One month in with the BlackBerry Q10

Why the Q10 is the right BlackBerry for me

By Adam Zeis on 31 May 2013 02:11 pm EDT

I have had my BlackBerry Q10 for just about a month now. Thankfully I had the long reach of Simon (and I do mean long) to pick up one for me in Toronto on launch day as the Q10 has yet to become available in the states (I know - but soon!). While I fell in love with my BlackBerry Z10 right from the start, I was anxious to get the classic BlackBerry form factor I love with an amazing physical keyboard packing a BlackBerry 10 punch.

I've been able to give my Q10 the "real world" test over the last four weeks or so, through my daily routines and even subjecting it to the harshest test of all, BlackBerry Live.

While I'm absolutely still loving the Q10, I do have a few gripes. What I can say is that for me the Q10 is just what I need. It gives me the ability to communicate what I need, when I need to, no matter where I am. 

Before getting my Z10 I'll admit I moved around a bit. I was primarily using an iPhone 4S/Bold 9900 combo for my devices. I've never been big into having to carry two devices, but at the time it worked best for me. I loved having the ease of communication on my 9900 while I had all the apps I wanted on my iPhone. However I was always torn as to which would be my main line - where I received my phone calls and text messages. For the most part I left that up to the iPhone. 

What I can say is that for me the Q10 is just what I need

For me it was a consumption device however. Often times when I was out if I got an email or text I would read it but I wouldn't reply right away. I wasn't the greatest on the virtual keyboard so I knew that as soon as I started a reply I'd get frustrated and wait until I had more time. I would take in what I could but I rarely sent anything out. 

My 9900 filled in a bit of a void in that I could pound out messages on the physical keyboard if I needed too, but it still made for an extra device I had to cart around with me.

As soon as I swapped out my SIM to my Z10 that all changed. Both devices went into my phone drawer and I was a one phone man once again.

I had already had a load of time playing around with the BlackBerry Z10 during our review period so I knew what to expect. I actually had switched to using the Dev Alpha as my main phone for the few days leading up to the BlackBerry 10 launch in NYC.

Being back to just one phone I still had a small worry that I wouldn't be able to get things done on the fly. I always say that I judge a phone by how fast I can crank out a message when I'm in the checkout line at a store. I only have limited time and want to be sure I get my whole message out error free. On the iPhone I didn't even bother since I knew I sucked on the virtual keyboard. I had high hopes that the Z10 would handle the task just fine.

Simply put, the keyboard on the Z10 is amazing and I quickly adjusted to being able to pop out messages quickly when I needed to. Adjusting to the keyboard took very little time and I became a Z10 wizard in just a few days - but I still longed for a BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard and the form factor of my trusty Bold 9900. 

A few weeks went by and we started to hear rumors of the Q10 launch. While we couldn't pin down an exact date, we knew that BlackBerry had to release the Q10 somewhere before BlackBerry Live (or we had hoped at least). I had pumped myself up so much at that point that I would have lost it had the Q10 not made an appearance before I went to Orlando. Thankfully an announcement came and I did a secret happy dance in my living room.

After an exhaustive few days of traveling to NYC to work with Kevin on our BlackBerry Q10 review, I waited patiently for UPS to drop off my very own Q10 that Simon had wrangled up for me in Toronto. I got spoiled by our review unit but Kevin had dibs so he got to hold onto it after I went back home.

When my Q10 arrived I was overjoyed to say the least. I had worked myself up so much that I was ready to swap over from my Z10 to the Q10 and fall in love with BlackBerry all over again, and I did just that.

Once I got everything transfered over (which is 100 times easier than in the past) I was a happy campy. I honestly don't think I put my Q10 down for three days when I first had it. I loved being able to shoot off a quick email at my son's baseball games or easily reply to BBM's on the physical keyboard. It just felt right.

Let me say here that I absolutely love my Q10. It does everything I need it to, has all the apps I need (I'm not a Netflix or Instagram user) and helps me do my job. While I do have a few gripes, I love the form factor, physical keyboard and overall feel of the device and that makes the Q10 the phone for me.

What I Like

I won't list all of what I like about the Q10, but there are a few things that stick out for me.

One of the big things is the size. Partly because it just feels like a BlackBerry, but mostly because it's not too big and not too small. It has a good weight to it and it easily fits in my hand. When I'm on the phone it's not awkward at all and I can easily hold it and type without a hitch. I'm a pocket guy, so the fact that I can slide it into my pocket without a problem and not have it stick out is huge for me too.

On the Q10 I can type like a champ and I love having the tactile feedback

For me, typing on a physical keyboard is far better than a virtual keyboard. This is a really tough call though since the Z10 keyboard is amazing and really the best I've ever used. The word prediction and auto correct help a ton and I can type faster on the Z10 than any other virtual keyboard out there. That being said, it's no trade-off for a solid physical keyboard and the Q10 has just that. Coming off the Bold 9900 I really didn't think the keyboard could get any better, but on the Q10 I can type like a champ and I love having the tactile feedback. 

I also love being able to use a password again too. Not that I couldn't use one on the Z10, I just didn't care for it. With the Q10, having the physical keyboard makes it much easier to use a password in my book which is definitely a good thing.

And how about that battery? I can't say enough about the Q10 battery life. It's been more than amazing for me since day one. I find that I rarely need to charge at all during the day and I have yet to kill off a battery at all. In the past (and even on my Z10) I found myself constantly plugging in or going through two batteries a day, but with the Q10 I have no such issues. Of course I always carry my battery charger with me just in case.

What I Don't Like

While I can't get enough of my Q10, there are still a handful of things I don't like as well. Most either don't fit my use case or I've just learned to deal with, but I'll toss them out here regardless.

