One new BlackBerry 7 phone coming this year

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jun 2013 08:18 am EDT

On today's BlackBerry earnings call, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins made note that there's still demand for BlackBerry 7 phones (specifically the Bold 9900 in enterprise), and that the company will introduce one new BlackBerry 7 device this year.

While all of the excitement has been around BlackBerry 10 as of late, I know a lot of people out there that would be happy with a Bold 9900-like device with a bigger battery (and autofocus on the camera!). 

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One new BlackBerry 7 phone coming this year


Extra resources now that they cancelled PB development.

The decision making is consistent... I WILL give them that.

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This is like building a carburetor engine after releasing a line of fuel injections. But if the carb is going to sell as much as the EFI models, go for it.

This made me laugh. I totally agree. I live in Canada, and wish they would bring us the Q5... because we aren't all rich enough here to buy the Z10 or Q10. "So here, buy a carbureted car instead because our EFI models start at around $100 000 and we aren't bringing our affordable models here." And then there's the PB announcement. Just makes me wonder how much thinking goes into these decisions


"Hey guys, we just created a revolutionary platform that's going to leapfrog the industry and create a whole new world of mobile computing for the next 10 years! ... by the way, check out our new OS7 phone, too."

Why would it sell when there is a Q10 and Q5? It sends the wrong message about the company's confidence in BB10. They can not and must not go backwards. The bears will increase if they release a BB7 device in 2013/14.

I am not a BB user, but the Bold in my opinion is iconic, and people using it, are really in a comfortable place. I´ve heard the Q10 doesn´t live up. People who use the Bold don´t usually like to experiment type. I would be nice if BB brings the features of BBOS7 to 10.

It took 6+ iterations before BB0S got all the features into version 7.
It will take more than a few iterations before BB10 builds back up to those features, especially when it's adding features that BB0S didn't have.

Yeh that makes sense, but that is why some BB users prefer to use OS7 for the while. BB has to move very carefully so as not to loose all their enterprise customers. At least that is the way I see it, i could very well be wrong.

Your not wrong. The Q10 is missing a lot of the features users of the OS7 devices are use to. This makes sense for now.

Yes. The missing features and missing legacy apps are why I'm still using my 9930. The 9930 is an excellent device, great battery life.

If they released an OS7 BlackBerry with an auto focus camera and updated browser, I'd upgrade to it right now.

I'll eventually get a 10 device when legacy apps are available for it (not Android Ports), basic missing features are added, and most the bugs are worked out.

But right now, legacy BlackBerry works perfect for me. People keep mentioning battery pulls, but I haven't reset my 9930 in over a week and it's running great.

I have never had to reset my Z10. No battery pulls, at all. I have, however, turned the device off when I've run out of batteries.

Actually makes me sad that some carriers shipped BB10 with buggy builds. A big part of the promised advantage in QNX was the stability. Sad to see hear some are actually more stable on BBOS.

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Because the Q10 is crap. Bought one as a second device alongside my iPhone 5 exclusively for email, used it for 2 weeks and returned it for a wide variety of reasons. I'm the only person I know in the Silicon Valley venture capital community that even considered it (and yes, we are the center of the tech world, as much as you may refuse to believe it). It's not as good as my iPhone at touchscreen functionality and not as good as the Bold was at keyboard functionality.

I don't care how many arguments you can make about how many revs of iOS or Android it took for those OS's to be any good, the fact is that BB10 is by a wide margin worse than either of them right now. Customers buy what's shipping now, not what's shipping in 18-24 months.

BB is toast, and I say that sadly as somebody who had BB's from the 6230 all the way up to the 9930.


Dude what are you talking about? The Q10 is a better device all around. You might as well have an iphone 2, they're all the same thing, why pay more money for something that has just a different design, you're sitting there with ios which has barely changed over the past 6-7 years. You have an ipod touch duck tapped into a phone. Have fun with your iToy

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Without full disclosure from BlackBerry this is inaccurate. BlackBerry hasn't said they can't sell BlackBerry 10 devices. And if u look at numbers year over year. It appears they are moving the BlackBerry 10 devices. So I would disagree. I think putting another bb7 on the market is bad. Those battery pulls is what pissed a lot of people off. Hard to reclaim them when that's all they remember.

