Need to save web pages to read when you're without a data connection? Offline Browser for BlackBerry Smartphones has you covered

By James Richardson on 14 Aug 2012 04:59 pm EDT

There are a few options for BlackBerry smartphones when it comes to saving web pages to read later. I recently discovered Offline Browser which seems to be a simple yet effective option for allowing you to read the web when you either don't have data on your BlackBerry or you just want to save the item for later.

So how does it work? If you are online and viewing a web page that you want so save for later, you just click your BlackBerry menu and select the option to 'add to offline browser'. You will then get a popup box which will show you the web link and it will ask you to enter a title ... and that's it - the web page is saved. So at a later time you can enter the application and you are presented with the list of web pages you have saved. Even without a data connection you are free to read the article - perfect for travelling on a plane or underground maybe?

There is free version of the app as well as the paid one, which costs $0.99, and although the free edition probably has some limitations I tested it out briefly and can't seem to work out the difference so it may be worth trying that one first.

Features of Offline Browser:

  • Read articles from the list online or offline
  • Add articles or pages to library with just a single click
  • Sync automatically with Offline Browser's library
  • Zoom in and Zoom out of an article
  • Add your own title to the page or article

More information/Download Offline Browser (free) for BlackBerry smartphones

Reader comments

Need to save web pages to read when you're without a data connection? Offline Browser for BlackBerry Smartphones has you covered


I don't understand how it saves data, the page still has to be downloaded in order to read it offline. I guess you mean that you're basically just bookmarking the page until you get to wifi in order to read it.

I'm assuming this feature is not available for the Playbook?

I'm unable to find Menu - add to Offline Browser.

BlackBerry Browser already caches webpages for offline browsing. Try this, turn your connections off, open browser, go to history and open a webpage. It will still open regardless of no internet connection.

Also, in this respect OS5 browser was even better, you had this option built in, you pressed menu/save page, that would save the webpage and insert it into your messages folder for off line viewing. Also you could set your bookmarks to autorefresh periodically so if you did need them while off line the information would always be up to date.