The first is obviously the screen size. It's smaller than the Z10 by a good amount which makes for some hard adjustments at first. One of the main things is obviously media. Watching videos on the Q10 is a tough experience at times. Streaming from YouTube doesn't let you use the full screen, and while you can adjust the aspect of media on the device, it's still not the greatest. Thankfully I rarely watch movies on my device so that isn't a deal breaker for me.

Same goes for gaming. While there are plenty of games that work just fine on the Q10, there are still a bunch that would be better played on the Z10. Given the much larger screen and landscape view, gaming on the Z10 trumps the Q10 without a doubt. Still, there are great games for the Q10 that I love and I really can't complain in the end. 

One that I want to add here that doesn't really apply anymore is the lack of a trackpad. While I totally missed it at first for things like text editing and navigating around web pages, I don't even think about it anymore. I've adjusted to all the amazing tools that BlackBerry 10 offers and can't say that I would want the trackpad back at this point. Some days I do think about it, but at this point it's really a non-issue.

On that note - I do find myself sending apps to Active Frames quite often. Scrolling in apps like Facebook or the web browser, I guess my thumb gets too close to the bottom bezel so while I'm simply trying to scroll, I end up closing the app into the Active Frame. This is a big one for me that seems to not go away. Even though I'm consciously aware of it, I still do it all the time. I think that had there been a bit more bezel space or less of a "touch area" this wouldn't happen quite as often. 

Q10 for Life

Well, maybe not for life, but until something better comes along at least. I totally love my Q10 even though there are still a few things that bug me. I feel way more productive using it (partially thanks to BB10) and it just makes me want to get things done.

BlackBerry 10.1 is a solid OS. I love the little things on the Q10 like the dark theme and HDR camera, but at the same time, there are still some things I'd like to see fixed. I won't dive in too much since this is more about the device itself as the OS will improve over time. A few to note are contact/calendar sync, the phone app, headless apps (apps running in the background without being open) and not being able to send large files/videos easily (over BBM/email).

For me, the Q10 is where it's at

I'm not having a phone crisis anymore where I constantly want to look for something better or switch devices. I'll admit I do fire up the Z10 here and there, but I come right back to the Q10 for the long haul. I won't knock the Z10 in any way, shape or form but for me, the Q10 is where it's at.

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One month in with the BlackBerry Q10


OS 10.1 comes on the Q10 out of the box. Official 10.1 has been out for the Z10 also since the opening day of the BlackBerry Live conference, which was a few weeks ago.

My apologies, I guess some/all of the US carriers haven't pushed it out yet. All the Canadian carriers and I think all/most of the UK carriers pushed it out May 14th, and Australia got it on the 16th. Hopefully AT&T etc get their act together!

I love my Z10, I may get a Q10 to take it for a spin but I think a killer BB10 experience would be a torch like device or side slider. All the screen real estate of the Z10 with the physical keyboard would be killer in my opinion.

Posted via CB10

Maybe 4 years ago. Today's phones are so thin, many think they are too thin, and there's a reason why people add bulky cases. The galaxy S3 could easily be a slider. If you sandwiched two of them together with the screens facing one another, you would have a device quite a few millimeters thinner than a Torch. And the ability to type and edit easier. Nobody would balk at the nicer screen as well.

Yep. I have that same dream
A torch slider BB10

Love my Z10 but not really the virtual keyboard

Posted via CB10

I found that I got much better with the VKeyboard once I gave up on typing everything out and used the up swipes.

I came from a Torch myself.

Maybe, but since English is my second language I would like to spell out words in full so I learn and I just use predictions for reference. Otherwise when I get on my computer to type I don't remember the spelling and I wait for predictions to pop up.
So with a physical keyboard I make very little mistakes

Posted via CB10

I'm totally with you on this. I came from a torch, and then PlayBook and was so impressed with the predictive typing that I figured the Z10 would be on the same level. The Z10 has exceeded my expectations. I couldn't live without my Zed.

Posted by my awesome Z10

I'm poking this out on a PlayBook with a landscape predictive keyboard in the bright sunshine on my deck at the moment and I agree with you 100%. I am a Torch 9810 guy by day though usually and I'd go for a slider in either vertical or horizontal but the more I use my PlayBook, the more I want a horizontal slider. That way I get both worlds, one for ideal screen real estate uses like web use, reading PDFs, gaming and one for spurts of fast, tactile typing. It would be perfect.

I couldn't agree more: "torch (9800/10) style ALL the WAY!!
TOTAL Killer device IMO. Our house would "take 2 and call someone in the morning!!"
'nuff said.

I agree. My girlfirend will not buy any other form factor. And I would think about switching from my Z10. A big screen for media (but not as big as the Z10) and a physical keyboard when you really need it ... that would be awesome. Thickness is not a real problem for me.

Still productive on my 9930 (stuck in contract). But, I decided a long time ago that I'd wait for the Q10. Now, it looks like I won't be sorry either. Thanks for the great article, Adam!

Great article Adam, I agree with your likes and dislikes. My wife WAS a huge PKB lover coming from the 9700 but she took my Z for a spin and decided on the Z over the Q just because of the screen size and this morning I hear her tapping away like crazy. In the end she says that size matters. screen size that is.

Posted by my awesome Z10

Nice Review. And i agree with the Closing instead scrolling issue. Hope this get "fixed" soon.
Sometime i miss a Trackball but i think it would be cool to get a simple shortcut for that (like press space and move the Cursor like vim) . Maybe such an options comes (the Cursor movement on screen isn't that fast as pressing keys).

Posted via CB10

Glad I'm not the only one. Definitely one of the more annoying issues so far. Hopefully it gets fixed down the road.

Adam, On my Z10 to minimize to active app you swipe up from the MIDDLE only. If I swipe up from the bottom right or bottom left then it does nothing,

If this is the same on the Q10 then you should practice scrolling from the bottom right or left, NOT the middle. This should correct the issue you are having.

In the words of Steve Jobs, "You're holding it wrong". LOL

PS: I love my Z10 but am thinking of switching to the Q10. Thanks for the review!

