The One Good Thing about the launch of BlackBerry 10 being delayed until 2013...

BlackBerry 10 w/ Physical Keyboard
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jul 2012 01:31 pm EDT

It *should* mean those of you wanting a BlackBerry 10 phone with a physical keyboard won't have to wait as long relative to the release of the first full touchscreen model. 

The previous thinking was that the first BlackBerry 10 phone would launch later this year (October-ish) and that we'd see RIM follow up early in 2013 with a version featuring a physical keyboard. Remember, a physical keyboard BlackBerry 10 phone has been confirmed more than once now. 

With RIM delaying the launch of BlackBerry 10 until Q1 of 2013, it's really the first BlackBerry 10 phone that's most greatly impacted in terms of being delayed. For those of you who were waiting for a BlackBerry 10 phone with a keyboard, you were already waiting until next year. And looking at the latest supposed BlackBerry roadmap, assuming you believe it, it shows both the full touchscreen and physical keyboard versions launching in Q1.

Knowing that software is the bottleneck here, it makes sense that assuming things go as per RIM's plan, we'll see the time lag between these two phone model launches compress.

So there you have it. I'm a cup half full kind of guy, and that's the way you can look at this one. Now both full touch and physical keyboard people are in the waiting game together, and now the physical keyboard owners hopefully won't have to look at full touchscreen BB10 phones in envy for as long. 

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The One Good Thing about the launch of BlackBerry 10 being delayed until 2013...


Yes - this is a stretch. Plus, wouldn't it make sense that the physical keyboard phone will be pushed too?

I suppose that all depends.

If the delay is strictly due to refining the OS to make it as streamlined and perfect as possible, that does not mean the hardware aspects will be delayed as well.

They do not necessarily have to delay the QWERTY device, just the initial device running BB10.

I -hope- this is the case. I was fully willing to buy the touchscreen version just to have BB10 in my hands by years end. However, being forced to wait until possibly March, I would hope I could just leapfrog the touchscreen device altogether and snag the QWERTY device.

If the QWERTY device is delayed further than Q1, then it's back to swallowing my reservations and picking up the touchscreen BB10 device.

Either way, I need that BB10.

RIM will decide whether or not to release a keyboard version once they measure the success of the touchscreen model.

I concur. I am definitely waiting for the BB10 phone with a physical keyboard so the delay doesn't affect me at all (saves me from drooling over full touchscreen BB10, dayum).

Though, I still hoped it could have come earlier so that we can have some native cascade apps surface before I actually buy the phone :S

[Edit: Some goofy language fixed]

Being single and all, a 9 month countdown would give me a lot more than rollie-eyes!

But for this whole BB10 thing, "Get it right or we leave" seems to be the common sentiment. For me, personally, seeing the touchscreen would have been nice to see if they "got it right." With a near-simultaneous release we may ALL get screwed if they "Storm" this thing. (If they can nail the touchscreen, then the QWERTY would SO rock). Mind you, I WANT them to get it right and I'll be there screaming w/everyone else if it goes bad (w/BB10 device in hand).

Have to agree it's a wee bit of an elastic post, but what else can you do? Apple nearly went down before its resurrection. People forget this. Doubt RIM would get that kind of kudos even if they pull it off, but their success and EARNED longevity is all I hope for. It's the ONE thing I want them to "emulate" out of that company! :D

I likely would have waited for the BB10 Bold-like model. My contract is also up in Jan so this actually works fine for me.

because this version was designed to be release later, there is lots of hope that It wont ship with dated specs, a definite possibility with the first all touch BB10 phone.

I still remember when lazaridis said that BB10 phones were delayed because they didnt have the LTE dual-core chips they wanted.... what a liar, it was software all along...

You can't really say that because they can launch a half finished product today if they wanted and that's probably what would've happened had Mike and Jim still been in charge (just like the PlayBook).

Very good post!

I cringe at the thought of a half baked BlackBerry 10 phone. As it is I'm worried it won't have all the little things. Like creating playlists and rearranging browser favorites. It's those little things that will dictate whether I buy a BB10 phone or keep to my bold.

