooze just happens with a tap on the screen.


I don't use BB10 as alarm clock, because alarms on BB10 don't fire if the phone is powered off.
THis worked beautifully on older BBOS and on Nokia E-series devices, so technically this is no problem.
Another omission in BB10, for those people like me, who do not want to keep their phones powered on over night.

Solution: Use bedside mode, tap anywhere on the screen once the alarm goes off -> Your BB automatically goes to snooze

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I tap anywhere on the screen in bedside mode as well but the one thing I HATE is that you can easily (by accident) turn off your alarm in bedside mode since the on/off button is right at the bottom. I've done that a few times.

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I use my Q10 as my alarm clock every day and I'm also a "snoozer." Just use the volume down button on the side of the phone for snooze, and the screen only to turn it off and you'll never have an issue. Plus you can feel the volume down button without opening your eyes so it works much better for snoozing anyway!

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We also need the feature back to automatically enter bedside mode when plugged in, and OEM charging pods.

I'm not sure what the issue is with the alarm clock. On my Z10 there are no dismiss and snooze buttons. The clock screen lights up white with the sounds. I tap twice anywhere on the screen to snooze, then look closely and toggle the alarm to "off" to shut it off. No issues of accidentally shutting it off when I meant snooze because I have to hit it twice to silence it, then take the extra action to shut it off. Is this a unique feature of whatever OS Telus has put out that isn't yet available in the US?

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Same here. No dismiss or snooze options. I'm not sure when it changed but wasn't long ago. Have to tap the screen hard or a couple times to make it snooze. On ATT 10.2.1

I love the Crackberry polls bit is it possible to use a LARGER font? Small changes are needed. I often think that the alarm is not working properly. Now I realize that I am doing exactly same thing.

I always push the snooze button twice before I finally get up.

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If you use bedside mode when you're sleeping, you can not turn it off accidentally. Just tap anywhere on the screen and it sets to snooze. To turn off the alarm, you have to exit all the way out of bedside mode.

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I just miss the good old days where I could shut my phone off and right before it powers down.. I get that little message that says your phone will turn on at so and so time based on what time your alarm was set for. that is the best feature ever.

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I have no issues with the alarm. I always have my phone in bedside mode at night. When the alarm goes off in the morning, I either swipe the screen up to turn off the alarm completely, or I tap it for the pre-determined snooze time. Simple.

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Truth be told, a new option to swipe left or right is a lot when you want to get back to sleep but what I do is have my phone on bedside mode, when the alarm comes on I just tap the screen and there.

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When in Bedside Mode:

Snooze = tap anywhere on screen when alarm goes off

Dismiss= swipe up when alarm goes off

Agree with others thou, would like to see the on/off alarm button removed or a confirmation step added

CB10'n it via da Z...30

I have had same experience and I ended up waking late.... I will like that update so muc

iRock crackberry via my super-z10

I prefer the alarm system on Android KitKat, it's quicker and easier to set-up an alarm. A screenshot would have shown what I am talking about.

Similarly the BBOS alarm.

No idea why a basic function is made so non-user friendly! Or maybe it's made to wake a person up completely for snoozing it and then go oh what the heck, I am up anyway.

But... you can send the phone to snooze just by pressing the volume buttons or the top button, I hardly use the screen buttons

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I have the opposite problem ... I get up right away, but I sometimes hit the snooze button, without realizing it. Then I'm in the shower when it goes off again and wakes SWMBO up. She's seldom happy when that happens.

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Never had this problem. I tap anywhere on the screen blindly and the alarm snooze.
My problem is that the alarm should automatically turn off when I unlock the phone. Meaning that if I am up and checking my email, the phone should know and not snooze the alarm.

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I have to keep it in bedside mode otherwise I always hit the dismiss instead of snooze

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It is terrible UI Design - it certainly wasn't thought through. The snooze button should be massive, and the dismiss function should be a little complex so you can't do it by accident

I used to have that problem until I started using bedside mode. It's nice waking up then only having to hit the screen anywhere to snooze! I never turn my alarm off accidentally in bedside mode.