Hmmm.. on my Z I can use the full width of the bottom bezel to swipe up and minimize.

Maybe the Q5 is better to avoid accidental minimizing for it has a broader bezel. I could imagine that they widened the touch response for bezel gestures on the Q10 a little bit on to the screen area because the bottom bezel is to thin. That could be the reason why you accidentally minimize apps while scrolling. I guess you should make smaller movements while scrolling to avoid this.

Posted via CB10

How cool would it be if BBRY made the center 3x3 keys (or even larger) touch sensitive so you could activate it as a trackpad for detailed cursor movements? This "trackpad" could also be used with the bezel gestures so you don't have to touch the screen to open the hub, close apps, etc.... Thought?

Sorry, should have clarified there. Headless API's will allow devs to give apps access without them having to be open. So things like BeBuzz will work without the app being open at all. Right now they have to be open or in Active Frames.

I'm fully enjoying my Q10, except for one thing:

The Holster is a complete disaster.

The keypad stays active, so you cannot make hands free calls in your car because it keeps randomly pressing buttons, not to mention there are no holster profiles.

other than that, I don't miss anything from my 9810, not the trackpad, editing text is a breeze, I don't miss anything. A real Home run.

BlackBerry, please fix my holster!!!

Posted via CB10

Is that a BlackBerry made holster? Sounds like its too too tight. Even if BB did disable the keys when holstered, you are going to wearing the keys down.

Official Blackberry holster, it fits quite loose, unlike other holsters I've had for other BlackBerry devices when new.

Posted via CB10

Great article. This is the kind of review that really helps.

I've been using a Z10 since it launched on T-Mobile in March, but am getting the Q10 on Wednesday. The Z10 is awesome, but it's like a fun vacation from qwerty BlackBerrys...a good time, but the full keyboard is like going home.

Posted via CB10

I'm keeping my Z10. I like it too much to trade in, and I've always had 2 or 3 BlackBerrys to put my sim card in

Good comments. Seamless with my thinking. To add, the alarm needs some work: one should be able to turn off the phone, plug it in and still get woken up...

I've also noticed in the music app, long song names appear to fade out near the right side of the screen? Anyone else?

But Overall, an excellent device! Huge improvement over my 9900 and I eagerly await new updates as they come...running..0273.


W/my Q10 - CB10

All long names on BB10 fades towards the right if the screen cannot show the whole sentence like the subject line in the HUB. I believe it's a design choice which I for one prefer instead of the standard '...' to show that there is more words or letters to the sentence.

Regarding the alarm.... have you thought about using bedside mode? It suppresses all notifications, so it's much like your phone is off, except you don't have to wait for it to boot up in the morning. Plus the alarm works in bedside mode. Just a thought.

I hope the battery life us much better than on the z10. The z10 only gives me 11 to 12 hours at present :( .

Posted via CB10

The Q10 battery life is stellar. Took mine to Chicago used it a lot (the camera especially) and I never drained the battery completely in any given day.

11-12 hours is damn good. As for your concern, yeah the Q10 will have a much better battery than the Zed and it has the dark theme to make the battery life last even longer.

Am absolutely loving my Q10 having shifted from Z10....


Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q10

Except of course when you launch Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, at which point you wish you had the Z10. :P

Where are the analysts that keep saying the Blackberry is no longer? Where are they? It's been at least a week since the last trashing.
Love your report and it confirms a lot of my own experience and that of many others I have spoken with.

I got mine a month ago after having a 9300 and wow, do I love it. Americans, you are in for a treat.

There are a lot more things wrong with the phone that you havent even scratched the surface on. Just look on the q10 forums and look how many different complains there are.

It is there - just needs a bit of fixing :)

I'm proud to say I have never in my life submitted to purchasing ANY apple product, ever in my life. Nor will I ever do that. I have standards and principles that can never be broken by that company. BlackBerry for life (I'm dead friggin serious)

It erks me when I hear BlackBerry people running around with 2 phones. There's something called ethics and I apply that to even the brands I choose to support. No excuses.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

I thought I was bad but you are hardcore. I once won an iPod HDD version (80GB) in a contest, stayed in my drawer until Christmas time when I gave it as a gift. :)

If you need two phones, they can both be a BlackBerry. LMAO, like a Q10 and a Z10. Even before BlackBerry 10, nobody "needed" two phones.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

I wish BlackBerry gives us Z10 users the ability to choose between light and dark themes... The dark themes on the Q looks freaking great!

Alone the same note, what about a dark CB10 theme for the Z10 as well?

Posted via CB10

Pick something and stick with it until the bitter end. Through thick and thin. It is not a difficult thing to accomplish. In fact, it is easier that way.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Adam, using spacebar to scroll helps prevent accidental swipes up to the active frame. I should warn for some reason they haven't implemented this in the FB app.

This article is about a QWERTY touchscreen device. So it would defeat the purpose not to take advantage of the great keyboard.

I am in the same boat. I finally have the phone I get be productive, reply to emails, and not feel like I am missing anything (I just couldn't use the 9900 on the road). This phone is finally the perfect blend. There are still issues to work out but nothing I cannot work through.

Posted via CB10

How's Battery life compared to the Z10 on a full day use??
Also, can i swap SIM Cards easily from the Z10 to the Q10 and keep my same BBID (BBM contacts etc)???

Battery life is way better (bigger battery + smaller screen). And yes, you can swap your SIM as much as you want thanks to BBID. 

Battery life is wayyy better than that of my Z10.

Yes you can its easy to sim swap and update bbm contacts on the same bbid. It's what I've done in the past.

I read everything on here re Q10, thinking there is a tipping point to make me get it- and believe me I'm salivating to. But there are two apps on my 9900 which, along with the trackpad, make my left hand absolutely one with the phone. As these apps are not migrating, and until they are replaced by some other developer, I have to forego upgrading and sticking with what supports my day-to-day operations: not fair! Great report, tho, adam.

