One Million Members Contest!

One Million Reasons to Win!
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Apr 2009 03:25 pm EDT

In true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of passing the One Million Registered Members milestone this past Friday, we're holding a sweet little contest. Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post and you'll be entered to win one of five great prizes:

2 Grand Prize Packs: 1 unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Bold, 1 BlackBerry Music Gateway and $100 coupon for FREE apps from the CrackBerry App Store.

3 Runner Up Prizes: $100 coupon for BlackBerry accessories to!

That's all there is to it. You have until Sunday, Midnight PST on May 10th to enter and the winners will be drawn at random from the entries and announced the next week. I've got the two Bolds and Music Gateways sitting right here, brand new and ready to ship to the lucky winners. Leave a comment now... that could be you!

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Reader comments

One Million Members Contest!



I've improved my experience with my Storm 9530 100x with the help of Crackberry.

Installing new OSs, downloading apps, and even getting legitimately fooled on April Fool's day...

thanks crackberry!

I love this site! Congrats on the one million!!! Pick me! I need a new phone and I can't afford to buy one!!!!!!!

Congrats CrackBerry! I think one of the winners should be the one who leaves the millionth comment. Oh and me too :)

hey whats up im rick this is a i have a storm and its preety kool...well laters...oh and please pick me !!!!!! :)

There is a clear reason Crackberry is seeing exponential growth lately. The members make the community and right now there are none better.

Cant wait for 2 million soon. My guess is before years end.

I can't get enough of, whether I am in my office or on the go, I am continually amazed by the amount of great apps and info that can only be found here at

when you pick me, i am on verizon, so whatever you have in the grab bag that is compatable would be great. thank you.

I'm a new Blackberry (Storm) user and a new member to This seems like a really cool contest and it would not be a bad thing for me to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd. im gonna hope for the best and see how things turn out.

I love contests. I'm surprised there isn't a requirement to it. I guess if there was a 50 word "why I should win this contest" there would be a WHACKLOAD of entries to read. Oh well...consider this my entry...;)

Iam new to the blackberry and the crackberry scene
Ive been laid off recently and have hit real hard times like many of us in this country so winning this contest would bring my hopes a little higher, but there is a million of us crackberry members so ill just have to cross my fingers.

This is why i love Crackberry, kevin thank you so much and please let me win one of these bolds good luck everyone

I would really really like to have a Bold but since the only carrier i can use out here in the sticks is VZW, i guess i'll never get the chance

Congrats guys, you've done a great Job all these years providing us with the latest and greatest information for all crackberry addicts. We just can't seem to get enough. Its great that you're giving away such amazing gifts. Hope I win the bold.


The only thing is that I have to check this webpage at least 25 times a day! Lol-ing!! on the floooor so badly..!! Please send those prizes to Florida!!

Congratulations for the milestone. This site has been a great help and inspiration no matter how many times the forums go off topic ;-)

How many more millions are subscribers to the BES/BIS but are still not CB Nation citizens?


Always speak things into existance. I am the winner of this contest. (the bold would very nicely replace my curve who's trackball barely works.

I repeat myself when under stress!, I repeat myself when under stress!, I repeat myself when under stress!, I repeat myself when under stress!, I repeat myself when under stress!, I repeat myself when under stress!, I repeat myself when under stress!, I repeat myself when under stress!, just give me the dam phone!

Let me win so I can finally dispose of this blasted iPhone. Been wanting to make the switch for quite sometime, but the dang student loans are cutting into my "Gadget Budget".

Help me wife can't have a cooler phone than me!

I love when they do this stuff. great place and an awesome community. Thanks to all the Devs and admins for putting everything awesome for blackberry into one site.

What an awesome prize pack. This is exactly why I love crackberry. Not only do you provide amazing contests but the endless info and help with our berrys is that cherry on top. Thanks CB!

it would be nice if i could actually win one of these days i would be a happy with just the 100 dollars at the crackkberry store

Congrats to crack berry for the 1,000,000 members! Ever since I found this site it has become my homepage and part of my life. Where else do you find so much Black Berry Information! Keep it up crackberry, changed my life...

CB, congrats on 1 million members!!

I can't tell you how addicted I am, like everyone else! I have to check this site at least 3 times a day and it provides a good break from work :)

Now if I could win a prize, that would be awesome!!

Blackberry is the greatest phone made! I'm in the process of converting those I know that haven't been converted as of yet, to blackberry devices!

Thanks Black Berry!

Erin Hinkle

Crackberry is an amazing site. I really wish carriers would let their customers know about support and informative sites when they purchase a BB.


Oh my gosh I think this has to be one of the best giveaways yet!!! I would absolutley love to win any of these prizes. Congratulations CrackBerry!! You are a fantasic website. I love you :o)

Man, it is great to know that CB rules, rocks and reigns...
It has taken others a long time, if not a lifetime to acheive this goal of a Mega...

Go Crackberry, I'm totally addicted and I don't need a cure...

As a poor law student finishing up his first year of law school, I would love to win something. Not to mention that I am suffering through studying for contracts and property finals! AAAAAAH!

That's awesome. Count me in!
Of course you couldn't have done it without me, well and 999,999 more!

Congrats Kevin!

That's awesome. Count me in!
Of course you couldn't have done it without me, well and 999,999 more!

Congrats Kevin!

Those are some pretty good prizes. I wonder if we'll have a million comments to mark the one millionth user.

I like a million people. So I would be a good winner. I always sign up for these contests and hope that I will win this time.

Lol man there is a lot of CB love today :). Everyone wants this, but not as much as me! Sweet contest and congrats on the million user mark. Keep it up!

Happy 1 million! Let's keep Blackberry alive, kicking, and prospering so they can keep making good stuff!

Congrats on the one million mark...... goes to show how much of an addiction this really is..... Good luck everyone !!!!!!!

So happy to be a member of the Crackberry community. It makes it quite fun to be able to come here and learn new things for my device every day.
Two million anyone?