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The issue James describes is only when the phone is not in bedside mode.

When you are in bedside mode, all you have to do is single tap anywhere on the screen to snooze - doesn't get any easier than that.

Posted via CB10

And I agree with BigAl, when you are not in bedside mode, the buttons should be absolutely massive.

Maybe the bottom 3/4 of the screen say snooze and the top 1/4 says dismiss?

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Sorry, I hit the wrong button and can't find an edit button... :)

I voted "Yes, and it drives me crazy", even though I don't use the alarm on my phone. The reason being, I don't trust myself to correctly hit the right button when I have just woke up!

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Based on all these comments, it looks like not everyone has figured out all the in's and out's of the alarm clock app

Maybe in 10.3 make a short mandatory explanatory video of how to set, snooze and cancel am alarm

Also maybe just take away the screen prompt that is the cause of this post, seems to be a dangerous thing for some people... leave the many other ways to snooze and cancel the alarm

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If it could reach out and fondle me...I'd be a happy camper...that gets the girlfriend off the hook!

That'll be a nice way to wake up!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

The whole should be divided into two parts: snooze and dismiss, so that users won't fail at snooze the alarm.

I don't have this issue in bedside mode. There are no buttons. Just tap the white screen...always snooze.

......what I missed from my BlackBerry 7 devices was the "evolving Dream" alarm ringtone until I found it as an mp3.

That said I never have the issue of turning the alarm off

Z10, official Digicel

Just use bedside mode, there is no message box. You tap the screen to snooze and the tiny button to disable the alarm. I've only hit the button once by mistake. And I use it every night.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely one of the most frustrating things! At least have the snooze button take most of the real state of the screen, so you don't accidentally turn off the alarm thinking you are just snoozing for an extra few minutes.

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We are not children, are we? Put the BlackBerry a little out of reach for when you are sleeping when it rings get up and turn it off, stay up. How hard is that? Still tired? Go to bed earlier. Quit simple actually, the BlackBerry is fine it is you that needs adjusting

Rick Pringle, Z30 on CB.10

I do that, it's on the charger in the other room, but I usually send my "wifi" to get it for me...

Need another strategy. Yes, should go to bed earlier. Thanks for the encouragement, BlackBerry Wine!

Pasted via CB chen

I miss he option in 7.1 where you cold swipe left or right on the snooze timer to pick a different length of time for the snooze.

Exactly... the worst is when I'm trying to grab my phone from above my bed and accidentally hit either the snooze or turn the alarm off, and then I have to reset the alarm just to make sure it will still go off.

Posted via CB10

Yeah sure I welcome the Idea very much. Maybe they can make it like the old caller screen swipe up to dismiss and down to snooze, I miss it a lot

Posted via CB10

I totally agree, I just did that yesterday morning, I had to drive a friend if mine to the union hall and hit the dismiss button by mistake and over slept.

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Adding to your change request can BlackBerry also move the camera away from the bottom right of my z10 screen in their next upgrade. I keep turning the camera on when I don't want to

Productivity is not about to snooze... waking up naturally early in the morning is!

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I also have a problem with multiple alarm, sometime the alarm that I don't use very often switch off by itself

Posted via CB10

I use bedside mode for the alarm and all it takes is to tap the screen and the alarm stops sounding but it's the equivalent of snooze. I don't see a way to switch the alarm off in bedside mode except for the on / off switch in the lower left hand corner of the screen. What I don't like is not being able to dismiss the alarm from bedside mode. What I do to supplement that is quickly turn the alarm off and on.

I have used the alarm clock without it being in bedside mode but I have never had an issue with how close the dismiss and snooze buttons are. Perhaps consider a back up alarm set for the absolute latest time you can snooze as a backup plan? Something to think about.