Which apps? Just curious. One I still miss from OS6/7 days is Shazam. I didn't use it *often*, but when I did, it was sure handy. Supposedly Sound Hound is coming soon but they've been saying that for a while now....

Not really being a gamer, I use my 9900/PB to manage my life and access consumables. I use PocketInformant, which manages contacts, and coordinates calendar and tasks from one simple month/agenda view, AND, unlike native BB, has ALL past events: though I don't need it all, it goes back 21 years, and is totally searchable, and syncs with Outlook. It ticks me off that 9900 carries only several months but is not searchable, while the PB shows a lifetime of events but is NOT searchable!! My other non-negotiable app is QuickLaunch, which let's me set up menu/folder system (like IE's Favorites) from home page to manage and categorize contacts, web sites, apps, functions, etc for quick access with my thumb on the trackpad without having to open any app. Especially for contacts, I can't memorize speedial keys, dig into contacts app or type names in. There it is.

you went through the same as me. first I used the 9900 and a iPhone 4s. switched to a Z10 and finally fell in love with the Q10.

Best device for me right now. Great review.

Posted via CB10

I've used both and keep trying to get into the q10 but can't. Even though I'm a long time BlackBerry user. Like you I carried a 9900 and iPhone for about a year so I got used to an all touch device. I love the z10 keyboard and my typing on it rivals the 9900 and the swipe up feature is great when your hands are full. The drawback to the z10 is having to invoke the keyboard when going into contacts or phone dialing that you don't need to do when a physical keyboard is present. And of course no shortcut keys ever. The q10 is a fantastic device with killer battery life. But for me, an OS based around gestures just meshes better with the z than it does with the q. I find with the size of the q screen I am invoking gestures when I'm really just a trying to navigate on the small screen.

My wish would be to bring the bigger battery and display optimization for battery life to the z and then I'd have all I need and want.

Posted via CB10

Adam, can you elaborate on this with regard to navigating web pages:

"...lack of a trackpad. While I totally missed it at first for things like text editing and navigating around web pages, I don't even think about it anymore. I've adjusted to all the amazing tools that BlackBerry 10 offers..."

I'm fearing that I would have to zoom in to hit every link. Is there some better tool/method?

Mostly just that having a trackpad would make scrolling better since you wouldn't have a finger on the screen covering what you are looking at. 

Exactly. The trackpad makes more sense for scrolling since it is independent of what you're looking at. I always thought the trackpad + touchscreen on the Bold 9930 was a perfect combination, but I think I'd rather take the extra screen space on the Q10.

I've had my Z10 since Feb and absolutely love it and wouldn't trade it for anything, but the other day I was at future shop playing with a Q10 and the extremely knowledgeable (wrt BlackBerry)salesperson attending to me almost made a sale. The device is slick and beautiful...and I couldn't help but attempt to rationalize to myself the need for both. I really started missing the keyboard, but for what I do and the presentations I give almost everyday the screen won out the day.

Posted via CB10

Adam, one question. If you couldn't get the Q10 from Toronto and had to wait for a US version (you'd still be waiting), how frustrated would you be?

You are lucky. I cannot switch my data from the Z10 to Q10 and will have to do it manually according to my service provider(Etisalat) or wait for an update.Very frustrating.

I wonder how much money are you guys paid? Don't get me wrong.
, I'm not a iOS "enemy", always been a BlackBerry fan, but your lack of objectivity in your reviews is outrageous. And my guess you're not biased by mistake but by interest. Reviews like this shows even more how desperate BlackBerry is, for a smart reader is clear that this is a praise not a review, IMHO.

You know what I am talking about, it is not just "an" opinion, you are a trend setter and people will make buy decissions based, among others, on your article. Being too friendly to BlackBerry does not help them also since they lie themselves.
The difficulty of running apps on a round screen, the lack of the trackpad, etc. are all design f

I'm pretty sure everyone will still make their own decisions. Just expressing how the Q10 has been for me. I'm not discounting any of the cons and even outined a few here. Does it have downsides? Sure, but overall I love it and that's that. 

If this means we all have to be mindless fans or partisans, yes this is CrackBerry and BlackBerry Q10 is flawless and after one month of use there are no deficiencies discovered :)). Long live BlackBerry glory !!!

No one claimed that the Q10. First off, this site is ultimately geared towards BlackBerry fans just like iMore and androidcentral are geared towards the other respective mobile OSes. As such, it will obviously be skewed towards BlackBerry and its products more than others. Secondly, this article was an EDITORIAL on the authors point of view and opinion of the Q10. No one claimed that the Q10 is flawless. The author stated several times that there are issues with phone but at the end of the day it was the best phone for him. What's wrong with that? Please try actually reading CrackBerry's review of the Q10 in the Review section of this site and you'll see there are no claims that the Q10 is a flawless device and even there it honestly points out issues that will not be the same for everyone. Why are you even here making baseless claims and throwing out accusations? At least come up with valid constructive criticism. Anyways, that is my opinion and I'll leave at that. Have a good weekend and welcome to CrackBerry. Give yourself a hug.

Final word and sorry for my "brutal" intervention on this site. This site is also read by BlackBerry guys, given the strong ties. Some constructive criticism would help them realize what's to improve. For instance, the FB app and The Economist app are full of bugs, on my iPad never had problems. On my Z10, the Text message screen, the Send button is poorly placed too close to the keyboard, this led me several times to send by mistake an unfinished tesxt message. It should have been placed on top of the screen (like on thiss CB app). And so on, these are just quick ones

Anyway, I'll

Sorry, another accidental post :)) Brilliant! Do that with an email to a client and you're screwed. Maybe a confirmation screen for posting would solve this.

I wanted to say, I'll give you and Adam a big hug instead and sorry again if you consider my intervention was out of place.

