One Million Reasons to Say Thank You!

1 Million Registered Members... w00t!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Apr 2009 11:11 am EDT

What an exciting way to end the week and kick off the weekend! After celebrating our second birthday this past February, has just reached another exciting milestone... One Million Registered Members!

There are many reasons why BlackBerry users around the world have signed up at, be it to get help or make friends in the forums, contribute to and take advantage of the media galleries, set up an email address or to enter into the tons of contests and giveaways we love to conduct. Whatever your reason for joining, today we want to say THANK YOU!!! You have all made this site truly special. You can click the image above for more details on the this cracktastic milestone.

And in traditional CrackBerry fashion, we'll be following up this post over the next few days with some celebrations in honor of the event. You'll want to keep it locked to so you don't miss out! 

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Reader comments

One Million Reasons to Say Thank You!


Crazy crazy crazy i would like to see how many users on average joined a day that would be interesting .

Congrats on over 1 million users!

Since I got my storm at the beginning of the year, this website has been KEY in figuring it all out (it was my first BB). Even got my wife to sign up as well and she checks it occasionally too!

Very well done, can't wait for the 2 million users announcement.

On a side note, would be interesting to see how many users have been active recently (1 month, 6 months, 1 year).


Congratulations CB ! I'm sure you have many more users than that! If only they would all register!!!!!
Thanks for making my BB experience a smooth one! MUCH LOVE

Wow! Congrats! I hope you got more servers supporting this!
Can't wait until gets 1 BILLION MEMBERS!!!

Seriously 1 million users??? that's unbelieveable considering there's 27 million current users around the world (or was it 15?) not sure.. Very impressive though!..

Way to go guys!. This site is the first one i check every morning and throughout the day....

My brother in law told me about this site. I am in here at least 5 days in the every week for the last 6 weeks. Thank you for all the support and information. Keep up the outstanding work.

Like everyone here, I wish CB all the best, and looking forward to the next 1 million!!! mehhahahaaa!

Congrats, so glad i found this website it has made my first bb a wonderful experience and couldn't have done it with out CrackBerry...

Im new to blackberry. I just jumped on the bandwagon with the storm but I love my blackberry and I love Crackberry. Congrats on 1 Million!!!

I enjoy giving and receiving information on the best blackberry site in the world. Thanks to everyone involved and cheers to the great crackberry pod cast of all time. Sincerely Jeffrey Ramsey

Ps. Sites and pod cast like this help me temporally forget the pain. I was shot and paralyzed. My story how it happend

Wow best webpage that I ever been on. The info that i got for my blackberry in pricless. It's faster more stabul. And yes im talking about the storm.

Love this sight keep on the good work.

It took me 30 years to collect 1MM pennies now you guys have gone and collect 1MM registered members a lot faster than that! Kudos on the accomplishments.

hopefully we will see that many

but as of right now i am on my 2nd bb and see no reason to change the trend thanks to great places like this

keep up the good work guys

It all adds up to 1 over all reason,to be apart of the greatest communacations nation of people that will go down in history for all time.

Happy 2nd Birthday CrackBerry & what a wonderful milestone of reaching ONE MILLION registered members...what an awesome accomplishment. I'm glad to be in the number!

thank you crackberry for this sick site. nothing will ever top this website. BB's are TOP NOTCH!

Well done but i actually thought this site would of already had a million users so it is quite a shock to hear youve only just achieved it :D

What happens when you get 1billion users :D think of the prizes then :P

Congrats on 1 million members this site is the only source I need to get the most out of my blackberries I recomend the site to anyone and everyone that has a blackberry. Congrats thank you we are very lucky to have the site and cant wait for the 2 million member announcement

I used to make fun of people with Blackberries. Then I got one. Now I'm an addict. I even sleep with it. It's ridiculous, but I can't stop! Rules..Awesome job all and keep up the good work ...i m so proud to be a CB for ye ..

Could you perhaps name the millionth "citizen"?
Whoever it is congrats on joining one of the most comprehensive BlackBerry communities on the web(and anywhere else :P ).

Congratulations on one million. I know i've sent a few your way. You truly have the Crack for the Berry addicts.

I received my first Blackberry a year ago from the Company that I work for....several months ago, they removed a large majority of Blackberries due to the recession and cutbacks....needless to say, I was completely lost without it!

I came across last year while searching for help and apps. I was immediately hooked and addicted!! I made daily stops!

After I reluctantly surrendered my BB, I decided to toss my Razor and buy a used 8310 (which I am still using). I'm waiting for the 8900's to hit ATT but would certainly love to have a Bold also!

Crackberry, thanks for the OUTSTANDING service that you provide! Well done! I'm sure the 2 million mark will hit soon...........

I've had some great experiences in the short time I've been here. Thanks for making this place such a super site.

This is awesome!! Fell in love with RIM, the BlackBerry, and Crackberry for a reason!! I am LOVING this so much. :)