Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from Claro Dominican Republic

Bold 9900
By Adam Zeis on 23 Jul 2012 11:59 am EDT

Claro Dominican Republic has officially released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900. While this is an official release, remember to use caution when updating your device. If you need help along the way, you can head into our help forums or check out some of our BlackBerry 101 articles including How to Install or Upgrade to a new OS. If you do install this OS, hit up the forums thread below for findings, fixes and more discussion. Thanks rroyy!

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Come on T-mobile. Lets make it "Claro". Release the update :)


Finally!!! I was getting tired of .523


POW! ahhhh the power of Mondays.


I'm angered and i'm looking at you Adam. I just installed .523 last week and now this.


DR all the way....



Does this build have the mic issues for AT&T??

Someone please let me know! Thanks.


Yes it does, full force MIC problem with ATT bolds (I can personally attest, i'm back to .391...AGAIN :(


Ok, I will go first -- anyone know if the ATT mic bug is still active in this release? Its torture to download these upgrades, see real performance improvements only to have the mic cut in and out on calls.


The mic issue persists.


Ok dude, congrats on having the only ATT blackberry bold that doesnt have the mic issue with this (and many other OS's) For me this OS screws up my mic (and many others except you)


Hey guys,

not too sure if I'm doing something wrong but after downloading and installing the OS on my comp like I normally do, I can't seem to get it going through Apploader.

Here's what I've done:
Program files>Common Files>RIM>Delete Vendor file>Apploader>Only thing that shows up are my list of applications

Please advise.




there are now 2 places on ur computer u need to delete the vendor files. U got the first one right. The second: From the folder options, under the view tab, choose the "Show hidden files, folders & drives". Apply and close. Then go through "my computer" to "your particular user" then u'll see "app data" enter and click on "roaming" and go into "research in motion" folder then "blackberry" and then "loader XML". U'll see the vendor file, delete and close all folders. Ur good to go. U can either choose to upgrade ur OS through the BDM or the app loader.

Cheers !

Like what you do. If you don't, change it !


They need to bring updates that sort the life of batterys on heavy use I struggle get day with 3 batterys running 9900/ t mobile uk any idead shocking how fast battery drains anyone can help with battery ideas please feel free ad me pin:29401EDD thanks


Just like TheEliteOne and mmcpher, I'm wondering if this has cleared the MIC bug for AT&T 9900 users. The fact we haven't even seen a 7.1 version from AT&T is rediculous.

I may download and wait to see what others have to say.


The mic issue persists.


I have to agree. It's ridiculous every other provider has put out the new 7.1 but ATT has yet to do anything.


Mic issue continues on this one. Already tried it

Matt J

What's the battery life like? LOL!


Let me know when you do battery on 9900 is stupid hardly mobile lol


That's an exaggeration. The 1.2 GHZ, touch-sensitive, BlackBerry 7.1 9900 doesn't have the battery life of the 624 MHZ, no touch, OS 5 Bold 9650, but it's not Android bad. LOL


Mic is fine for AT&T!!!! I am using the bold 9900 and no mic problem


When the hell is AT & T going to let us get into this century. Can someone who has any connections with them please go smack them upside their heads to get us up to date with the OS.


Program files>Common Files>RIM>Delete Vendor file>Apploader>Only thing that shows up are my list of applications

@Poonsaloon did you end up sorting this?? Im having the same problem and jst a real pain.


I'm having a problem when shifting the network to 3G? is it a software bug or our network problem?


Howz the battery life on the 569 ? it isn't fantastic for me on the 523 !

Like what you do. If you don't, change it !