One app three devices: Helping webworks developers build applications for multiple form factors

Cross platform support for BlackBerry WebWorks application developers

By Alicia Erlich on 18 May 2013 08:18 am EDT

If you are a developer attending BlackBerry Jam one question you may have is how to launch your application across multiple platforms without building multiple bar or bundle files. During one of the Webworks sessions I attended here at Jam, they discussed different techniques that can be implemented to target multiple platforms running BB10 with only one application. There was a Cascades version of this session running concurrently at Jam as well, however, my background is in Webworks so I chose to attend this one.

Entitled Three Devices, One App! Bryan Tafel and Mariano Carrizo of BlackBerry Latin America presented a brief overview of the various methods geared towards coding an application compatible with the different BlackBerry devices and their different resolutions. As keyboard devices are 720 x 720 pixels, the Z10 is 768 x 1280, and future devices will be 720 x 1280 they provided code samples, best practices, and demos (including testing on Ripple) on how applications can look and run great on all of these form factors with only one application.

By implementing these simple tweaks and variations, developers can maintain their applications (and updates) which gives them the flexibility needed to adjust or stretch content fit to any screen. This not only allows the screen resolution and orientation to be controlled with just a simple line of code but a single image can automatically be adjusted in some circumstances to the correct scale without losing quality or becoming pixilated.  

Keep in mind this only applies to developers using third party frameworks such as PhoneGap, jQuery, and Sencha. For those currently using bbUI.js, it already incorporates the necessary code to adapt to the different sizes. Some of the techniques discussed involved switching from absolute to stack/flexible layouts, as well as sample codes for CSS media queries, viewport meta tags, and utilizing responsive images. All of these methods offer a common code and/or modify the stylesheet rules.

Depending on the framework used to create your application in HTML these minor adjustments help optimize your application (including battery life and reduce screen burn-in), reduce maintenance on your device, and offer an improved user experience. It is all part of BlackBerry's commitment to only having one application for all devices.

Additional information on the full BlackBerry 10 guidelines and best practices can be found at the link below. 

More information on BlackBerry 10 UI guidelines

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One app three devices: Helping webworks developers build applications for multiple form factors


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Did they post a link to the session's files or something? Because the UI guidelines don't contain WebWorls examples.

And on Sencha, you can design profiles for each devices and only load the classes and UI you need for the device the app is being run on.

Just so everyone understands, they picked those resolutions for the aspect ratios, not the resolutions themselves. For example, 1280*720 is the same as 1920*1080, and 720*720 is any 1:1 aspect ratio. It might become 1280*1280 or something on future devices.

Ahem, but if I recall the original descriptions of that session but it might have been another as there were two sessions that actually used the FORBIDDEN word: TABLET. So, did the session actually fudge on those original descriptions that might have accidentally hinted that there was a future for the Playbook.

JAM10 - Lab: Android 201: Three Devices, One App! Developing for Tablet, All Touch and Physical Keyboard form factors Want to deploy your Android™ app to multiple BlackBerry® devices? This session will dive deep into using standard Android resource allocations to deploy your Android app... View More 2 Hours Session Matthew Whiteman James Dreher

Scheduling Options Wednesday, May 15, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM – Grand 11


I think the other session may be been 27 with a similar inclusion of TABLET in the description.

I was thinking the exact same thing. I was convinced to get the PlayBook significantly because of the prospects of it running BB10 and with all the news from BlackBerry live i was hoping to see some news on the PlayBook but nothing!

Posted via CB10

When I saw the title, I madly assumed that one the device resolutions would be 1024x600, can only hope it's more to do with ratios. Getting to the stage that I'd prefer BlackBerry to give bad news about playbook rather than the deafening silence.

Posted via CB10

The deafening silence was the bad news lol and it was loud and clear. I lost a lot of respect for Blackberry and am seriously reconsidering the Q 10.

It's good to see BlackBerry taking an approach so there's no fragmentation in the bb10 os. Very smart.

Posted via CB10

What are you talking about? It's already fragmented
OS 10.0,10.1
3 screen resolutions

and it's only been 4 months.

LOL thanks remember when it was promised to only be two different resolutions? They can drop the RIM all they want but it's still the same old RIM.