I wouldn't necessarily call Lazaridis a liar - that's what it could have been at the time of him saying that.

Or, maybe he was being optimistic AND realistic at the time. Heins had to push it back too and I'm sure since Waterloo is here in Canada, anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong.

Yup. Dated specs will kill Rim. Hardware must be better than anything that Samsung or Apple will have around that time.

Better not be a WII-U type of experience. Specs barely caught up to the PS3 and XBOX360 but not for long since the PS4 adn nextbox is coming out in a year or so.

No. I still think the touchscreen needs to launch FIRST. But the lag to the physical keyboard doesn't need to be long.

I just don't know what RIM is giong to do to address the screen fragmentation.. different aspect ratios.

"The One good thing about waiting"

There's way more than 1 reason why it's good and you don't have to look far in RIMs past to see it.

Thor's got this bull by the horns; we just gotta make sure the bull doesn't get murdered by the market and bad journalists.

A thought: Both models are presumed to be released in Q1, but, nothing says they will be released at the same time. That being said, its a possibilty that the first model would be released in January, and the 2nd in February or March, which brings me hope for an earlier release date in Q1 rather than later. I guess we will see when the time comes.

Why are people saying that the phone was originally scheduled to launch in October? Since it wasn't ready, I would say it was probably scheduled for the last day in 2012, December 31, 2012.

Grasping at straws sir. Yes let's just say it was set for dec 31 2012. Now they will release it Jan 1 2013 instead. Good idea to pile on a "delay" announcement for a few days or so. We will never know what the actual date was but it is atleast a 3 month delay and smart money would be betting on 4-6 months delay. I will never come back to this site again if BB10 drops in January or February 2013. Deal?

You really need to take that iPOS out your a** and start making common sense and leave that granny midget porn alone.

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Can I borrow your shoes so I can see what it is like being a douchey troll that has nothing to look forward to except talking sh_t about RIM?

Dear RIM executive team,

I will quit my job and work for you for free.. days, nights, weekends, holidays, limited bathroom breaks and limited sleep.. whatever it takes to get BB10 out the door before the end of February so I don't have to read one of Scroat's douchey troll comments EVER again.

A loyal BlackBerry user and troll hater

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Even if they get it out at any time in January or February, moron trolls like Scroat will be out in full force trying to rip it apart like butt hurt little crybabies.

I'm still hoping for a slider. I am excited for that new touch keyboard but am not quite willing to risk abandoning a physical keyboard yet. That would let me try it out risk-free. And from a developer perspective, it wouldn't add any more work for us since the resolution and screen size could be identical to the all-touch.

+1 I am pumped for a slider. I currently use a 9930 and hate my gf's torch. The reason I hate it is bc it feels cheap to me. So when they make a new slider im hoping for a premium feel. I'm so super excited to try that new keyboard while still having the option to use a real keyboard. I want the full screen experience for videos and games so the slider is for me. That being said I will probably buy every single phone they make as soon as they come out so I should hopefully have a couple newish bb10's laying around may 2013. Hmu

Seriously? You see a positive in having to wait an extra 3-6 months because a BB10 keyboard phone will potentially launch closer to the all touch screen BB10 release? I do admire your loyalty sir. Reminds me of my chihuahua.

Seriously? And your proud to walk around with a ipos that can be hacked by a 12 year old. You really can't serious. Btw only b*tches own chihuahuas.

Waiting....too...long. My next new phone on my contract is due this month. I was hoping to wait until later this year for a new BB; hopefully the BB10. Now that's out. All I hear from people I work with/know is that BB is history. Now I am finally believing them.

Next UP: Which way to go with my next phone? Android or Iphone?

What a shame. Of course I could always upgrade to a BB7 since I'm sitll with an Old Bold, but then I'll get the same feeling I got when the 7s came out and I was stuck back on OS 5: crummy.

It's getting a little old all this talk and no walk.