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Sorry, but perception is reality. It doesn't matter what we think, if the consensus is that BB10 isn't pulling it's weight and a BB7 Is required, then we might as well pack up and go home. We're both saying the same thing. This is a very bad move and the stock will be punished today because of it.

Year over year? BB10 devices have only been out since Feb. 2013, so unless you're from the future, you're a little off in your estimates.

As a shareholder you have the ability to look and request month by month gains. The numbers started raising faster in March but you are correct in the release date. I should clarified my stuff better. Let's see if I can get a more refined numbers. I maybe equally incorrect in the assessment in numbers. Year over year

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Ok we know by the reports to public they lost less. They also sold 2.7 million 10 devices those were were they made the margins on. Simple math shows that the selling of those higher profit margin units in a short release time helped year over year margins. In depth can be brought in by asking for month by month. Thus based on logic if they ran the 10 series for entire year. It's profitable based on simple extrapolation of known and released facts.

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The 9900 was an still is a great phone in my book. Sure the camera was a mess but the pros def out weighed the cons for me. Really excited to see what the new device is going to look.

Would so love updated 9900 with better camera and larger screen- keeping my PB for now w bridge. Combo so works for me w my key os7 apps that won't migrate to 10. TRACKPAD TRACKPAD!!

I honestly don't miss the trackpad as much as I thought I would. I do miss some of the shortcuts from BB7 like setting up quick searches (ie. Alt+A for all emails with attachments or Alt+F for all flagged emails.
.. If someone knows how to do that in BB10, please let me know). I also miss the expanded bridge functionality and a few other little features in BB7 that aren't available on BB10 yet. Overall though, I think the Q10 is a great device (although I think the 9900 feels a bit more solid and high end in the build) and BB10 is awesome...and will get even better with each new release.

I have set up a variety of "advanced searches". Flagged and attachment emails (listed above), emails from my boss, a certain organization, etc. Once you have an advanced search created, you select "save" and then it lets you select a key to assign it to... i.e..
Alt+A = Attachments
Alt+B = Boss
Alt + F = Flagged

A great feature for quickly sorting through emails......and I really hope it comes to BB10.2!!

?? We saw this come up a while ago but I couldn't take it seriously...why would you go back to bb7 instead of building a bb10 qwerty phone with trackpad... the 99 bold is still the best legacy device available... push that with a 7.2 update or whatever or make a Q1 with a trackpad.... well I don't know.. BlackBerry has been making some good decisions as of late... so let's wait until it comes out.

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Big issue for me is not hardware as much As legacy apps I use constantly, hence os7 still works for me

Totally agree... At least improve the playbook OS to support BB10 apps, and change the keyboard. "Keep Moving" has to be as much about consumers as it is about BlackBerry. Don't just pull the plug, because those people who did buy the PlayBook believe in you

Stupid move, it's not the time to be pushing out legacy product and mudding up the waters. Again, BlackBerry needs to take a page from Apple. Release the new, ditch the old... let stock run out and be done with it. Don't waste resources on an old platform.

Maybe it's for the businesses that don't want to switch over to the new system? For whatever reason. If it's that demand is large enough and the cost to BlackBerry isn't too great why not do something to keep that group of users happy.

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Indeed. You'd be surprised how many businesses still use XP. This is definitely a good move for enterprise. I don't know why people are complaining, all of the consumers in here have the Z10, Q10, and Q5 to choose from. Choose on!

I would love a new BB7 device with unlimited data in South Africa

I have a Z10 and miss my unlimited data even though the BB10 experience is second to none.

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Well it may be a good move. They are still shipping 4 million plus BB7 devices per quarter. If they can maintain a good level of margin then why not?

