OldSearch - Fill in the gaps not covered with Universal Search - We have 50 copies to give away!

By Zach Gilbert on 25 Feb 2012 12:45 am EST

With BlackBerry 6 RIM introduced a new way to search your device called Universal Search. We had the option to use our voice or text to do the heavy lifting. While it has filled a void that BlackBerry users have experienced for some time, there are still improvements to be had. OldSearch from QuiteSimple apps aims to step in and give you some of those improvements by offering the ability to search not only fields in a contact but also your tasks, calendar and email which extends the functionality of the built in search on your BlackBerry.


  • Full integration with Universal Search - just type the keyword and click on OldSearch icon to get the search results
  • Search in Memo body, Task Body, Calendar note, Contacts note
  • Extended Contacts search - search in address, emails, job title, phones and all other fields (now you can easily find all your contacts who live in Texas for example)
  • Message search (subject, body, to/from fields)
  • Adjust and limit search categories in Options
  • OS7.0 support

OldSearch is now available in BlackBerry App World for $2.99, which is a steal for the amount of time you’ll save using it. But this wouldn’t be CrackBerry if we didn’t have a giveaway in store. 

Contest: We’ve teamed up with QuiteSimple apps to hold a contest for 50 copies of their new search application. All you need to do is leave a comment below and you’re well on your way to searching faster and more efficiently with your BlackBerry. Contest ends Sunday at midnight.

More information/download of Old Search

Reader comments

OldSearch - Fill in the gaps not covered with Universal Search - We have 50 copies to give away!


YES Please! Just today i was trying to find something in my contact notes and was frustrated that universal search and even xobni would not search there.

OldSearch will bring back the missing part of the search function I loved about BlackBerry device

Yes! I have wanted to be able to search my contact notes and memos but had no way of doing it. This would help me be much more productive. I hope this developer could eventually add the search function for error logs. That would be the icing on the cake!

Damn, since OS6 came along I've been wanting the enhanced contacts search back!

This app looks sweeeeeeet.

Would love this application I could see this being really useful for finding appointments buried deep in my calendar!

Excellent. This body note search was something I really missed when i moved to the newer versions of the Blackberry OS.

I have always hated that I cannot search the body Of my contacts. Looks like this would take care of my problem!

Hey guys!
I'll receive my first Blackberry by mail on Monday (a Curve 9360) and I'm pretty excited about it!
I'd love to use this app to have a proper universial search ("the way it's meant to be") through this app then - thanks! I might just buy it as well though I have to admit. ^^

I'm a relatively new BB user (a year or so) and simply can't believe what I have been missing. The search function has been a life saver, and added functionality would be awesome!

This app is a boon for business users who have lots of mails and notes stored in their berry. I didnt realize what I was missing till I saw this post. Hope I win a copy :D

I love apps that actually function more like a plug-in on top of existing functionality. Perhaps an alarm-clock tweak for multiple alarms should be next?

Wow, will be very Usefull for me, I wish I could get One copies

I often Using Universal Search finding Theme Setting, memopad, and Media like Video or Picture, also Blackberry Messenger
I like to Set Theme on My Blackberry, Unique Theme with Unique Icon, and colorful Theme layout, But Sometime It makes me Confused, Which One is BBM icon, and Setting Icon, etc.
But Universal Search Is Help me a lot..

Old Search App, Will help Me alot about this, help me to find Any icon, and Menu's that I want..

Thanks For chance

Would make looking through scholarship emails for college this fall so much easier to sort through. Great looking app

This app fills an important gap! Very useful. Would be great to win a copy. If not, I suspect that it's only a matter of time until I add it to my toolkit.

Thanks, CB!