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I have this exact same issue.

The Dismiss button doesn't work right in bedside mode. It is essentially a snooze button because when I hit it and then take the phone out of bedside mode, I get the same alarm screen 10 minutes later. Outside of bedside mode the Dismiss button works as you would expect.

BlackBerry please fix the Dismiss button in bedside mode!!!

Posted via CB10 via Z30STA100-5/

My problem is actually when the phone is completely battery drained. Once it turns on, it still triggers the alarm that should have happened 5 hours ago!! I've already raised this as an issue on the Blackberry portal :(

Posted via CB10

I never had this problem. In fact, I've never even looked at the screen. I reach over and touch it blindly, and 10 minutes later I repeat the process. Sometimes two or three times. I use it in bedside mode. I didn't even know that dismiss was an option.

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I'd love to hold the "snooze" command and select a different snooze time from a list. E.g., 20min, 30min or 1 hour.

If the alarm goes off while in Bedside mode, the only button to press is 'Snooze'

You have to slide across to actually turn the alarm OFF. So that is much better.

Posted via CB10 on my SwagBerry Z10

Only thing you have to do is put it in bedside mode and tap anywhere on the screen to snooze. Dead easy!

One small improvement I hope is the undo function of typing. Undo typing for email and documents. Please add undo button. UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO...

 Posted via CB10 by Z30

Haven't thought of that, good one. It's been on Windows for years (Ctrl + Z) so why not?

Posted via CB10

Also the alarm off button is too close to the bottom right and easy to turn off in bedside mode. Should be move to bottom centre

Posted via CB10

My request is to bring back the ability to set a repeating alarm, but then be able to edit specific dates (holidays, etc.) from within the calendar app.

This is how it worked on the older OS's and it was AWESOME!!
I could actually set my alarm clock for a normal work schedule, then edit only my days off or late start days a year or more in advance. This was the ultimate set-it, and forget-it!!

To activate the snooze, touch anywhere in the screen. No need for adding anything I guess that does the job you are asking for.

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I wish it was easier to drag down bedside mode from the lock screen. Sometimes when I drag it down, bedside mode doesn't load and it goes back up. It's like a stubborn blind that keeps curling up when you drag it down.

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I have a Z10 and my idea that I've had for quite a while is to make the bottom 1/3 of the screen the snooze button, the middle third blank, and on the top third is a full height slider button that's 1/4-1/3 width and starts left-aligned that you have to slide all the way to the right to dismiss the alarm.

I've pitched this idea to them many times 10.3 is a result of no one listening!

An android app I used had 2 BIG boxes for dismiss and snooze AND they were color coded so its easier to identify when you are just waking up.

I really hope James your post tell Blackberry to fix this because I haven't had any luck.

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How about when the alarm goes off the screen splits into three, one end snooze the other end dismiss with the center ,time and calendar appointments for today and the touch sensor not responding.

Posted via CB10

Let me use my space bar as my snooze again! (Q10 here) and what's up with taking my ability to delete music within the media player... I miss deleting whenever I want.

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No problem here. I'm one of those people who have snooze off. That way I have to get up.

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BlackBerry improve the alarm clock! I don't like the white screen at all!

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In the morning I would have the same issue with the swipe left or right. I would like a big snooze and then a red X for cancel. I do like that I can dismiss the alarm with a swipe from bedside mode.

Just use Bedside mode and make multiple alarms as snooze times. Then you just dismiss alarm by touching screen and then next alarm will go off and continue in this matter. Works great!!

Q10, running

Add more separation between the two options,.....and make "SNOOZE" font much larger than "DISMISS",....and or perhaps a different color.

Edit,...I just read someone's post and have an even better idea: Make "SNOOZE" the default only and make "DISMISS" the Pull Down option.

I think it should require a swipe and confirmation to dismiss the alarm. This should prevent this issue and it should also be a setting so people who don't want it can turn it off, just an idea

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You can press the volume buttons to snooze.