Stop relying on contracts to get phones. Buy a bb7 bold 9900 with cash for $500(guessing price). Throw it in an otterbox case with screen protector on. When bb10 launches sell your mint condition bold 9900 on craigslist for $300. And buy a bb10 for a net cost of $200. Then repeat the process every time a new phone comes out. Approximatly once a year. This is also good because you'll always have a phone under factory warrenty.

Ooooooor you could see it the way it actually is, i.e that I'll still have to wait the same amount of time for the physical keyboard but the touchscreen fanciers will have to wait longer.

Kevin there is being optamistic and then there is being delusional. For a crackberry addict you seem all too willing to accept mediocrity, a case in point being your recent phonecall with Rick Costanzo, where you failed us readers horribly. Instead of demanding answers to the questions that crackberry nation has been screaming in the forums, you elected to have a "nice little chat".

You are by default our conduit, in fact our very voice to RIM and I believe you need to be more assertive when holding them to account on things, not playing nice.


A) You need to direct the right questions to the right people. Rule #1. So when I'm talking to a RIM person I ask questions I know they can answer. Getting into detailed things (roadmap, device updates, etc.) won't get answers. So...

B) Put your questions onto the other post I made bout going to waterloo next week. I'm in the forums quite a bit, but can't read every single thread. That's why I'm saying give them to me here.. and i'll get them asked to the right people.

I think he did direct the question to the right person. Way to sidestep the readers comments. Good job Kevin Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf Michaluk.

I don't think your comment makes sense. I addressed the readers comments.

Also, I think you just tripped our automated troll tracker system we implemented. Looks like it's working. 

I go after the midget granny tranny lover because he's a POS bully who doesn't understand the meaning of "if you don't like it, put it down and don't come back".

Lol. Nice. Banned me huh? Backend troll tracker? Sure. Just admit you don't like being called out for all the glad handing you have been doing. Apparently something I said DID get to you. That's fine. It's your site and obviously you don't like it when people point out your flaws. I guess it is ok to have people on who swear at and "troll" your readers as long as they are pro RIM.


I honestly laughed at the last line "Troll your 'readers' ". Do you think you fit into the 'reader' category? I'd be SHOCKED if you've actually read any article from start to finish before spouting off on your anti-RIM tangents.

Also, this is a pro-RIM, pro-BlackBerry when you come out here to troll (admitting it is the first step), then you deserve every snarky comment and insult thrown back your way. Don't like it, don't troll...or go somewhere else.

Goat. Take that used condom out of your mouth. You don't know where its been ... (Or do you?). It's making what you say total crap.

Cmon Kevin... you are supposed to attack him, hold him at gunpoint, and DEMAND that he give you answers and commit that BB10 be available at 12:01 on January 1st... /end sarcasm

If they come up with a Slider (9810 replacement) then I couldn't be happier: The ideal phone is a 9810 sort of device with a 9900 keyboard. The reason is that all the screen real estate plays well in the BB10 space and makes long emails and bigger websites that much nicer to work with. For people like me who 'need' a physical keyboard (all that nice BB10 pick & flick aside) this is the ideal.

They're almost there. would be super cool if they'd allow BB10 on the PlayBook's out there in Beta mode as well. I can't get a Dev Alpha but I have a few PB's to play with...


"Pick and flick." That's funny!

Presents the mental image of toddler with his finger up his nose. I hope RIM uses something else to promote the keyboard.

A glass half full approach is all nice, but what makes you think that the release date for the QWERTY hasn't been pushed back by an equal amount as well? I would imagine that these are being worked on by the same people, and if the date lapses on one, it will impact the other.(At least I hope that is true, otherwise there's no excuse for delays apart from misinformed management. In either case, heads should roll.

My real fear with the delay is that the specifications on these devices will no longer be perceived as a tier 1 type of device by the public, and as they add more and more to the software layer, the hardware layer will start to bottleneck. Thinking clearly here is 1gb memory is enough, as RIM have always been incredibly stingy in the memory department will be enough, especially with all the added focus on developers.

Seems to me they'll also have to bump up the specs a bit to stay competitive on the hardware front; say, 1280x800 px?