And as other mentioned maybe some businesses are pushing for a new BB7 device.

Seriously? This move is a TOTAL waste of time. With the Q5 out there, we do not need to confuse the marketplace. BBRY needs to cut ties with BB7 and move on. The media will use this move to show that BB10 isn't getting traction. BAD, BAD move!!!!

Heck yeah. I've had to return three Z10 devices because they, you know, don't work too well on Verizon. Yeah yeah yeah, Verizon will patch that problem. When they get around to it. But since Z10 sales aren't even on their radar I doubt it's much of a priority for them. I'd be happy to have a new qwerty device running 7, especially if it had 4G and allowed a simple SIM swap from my S4 to work. I loved my 9930, but according to BB and Verizon I cannot swap my SIM into it without hosing it.

Belfastdispatcher has been proven to be right once again. He stated there would be a BB7 device. I, on the other hand am now sitting down to eat a delightful plate of Crow! :)

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It wouldn't make sense to release a new 9900. The flagship devices need to be BB10 based.

This is probably just another mid-range device for the enteprise. I don't think they would go 4G with it.

If my workplace is any indication, every single person I gave a Q10 to, bitched and moaned about losing the buttons and the track pad. They all said they never used the touch screen on the 9900. I told them, they're not making that style phone any more, so better get used to it.... So I guess that makes me a liar. I really don't like this position of going backwards either, but I understand it. They need to sell phones.

You have to be kididng me... Thats like Apple releasing an iPhone5s loaded with iOS5,.. I mean, I can't even, I...

If BlackBerry makes a Bold 9900 successor with TrackPad, phone/menu buttons, and a larger screen, larger capacity battery, Asian handwriting input, better autofocus camera, then I'll go for it!

The 99xx series has been their most succesful phone to date. Amen to this news! I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

It males perfect sense. BlackBerry have always done well with low end smartphones, look at the 9320. If they're saying that BB10 won't run well on a PlayBook then how are they going to make a phone that will for half the cost of a Q5.

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I think you're right. I went in to a couple of phone shops here (UK) and they all said they were still selling tons of the 9320. Personally I would rather see a nice OS7 device running smoothly than OS10 struggling on lower level hardware. OS7 may seem a bit dated compared to OS10 but I actually like the speed and simplicity of it. I have a 9105 and 9900 running OS6 and 7 and love both of them. I reckon one of the best BBs on sale at the moment is the 9360 - good price, reasonable hardware and nice screen. An updated version of this to come in under the Q5 would be great (or even for enterprise that does not want the expense of the Q10/5)

This is ridiculous. No bb10 for Playbook because "we want to move forward " and now another os7?
Maybe "keep moving" stands for "keep moving till you f*** yourself"

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It may not even be released in major western markets. Nokia just unveiled a new qwerty phone a few months ago not running a modern OS.

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Thorsten Heins, you lied about the Playbook OS being upgraded to BB10, now you say another OS7 Phone.

why should be believe anything that comes out of your mouth. Your credibility to the BB followers is diminishing day by day.

You really dont see the bigger picture do you..... you have put the nail in the coffin on many BB diehards...

I don't think he lied. I suspect that the PB lacks the memory. But also, in fact I think PB2 is a better tablet OS than BB10. It would be foolish to add another format factor for a subpar experience.

Great news, 9900 with Q10 battery, Autoocus Camera, BIS/BES, Trackpad and Buttons retained etc will make many Legacy Device users who have no desire to go BB10 very happy.

If BB has to make such a phone to retain customers who would otherwise go to other non BB platforms then good for them.

Yawn. Kevin would paint a positive picture if BB announced they were deciding to become communists. Give me a break.

This is great news, I hear thay are also doing the retroBB7100 and a erickson with no screen.......
All during the decline of BB I was ecxited and hopeful of a comback because of BB10, after this call not at all.
No staws to hang on to.

In other news, Ford just announced they are bringing back the Edsel as there is still a demand for something that was behind the curve when it was first released.

