Olympic Gold and a BlackBerry - The perfect combination?

By James Richardson on 18 Aug 2012 09:01 pm EDT

When it comes to running fast and winning medals it seems that using a BlackBerry may well be a requirement. Mo Farah, who recently won both the 10,000 and 5,000 meter Olympic gold medal for Team GB, was spotted eating out this week and next to his chicken and chips he had his trusty BlackBerry on the table. We posted just the other week that fellow Olympian Usain Bolt also loves his BlackBerry and even when interviewed on TV after winning the 100 meter Gold he said he needed to BBM some friends - a true BlackBerry addict.

Us BlackBerry users love the speed in which we can navigate around our hardware QWERTY keyboards. I can only presume that speedy Olympic athletes feel the same way.

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Olympic Gold and a BlackBerry - The perfect combination?


I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who recognized that it was Nando's. I instantly recognized the plate. Sad, I know.

You know, this makes a point. Right now you can spot a BB a mile away ... or at least those with the physical keyboard. RIM is trying to position itself as distinctive and desirable. I hope people will still be able to identify BlackBerry goodness at a quick glance with BB10!

Obviously you would still be able to easily do so with a qwerty bb10, but it would be tougher with an all-touch although if they follow the approach of the playbook it would be all screen and a blackberry logo so it would stand out okay.

i love how the cb community flips out when anyone in the spotlight uses a blackberry

usain bolt uses instagram btw.

pretty sure bb doesnt have that.

That's probably because a lot of people carry multiple devices of different OS's these days. I carry a GNexus amd BB9900. THey both have strengths and weaknesses.

+1 i agree, there are many places where individuals can have more than one device (on different carriers too) without causing a major dent in the wallet. I myself use the BB9900 and the Galaxy Note.

On another note...congrats again to all the athletes!

It baffles me why anyone would go to a site that's dedicated to a certain device and spread negativity and hate. I realize people are going to go out of there way to cause people harm but if you are not about the solution than you're about the problem. RIM & BlackBerry smartphones are going to get better especially after BB10 comes out early next year. If you don't agree then that's fine but like I said why are you even on this site wasting your time hating, do you really not have a life that you feel like spreading piss and vinegar to get attention.

As for the gold medalist winners congratulations!

I love BlackBerry and CrackBerry as much as anyone here (well, almost!), but I think sometimes the negativity is a result of a feeling that, at times, CB is perhaps trying just a little bit too hard to be positive/fanboysih, rather than just being factual and enthusiastic. Cool that MoF uses a BB though :)

Buts its just a fact that Mo had a BlackBerry on this occasion, and its just a fact that Bolt mentioned BBM just after smashing an Olympic record.
As a fansite How do you expect CrackBerry to present that?

I think you have things reversed, it is more likely that due to the excessive negativity from other people or sites that CB goes out of their way to post more positive or fun news posts alongside any negative ones (which they still post too justg without the need to spin them as negative as others) in an effort redress the balance somewhat.

As far as being factual, can you give examples where they were not factual about blackberry, I am sure plenty of people could offer you examples of other sites deciding not to be factual about blackberry quite easily.

It's not that CB isn't factually accurate, it's that there seems to be a little more of an agenda in a small number of the (usually opinion based) articles these days. Things are much more polarised within the CB community to be honest where blind fanboyism is rife.

There is no seems to be about it, their agenda is to be generally positive, albeit not uncritically and there is nothing wrong with that at all providing they are not actually just making shit up and the sites that seem to delight in posting about rim or blackberry with an excessively negative spin on every piece of news seem far more deserving of complaints of fanboyism, albeit of a negative variety.

One example: RIM's stock has been tanking for the past few months (from $12 to $7) and there has been no mention about it in the blogs. The only time I have seen an article about their stock is when it went up 4% last week (and then dropped right back down-with no mention). I know CB does not advertise themselves as a "balanced" blog, but you have to take the bad with the good.

It seems every article about layoffs and developers discontinuing the BB version of their app is always followed up with some desperate, positive spin on why it is okay (and sometimes better) for RIM. All this site does is try to shove some false sense of pride down their reader's throats...even down to the lame "BB people do" line. I promise you, as a once die hard BB fan but now on Android, I have never "done" more on a phone than I am today.