Its all a plot to get the headline "BB10 launched AHEAD of schedule" in october. Kevin and crackberry get the official word first. You'll see

I am definitely a BlackBerry cheerleader, even though I have abandoned the fold. I keep phones for a long time because I don't play games and watch movies on them, I keep them insured, and I have to buy a number of phones for employees at the same time (assuming I am changing operating systems). I'm also a bit of a Luddite and a GOTD guy, as all BlackBerry users have always been.

I have even considered buying BlackBerry stock (and am so glad that I did not when the thought occurred to me). I've considered buying a BlackBerry 9900 at full price just so I can have a really great keyboard for important texting and e-mails. In short, I am a blackberry fan.

However, RIM has frittered its market and its standing in the technology and business communities and an astonishing way. Most of the decline is owed to its former co-CEO's and their moribund thinking; their embrace of QNX (or any truly graphical, touch screen interface) was far too late. The rest due to the PlayBook debacle. Yes, I understand that the PlayBook, as released, met its design goals but it is clear that the design goals were flawed in light of the market, i.e., iPad and Android tablets. In an age when everyone, including most business users, are using their phones for recreational purposes, you either have to release business only devices and stand by them or, more likely, release devices that do everything feebly well. I am reminded of a squirrel that darts out in front of you, is almost a safety, then dashes back to be run over. At a minimum, RIM should've, long ago, released durable (mil-spec type) devices if the former philosophy had prevailed. In my view, its decline began with the release of the 8800 series, and became plain and painful to watch with the release of the awful Torch (I've had and used every device release in about a decade, up to the Torch). The Storm series was so bad I just chalk that up to lunacy. The 9700 series and 9900 series represented a move back in the right direction hardware wise (I miss my 9700, and wish I had the keyboard of the 9900), but were burdered with the same crappy software.

People don't simply type and text on their phones anymore. They buy apps. Apple is the most valuable company in the world. RIM is quickly becoming one of the least valuable. The difference is plain.

I feel sorry for Crackberry, which has enjoyed exponential success because of the efforts of its creators and the former success and widespread use of BlackBerry devices.

It does not take a genius to see what the solution to this problem is, assuming it is not too late, and it probably is if you consider the stock price and market share (at least in the developed world). Reportedly, RIM is sitting on a pile of cash. They clearly cannot release any more devices that are half-baked, it is clearly betting the farm on their BB10 devices, and it is clearly going to try to appeal to both core business concerns and consumers (despite Kevin's sage advice to pick one or the other).. I'm not sure that RIM can make it with a delay until 2013 given the fact that it is sliding so precipitously and, by that time, will be facing newer, faster, more glitzy devices in the market place. It is not just about taking good devices, it is also about bringing people into the fold and ecosphere before they lock themselves into something else such as newer Android phones and the upcoming iPhone. RIM should devote all of its money and attention to BB10 devices and push them out before Christmas; preferably in October or November. The devices should include both keyboard and slab configuration, and they should be perfect from both a hardware and software perspective. I really don't understand why the general public is so attentive to the specifications of devices as opposed to how well they actually operate, but that is a fact of life and is probably driven by marketing forces. So, the next BlackBerry should have superior specifications. They should be sold as near cost as possible. Otherwise, the millions and millions of people who purchase phones as gifts for the holidays (and are therefore locked into lengthy contracts) will probably not return to BlackBerry in any time frame that would be helpful to this failing company. RIM should release mil spec versions of the devices, or as close as possible, too. Also, and this has been joked about on podcasts and elsewhere but is a serious point: RIM should get its head out of its marketing a$$ and bring Crackberry in house, paying for it and its talent as though buying a hit rock band, and make things happen... before Christmas.

I know it is been said 1000 times that "I will never return to BlackBerry." Those words will not come out of my mouth and I will continue to listen to the CrackBerry podcast and Mobile Nations podcasts because they are both informative and entertaining, and will probably buy another gaggle of BlackBerry devices just to he a Luiddite and a$$hole, but I'm afraid I will quickly feel like the guy who bought the last Palm phone: an idiot.