As long as this device never comes to stores (direct from blackberry only), it's a tragedy. If they sell alongside bb10 it's a nightmare. Get BlackBerry 10 good enough for your enterprise customers, don't fragment yourselves.

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There are some that love BB10 and some, like me, that love my OS7 device. Now I and everyone else knows that the company must move on, go forward, whatever. But it's like with any successful business one doesn't take a strong stand by bringing in new products while getting rid of old products that in the past many have loved. I have said before on posts on CB, BB10 and OS7 need to run side by side.

OK, phase out the old phones, the many different models and have two models, one easily affordable, like the Curve 9320, and one more expensive higher memory like the Bold9900 which has been so loved, and leave choice for everyone.

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Same specs?

This is dumb. Did they just do this so they could fill one of the "6 new phone" slots? LOL Technically it's an updated old phone.

the 9999? make the 9900 what it should have been? you called it Kev bigger battery with an autofocus camera and front facing one would be perfect. I'd def upgrade my work BBRY to it as BB10 doesn't support RSA yet.


I have a Z10, and miss so many of the features from previous generation bb - keyboard shortcuts, email storage, trackpad, and a battery that lasts a solid 18hr day. Right now the only feature I would miss from the Z10 is the better camera.

the hardware team at bb should be focused on making great bb10 hardware not making cheap devices that wont sell because they can not compete with cheap android devices.

This is very strange, but not unexpected. I still see many Legacy devices out there even though in my opinion BB should be more aggressive in converting users the new OS. Perhaps in emerging markets this is a strategy that can work best?

Sent from my sexy Z10 in Sin City ;-)

They have time for this but can't make an update for the PlayBook? Seriously? I know, I'm only one of 100,000 that are waiting for the update but this is b******. I've invested quite a bit into the playbook. I haven't used it once and been waiting for the day BlackBerry10 will come to the playbook. "BlackBerry. One Brand. One Promise" You guys are definitely not living up to that re-branding. Extremely disappointed. I will never believe anything they say. Im starting to think BlackBerry 11 won't even come to the Z10 now. 7 years of loyalty and I've had it now. My first phone was a BlackBerry and have owned around 5 different BlackBerry during that time and that's coming to an end now! I've got a Z10 now and this will be the last BlackBerry product I purchased. Selling my BlackBerry PlayBook with $100 worth of accessories and $60 worth of apps installed on it. I'll sell it for as cheap at $100. I want it gone ASAP so I can use that money towards something else. Oh, I also forgot to mention I'm a shareholder as well. I needed to let out some steam.

Apparently it'll be launching in South Africa, which I thought was kinda nuts when I first heard it, but I guess it does still make sense here.
Plenty of people are still using legacy devices because they have their cheap BIS package and saves them majorly on the cost of data.
But the other side is this, those that aren't too concerned about having to have a monthly data bundle or connecting to wifi everywhere they go, are moving to iOS and Android. These are individuals who have had the seriously bad experiences or have lost faith and don't realise that BB10 and BBOS are not comparible, 99% of the time, the first question I get asked is how often do you have to battery pull.
While the market in SA is still pretty good for BlackBerry, I think this is something that they shouldn't be taking lightly.
(on a side note

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The side note was that I just saw an ad on tv from one of the service providers that is offering free BBM for life, with a new Q10.

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Come on, keep cool!

It's quite not so bad as you tell this no-OS10-on-the-PlayBook here.

Yes, it' a little bit annoying. But: 1) The PlayBook has a little bit older hardware in the meantime (really BB10 ready??) - 2) Much more important is the fact that the new OS 10.x devices are well done! (even there is enough room for enhancements to get the professional and extremely efficient behaviour of OS 7.x ...

So, this announcement from Canada is a sad one, no question. But do not blame BlackBerry in general and do not throw everything into such a dark light!

