One Million Members Contest!

One Million Reasons to Win!
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Apr 2009 03:25 pm EDT

In true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of passing the One Million Registered Members milestone this past Friday, we're holding a sweet little contest. Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post and you'll be entered to win one of five great prizes:

2 Grand Prize Packs: 1 unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Bold, 1 BlackBerry Music Gateway and $100 coupon for FREE apps from the CrackBerry App Store.

3 Runner Up Prizes: $100 coupon for BlackBerry accessories to!

That's all there is to it. You have until Sunday, Midnight PST on May 10th to enter and the winners will be drawn at random from the entries and announced the next week. I've got the two Bolds and Music Gateways sitting right here, brand new and ready to ship to the lucky winners. Leave a comment now... that could be you!

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Reader comments

One Million Members Contest!



Crackberry and all it's adffiliates rock!!! They do so much for there supporters like this giveaway it's great to see!!!!

I'd rather have the Runner up prize than the grand prize! I don't need any more apps, and I'm on Sprint, so no Bold for me! Although, I could sell it.

I've never won before, and boy do I need an upgrade on my blackberry bad! Thanks again for a great contest, Crackberry!

this is a great contest,it is very nice for you to do this kevin michaluk,this is the best site i have ever seen.

Since being introduced to this site I have learned so much. You all keep us informed on the cool gear and the beware gear. I think a bold would be a nice phone to work with. Congratulations on a great crackberry nation.

I think this is a great site, i have had a blackberry for a number of years, and recently got the storm. i found a number of great apps, and themes here and will continue to enjoy all that has to offer! guys in CB are rock!. Congrats with this really great achievement. May you all keep on successful thru out the years. God bless. and count me in for the contest of course : )

Notice how they never seem to put up a Storm, or Pearl Flip or Curve 8900 up as the prize? Always a Bold. I'll gladly take one. :D

I am new to Crackberry but I have been addicted since my first scroll down the home page. LOVE IT!!!!

Congrats Kev! One Million Members! did you ever think this would grow to be such a big hit? Here's looking to two million!!

Well, I don't think I'll win.
The odds are literally one in a million if everyone who is registered enters. But of course, you have to be 'in it' to 'win it', so here I am.

Congrats site in the world!!!!

After the month i have had involving loss of job, death, and the almost sad day where i almost had to sell my curve for bills....this upgrade to the grand prize Bold package would be a nice step in a positive direction!!

Congratulations again, by far the best BB site on the web, the numbers now prove it. Always a great place for up to the date info, tips, help & advice or just general chit-chat about the BB devices we all love.

Here's to the 2 Million Mark ! :)

Who needs to be the 1 billionth Apple Consumer when you can be the 1 Millionth Crackberry addict!..

Hopefully i can finally win once!..
Congrats to all at CB.

Prediction - we get 33,000 posts by the end of the draw.

I think the iPhone is better. Give me a bold and prove me wrong : ) But seriously, it would be great to win. Congrats on the 1 million milestone.

Although I have yet to win anything from one of these contests it's still worth it to try. You guys give away the best prizes! I love Crackberry!!!

A million Crackberrys is crazyness. But I cannot stop pushing F5 to look for new updates on my Storm!

i LOVE this site! i stop by here for all my bb questions, concerns, and purchases.

thanks for the help crackberry!!! i would be a horrible bb user without you...

OCD bb fanatic!

julie l, here's my comment. I never win these things, but hey, no harm trying.

Kevin &'re awesome!! I may get fired one day for being on this site so much, but it's a risk I'm willing to take!

Since getting a new Storm I have found the best resource and support from Crackberry. The only bad thing about it is that now I've turned into a friend tech support for my buddies with storms as well.

WOOHOO! 1 Million and climbing! Count me in on those that log on over a dozen or more times a day. Got to have my Crackberry!

Thank you crackberry, this site is top notch and filled with many experts on all of the devices! This site is always more than up to date and has some awesome give aways!

This would be sweet to win. I have been wanting a new phone anyway.

I am a little surprised 1 million people hadn't signed up earlier, but congrats. The site is definitely a much needed resource.

this is just wat i need ... my curve is sooo screwed, screen is cracked, when i push the trackball it also pushes the t and y buttons, and its sooo slow!


did you guys give anything to the millionth person to register?

Let me know when you need my address so I can tell you where to send my Bold when I win it.

I just first want to first say CONGRATULATIONS to Crackberry for hitting the one million registered members mark! I am very pleased to see this contest as it is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for us! And I feel strongly and speak for everyone out here in saying THANK YOU! For all the great help, advice, and products you make available for us! If I don't win that's not a problem but the main thing is saying THANK YOU! For all your hard work!

I'm new to Crackberry, having just gotten my first BB two weeks ago and I must say I'm hooked! I visit the forums everyday! Thanks for this great community and for great giveaways like this!

Ever since I got my 8900 2 months ago, I've been addicted to it, and CrackBerry has fed the addiction perfectly. They've kept me up to date on the latest news in the world of BlackBerry and RIM, and the forums offer a great place to seek advice.
Thanks and keep up the great work! Congrats on the million CrackBerry!

Posting this comment to take a shot at my awesome would be it be to find out I won one of this prizes!!! Come on CB hook it up finally!!!

On the millionth user! That's awesome. I've only been using my BB for about a month, and I'm already totally cracked out.

Congrats on getting to a million!

I'd love to win the grand prize, but since I have an obsession with accessories, the coupon alone would be awesome!

Here's to a million more!

I have the Blackberry Storm and it is the best phone I have ever had. I used to have the Pearl and before the Storm, that was my favorite phone. I love Blackberry all together!!!!

but I still wouldn't mind winning. It'd be a good self-esteem booster, even if I don't have to really DO anything to win.