I would guess that if they're trying to get the full touch screen device out in the early part of Q1 (knowing RIM's history, I wouldn't bet on that), they'll try to get the first device out in Jan and maybe the keyboard version out in Feb or March to hopefully build on BB10 momentum.

You are probably right. With all of this extra time, though, RIM should really release the devices side by side--same time.

I understand why they could do it side by side. My argument against it is that we've never seen companies like HTC, Samsung, etc release 2 devices back to back. They normally allow the initial device to succeed on its own and then get a second one out a quarter or so later. I think maybe a month or so space will allow the touch screen crowd to be like, ok I'll consider this device while the hardcore keyboard people (i.e. me) will know in Feb, I can get the bold version of BB10.

All I can say is "Holy Cow!"

I first came to CB 4ish years ago, proudly rocking an 8130. The comments and forums were 99% positive and helpful, and the odd negative comment was pretty much ignored. The reason I picked CB over other blackberry fan sites was because of that very thing. It was positive, friendly, and very welcoming to newcomers. the few iPhone sites I poked into at the same time were very antagonistic and angry.

And yet.... reading the comments above, makes me sad. CB used to be such an awesome place to hang out. Now, I visit maybe once a month. I've moved on to another platform too (Android). I like it, but I miss some things about Blackberry, mostly the physical keyboard.

Hoping they nail BB10. But also hoping the Crackberry fans can grow up just a little. Slinging mud at other people's comments doesn't make you "cool" nor does it help bring BB10 into your hands any sooner.

And if I get flamed for this post, so be it. I'll happily delete my account here

+1..Im recently new and not digging the negativity either, such is life.  haters really need to grow up and let us  fans beee. I'm thinkin while I wana try apple or samsung I'm guessing I'll miss my Bold so I'm BB10 awaiting. *_*

Sorry you have to see the filth. I don't like bullies who come to CB and troll so I sling mud back at them. This is a fan site. Trolls are just constantly negative nannies.

I am genuinely so upset about the delay for BB10. I'm a hardcore BlackBerry user & abuser, but I'm also an unemployed graduate that can't afford a new BB between now and then.
Will have to make do with my semi-working OS6 torch.... Oh the middle class woes.

No good thing about the delay, first and foremost more lost sales for RIM. I mean the idea that the phone will tie into your car, parking meter, and other things is great. BUT, not one car maker has announced it yet, I have yet to see a parking meter with a QNX tie in, and no other devices. Sorry, they should have released the BB10 phone without all this and add it as an update later. That being said Kevin, there is no reason to believe with the limited resources that RIM has that they can get the touchscreen and the keyboard phone out close together. There was originally projected about 1Q time difference between the release of the touchscreen and the keyboard phones and there is no new information that has been given, hinted at, or leaked to say that anything as changed. Sorry to be so negative, but these are the facts.


Ive been away from BB for over a year since I purchased my T-bolt. I look here occasionally because while i love my Android, i didnt hate my Tour. My main problems with bb was low spec'd phones and lack of apps. Another issue is that ill soon be forced out of my unlimited plan. Im curious if newer berries sip data like they used to. I am thinking about the Nexus tab for rooting and flashing roms, games and other entertainment related things and going back to Berry for the phone. Ill be due an upgrade early 2013 so im hoping bb10 makes a splash. I do really miss that keyboard.

I have a Torch 9800. There have been many a time I've forgotten to turn on WiFi and watch YouTube for a few hours and hardly use any data. I have 1Gb on my plan. I'm not a heavy data user but I've never come close to 150Mb. Leaving GoogleMaps running for 1/2 hour used less than 10Mb.

Im a heavy maps user and a fair amount of web but not much else. Thanks. LTE has been great on my unlimited plan but is absolutely useless on shared/tiered plans. 3G is good enough for 95% of what I do. I dont consider myself a heavy user and never use under 3 Gb's.

Thorsten Heins confirmed today in an Interview that the delay is 8 weeks. So maybe they pushed the November release to January. True or not true, 8 weeks doesn't sound like they are having huge problems. In the same interview he says that they needed this time to integrate additional software.