(btw: also PlayBook owner)

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If BBRY knew the PB couldn't run BB10, why announce it as coming in the first place? The dev devices all run BB10 fine on 1GB RAM, hell the dev alpha is basically a miniature PlayBook internally. If Apple can cram iOS 7 into 512 RAM on the 3 year old iPad 2, which spec for spec is weaker than the PlayBook, BBRY could have done this. It's ironic how they don't want to 'waste resources' on outdated devices yet they are bringing more OS7 to the about concentrating on fixing whats wrong with BB10?

Actually i may simply change because BLACKBERRY LINK SUCCCCCKS! I was extremely happy to buy the new Q10 and then discovered that importing contacts from Computer to BB is a pain in the _ _ _ and music doesn't properly sync + it takes literally 45min to then receive an error message and have some song synced, others not and others half. WONDDERFUL BLACKBERRY WONDERFULL PROGRAM YOU GAVE US!

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I have a Z10 and a Q10 and would certainly by a "beefier" Bold long as it uses compression and the ability to decide where I want to delete emails!!!

Reason is clear. Businesses will need another year to plan/budget/test/deploy BES10. In the meantime, they need BB7 devices. The 9900 is 2 years old in August. The line needs a refresh as many people are coming to the end of the 2 year commitment.
BB7 and BES5 will be around for several years to come

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THIS IS WHY BLACKBERRY IS FAILING !!!!!! UGH , today just reading thru the Quarterly report .... Why are they wasting time with an old OS ...... is Google releasing Froyo smartphones ????? is Apple wasting time releasing an old Apple OS device ??????? WOW ... i really think i'm done with Blackberry.

Apple has lost their visionary, vision is lost you'll see it clearly in the next years

Kind Regards, C0008DDD1 TechCraze Featured Channel Check It Out!

See this is what I mean, Apple would never announce that they are releasing better versions of their old phones and I don't mean from 4 to 4s I mean right now announce that the 4s is so popular they're going to bring out a better version of it with the up to date features for those that prefer the shorter phone! !

Kind Regards, C0008DDD1 TechCraze Featured Channel Check It Out!

This is a stupid move. This is why analysts are hating on BlackBerry they keep doing stupid shit like this!!

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"While all of the excitement has been around BlackBerry 10 as of late, I know a lot of people out there that would be happy with a Bold 9900-like device with a bigger battery (and autofocus on the camera!)"

Why try spin this as good news? How about instead of wasting R&D on a new OS7 device, spend those resources on sorting out BB10 and giving it all the functionality people are missing right now? There is already a Bold 9900 like device out's called the Q10. At least the PlayBook had some life left in it for growth being as though it was the foundation for BB10. BlackBerry>Keep>Moving (Backwards)

Stop it and layoff they people if they don't adapt. The earlier RIM stop Old BlackBerry the earlier it may solve quality problem. Given the current revenue, 10k employee are too much. RIM need to layoff another 2000 at least and make sure to let go those who made the reboot bugs, outlook sync bugs, dev tool qml preview crash bugs, and those who made the decision to promote q10 rather than Z 10.


Is this device expected to be 'cheap' like curves? Who's the target audience here? Another 1 for emerging mkts? Would a 9900 upgrade be at the right price considering that the 9900 wasn't exactly cheap and the competition is more formidable?

The problem partially is that Cell Phone Representatives in the US (at least in my area) use Droids. They are young and many had "less pleasing" experiences with old OS7 devices. I was at a Verizon store where 3 customers were looking for their very 1st smartphone. The reps picked their favorites and didn't even mention the new venue.
There has been such an absence of BlackBerry that newer phone consumers don't even know that BlackBerry has a fresh innovative product and they won't be asked to try one at the store. Very heavy purposeful advertisement (specific feature strengths) is the only direction I see to demonstrate that the product is magnificent. It won't sell if no one knows about it.

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What would have happened to Microsoft if when they came out with Vista they said no more XP ? They would probably lost three quarters of their customers and crashed and burned. They are still being schooled by their customers for W8.

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Dumb decision in my mind, come on let's move forward BlackBerry not backwards. The BB10 devices and OS is very solid but when you can't make a promise on time and you can't get carrier and app support you fail. Push toward the future...