I love my Z10, but this article shares many of my thoughts. I don't Instagram or watch videos and such, so the larger screen isn't a deal breaker. I'm a power communicator. I'm hammering out text, email and BBM all day. That being said, I'm really looking forward to the Q10 landing at a Verizon store soon!

Via Zeppelin 10

Totally agree with you about the scrolling action! I'm always sending things to active screens instead... Other than this small niggle, I've loved my Q10 since getting it on launch day here in the UK. Would like to see the return of "in holster" profile settings as these I really miss. The keyboard is fantastic and makes me so glad I waited for the Q10. Battery easily lasts all day, even with heavy use of social networks, Internet, emails etc. Definitely the best BlackBerry I've had and that's a long list right back to the 7250.

Posted via CB10

The only way I can describe this phone compared to my previous Blackberies (9700, 9790) is that this phone is a BEAST!! Very smooth and powerful, excellent keyboard. Took a few days to get used to gestures, but now comes second nature after you figure out some tricks. Scrolling by space bar is great in most apps, so is using the keyboard shortcuts for (T)op and (B)ottom. I miss those the most when using a fully touch device. I would also highly recommend activating predictive text, its a lifesaver for long words!

I suspect this is an advert for the Q10 as a long term user of qwerty on BlackBerry I can much much faster on Z10 even with a few extra errors... and that is even on early os version

I tried Q10 in shop today, great keyboard but would I swap.. no, especially not with children higher Q10 cost

Posted via CB10

I can type faster with less errors on my Z10 too but to me it feels dead typing on glass. The tactile Q10 keyboard is pleasurable to type with. It's not always the speed, it's the experience imo.

Posted via my CB Q10

I bought my Z10 off contract. My upgrade is next May I will be upgrading to BlackBerry 10 qwerty at that time. I love the screen size of the Z10 but coming from a long line of Bold and Curves. I love the physical keyboard.

Posted via my Z10 10.1 on CB 10

Coming from the 9900 I'd say the z10 with a bigger battery is the superior device.
Strictly for media purposes.

But the average user. Or person blackberry is trying to convert from Samsung or apple will want that fill touch big screen.

It's the old debate 9860 or 9900

I eventually went 9900 because of the keyboard.
But...... now that bb10 has that worked out. It's a no brainer.

I've dropped the galaxy s3 and 9900 for the z10

And I've stopped android development and have started porting my apps and games for the z10 and will be exclusively building for this platform as I see it exploding this year.

Posted via CB10

My biggest gripe is one of yours too. The scrolling on screen, especially on native apps that don't use the shortcut keys (like FB). I am CONSTANTLY minimising apps when scrolling.

As you say, I know I do it but can't help it. I try to make sure it doesn't happen, but you get carried away looking for something and zip, away goes your screen.

Perhaps there's a way that the volume keys could be used for scrolling?

Posted via CB10

Hi Everyone,
Had a problem with the Z10 since upgrading to 10.1, does not show the names of contacts when I receive a call. Sent it to service, returned the same.
Just switched to Q10, moved all my data to it and i have the same problem.
Any ideas please? At least where I should ask for help?

Posted via CB10

I already have my Q10 from Tmobile USA for a week (B2B), and I also have this problem of closing apps when touching the edges. Another big problem which I can't seem to figure out. When scrolling the screen, the little bottom navigation bar goes away to give you more space, how do I bring it back, I cant seem to figure this out out. For example scroll in your hub and you'll see what I mean, the little thing goes away on the bottom.

Another major issue on Tmobile USA. They offer caller ID with name which is great, but mobile phones usually display the name caller ID as wireless caller, and because I get many cell phone calls on my phone, I have a big dial list of "wireless callers". it would be great if BB implements a view option.

Besides that, i love my BB. This is the reason why I stayed loyal to BB, for the keyboard.

I have the Z10 but there is something about the Q that always catches my eyes. I always think that the bigger screen is better but find the Q looks so professional that it gives the image that you can get more done with it. Like the new slogan, Built to keep you moving. Although let me say that the keyboard on the z10 is beyond amazing. Just look at this post as I never type so much as before.

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Going from a Z to a Q, I'd miss the larger screen but I'd also miss the many virtual keyboard shortcuts like back swiping to delete an entire word. I came from a 9810 where I had a choice but now I don't miss the keyboard anymore because the virtual keyboard on the Z is so darn good! Better yet, it can go away when you want to browse, work with spreadsheets, or game. Love my Z so much it rarely leaves my hand. It's often screaming "touch me!"

Hey Adam,

I just wanted to add in regards to the active frames problem.

The Q10 was optimized (to compensate for the smaller bezel size) to be more sensitive to the active frames 'swipe up' motion. So the bottom part of the screen is actually sensitive to your swiping up motion (the same action you would use to access the hub or go into active frame mode).

But, it's also more sensitive to a faster (velocity) 'swipe up' motion. You will notice that if you swipe up fast from the bezel, you will be almost always performing the 'active frames swipe motion'.
Whereas if you swipe up slower, the Q10 is more likely to register that as a 'non-active frame' action (such as scrolling up).

When you're wanting to scroll up, try to use a slower (velocity) upward scroll motion while keeping your finger on the screen at the end of your stroke motion.
As opposed to a fast/vigorous upward swipe.

Hope this is helpful (might make more sense if you play around with this a bit)



Thanks, tried it now, and you're 100% right. Works like a charm. Any idea how to bring back the bottom navigation bar when it goes away while scrolling? E.g. Scroll in the hub and you'll see what I mean.

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In using the Z10 and couldn't be happier coming from a 9900 but damn I am missing a physical keyboard. I'm giving the Z10 to my partner and will be picking up a Q10 on T-Mobile. Life with the Q10 could be short if a qwerty phablet is created.

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The main thing I like about the Q10 is the keyboard. Other than that the Z10 is by far a better device!

