One Million Members Contest!

One Million Reasons to Win!
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Apr 2009 03:25 pm EDT

In true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of passing the One Million Registered Members milestone this past Friday, we're holding a sweet little contest. Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post and you'll be entered to win one of five great prizes:

2 Grand Prize Packs: 1 unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Bold, 1 BlackBerry Music Gateway and $100 coupon for FREE apps from the CrackBerry App Store.

3 Runner Up Prizes: $100 coupon for BlackBerry accessories to!

That's all there is to it. You have until Sunday, Midnight PST on May 10th to enter and the winners will be drawn at random from the entries and announced the next week. I've got the two Bolds and Music Gateways sitting right here, brand new and ready to ship to the lucky winners. Leave a comment now... that could be you!

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Reader comments

One Million Members Contest!




Hope I win something I never win, I think I have bad luck or something for life.. but giving it a try. Plus my Poor Curve Fell off a balcony 20 story Fall Sniff, Lets pray for some luck.

Dude I am a part of that million people!! I would love to have a gift from my number one website visited :D

while it is hard to imagine 1M people, it's not hard to imagine why! Great help and advice with a dose of inside information.

I have learned alot by visiting Crackberry. This site has showed me alot on how to operate my Blackberry and upgrading my operating system.

what a great contest, to be honest the best site for blackberry addicts, 1 million is a great number, I`m sure you`ll get to 2 really fast.
Thanks for all of the info, tips and free stuff you give to blackberry lovers like me

I really need my Blackberry Bold back! I was recently laid off from my job 6 weeks back and they took my Bold with them. I have been misreable without it. Have begun work with a new company last week and they issued me a POS samsung flip phone that could have be made in my garage for all I know. Please help me get my Bold back!

Hi all crackberry members, I'm from France and I this site is my greatest source of information about my Storm!!!!

Guys go ahead like that again and again


Congratulations and your welcome for being one of those million people. 2 millions around the corner. Also thank you for always having these dope giveaways and taking care of your community! Keep it up & o yeah pick me.

I love this site and it looks like nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine others do as well!

and I'm glad that I'm a part of the 1 million+ crackberry users! This site has truly evolved into one of the best on resources for blackberry devices and I hope it continues to grow!

Me dere, I want 2 win dat prize eh! Crackberry kicks the bottoms of all dem uder phones bah!

(Notice: We don't really talk like that up here in Canada eh!) :)

Kev, don't you feel like a proud papa? To see your little baby grow so quickly and become one million strong in such a relatively period of time? That is quite the milestone and for that let me say congratulations to you and the rest of the team at CB. I'm proud to be part of this achievement and hope to win me that Bold cuz I'm in dire need of a new Berry! ;-)


Normally one would want to shoot for the grand prize, but I'm shooting for the 3rd runner up, $100 coupon for BB accessories looks good to me!

that is me. my family gets a kick out of my saying i've been a BB user for a yr and i have upgraded my pearl to the 8320 within 3mos. now RIM comes out with another 'GOTTA HAVE IT'! that being said, i think i should be the winner of the bold. oh how i want one. if i could tell you exactly HOW MUCH, man oh man. just know that i want one.

Happy 1 Millionth CRACKBERRY!!

Continue to take over the world....errr ummm, at least the Blackberry Nation!!

Thanks for the continued support and great contest!

Where would we be, without CB????

I bow to you for that amazing milestone. One million registered members. Thats by far something to be very proud of.

Congratulations on the one million member mark. CrackBerry is a terrific resource. I will be delighted to win!

Wow. I remember when the 100,000 and 200,000 mile markers were reached! Boy, has this place grown since then!


I am addicted to BB and I own every blackberry since my first one with the click wheel on the side! I want the Bold before the other models emerge!

this website is to BlackBerry ownership what companionship is to being single: not necessary for basic existence, but allows you to enjoy it more profoundly.

I don't really leave comments like this because I don't think I'll ever win. But I guess everyone has the same chance as I do, so why not. This community have been great!


What!? A Black Woman can't be named ”Anonymous”!??
I don't know my name!
What!? A Black Woman can't be born on a letter!??
oOoh! okay I get you not gonn hire me becuz I'm black...

Congratulations Crackberry on reaching such a huge milestone and I feel lucky to count myself among the members! Winning anything in the contest would be the icing on the cake.

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO congrats.....and to show your appreciation, your going to make me the grand prize winner,,,,,,,,,thank u in advance..

What a wonderful community and website. I'm on here hourly looking for the latest news. Keep up the good work.

Damn, even the runner up prizes would be nice to have... I'd find a use for the Bold, though... even though I'm on Verizon.

This would be great to win as it would be the first time I have ever won anything(if I were chosen of course). Good luck to all!

Congrats on hitting that mark! This is a great contest. i would love to win, this would make a great Mother's Day gift for my Mother!

Congratulations on 1 Million members!! Keep up the good work and it will be 2 million before you know it. Better add some server power.

One million???? I'm sure that in no time you'll be celebrating the 10 million users!!!!!

I hope to be the winner of one of the prizes!!!!

Congratulations again!!!!

Congrats, Crackberry! The site gets better all the time. Thanks for everything; for all the members and moderators!

Please select me as the winner! Even though the winners will be selected at random, please make me one of the "random" choices. :)

congrats on 1 million members. i wish we could all get something but there can only be 5. here is to another million more.

here's to hoping i win. (it'd be the first thing I've ever won in a contest my whole life, and what a great first thing it would be!)

I wasnt too sure what a Gateway was but now I am fully spun up... only if I could do some hands on testing.....

Congrats on a million!

Highly addicted to and have been wanting a bold like none other!

Please pick me!

I remember signing up less than a year ago before you guys even had 200,000 members, and now just a short while later it's 1,000,000. Congratulations guys. I wonder if I'll be around when you hit 1,000,000,000...

I am a new member to this site and to the Blackberry world. Would be nice to start this addiction with some extra toys!! Congratulations on the one million member!!