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I don't think this a great decision either. But here's a thought... if it's supposed to be a device to help people move to BB10 then maybe it will be devoid of the usual buttons and track pad and include BB10 gestures and be called OS8 or OS9?

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Doing this is the same as Microsoft bring SP4 with additional features to Win XP - this is not moving forward

Posted via CB10 from Q10

Maybe blackberry is trying to keep the old users with BB7 and get new users with BB10. Either way blackberry need to move forward NOT backwards

Come on People,,, not all companies can turn their infrastructure upside down over night. Think of all the faitful years these customer has invested money into BlackBerry. Im glad too see that BlackBerry Give this big group the antention they need right now. Keep it up BlackBerry

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Before today, I actually thought I had an idea or opinion when someone asks me about BlackBerry. Today's news, along with the death of the PB, and this "new" OS7 phone I've seriously lost any sense of direction.

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This is so stupid. Especially after those results. Bb10 is their future. They should focus every single resource on it.

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I'd get this. if it has a slightly bigger display, a camera WITH AUTOFOCUS, the q10's amazing straight keyboard, and costs 300 bucks tops off contract, hell ya. I was incredibly disappointed with the q10 so until that phone and it's OS are consumer ready say by feb-march 2014, i'll definitely grab this "super bold" till then.

My thought makes some sense. There are companies that are not yet up grading to BES10 and will still be on the OSx platform for a while. My 9930 died and had the choice of 9930 or iphone 5. Took anoother 9930 but would have been nice to get something different.

Sent from my 9930. :)

You're freakin' kidding me, right?? I swear this company seems like it is being run by some kids in their parents' basement..... Death of the PB & now this gem??? I just don't get it....

Because they cant fix BB10 issues...oh my...BB7 will be easier....are they crazy or WTF is happening...

PlayBook without BB10 and a new BB7 phone. Yap. Blackberry "keep moving"... back!
Maybe in a year or two the company just shut doors.
I was thinking in buying a BB10 and PB but now I'll just go for iOS or Android.
Too bad Blackberry. You loose...

I really don't understand that technicalities of it all but the company I work for issues blackberries to the staff. IT won't allow us to upgrade to a Z10 or Q10 because they say it will not work on our servers. Is it possible that the OS7 phone being released is for a situation like this? However, I am a Z10 user for personal use and I love the new OS.

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Though Blackberry should definitely focus on BB10 at this point, the reality is that BB7 devices still sell like wildfire out here in UAE and their Curve phones are still in many hands here. This could stop them from bleeding money a little bit less at the expense of truly moving forward.

Hmm. After seriously considering a stock purchase earlier this week in favour of a new floor in my basement, was literally blown away when I finally had a look at the sticker tape. WTF happened.. Heins - what on earth are you thinking.? I understand the need to look after lrg legacy BES, but thats not something to be grandstanding on either..Jesus man! Ya do it quietly. You DO in fact announce that a newer BB10 device will incorporate a track pad. Not that PB will not (now), be able to run BB10.


What BB owners want to hear and i'd argue the market as well, is updates to be pushed by BB and not carriers, 10.2 with a definite date, R10 and other NEW BB10 devices that are coming. Not news of new and improved dinosaurs - however efficient they may be. (I loved my 9900 too but Forward has only 1 direction buddy).

I think, and ive been a BB guy for 7 years, that you may have missed your foot and shot yerself in the head here.

Get the Z10 / Q10 up to snuff..FAST or I too may have no choice but to move on.

W/my Q10 - CB10

As to the stock price? Wow. Glad I bought my laminate instead of BB paper!!!

So...WHEN will WE see OS 10.2..??????

Happy Canada Day!
From Calgary

W/my Q10 - CB10

I remember when I asked if ppl would prefer a souped up BB OS7 phone and I was shouted down LOL....Now BBRY will release another sticky clock face OS7 phone. Again I asked why would a loyal OS7 user move to a Z10/Q10 phone which doesn't have any apps or less apps than the OS7 counterpart. Then they came up with this sideloading nonsense.