I just feel the Q10 can only go so far.. where the Z10 just has more capabilities and is a much better experience! I thought I would never switch from a physical keyboard but the Z10 changed my mind.

in the last 5 years i've done the 9700, 9800 to currently the 9900 and in the next couple of days i will be getting the Z10. i'm going to switch it up for this upgrade. i hope the AT&T Q10 releases during my 15 day time that i can return it for a small fee and then i would get the Q10. i would only get the Q10 if the virtual keyboard doesn't do it for me...

You're a Q, Adam, I'm a Z. We both love BlackBerry for making two sweet devices to give real choice to users :) Enjoy your Q!

Thank you for this article. I love the Z and the Q. I cannot give up one of these great BlackBerry Smartphones . So my way will be one for the bigger Sreen and one for the better Screen.

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I too suffer from somehow accidentally, minimizing to active frame instead of scrolling. I am very self aware of it and wish I didn't have to be. I've caught it doing it's "minimize" where I'm nowhere near the bottom of the bezel to initiate the gesture. I do hope it's realized and fixed in the future updates. :) As well as an email Icon that bring me to my inbox from home screen. That's all I need. Everything else is stellar.

Q10 all the way but hope they fix "Link" software to allow the 2-way sync with outlook 2007 soon. Without it, no Q10 for me and I want one so bad-lol! Need the sync though so without it, its a deal-buster! Soon I hope. Also hope AT&T releases the Q10 in the US shortly. A rep told me she didn't have any info when it would be here but read on a thread that another AT&T rep told the op that June 5th was the big day! :)

The scrolling thing bugged me for ages but I have a solution. I use the volume keys as a guide ( scroll zone) . After consciously scrolling in the right hand bezel and from volume down to volume up, my thumb just scrolls there automatic now. No more minimising facebook and crackberry to an active screen now.

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Yep, the Q10 covers the basics quite well and when more screen estate is needed, you just take the Android phablet out of your pocket.

A very fair review.
I feel the same way.
I have the Z10 ..... and the trade off was a bigger screen for the loss of the keyboard. The Z10 has an awesome keyboard ..... so it balanced out nicely.


Adam scroll on your right or left side of the screen the middle part of the screen is the sensitive part. Middle swipe to the left is a "next feature " and a middle swipe from the bottom is to minimize your app.

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A slider done right would be the best of both worlds. I'd be a happy camper.

Z10 is awesome though... :)

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I love my Q10. I flew to Toronto on launch weekend, stayed in a suite at the Trump, and has a mini-vacation. Great phone. Toronto? I expected more though. Guess I was disappointed with Canada a bit, eh?

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My brother in law has the Q-10 nice device. But I prefer the larger Z-10 screen. The Q is too small for me. And I was always a keyboard person. The virtual keyboard is where it's at and full screen.

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You know why the US is among the last country to push an update for blackberry?because they want you to buy an Iphone.that's why

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I'd be willing to take a bet I can punch out an email just as quick or maybe even faster with my iPhone against your q10.. I think typing is simply what you get used to.. I tried out the z10 virtual keyboard and to me it's not even close to as accurate as the iPhone one.. But I have also used the iPhone 2g, 4, 4s, and now the 5..

I love the Z10 but it cannot compete with my new Q10. I have no issues with the screen size etc. I only have two gripes.
1. The long press on a single key to speed dial is gone. That is huge on the go short cut that I really really want to be put back.
2. International caller id is not recognised. For example +12124445555 is no longer recognised. 12124445555 is. This is a real problem for international travelers. When I am overseas and if I switch to a local SIM I would have to change the number to include the international call out if there is no leading +. A huge problem.

Otherwise this is brilliant. I have no need to use my Z10 or Galaxy S3 anymore. Well maybe the Galaxy for the odd app, but it stays in my briefcase.

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As I'm in the UK, I've had my Z10 since the official BlackBerry World launch day, and though I'm desperately awaiting them to release the two-way sync with Outlook, I'm really loving it. Its keyboard is the best of the virtual ones out there by far. But... I still want a physical one! And as tempted as I am by the Q10, I don't think I could live with the smaller size screen of it. To me, a slider would be the ultimate. I actually think BlackBerry could lead the way here, too. A Z10-sized model which slid up to reveal the keyboard... but where the screen (now slid up, of course) then rotated through 90 degrees (and then 'centred) so that you had a 'T' shape. This would help balance and give a 'widescreen' aspect with a physical keyboard. Maybe I should patent the concept - it's the way forward, surely BlackBerry?!!!!!! :)

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Just got my Q10 yesterday in the Czech Republic. T-mobile has started selling during the week, Telefonica started today. Vodafone will be the last one soon I assume.

First moments are really amazing. Hope the baterry will be good.

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Well, I can only say: "I can not agree with you more", I've been using the Q10 for about one month also, and I really miss the trackpad on my Bold 9900. It is probably the biggest drawback of this superb device. The Z10 is awesome, but I did wait for the Q10 and I can proudly say I made a good decision. :-)

I had a Z10 for a while...great phone no doubt but I'm loving the Q even more...only rarely miss the screen size...kudos BlackBerry!

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Well said Adam. The Q10 is an absolute work horse. I use it during the week and for the weekends I stick the sim card into the Z10.