JC, from the Asian Guy that Hates BlackBerry on YouTube

I don't have an issue. You can touch anywhere on the screen or you can hit the volume buttons to snooze. You don't have to press the actual snooze button. I also use a charging cradle which makes all of this a little more convenient.

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I really only use my phone alarm when i'm staying in hotels. But this all makes perfect sense. Make it easy to hit snooze and hard to shut it off. So tap the screen to snooze then a specific gesture to turn it off. It's should be all about gestured since that's what the OS touts.

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Many (myself included) have complained how the two buttons are so close to one another. I usually lift my head, squint, and ensure that the snooze button is depressed before laying my head back on the pillow.

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YES Good post. Never realized this until I read this article. But my issue is accidently hitting the snooze when I don't need it. I usually get out the shower and come back to my bedroom with BlackBerry Screaming lol. Happens quite often. Been using BlackBerry alarms for over 5 years

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I have also been using BlackBerry alarms every since the storm.. although I only really had an issue with sleeping in on bb10

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How ironic, the first attempt to vote had me press the "no thanks" option instead. I think the close proximity of most things in bb10 cause this problem everywhere. The keyboard needs space between the keys to provide more margin for error.

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They should bring back the call screen interface for this. Swipe the bar up for dismiss and down for snooze.

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I use my phone in bedside mode so to put it on snooze, all I have to do is tap anywhere on the screen.

The problem described in this article was a huge problem for me in BBOS7 however.

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OK this is really weird because for me it's the opposite. When I use bedside mode, when my alarm goes off, I don't get any options, I get a white screen. If I tap anywhere, the alarm is disabled.

It's why I never use bedside mode...

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I just slept in. I'm now 3 hours late....this is one thing my BlackBerry really sucks at is getting my ass out of bed in the morning.. I know hitting the volume keys snooze it but I need something that actually makes me think so I actually get up.. I must hit the wrong button a few times a month..

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The way I try to trick myself is my alarm sound is the same as my phone ringer. Makes me have to think a little harder. But.. sometimes it doesn't work and I still sleep in.

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If you put your alarm clock in sleep mode, that shouldn't happen. In sleep mode you just tap the screen and it automatically snoozes. This problem you are having only happens to me when I have the alarm set but am not in the clock app.

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I've done this a dozen times and been late for work. Ideally I'd like a "tap to snooze" and "slide to dismiss" option, so there's no way you can sleepily or accidentally dismiss the alarm.

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Actually. If it's in bedside mode. You will notice the screen turn white while the alarm is going off. In this state simply tapping anywhere on the screen will activate the snooze.

Swiping up to exit from bedside mode will act as "dismiss".

I promise! It's pretty awesome.

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I use my PlayBook via FuzzEngine so that I have to activate my Bluetooth Mouse in order to stop the alarm from across the room. Then I set my Z10 Alarm 10 Minutes after the PlayBook in case I want to Snooze.

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Personally, as groggy as I am on awakening, I'd like to see a two-position tap to shut it off. I don't see well without my glasses,so pressing 2 spots on the screen simultaneously, for instance both upper corners, would be a great option. Any single tap anywhere for snooze being the safe, not-late-for-work, other action.

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I totally agree. Pull the "Dismiss" and "Snooze" buttons apart. And while they're at it make the buttons bigger for those of us with fat fingers. I love the keyboard and all on my Q10, but if these software engineers are taking the trouble to design buttons on the screen, make 'em big and usable. Thank you.

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Set my alarm to 7:15 am because I had an exam at 8 am, hit the snooze because I figured I could get up at 7:25 and still make it to my exam on time. It turns out I had hit the dismiss button instead and was well on my way to failing the course. Luckily my room-mate saw my shoes in foyer and knocked on my door at 7:30ish to make sure I had gotten up. All this to say that yes, this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

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