I'm actually excited to hear abt this! If they can fix all the bad and glitches and refine it I would definitely buy it! I'd like to see more internal memory about 16gb, 2gb RAM like the BB10 phones, no limit on number of downloaded apps, bigger better battery and better camera. I'd also like to see them add the convenience keys As for software fixes, I'd like to see them fix the web browser. If they could add the browser from BB10 it would be so awesome! Even if they made the screen bigger it would be even better!

i don't think this is a good idea... they should just deliver the q5, and the companies will have a low cost bb10 device!!!

But BB10 devices have very little if any apps compared to OS10. Don't let me just say apps, OS10 has zero ecosystem really. Remember BBM Music? Now I'm hearing about BBM channels, soon to go bye bye.

A manufacturer can't survive today on just phones, they are talking about QNX in cars, yawn.

There must be strong reason behind all this, so I wouldn't call it stupid move. Just curious what it is.

if they launched a Blackberry 9999 (no pun)
ok that sucks 9900-2nd Generation with Dual Core Snapdragon
rubberized back cover (not prone to scratches)
Stainless Steel Frets (9900 has the plastic frets and it looks ugly!!)
and a 2,100 mAH battery!

I will definetly kick Thorstein Heins in the NUTS!!
I will hate Blackberry forever for that!

While this news doesn't concern or interest me that much as I have moved on to BlackBerry 10, there may be an underlying motive to 'one more' BlackBerry 7 device. There is a group of users that are hard core BlackBerry users that may not yet be ready for the big change to OS 10,and might be overly hesitant to get a Q10, or try their hand at a Z10. Perhaps this last iteration of a BlackBerry 7 device will have some transitional, or 'bridge' features on it to help warm up the legacy user to the new BlackBerry. If so, then this a brilliant move to help bring up customers that may not have made the transition to platform that's all new and may have made to the move to another platform that has been around longer. It still may give the 'old school' BlackBerry diehards a chance to use what they know and keep them on board to make the transition. I mean look how many people are irked about what Apple is doing with iOS 7, or when Microsoft brought out Vista...or even 8 for that matter...not all were ready for the sudden change and fought it.

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They can stick a fork in the PlayBook but they can't stick a fork in BBOS? A loss next quarter. A meager 2.7 million devices shipped thus far. It looks like the Z10 is flaying in the market like the PlayBook. But then again in the wild I have seen one other Z10. The company's poor investor engagement. Try calling someone in IR and them returning your call? I have. Directors are equally as bad. It's like you're a turd. As soon as they get an inquiry, they hit the flush button. And that's the honest to GOD truth. I've tried. Investors deserve better.

Wow what BS BlackBerry can make another os 7 device but can't put bb10 on playbook ya bunch of liers and losers BlackBerry

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For ppl saying they should cut the cord and forget about OS7 - PLEASE! You don't see apple forgetting about iphone 4 and Samsung ditching the S2. They are all upgrade-able to the latest and greatest software!

Seems BB has a dilemma here. Making more profit and looking for a larger bandwidth of consumers. It’s quite simple because of the 4 reasons below:

Maintain the Emergency market and customers with legacy app
New BB7 + Q5

Step into the Android/Tablet market
A10 + new Playbook

Move on with the majority of all existing business customers and end-users (hopefully)
Z10 + Q10

Fulfill niche requirements
10-Flip + 10-Slide

More Devices will make BB struggle in maintain the quality of their products. Less is more. Not keep moving I would say – keep focused! Thorsten Heins is German he knows that : - ) But he has to find a compromise of course.

I don't want to be a party pooper but will the new os7 or new series include LTE radios? The slower than molasses hspa browser was a key point for me switching! As I use a version 3-Q10 on rogers wireless LTE max network is simply with the incredible speeds was a huge performance increase of the BlackBerry experience!!!