Before anyone asks "why do you come here?", I come because I enjoy the drama that is RIM right now. It reminds me of a soap opera, and it is intriguing to follow the ebbs and flows of their situation. I also enjoy a good chuckle when I read the type of blog entries that I mentioned above. It's as thought RIM is leaning on CB in hopes to build a false sense of pride in what is a crucial part of their existence.

don't let the door hit you on the way out...the internet is a big place, i'm sure you can find a nest where you feel comfortable.

do you really expect a site named "Crackberry" to not lean towards the positive side of things? you made my day lol.

lol, then again, I'm sure CrackBerry is supportive of the company and the product because if it really does tank, the site becomes a ghost town and completely meaningless. Hell, the sites that follow Apple are fanboyish as well, I don't see people having a problem with that. I think it's great BlackBerry still has a few cheerleaders left :)

That's because you bullies are all morons and have selective memories. All three of you can quickly exit stage left. PLEASE

This statement of yours just proved mine. Explain why you hold a CB account when you have such a negative view of things. All three of you can chime in at ant time.

It'll continue to baffle you and the 99.9% of CB nation why trolls like to spread filth and dump on any positive news coming out of RIM. It's quite sad and disgusting that bullying is such a prevalent eyesore on CB. Bullies don't think about other's feelings. They'll take every opportunity to try and beat you down no matter what you do.

I pointed out that "who recently won both the 10,000 and 5,000 meter Olympic gold medal..." originally had incorrectly used the word 'one' instead of 'won' -- which it is now corrected -- and my comment gets deleted? I can't believe this. It's like a 13 year old on Facebook pretending something stupid he said never happened.

Whoever deleted my comment is sad. If you make a grammatical error, even a rudimentary one, feel free to correct it; especially if you're supposed to be a contributor to what is intended to be a professional site. It baffles me that such a noteworthy tech site would A) confuse one with won AND let it slide through proofreading (if there is any), and B) outright delete a comment a user made that points out a mistake in an article simply because he draws attention to it. Are you too egotistical and prideful to have people know you made a grammatical error that you go out of your way to censor a member -- and the rest of the userbase for that matter -- from ever knowing it happened?

I notice another user simply commented "Won," but his/her comment was not deleted because he/she did not provide the context so it is, in essence, of no threat to your self-esteem because few people will know what is meant by that without the original context (which I provided originally. Convenient my comment gets deleted). I find this highly pathetic and can't believe that whoever did this is allowed to continue to represent CrackBerry.

Chill dude! Cut James a little slack here - he's becoming a really prominent (and worthwhile) contributor to CB, but he seems to go for a little more speed than accuracy with a bit of after the fact user contributed post-publication editing often involved in his posts! (Just like our man Bla1ze back in the day ;)). So cut James some slack, and know that you helped make the article better :)

You're missing the point. I'd cut someone some slack for making a mistake, but I refuse to ever cut anyone slack for being an oppressive jerk. Like I said, it's a bit childish to delete someone else's comment because it is a blow to your ego, and for the censorship he's just exhibited I will probably never use CrackBerry again or at least a lot less than I intended, and I certainly will never support or advertise the site otherwise. This just goes to show that you can never be too sure you can say what you want on CrackBerry, as it might well be deleted if the mods don't like it, and shame on its dictatorial contributors for creating such an environment.

For the record, I asked around the moderators. It was one of the other team members who made the changes. There is no element of censorship in this, but your comment about a grammatical error became pointless after the correction was made.



Any way you cut it, deleting someone's comment, regardless of whether or not it is "pointless," which mine was not, is censorship; it doesn't matter who did it. This is not opinion, this is fact; look up the word censorship if you disagree.

The deletion of my comment really puts a bad taste in my mouth and I have lost most of my respect for CrackBerry.

I came to Blackberry after 4yrs of iPhone and I wanted a phone that was firstly a good, reliable communication device with a tactile qwerty keyboard and good signal / voice clarity.

These are all things my Blackberry gives me - in spades - and I am sure the same reason many others choose Blackberry over others.

Thanks Blackberry and long may you continue and thrive!

Outliers are irrelevant. I would say, in average, an iphone user like yourself can do 20-25 WPM. A qwerty keyboard savvy BB user can easily double that.

So in average, the BB user composes text more efficiently than touch screen users.

962 medals awarded in London (302 gold) and CrackBerry gets all horny that one medallist uses BBM while another has his device on a table while eating. So sad.

BlackBerry reminds me of Palm before their demise. I could see precentral.net posting this type of article late in Palm's existence.

here we go again!
Just read this carefully:
"When it comes to running fast and winning medals it seems that using a BlackBerry may well be a requirement"
what's next people? maybe this: "When it comes to live it seems that having a blackberry is a reuirement. because all others will be ..."

wow, where are you going with all this?????!!!!!