Like most Crackberry fans, I was royally pissed at the delay. Now that I've calmed down and had time to consider the implications, this works to my advantage.

I will have the VZW Samsung S3 to play with sometime next week. I expect it to keep me more than happy for at least a year. Blackberry will release their BB10 handsets no later than March 2013 (I hope). I will keep a close eye on developments with the new smartphones. If all is well (meaning few if any bugs, 1st updates, solid hardware) I'll look into purchasing the qwerty model. It will be 4 months after initial release. 3rd party retail channels should have the phones by then (I hope). Full retail prices through these channels should be a little cheaper than purchasing directly from the carrier. At least I hope.

That's a lot of hoping, I know. :)

Wow you guys are still holding hope. I was holding off purchasing a new phone specifically a BB in hopes of getting a new BB10 phone.

Well I am now officially not blind anymore. I wish RIM good luck cause I doubt they will ever get BB10 out.

Got a new Google Nexus and S3 yesterday. Once the kids keyboards on their bolds stop working 1 key at a time an android it will also be.

RIM fans remind me of Leafs fans. Blind blind blind

Forget the keyboard and make it perfect on the FULLSCREEN, RIM had already ignored the KEYBOARD when they announced the BB10 LAUNCHED DATE on LATER this 2012 saying it will focus on the FULLSCREEN BB10

The WAITING is worth it if the BB10 has the following specification:
1. Bigger battery life than Motorola Droid Razr Maxx
2. LTE / 4G Capable
3. Duo Core or Quadcore processor
4. Minimum 32GB of internal memory
5. 2GB RAM Capacity
6. Implement the Google NOW + SIRI + S Voice ability
7. Free CLOUD SERVER like that of DROPBOX
8. Installed Front and Back Camera
9. Megapixel higher than NOKIA's latest 14megapixel
10. BBM with video conferencing capability if SKYPE app is not available
11. Smooth integration of Facebook + Twitter + Google+ & Foursquare
12. Minimum apps that should work are Yahoo Messenger/Evernote and all those listed in no. 11

If all the above will be there on the launch of BB10 I can say that it's not HALF BAKE, else don't release it at all in 2013 and i am happily obliged to stick with my 9810/9900/Playbook. And please don't make any promises that you can't keep.

im just saying but this post was stupid. google wouldn't implement s voice. and for siri why would rim get that they would have their own version. and the dual core or quadcore processor being used in the phones, hello rim isn tthat damn stupid now c'mon. and some say thats why bb10 was delayed also because of lte cause sprint and tmobile comming out with them.and having better battery life then the razr maxx isnt that huge of a deal thats juts what you want doe snot mean youll get it and it sure wont mean the phone is half bakes.

Nice dream list but most of it will not be. Google will not write the apps you want to see. 32GB, nice but no way. Higher pixel camera than Nokia's, nope not happening either.

yeah i know its just a dream. but RIM needs to STEP UP and anticipate all the development that is happening now as i dont want that RIM would be launching its BB10 in 2013 and all the haters would be saying, it's so 2000 and late. oh well...

They need to just release spec ed up models while we wait os7 is running fine now. Don't make the same screw up 2x like with os6....not releasing models coz u had excessicely optimistic schedule for os7.

I don't understand this obsession people have with cellphones. What will BB10 do for you that your Bold 9900 doesn't already? Don't get me wrong, I am proud BB bold 9900 user but i don't see the need to buy new phone every couple of months or every year.

Maybe the delay is to put the trackpad back on the phones. I still get a semi thinking how cool it would be if my 9900 ran android. But no, RIM will continue to be RIM and miss the boat.

I really hope the new keyboard unit looks even close to this, and I hope the "never before seen color on a BB unit" IS white! What a sexy post! Keep up the great work guys, the wait is worth it on this one!

BlackBerry NATION!

This should be the physical bb10 phone. I showed this to my niece, who happened to be a die hard fan of Apple. When she saw this, she was amazed and "uuhhh!!! Thats a nice phone". And I totally agreed...