One Million Members Contest!

One Million Reasons to Win!
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Apr 2009 03:25 pm EDT

In true CrackBerry fashion and in honor of passing the One Million Registered Members milestone this past Friday, we're holding a sweet little contest. Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post and you'll be entered to win one of five great prizes:

2 Grand Prize Packs: 1 unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Bold, 1 BlackBerry Music Gateway and $100 coupon for FREE apps from the CrackBerry App Store.

3 Runner Up Prizes: $100 coupon for BlackBerry accessories to!

That's all there is to it. You have until Sunday, Midnight PST on May 10th to enter and the winners will be drawn at random from the entries and announced the next week. I've got the two Bolds and Music Gateways sitting right here, brand new and ready to ship to the lucky winners. Leave a comment now... that could be you!

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Reader comments

One Million Members Contest!



MMM. Sounds really good to win that with all the rumors flying around about the 9630, itll at least ease my pain for a little.

I think it is GREAT that crackberry has one million members. This site have been very informative and has caused me to spend a lot of money trickin out my blackberry storm:)

one million registered users - quite an accomplishment, keep up the great work! Love the constant contests!

i need one, im a 3G person living with an EDGE blackberry, it makes me cry myself to sleep every night.

I love my Blackberry phones! I rejoice in seeing new addicts coming into their addiction just I rejoice as ppl choicing to get saved. So sad I know cause they are so different in category. But it is what it is and I love... Happy Winnings everyone

Congratulations to for reaching 1 million members, I am definitely glad to be one of them. Would love to get an unlocked Bold with it's Wifi to supplement my 9530, especially where I'm at right now in a steel building and no signal, sigh....

GUYS!!!!!!!!! and GALS!!!!!!!!!!! One MIllion is a huge success and only stands to tell what this site is able to accomplish. I love this SITE...

DANIEL C Cracking since 06

All my friends think i am a blackberry genius b/c i help them with their phones but i owe it all to this website. It contains a massive amount of information and i come here for all my questions, thanks.

Thank you, to all those that made this site all that it is for us newbies. I hope you continue to grow, I have told many fellow blackberry owners who are unaware about the many helpful tools crackberry offers.

eversince i got blackberry I have been addicted. I check crackberry more than 10 times a day. I havn't won a single thing yet. this would be awesome

I do not even have a BlackBerry yet, but I am still addicted to CrackBerry. Amazing community, great news, fun times!

My mamma always said I'd be one in a million. ARE YOU Proud of me NOW MAMMA?????!!!!!!

Congrats on the mill mark!

I used to check CB even when I didn't have my berry! I've had three different berrys now and of course CB is one if the first sites I check daily!

Day Late and A buck short. But this is a BOLD thing you guys are doing so I figured I would try to win anyway.

(Get it! Bold! AHAHAHAHA) <--- WOW Lame Joke!

Congratulations on the 1M strong community you have created her. I'm a n00b to BlackBerry's and Crackberry and am happy to be a part of this great group of people.

Hey, congratulations on getting one million members.

Sign me up!! I'd love to get a Bold and give my Curve to a friend since Verizon doesn't have the Bold.

I would like to win this, Maybe if i hit Kevin up on Twitter all day long i might get on his nerves and he just give it to me........

I'm a Chicago Cubs fan... Ive been through so much disappointment. I know how it feels to lose... haha, Id love to actually win!

I've never entered any contest, but I could always use a bold so I can create apps for it. I figured I have about a 1 in 1200 chance (that's usually how many comments get posted for contests).

Congrats on the 1,000,000 users and to the users who win this contest.

I love blackberry and acually my moms been wanting one too but kinda pricy. This would be a great irthday gift for her!!!

I can win something/anything this time for my girl(she desparetly needs a BB). But good luck 2 everyone!!

blackberrys are the best, crackberry is the best, I want a bold. So...Pick me por favor!!

it's truly amazing how the people at crackberry always find a way to give back to the crackberry community and i'd like to say that I'm very proud to be a member of crackberry and a proud owner of the blackberry storm. Good luck to all at this amazing opportunity that crackberry has given us once again.

Count me in on this one.. WOW 1 MILLION CRACK ADDICTS HERE!!! I wounder who and what the 1 Millionth member gets?.. Wel anywho EEWW EWW EWW PICK ME PICK ME!!!

Thank You Crack Berry, I am happy to be a part of the One Million and of course would love to win (at least once). Since becoming a member I have learned to appreciate my phone, learned to created themes, ranted, supported and thanked the many users. I check this site more than I check my bank account.

Like I said now would be a good time. Thanks CB you are the original, undefiable, inspirational, and always unpredictable father of all things Blackberry on the web.

I would love to win a blackberry bold!!! My bb just got dropped in water!!!! Love Crackberry site guys keep up great work

Congrats CB! Kevin I want that bold so badly! My 8330 is getting a little left out with all these new Berries. Send me one! haha

Man I hope I get one of these prizes eventually.
Thanks for all the help in CB. I have learned alot on these forums, glad to be a member.

You seriously need to pick me to with this. i'd give it to my wife who is with child..... i need a bold phone for a bold woman....

I have learned so much from CB, not only do I have an amazing piece of technology but I got a whole family that helps and always keeps me up to date on the latest berry tools & trends! I Love Crackberry!!

Plus, I wouldn't mind winning, my Pearl could definitely be upgraded! =D

So by leaving this comment, there is a chance that I can grab myself an amazing unlocked Bold. Unlocked free Bold FTW!!!

I'm in! Pick me! pick me! pick me! (jumping up and down excitedly; bladder extemely weak right now)Pick me! Pick me!

it would be sweet to take home any one of the prizes for this one. my storm could use some BOLD company, or even some accessorizing!!

I think that it's cool crackberry has over 1 million members. It has a lot of cool stuff for blackberry for reasonable prices, and most stuff is free like ringtones and wallpapers. Why wouldn't people register for that???

I'm finally getting a blackberry tomorrow and I've been hearing a lot about crackberry so I'm interested to see what you guys have to offer.

to CrackBerry!!

Wouldn't know what to with my 8330 if it wasn't for all the knowledge and feedback from CrackBerry and its members.

Without this site I can honestly say I might not have a blackberry. As a storm owner, although the phone is great, it had its problems and some were big enough to drive me crazy. Crackberry always had an answer and made the experience great. They have a million users now but they will easily have 5 million in the next 2 years.

I Just wanna say that I became a member of for the wallpapers and ringtones when I owned an at&t Tilt with winmo. The more I read about the forums, the stories, the people here, not to mention the store, the more interested I became in the BlackBerry way of life. I waited until I was upgrade eligible and lo and behold I am now a always will be a BlackBerry owner! Thanks!

What a hell of a dear for the guys to throw our way for being here. We would be here anyway getting our fix and they are still gonna hook us up......I love crackberry!