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That's soooo stupid! Why does BlackBerry me such decisions if their for 7 it's because your not doing a good enough job pushing 10. No literally misses the clock, random reboots, and all the other bugs that came with that OS. Is there a demand for BlackBerry 6 we don't know about it. I mean if we're doing old software don't stop now keep it up. Maybe! Introduce a wheel scroll BlackBerry with new wheels. I can't sometimes with this companies decisions.

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It's not sensible to stop the PB development for bb10 (which was a promise made by Thorsten Heins) and then announce a new"old" device?! So there is resources to build a new os7 device but none to actually honor a promised BB10 on the PB ? This is just a bunch of crap, I believe in BlackBerry but now I just can't understand such nonsense ! Destroying and deceiving the loyal BlackBerry Fans is just not sensible!

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I would only accept a new OS7 device if the following criteria is met:

- 9900 form factor
- taller screen (4 inches) (show more info)
- larger battery (2,100 mAh at the least!)

The 9900 really nails the day to day stuff. Not exciting, but it gets it done. I still think it's the best thing out there for text entry. Hard to beat the keyboard/trackpad combo.

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I think this is a good move. I mean there are lots of "heavy" blackberry users that have been disappointed with BB10 because of what they are use to in a BB7 device. Not everyone can adapt as easily, and the requirements for what we use it for varies from each person to the next. I say go for it! I would love to see a new BB7 device!

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I think blackberry should focus on getting BB10 up to speed. It lacks so many features that I miss from os7

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The Bold 9999:
- NFC, Wifi 802.11af, LTE, BlueTooth
- 8GB Internal Storage, 1GB or 2GB RAM, SD cards up to 64GB
- BBM with Channels, Video, Voice, Chat
- 720x540 resolution, 3.2" screen (281ppi)
- OS7.2 (adds synching with BlackBerry Link which should have figured out full pda sync by then, and maybe additional Bridge features with PlayBook)
- BIG sound, like, 4w speaker
- 1750mAh Battery, 48hr battery life talk / 72hr+ standby.
- Cherry Red, Pearl White, or Piano Black finish with glass weave back.

I'd buy one, despite having a Z10 already.

That's MY dream phone specs for BlackBerry Classic.

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Oh, and I'd want to add simultaneous multi processing and java vm process virtualization to OS7.2, so that if Facebook decides to crash AGAIN, it won't bring the whole system down.

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I believe to launch one more OS7 device oriented to the Bold 9900 is a smart move, as BlackBerry needs to retain all the loyal customer base (enterprise/personal) as much as it can while BB10 coninues to mature and gain support of legacy apps. One more BB7 device is not going to hurt BlackBerry a b and won't need much promotion as the demand is already there, telecomm support still exists and Blackberry can continue to keep it's focus on development, promotion and support of new BB10 devices without any new BB10 growing pains. I for one love my Bold 9900 and not embarrassed to show it off to anyone, as it's still a great communication tool that's still relavant and offers the security of BIS and compressed data that keeps data costs down.
Should the new BB7 device be much like the Bold 9900 with greater battery life, quicker browser and auto focus on the camera, I'm all in and it can carry me through the remainder of my mobility contract. I will eventually migrate to a new BB10 device (Likely a Q10) once we've caught up a little with app support, bug fixes and security of BB10 becomes proven. But for now I hang onto my Bold 9900. For the record, pulling your battery is good for defragmenting ANY phone (Android, Symbian, WP8 and BlackBerry ... iPhone is never been able to do this.) and should be considered a maintenance habit weekly or bi-weekly ... this is why a removable battery cover is important to have.

Damn, I'd buy that. A BlackBerry OS7 device with a better battery, AF camera and (slurrrrrp, yum) a trackpad and I'm gonna jump on it right now.

Have been using Q10 a while. And to be honest, I don't really like to pay what is 4 times the annual per capita income for my cell in my country to have to 'make do' with it.

For me, it's perfect. As everyone says, BlackBerry makes it very very hard to stay loyal.

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