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I have to say that it is the Z10 for me all the way. I used Nokia phones for about 10 years or so, various models of course, but eventually my carrier stopped selling them especially after Nokia partnered with Microsoft and became a Windows Phone. Not being a huge Android fan, especially Samsung devices, nor Apple, I tried a BlackBerry Curve 9360 and liked the phone. Sure it had its shortcomings but it did the job for me. So I knew then that my next device was also going to be a BlackBerry. I was really excited when they announced the new BB10 OS and could not wait to see the new devices they were going to put out. Of course I got the early preview images of the Dev Alpha so I had more or less an idea of what to expect. I knew right away when I saw the launch back in January that the Z10 would be the phone for me. I've had the phone now for about six weeks, and I can say with certainty that I would not go back to the physical keyboard/ QWERTY...for me the learning curve was not so steep since I also have a PlayBook which gave me ample practice time. The PlayBook really is a bridge device between the old BlackBerry OS and the new BB10 platform. From screen real estate to media capabilities, to different apps I do use (and I'm not a huge app freak either) , everything just works better on the Z10 for me. I'm not knocking the Q10, it is good device and I've played around with it, but I'm not giving up my Z10. What's more, now I got my mother to upgrade her old BlackBerry Curve (she was a BlackBerry user for far longer than me) to a Z10...and the result is the going back...Z10 is the víctor!

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Quite frankly, as much as I really loved BlackBerry's physical keyboard, I became bored with the form factor. I'm loving the extra screen real estate of the Z10 and the virtual keyboard is spookily intuitive. My wife has a Q10 and I have to say it's a vast improvement over the 9900 but there are so many positives about the Z10 I would find it difficult to switch back.

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The active frame on the button is too small. On the Q5 it's different and better thought out. I wonder why. Especially because imo you are using the active frame on the bottom more as Adam mentioned putting Apps into the active frame. It's a little crazy but maybe they made a little mistake while designing the q10. This is the main reason for me to wait for Q5 although build quality is less and no hdmi. I don't mind the camera.

ive got Z10 and am hanging for the q10 for business to replace my 9900 .... for me a phone is an 90/10 split ... 90% communication device and 10% media consumption .. for mine nothing beats a physical keyboard for communication ... the Z10 keyboard basically sucks! it is the best of the virtual keyboards by a long way tho, but it still sucks IMO, I can't touch type and the accuracy is just not there meaning an over reliance on the auto correct. you need to rely on the auto correct on a VK where as the PK is just so accurate. IMO the screen size thing is also redundant as both the Z10 and Q10 are too small to consume media

Oddly, when I got the Q10 I thought I would use the PB more as a content viewer. But I am using it less. The use of the screen on the Q10 is very efficient in the native apps (and CB10- well done guys) and the upside of the keyboard more than compensates for the lack of screen real estate.
No the Q10 is not perfect but currently there isn't anything that meets my needs better, and that's what matters.

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Why would you even write this when I just got my z10 last Sunday? Why????? I want a Q10 now!!!! LOL!!!

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I concur with al$ost all of the article, i've had the Q10 for about 3 weeks and it just is the best communication tool out there right now. However I still have my ipad mini for media consumption, games and apps.

The only thing I disagree with is the complain on screen size. There is no way this phone would work, feel as comfortable, or be as pocketable with a screen any bigger than this really ( I mean they could lose the bezels and go to the edges, and just have virtual bezels for swiping but that would add not even a centimeter really).

This is the perfect screen size for this phone, therefore i don't think it's a legitimate complain.

Sent from my Q10 :-D

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The most obvious issue which with the Q10 in my view is the fact that apps are lacking. The phone looks good, no doubt, but for goodness sake, of what use to me is a good-looking phone that I can't do much with via good quality apps?

Rubbish, I can still type on the Z10 faster than the Q10, due to insane auto correct that allows blind typing.

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Got mt Q10 the day after the launch & I love it. Like Adam I too send apps into active frame mode quite often as well but am starting to get better & avoiding it. I use my PB for video watching or my, I must stress this, WORK SUPPLIED iPad. Great article, nice to see others enjoy their Q10's as much as I do.

Adam. Thanks for the post. I am like you, want a keyboard. You mentioned gaming on the q10. My answer to that is play games on your PlayBook and let the q10 keyboard be your workhorse. Great post.

The virtual keyboard with the word predictions of the Z10 is much better than the physical keyboard of the Q10 when it comes to typing, only if English is your first language. But for us Asians, typing our native language, it is pretty much useless. But I'm sticking with Z10 due to apps compatability. Specially when os 10.2 comes out.

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I'm asian too, a filipino. z10 virtual keyboard works for me. it can memorize tagalog words too and offers them as predictions later.

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Funny that Adam didn't even mention the feature that allows you to initiate commands just from typing. That would seem to be a keyboard power user favorite. I know that is what I am looking forward to trying.

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Well, I consider the lack of a trackpad a BIG mistake and text / contact editing or navigating around web pages is way worse than with my BB 9900.
By the way contacts, why there is only a mobile/work/home choice, how about mobile/work/home1, 2, 3 and so on. A lot of my friends have more cell numbers...
The Q10 is only good for gaming or fb, taking pictures and so on. Not to work with it.
Just think about speed dial list... forget it.
How about weak signal problem?
How about the dedicated key?
How about the charging pod, the most convenient and attractive way to charge???
Well, BlackBerry, where is the progress??? This is surely NOT the phone we've been waiting for so long.
After one week of using Q10 I came back with pleasure to my old good BB 9900.

The 'torch' like slider will happen, but they will launch the larger phone first to answer the Galaxy note.

The 'all encompassing' killer device will be the last one launched this BlackBerry fiscal year.

Keep in mind that they still will need to answer the upcoming cheaper iPhone. Z5 anyone?

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yeah needs more bezel on the bottom like you see with the Q5. Lets just hope that's where the changes stay when it comes to the Q5. I want the removable battery to stay!

Enjoyed the review. Interesting comments about limitations caused by screen size. Hello playbook!!! I guess the wisdom of the Playbook was lost in the iPhone phenomenon.

Great review / update, thanks for sharing this with us. Pretty much as I expected would be the case (I took the plunge and went from a Curve 9300 to the Z10).

I'm delighted with the Z10... but have been also keen to hear how the Q10 has been performing / going down with fans / users. Interesting stuff, thanks again.


