Old School Arcade Shooter Zaxxon Now Available in BlackBerry App World

By Adam Zeis on 9 Jan 2010 09:41 am EST

Zaxxon  Zaxxon 

This one I totally could not resist. Aside from Spy Hunter, Zaxxon has to be one of my all-time favorite games. I remember playing this for hours on my old DOS PC back in the day. The simple premise lets you take your spacecraft into deep space in a quest to defeat the evil robot Zaxxon. Plenty of arcade goodness still packed into this one, and any gamer is sure to love it. Now I realize that $6.99 is quite a bit for a game like this, but hopefully die-hard fans won't mind shelling out the extra cash to snag a piece of their youth again. It looks like Zaxxon is supported on most devices. If you pick it up, be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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Old School Arcade Shooter Zaxxon Now Available in BlackBerry App World


These arcade games are just not same without a joystick and big buttons to pound on. The arcades got so much money from me in the '80s!

OMG!!!! I remember this game on my dads computer rpwhen I was a little kid. This and Falcon AT were my favorite games for flying!

Looks like a great old school shooter. Doesn't look worth $6.99 though. Unless there are hundreds of levels and there's a huge replay value, I don;t see this game being worth that much. Give me Gradius and I'll think about it.

I used to play the hell out of this game on my Atari! Then one day the big old floppy stopped working. Definitely gonna try this out on my Tour!

Yes Zaxxon was the game!!! We're taking about 1982-83 I think. Anyone know if you still have to make it over that first wall to start the action on the BB version?

You know what i dont miss about my BB is that the Eris has this same game and its FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Long time BB user and Ill NEVER look back again.

You dont have a blackberry but your commenting on a blackberry website? Do they have stuff for your droid on here? BBM me the answer.... OH MY BAAAAAAAAAD

Might be because the BB website, has an Android section, as well as other smartphones. And the OP did say that he/she HAD a BB. And I don't think Kevin cares who readers or responds on the website.

For this price they can kiss my.....aunt (she ugly). 6.99 for a game that was made in DOS during this economy isnt even a joke. Its a shot in the face.

Most of us unfortuntate ppl from around the world dont have access to BB Appworld!

Better business for everyone that way???!! the idea is to make money right!!??

What good is BB AppWorld if 40% of BB owners cant use it!?

I LOVED Zaxxon! Not sure how well it'll transfer over as a BB game though. You really needed to be good with the joystick to play it well.Can't wait to see the reviews!

R U serious?? C'mon now! I to use to play the he!! outa this game back in the day. But $6.99 I just don’t see it happening.

Not sure if I am going to pick this one up, I was disappointed with spy hunter on the storm1&2.

But if Galaga was issued today, I would so buy it!