Pretty much agree with this article. Had a 9900, never thought I'd get along with a full touch, held out for ages but got a Z10...wanted to succeed with it, (am succeeding with it!) but I miss a keyboard still...miss being able to lock my phone with a PW simply...keys make it easier. so, unsure if I will trade this in for a Q10 as the Z10 is a beautiful phone, does it all, and watching movies etc is great...but at the end of the day if you're a typer then maybe keys are better...the great thing is, both incarnations exist!

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Love my Z10. Not really looking to even try out the Q10. I'm sure it is a step up from the 9900 but to me the keyboard on the Z10 is unmatched. Once the updates start rolling out the Z10 will be the staple device for BlackBerry.

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One of the best reviews of the Q10 realistic usage review more like a usage log. Best and very informative. Thank you.

I am also a Bold 9900 migrant to Z10 did wait for a Q10 but the long wait was frustrating and yet it's not launched in India.

Also the 10.1 update makes the keyboard a little less responsive I feel also the BBM is way to slower than the BBIS enabled BlackBerry the Z10 takes a lot longer to deliver the messages.

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i have been using the Q10 for 2 months.
I LOVE the battery life, i hardly charge it compared to my old Samsung Galaxy S3
It is the BEST for typing emails and messages and a great phone too.
browser and camera are not great but I have multiple pads and a real camera so im fine with that.
the most important thing was typing, i can finally send real emails again!

Crackberry folks, ever heard of comments pagination? and Author, ever heard of coming up with something new? something every reader wants to know beside screen size on Z10 and keyboard on q10? what a waste of internet bandwidth...

I carried 2 phones,9900 and iPhone 4s - One for business one for pleasure. Its obvious which is for which - After sideloading Instagram and my old BB ringtones to my Q10 I was in heaven - - I hated the Z10 battery life - BB decided to give the Z10 a smaller 1800ma battery then the Q10 2100ma although the Z10 needs more juice for the larger screen? plus it doesnt feel as good as you think with one hand- so that went back real quick to the store but G*D DAMN the Z10 has an unreal virtual keyboard WOW its blows away anything I have ever used and believe you me, Ive used em all. Im what you call a power user and happy I finally get to take great pictures on my Q10 without having to pull out my iPhone-


I look back and pick up my 9900 often, i even turn it on. Its an awesome phone - I must evolve but WHY re-invent the wheel for BB users? Just bring them up to date.I really wish I had the command strip minus the track pad. Im on the fence and have 7 more days with this before I just go back to my 9900 which I dont want to its just REALLY hard not having options I used to. I wish the 9900 can be upgraded, not remodeled with less then I had. I MISS THE BB Button most. Wish the 9900 could get a better camera and ability to side load droid apps - if they did , i would NEVER I mean NEVER change phones.



No convenience key? Really
Speed dial? We have keys BUT in order to use the LETTER speed dial you MUST be on the call screen and in the keypad tab. (this is just stupid) - Im guessing this is because of the universal searchbeing readily available and they dont want to mistake the speed dial key for when you need that same key for search - I get it. BUT adding search bar to the tabs would be great.
Voice commands and speech to text are WACK-
Learning frequency - If I usually text someone, if thats my usual method, it still asks me if I want to call or text or email. The 9900 would give me the most used method.
Top button should be able to passlock the phone ? duh
No PROFILE options? WHY WHY WHY, would BB think they know when iM sleeping, in a meeting? in a movie or just want the ringers down and certain ones up and etc. I had 5 different profiles.
No calendar date on the home screen? ummmm
No group texting? (there is a .99 app that does it but not well)
Speakerphone tab is located right above the END CALL tab.I cant tell you how many people I have hung up on.

The HUB is cool, but not as cool as it seems.

I feel this phone is the best of the best for those who have never owned a BB, reason is because you will miss everything you ever had and understood. For newbies its a wonderful experience they get to evolve with.

As for gamers and major web surfers. Thats not what a BB is for, you already should know this.

Another gripe _ you can not adjust the ringer volume with the Up Down rocker.

After writing all this im wondering why i still have it. There is a reason.Its new its fresh it feels good it looks good, it types great. But damn my GRIPE list is long - read above


I am thinking of getting a blackberry q5 in place of my bold 9900. I would like to know if the screen is like the glass screen of a BlackBerry 9900 and not like those cheap screens on Blackberry Curves or the 9790.

Thank you.....

On Q5 all materials are made of pastic. The screen is glass same material on Q10. Why not get the Q10, instead. it's more solid feel and solid made? just asking. Thanks

I wanted to stay with Blackberry since I had hopes they would recover and I had good luck with my previous one however I am seriously rethinking that decision. I bought a Q10 about a month ago, less than 1 week in the camera crapped out and I had to replace it. Since getting the second one I continually lose connection with my AOL email sometimes several times a day. It always says the settings or info has changed and I know that I haven't done anything. I took it to my provider and they haven't been able to resolve the issue. Also like other folks I cannot get it to not delete messages off me home computer when I delete them from the phone. Lastly, so far anyway, the camera on the old phone was much better.

Q10-----Nice try------------but no cigar! Back to the 9650 for me, but then this is a WORK tool for me, no time for games or movies. I want to be able to go through my contacts without closing the window. I want to be able to correct spelling without pounding my finger on the screen or highlighting the whole paragraph. I want to be able to answer a call without wiping the "TOUCH" screen. Why would I want to make a phone call by opening an app on my phone, FIRST it's a phone???? Why can't I have "The Entertainer" as my ringtone? I know I'm old and don't know how to find all the "shortcuts" for these phones, but old people are just that way!! By the way, I'm not a total newbie, five phones over the last 10 years. New toy, I wanted it, I got it, and I'll stop whining now, just move all my stuff back to the "old" phone. But it's kinda sad watching this giant "dry up" and blow away. Polaroid, Kodak, time to move over. I hate to change to BRAND I, or A, or whatever but it would seem we're just "waiting for a Savior that ain't never gonna come for us"! Just my $.02!